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Deep in the Nevada desert lies a military base which is surrounded by so much official secrecy that the US government has even refused to acknowledge it exists. This base was built in the 1950s around the Groom Lake Air Force base, and closer to the Nevada atomic test range.
Today, Area 51 is a perfect site to carry out classified aircraft tests and for that reason the reality about this secret place has been always well-covered up until now.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master Ruanel?

Ruanel: Here I am. How are you?

Interlocutor: I'm Fine, Master, with an enormous interest about this session.

Ruanel: I am with other spiritual entities, and precisely now we finished sending our Light to the area you call Middle East, where there were many attacks. This news will appear tomorrow in the newspapers.

Interlocutor: How disturbed the world we live in! But as one would commonly say, "the show must go on." Here I have prepared a lot questions related to the so called Area 51 ,although something has already been said, I would like to deepen about it, because there is a lot of confusion.

Ruanel: Correct. You can start asking the questions.

Interlocutor: Well. First I want to ask about the underground constructions. It is believed that there are many places in the planet which are related to Area 51, such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Antarctica, etc.

Ruanel: In the countries you name there are extraterrestrial bases, as well as in other parts of the world, but they are not related to Area 51.

Interlocutor: Are these extraterrestrial bases independent?

Ruanel: That’s right and the United States don't even know about their existence. In this case, when I speak of the United States, I am referring to the American government's very deep levels, because the government agencies don't know anything about this.

Interlocutor: I understand. But Isn’t there any country related to Area 51?

Ruanel: Yes, there are only two: Puerto Rico and Russia, and this last one through a base which is in Siberia.

Interlocutor: Is Russia related to the same aliens who are in the United States?

Ruanel: Correct, they are the same ones.

Interlocutor: Are we always speaking of very deep levels?

Ruanel: Yes. I repeat that at official level these things are ignored.

Interlocutor: Are these aliens called the "Greys"?

Ruanel: Yes, but other races have appeared. There is a race called the “Blacks”.

Interlocutor: Where do they come from?

Ruanel: They come From a star called Albex.

Interlocutor: At what distance is it located?

Ruanel: Approximately at a thousand light years.

Interlocutor: Quite far from us, as I see.

Ruanel: Quite far away in our measure patterns, but that doesn't stop them.

Interlocutor: I understand. Are these Black aliens related to Russia as much as to the United States?

Ruanel: That’s right. There is a third race which is very similar to the Greys, but their skin is a little bit darker. They are directly predators. They have their jaw totally protruded, with the teeth visible, and less skull than the Greys.

Interlocutor: Do they belong to the animal Kingdom, like the Langar [1], from Arturo's Constellation?

Ruanel: No, they are humanoids.

Interlocutor: How many types of Greys are there?

Ruanel: There are four types of Greys. And I will add a race that I will denominate “the Predators”. These Predators have appeared in pictures that even appear on internet.

Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood: there are seven races of aliens working with the United States and Russia, which means two types of Blacks, four types of Greys and a single race of Predators.

Ruanel: If you count the Langars there are eight.

Interlocutor: And what about the antheans? I refer to the race that had an accident in Roswell.

Ruanel: The antheans are one type of the Greys.

Interlocutor: I understand. Do some races of aliens help each other or are all of them independent?

Ruanel: No, not all of them are independent. Some of them have connections, but most of them compete. In addition, the Langar, as you already know, were captured and subjected because their ship had an accident. Besides, they extracted their technology.

Interlocutor: What did they achieve with that technology?

Ruanel: For example, They achieved to build an energy shield of protection.

Interlocutor: When you say they "extracted” what do you mean?

Ruanel: I used that word because the Langar would have never shared voluntarily their technology with humans.

Interlocutor: Do you mean that they were forced to give it?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: Are the Langars prisoners at Area 51?

Ruanel: Yes, but at the present time they are very few since they have not reproduced.

Interlocutor: Are there other extraterrestrial prisoners besides the Langars at Area 51?

Ruanel: Yes, of course.

Interlocutor: I wonder why their partners have not abducted them using teleportation which is a technology that any alien race has.

