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George Adamski was another contactee who was deceived by the spirits of error. In fact, he never contacted with extraterrestrial beings and when he said that Venus was inhabitated, obviously his mind was already in short circuit.
Adamski is an example of what could happen to an unprepared medium with arrogance and an exacerbated Ego.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Now I want to move on to another famous contactee called: George Adamski. We know that Venusians dont’ exist, so here we already began badly with this person. What happened to him?
Ruanel: He is another hallucinated person, with the aggravation that he gave absurd theories. I can embody again, as I already did in the last century, I have some knowledge of astronomy, and if I have the limitless desire to stand out I can say that I communicated with amphibious beings from Titan, with the beings that live underground Ganymede or with the beings who dwell in the caverns of Mars, and somehow my teachings will be within reality.
But these people are completely ignorant and the lies they say don't have any scientific base.
Interlocutor: And they themselves believe them...
Ruanel: Not only do they believe them, but also the others. In the decade of the 50s there was a very big scientific disclosure; before the space probes arrived to Venus, it was said that this planet was a marshy world with prehistoric beings and dinosaurs like the Jurassic age and Cenozoic Era. And we know that it is not true.
There is an atmosphere of nitric acid that makes impossible any kind of life. But these incarnated beings are so elementary, while they feel they are contactees, they feel superior beings. For them the word “contactee” is synonymous of :“don't contradict me because I am an avatar”.
Interlocutor: I understand perfectly. Could you tell me what Spirits of Light were contacted with Siragusa?
Ruanel: The Ascended Masters Serapis and Dwjal Khul have been contacted, among others, but their messages have fallen on deaf ears, as you say. There is a very big Ego in Siragusa, in Adamski, and this other contactee in South America.
Interlocutor: Yes, I already know him, Sixto Paz Wells.
Ruanel: Correct. What confuses to the people who listen to those contactees is in fact the real portion they transmit in the channelings, that is to say 15% or 20%. Then, people believe them and not only do they accept the truth but, without realizing, they also accept the lies, that is to say 80% or 85%...
Interlocutor: According to what you are telling me, I see that Adamski was also a medium.
Ruanel: Sure, he was a medium as well as Siragusa.
Interlocutor: So, Adamski was never in front of extraterrestrials physically?
Ruanel: No, not at all. It is a case very, but very similar to Siragusa’s case.
Interlocutor: What else can we say about the case of Adamski, if with this I believe that everything is said?
Ruanel: It is important to jot down first that these people when were contacted nobody could contradict them, since they were the owners of the truth in that moment. Secondly, the spirits of error altered their mental decoders to have them dominated and in this way they were manipulated better.
Let’s see if you understand: If you are a person who have a very possessive ego and I magnify it controlling your body of desires or emotional body, you are an easy prey of mine.
Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear. I already see as false this issue, and I mention this so there is no doubt of any nature that Adamski didn't travel to the Moon as he said and even less that he saw cities or something like that there.
Ruanel: Please! That was a total hallucination of a person who was already on the edge of madness. Notice that in last century, during the time of Adamski, It was unknown what the Moon was. What would have happened if Adamski said that in the 2000? where several trips have been already done, the man stepped the surface of the Moon and pictures were taken even of its hidden face?
Interlocutor: It is obvious that people would have made fun of him!
Ruanel: Of course. The writer H.G. Wells said that there were selenites living in tunnels and that was believed by terrestrial population, and they did the same thing with Adamski.
Interlocutor: Even myself, with all the experience I have, I would find it very difficult to believe what you tell me if I had not experienced it personally.
Ruanel: It is very easy to do that, because the more ego a person has the weaker his decoder will be and then it is very simple to influence him making him see what doesn't exist in reality. It can even lead him to madness.
Interlocutor: Did the Spirits of Light also communicate with Adamski?
Ruanel: Only in the beginning, the same as they did with Siragusa.
Interlocutor: I have a doubt of why the Spirits of Light contacted with these people.
Ruanel: What happens is that at the beginning it’s not like that. It can happen to anyone, even to myself. We contact ourselves with the causal body of a certain person instilling in him conciliatory ideas and everything goes fine, and when we make contact again in 24 hours everything changed because he received in his body of desires destructive ideas.
And while his Ego pays more attention to the destructive ideas than to the conciliatory ideas, the spirit of error will have more upward than me than me a spirit of Light of the 5 plane.
Interlocutor: Now, everything is definitely clear.

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