Ruanel: The answer is very simple. As I told you, the Americans have designed an energy shield based on the one they took from the Langar ship and this shield prevent teleportation.

Interlocutor: Is this shield effective against all the extraterrestrial teleportation devices?

Ruanel: Yes, It is, it works on any teleportation device no matter its origin. The system works through molecular transportation, and this one cannot be made if there is an energy shield.

Interlocutor: It is clear. How many aliens, counting all the races, are there at Area 51? I have read that there are around 18.000.

Ruanel: No, not that many. There might be the tenth part of that, approximately 1800.

Interlocutor: Including all the races?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: At this moment I remember something I wanted to ask you and I forgot: At what distance is the alien ship that abducts women in the case that has been called “The Dead women of Juarez"?

Ruanel: The ship is around a hundred eighty kilometers high, its distance is relatively close.

Interlocutor: Couldn’t the United States reach to it?

Ruanel: No, because if they launched a missile, the ship would automatically change its place and the projectile would pass by.

Interlocutor: Related to this case in Juarez I will ask a hypothetical question: If in the city of Juarez were known that those murders are made by aliens, would these aliens turn away and leave? I ask this because they are working in anonymity, since the authorities blame the Mafia, the same Police, and even to satanic sects.

Ruanel: Not at all, they would continue with their activities as if nothing happened. It would only get upset to the people, although their inhabitants would organize surveillance during twenty-four hours, believing that they could avoid in this way the kidnappings.

Interlocutor: Could it prevent the kidnappings?

Ruanel: No, not at all. Nothing that they could make, the aliens would simply underrate it.

Interlocutor: The point is clear. I Continue with Area 51. Does this place have seven levels like the ufologists say?

Ruanel: This fact is partially correct. The area in thirty years has grown very much. Area 51 began to be formed soon after the accident of the Anthean ship in Roswell. Seven years after this incident an area of tests was formed, where they directly competed against the Russians. This happened in 1954. In 1958, the United States had an airplane that could not be detected by any radar. This airplane was baptized Black Delta Wing. It is very similar to the one of the current year 2003, but we are speaking of 1958. An energetic armor had been incorporated to it.

Interlocutor: Was that shielding from extraterrestrial technology?

Ruanel: Yes, it had been extracted from the Langar ship. But what happened was that the alloy of the metals of those airplanes was not compatible with the energy of the Langar ships, and then these ships had a very limited performance.

Interlocutor: Few years?

Ruanel: No, I am speaking of months nothing more. In two or three months the metal began to deteriorate.

Interlocutor: How unusual! I say unusual because I believe it is too expensive to build machines of so little duration. Speaking of extraterrestrial technology, many people have asked me which devices that we have come from them and not from our inventors. But first I want to know if that technology has been extracted from them by means of force or in exchange.

Ruanel: In both ways, but mostly in exchange. There is a scientist called Robert Lazar who had a quarrel with their superiors and has disclosed many secrets. Among them, for example that a race of the Greys has given to them an anti-gravitational field, in which the ships don't need atomic engines nor solar motors because they use the gravity of the planet.

Interlocutor: Is it something like they get closer or move away from the planet with the ships repealing or not that gravitational field?

Ruanel: Correct. They are driven by anti-gravitational nets. The machines are anti-gravitational and their fuel is the antimatter. This fuel was given by one of the races of the Blacks. The two races of the Blacks work in cooperation with the four races of Greys.

The terrestrial scientists knew, as anyone that gravity attracts. Then, they had to find an element where gravity was excluded, which means to make an effect of repulsion, and with the ordinary matter this could not be achieved.

That excluding element was provided by the Blacks because the Greys didn't want to give it.

Interlocutor: What did the Blacks provide? Some type of fuel?

Ruanel: The Blacks provided the formula to create antimatter.

Interlocutor: Isn’t something dangerous the contact between the matter and the antimatter?

Ruanel: Of course it is. But antimatter is wrapped with energetic charges of protection, because if the matter and the antimatter were in contact which means a positive and negative charge, it would be greater blasts than atomic explosions.

When isolating the matter and the antimatter using energy fields the result is that anyone can manipulate them and nothing happens.

Interlocutor: How do they use that antimatter?

Ruanel: That antimatter is used as a fuel of the gravitational engines, creating an effect of repulsion which is controlled by some devices called "micronometers" which are like little wheels rotating and opening the gates so that the antimatter makes its effect.

In this way, the ships can reach enormous speeds through the nadis.

This information has never been given and it is entirely a scoop.

Interlocutor: Are the nadis dimensional openings?

Ruanel: No, they are like energy lines. Just like the human beings have nadis, the planet also has nadis, and the same solar system and the galaxies. It is something similar to a gigantic spider's web, where the threads would be the nadis creating circumvallation fields.

Interlocutor: Are dimensional openings where the nadis cross?

Ruanel: Correct, but let us leave aside the dimensional openings and let us speak of the nadis as if they were rails of a railroad.

There is a nadi between the Sun and Alpha Centaur. Then, while the gravitational field of the Sun is tremendously strong, the ship can take advantage of the system of repulsion to travel that nadi at a higher speed closer to the speed of light and arrive to Alpha Centaur in little time.

Interlocutor: Interesting! Good, the explanation has been very clear. Do the famous black helicopters that many ufologists speak use this technology?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: Is it true as they say that they go to a much higher speed that a normal helicopter and they use them to recover extraterrestrial crashed ships?

Ruanel: they don’t go faster than a normal chopper because the metal used is duraluminum which is the hardest that has been achieved on Earth. The duraluminum is steel mixed with plastic and it has not been given to know yet. The hardest material that has been given revealed is titanium. Titanium is very heavy and weak compared to the material of the Anthean ship that fell in Roswell in 1947. The material of the Anthean ship is lighter than aluminum.

Interlocutor: And regarding to those helicopters, Do they use them to recover alien ships?

Ruanel: The answer is yes, they use them with that purpose.

Interlocutor: Is there another technology provided by the aliens?

Ruanel: There is a new material discovered in laboratory by the scientist I mentioned already, Robert Lazar, with formulas provided by one of the Black races, called "Element 115." Well, the Element 115, the antigravity, the antimatter, all of this has been underrated as true by the officials of intelligence at Area 51. They said that Lazar was a mythomaniac who was only seeking propaganda, something that was not true.

Interlocutor: It is said that there are many ufologists murdered who have investigated Area 51, as well as many scientist who died in that place and others who have defect to denounce what they saw there. What is true about all of this?

Ruanel: It is true. In the last fifteen years, from 1988 at 2003, there were 84 murders.

Interlocutor: Did they turn them crazy?

Ruanel: In fact they weren’t turned crazy but rather they left them in a catatonic condition. They were shot with the same energy the aliens use to protect themselves. This energy, aimed to the brain, melts the mental decoder.

Interlocutor: Based on reports that have come to light, it is said that there are at least three million human beings that have chips implanted in their body for control.
Ruanel: No, it is not three millions. They are more or less one million eight hundred thousand. But this figure is nothing compared to the number of inhabitants in the planet at the present time, seven thousand two hundred millions.

Interlocutor: The surveys, I believe, say that there are about six thousand millions.

Ruanel: Those surveys have not taken into account the poor countries of the center of Africa, nor the countries of Asia. Neither do they keep in mind India that has grown very much, today they are more than one billion inhabitants, and not the nine hundred millions they believe.

Interlocutor: Do All those who work at Area 51 and the same aliens have implanted control chips?

Ruanel: This is correct. But not necessarily to control their behavior but to know at all times where they are.

Interlocutor: Do extraterrestrials oversee that control or that surveillance?

Ruanel: No, because the terrestrial themselves, I mean the hierarchs of those deep levels, as you call them, are the ones who control their employees.

Interlocutor: Are you telling me that terrestrials control Area 51 and not the aliens?

Ruanel: That’s right. It is an erroneous fact, because the aliens that collaborate don't rule Area 51.

Interlocutor: Who implant those chips?

Ruanel: A race of the Blacks and a race of the Grays. But the same terrestrial Hierarchs agree with those implants. They suspect from everybody and they are crueler and more perverse than the same aliens. They have friends among extraterrestrials and they don't have friends among humans.

For instance, if an assistant of a high terrestrial hierarch of these deep levels - that not even the American government believes they exist - falls in misfortune because they suspect of him, they don't hesitate in eliminating him. For that reason I say that at Area 51 humans don't have friends.

Interlocutor: Does the American president Bush know about this?

Ruanel: No, not at all.

Interlocutor: But… Is he a puppet then?

Ruanel: Of course!

Interlocutor: I can hardly believe it. I don’t want to have any misunderstanding with this and for that reason I repeat the question: Do All those who are at Area 51 have implants of control or surveillance ordered by terrestrials or by the aliens?

Ruanel: Not by aliens, but by terrestrials. Not all the implants are meant to dominate, because most are meant to know where they are, especially when they leave the area, when they visit to their families, when they are on vacation or in some mission. Using that chip they can easily know with a computer in which place they are.

Interlocutor: Do some of the employees have it at area 51 or all of them?

Ruanel: All of them without exception. The same hierarchs have a chip implanted as an example.

Interlocutor: What you tell me seems to me as if it were a science fiction movie.

Ruanel: Imagine that there is an employee who has defected. Using a computer they can locate him even if he is hidden in the most secret place in Australia. And of course they will look for him and they will directly eliminate him.

Interlocutor: All the employees at Area 51 know they have implanted a chip?

Ruanel: Yes, because the unavoidable requirement to be allowed to work there it is the implant of this chip.

Interlocutor: Where Do they put it? In which part of the body?

Ruanel: They are in different places: in the occipital area, inside the nostrils, in the wrists, in the forearms. It depends on several factors.

Interlocutor: I wonder why Robert Lazar has not been eliminated.

Ruanel: Robert Lazar has the advantage that he is a very well-known person and the hierarchs of Area 51 are avoiding to have worse propaganda. I say worse propaganda because they already have bad propaganda.

Interlocutor: Besides, nobody believes in Bob Lazar.

Ruanel: That is another of the advantages he has.

Interlocutor: Now I would like to ask about the case of Christa Milton who was abducted in July of 1987.

Ruanel: It is a case in which the hierarchs of Area 51 are connected and the cruelest race of the Greys who have the higher technology.

Interlocutor: Did they come down and take her or was she teleported?

Ruanel: First, they thought to reach her and take her, but it was a very risky situation and finally they teleported her.

Interlocutor: where did they take her?

Ruanel: They took her to a ship which was at an altitude of two Kilometers.

Interlocutor: In the case of the abductions of the women of Juarez, Were they teleported at a distance of one hundred eighty kilometers to the mother ship? I ask this because I wonder at what distance teleportation works.

Ruanel: There is no problem with teleportation at distance, but in the case of Juarez they were teleported to a ship which was at two Kilometers from Earth and from there they took them to the mother ship.

Interlocutor: Is teleportation simply dematerialization and materialization?

Ruanel: Yes, that’s it. They Dematerialize molecules and those molecules are transported with an energy field.

Interlocutor: And obviously they do not disincarnate.

Ruanel: No, They don’t, because the molecules are in the flesh. Teleportation is a molecular transformation to an energy field. But in the spiritual world that energy field is still physical. Then, the person is alive. The spirit continues being. In its 10%, the spirit is in that energy field that goes to the ship.

Let’s say that you are transformed into a light beam, and then, at the speed of light, you arrive to a ship which is at several kilometers. At that same speed your 10% goes with that light beam, since for the spirit there is no distance. When your body is reconstructed again in flesh, blood, bones, skin, your 10% is there. And you don’t even realize the dematerialization and materialization you have gone through.

Interlocutor: Is teleportation instantaneous?

Ruanel: Yes, because at that short distance the speed of light is practically instantaneous. But let us suppose that the distance were from here to Mars, you would take six minutes to arrive and to reconstruct yourself. In those six minutes your 10% is aware that it is alive, aware that it is meat, skin, bones, etc. it feels the touch, everything, because it doesn't realize that it is being transported molecularly at light-emitting level.

Interlocutor: The explanation is clear, Master. But why did they abduct to Christa Milton?

Ruanel: At first they put a brain implant for control, they have also made gynecological tests.

Interlocutor: A biopsy?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: What you say coincide with what this woman said when after the operation she saw blood coming out from her vagina, as if she had her period, but why did they make those tests?

Ruanel: They studied her DNA to see if the ovule was capable to be fertilized by an extraterrestrial sperm.

Interlocutor: Through a normal copulation?

Ruanel: No, through the implant of ovule cells.

Interlocutor: Did they make it?

Ruanel: No, because they discovered that she was not compatible.

Interlocutor: What would have they done with her if she had been compatible?

Ruanel: If she had been compatible, they would have fertilized her and when she was about to give birth, they would have abducted her again and they would have taken her creature. They wouldn’t have let her keep the baby.

Interlocutor: Just like they did many times with other women?

Ruanel: Of course.

Interlocutor: And the doctors wouldn’t have been able to see something strange in the fetus compared to human fetuses, would they?

Ruanel: No, because there is not so much difference between the embryos and the fetuses when they are growing. Maybe in a completely extraterrestrial fetus yes, but not in this case. That would be a half human and half extraterrestrial fetus.

Interlocutor: With whom were they planning to mate her? I mean with what sperm was she going to be inseminated?.

Ruanel: With the sperm from one of the tall Greys.

Interlocutor: Are these tall Greys those who abduct in the bedrooms?

Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: When we speak about these tall Greys, are we speaking of giants of two meters?

Ruanel: No, of hardly 1,70 m.

Interlocutor: Good, I see that they are approximately of the average human height.

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: Did they abduct her randomly?

Ruanel: No, previously they made studies on her. They never choose randomly.

Interlocutor: What I don't understand is how they made on her those studies.

Ruanel: They make a reading using an energy ray.

Interlocutor: At a distance?

Ruanel: just like that. They can aim with a gun that has laser beam- you might have seen this in many science fiction films -, she was aimed directly with an energy beam that gives information to a computer when it returns.

Interlocutor: It means that this can be done from a great distance.

Ruanel: Of course. In the computer of the ship the characteristics of the person, color skin, blood type, everything appears.

Interlocutor: I don’t understand, Why was she abducted to the ship if the result was negative?.

Ruanel: They needed to make a biopsy to find out about her DNA, since this cannot be made with an energy beam. It is really fantastic what they can do with this device.

Interlocutor: I suppose that this technology is also available to terrestrials at Area 51.

Ruanel: That’s right. They can aim at you with a device of that type and they can even cure a being, and the beam hits on your skin, it bounces it returns again to its origin, because it has a double reading and that information goes to a computer and in the screen all the data appears, even your arterial pressure and the illnesses you have, diabetes, cholesterol, leukemia, problems in the urine, etc.

Interlocutor: Don't tell me that it can detect the number of red blood cells!

Ruanel: Well, I tell you! I repeat this is an amazing technology.

Interlocutor: Is this what the aliens who practice vivisection with infected women in Juarez make too?

Ruanel: No, in this case they directly abduct them and the tests are made in the ship, because DNA tests cannot be obtained with the technology they have.

Interlocutor: But Can’t they know if they are infected or not before abducting them?

Ruanel: Yes, but they don't care if the woman is infected or not. They find out later, they don't care if she dies later on, when they don't need them anymore, they simply throw them away.

Interlocutor: It means that they find much easier to abduct them directly without making previous tests?

Ruanel: That’s It. They care little or nothing about human life.

Interlocutor: Do the extraterrestrial surgeons use scalpels like our surgeons or do they have more sophisticated tools?

Ruanel: No, they are not like the scalpels used by the terrestrial surgeons, In this case the tall Greys use laser scalpels that don't need sterilization.

Interlocutor: But I believe that here we also have laser scalpels.

Ruanel: Yes, the surgical system is called "laparoscopy", but these are big devices. On the other hand the alien’s laser scalpel is a very small device, a micro device, very sophisticated.

Interlocutor: This woman said that, when she was in the operation room, the operation was directed it by a Grey and a human surgeon was collaborating.

Ruanel: It is correct. Let me tell you that in these moments a TV Series is being broadcasted through a cable channel about the story of the Greys from the year 1947 to the 2000. Watch it if you have a chance to do it.

Interlocutor: Is it quite real?

Ruanel: Yes, one can say that it is.

Interlocutor: how long does it is?

Ruanel: Twelve hours.

Interlocutor: that much?

Ruanel: Yes, it goes weekly. The channel calls itself HBO Ole. The director is Steven Spielberg.

Interlocutor: I will keep it in mind. Are the famous "Men in Black” always terrestrial employees of Area 51 or are there also aliens?

Ruanel: They are terrestrials and employees of Area 51 they work with the Greys and a race of the Blacks.

Interlocutor: Do they disguise themselves? I ask this because who have met them depict them like men with dark suits, pale faces, something totally uncommon.

Ruanel: On the contrary. The Men in Black have an ordinary look as if they were the more common men on Earth, precisely to be unnoticed.

Interlocutor: Is that their look?

Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: But who are they really?

Ruanel: They are simply colleagues of the employees who work at Area 51, but they belong to a different department. In fact, all those who work in Area 51 are "Men in Black."

Interlocutor: I mean to the Men in Black who visit people around Area 51 and intimidate them. Do they also murder?

Ruanel: Of course they murder! Not only do they have the function of scaring people. If there is a defector or somebody bothering too much with accusations, they simply send a Man in Black to eliminate him.

Interlocutor: I suppose that the Men in Black have implanted chips also.

Ruanel: That’s right, and notice the paradox, the same Men in Black are prisoners at Area 51!

Interlocutor: What is the reason that everybody describe to the Men in Black as beings rather strange, pale, like zombies, as if they have no soul?

Ruanel: That is part of the myth. Imagine that their occupation is secret; they couldn’t hide it if even a boy could detect them.

Interlocutor: I understand. I remember an English author whose alias was Lobsang Rampa one of their books, I don't remember if in The Third eye or the Doctor from Tibet, or maybe in some other book he wrote the very illustrative quote that the "Men of Black" could be dressed of any color.

Ruanel: That author was right. Nothing to do with the black color. Those are the true Men in Black. They can disguise themselves as a common clerk or a neighborhood grocer. For example, if you make a meeting to give a conference about UFOs and a Man in Black can attend and pass unnoticed among the assistants.

Interlocutor: I understood perfectly. Now I have a question: About us, as Grupo Elron, Do the hierarchs at Area 51 keep us in mind?

Ruanel: They have noticed you. But they keep in mind the result. What bothers the most to the hierarchs of Area 51 is when someone gives precise details of the inner structure which is not the case of Grupo Elron, since what you say can be as believable as what Robert Lazar says.

Interlocutor: So, they consider us harmless.

Ruanel: Sure, and since you do not have followers, and you have information only on Internet, they don't worry.

Interlocutor: But do they keep an eye on us?

Ruanel: Yes, but it is a minimum surveillance.

Interlocutor: I understood. This woman, Christa Milton, says that she saw animals in enormous boxes and different races of humanoid beings in transparent containers, but she could not determine if they were alive, dead or in suspended animation.

Ruanel: They were in suspended animation and in the mother ship. There are at least 35 or 36 aliens of different races that have been captured for study purposes. And she is not the only person who saw that.

Interlocutor: Is there something like that at Area 51 also?

Ruanel: No, not in Area 51. I am speaking of the mother ship of one of the races of Greys.

Interlocutor: Is the same ship where they practiced on her a biopsy?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: Then What she saw was not Area 51?

Ruanel: No, it was in the space, in a mother ship.

Interlocutor: Christa Milton says that she saw Greys "as without a soul."

Ruanel: she made a mistake because one of the races of Greys is much more inexpressive than the rest.

Interlocutor: Now I understand. She didn't know that there were different races and when making the comparison she thought that those inexpressive beings could be some type of humanoid robots.

Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: Nothing to do with robots…
Ruanel: No, not at all. It doesn’t make any sense to build robots with humanoid aspect. Something like that is nothing else than science fiction. The robots they have are directly machines with shape of machines, with wheels and all of those things that machines have.

Interlocutor: Now I would like to know. How is Jorge Can we continue?

Ruanel: He is really very tired due to the amount of information he had to filter. Notice that I had to use four different sources to convey all the information I have transmitted.

Interlocutor: I understand.

Ruanel: Before you ask questions I want to clarify that the territory around Area 51 began to be built in 1954, but recently in 1958 was when it received the biggest impulse. From this date up to 1968 it didn’t grow too much, because it was destined more to experiment with anti-gravitational airplanes. But from 1968 to 1998 it has grown five times. They have even changed the riverbanks in order to build.

Interlocutor: Do you mean to the river bed?

Ruanel: Correct. In 1968 there were three underground levels, in 1988 there were seven and starting from 1998, fourteen.

Interlocutor: Fourteen underground levels? It is amazing! It’s almost 100 meters down, calculating five meters per level.

Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: In some report I read that there were places where the depth of the constructions reached more than two thousand meters. Is it a mistake?

Ruanel: No, it is real, but these are enormous hangars where mother ships are hidden. There are even constructions underneath a lake. But don't confuse this type of constructions with those that serve as offices, laboratories, etc.

Interlocutor: It is really incredible. And from where does one enter to those hangars?

Ruanel: One can enter through a hidden cave protected by heavily armed soldiers. To get inside it is necessary to use armored elevators with titanium walls that go kilometers down.

Interlocutor: Is it true that there is transportation in those places that goes to a speed of Match 2?

Ruanel: Yes, of course. This technology is only used at Area 51. Outside of there, not even the American president knows about it.

Interlocutor: It is very difficult for me to understand why something as monstrous as Area 51 has not come out completely to the light. I say this because the reports written about Area 51 in books or the internet have a source more on speculations than in real proofs. The investigators only talk about conjectures, picking up a fact here and another fact there.

Ruanel: The answer is that they have a perfectly mounted façade: they make it look as a test field of the new airplanes. There, indeed, was tested the Black wing Delta, the supersonic airplane X-15, as well as X-16, X-17, armored tanks, launching of missiles, etc.

Interlocutor: Good, it is necessary to recognize that the façade is perfect, because with that excuse they justify the use of armed forces around the area and keep away the snoopers

Ruanel: That’s correct.

Interlocutor: Was there some battle in Dulce between terrestrials and extraterrestrials?

Ruanel: There was a small skirmish; it wasn’t a battle, between one of the races of Blacks and one of the races of Greys. It wasn’t with terrestrials.

Interlocutor: And among the terrestrials?

Ruanel: There were quarrels among the officials of the FBI that wanted to investigate and the Men in Black, with several deaths in both sides.

Interlocutor: One of those that has denounced Area 51 is Paul Bennewitz. Well, William More collaborated with Berlitz in his book The Philadelphia Experiment has affirmed that he was hired by officials of Area 51 to discredit him and turn him crazy.

Ruanel: What you say is real and it is also real that they made him a paranoid person. One more question because the vessel is very unstable.

Interlocutor: Did Thomas C. steal papers highly classified to denounce what was happening at Area 51?

Ruanel: Yes, this is also true. He was disgusted by the experiments made in that place with animal and especially with human beings.

Interlocutor: This person says that he saw extraterrestrial reptilians.

Ruanel: It is true, but it is necessary to clarify that what he saw was not extraterrestrial reptilians working at Area 51, but extraterrestrial prisoners for experiments.

Interlocutor: I understand. What happened to Thomas? I ask this because it seems that the Men in Black went to his house and they took him with his family.

Ruanel: They made him look like a dead man twice, but he is still alive and prisoner in one of the facilities at Area 51.

Interlocutor: Are his relatives dead?

Ruanel: In the case of five scientists, including this person you mention, their relatives are held as hostages at Area 51 and they have put on the surface very similar doubles as substitutes so that they pretend to be their relatives and nobody suspects.

Interlocutor: I suppose that it is a way of pressure so that the scientists work "voluntarily" and don't escape.

Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: But are not enough the implants?

Ruanel: It is a psychological-emotional issue. For example, if I were working at Area 51 and I knew that my family is well and happy on the surface, even though I had a chip I would be more peaceful and with higher self-esteem and then I won't be so submissive to certain facts, let us call them offensive to mankind, and I will want to denounce them. On the other hand, if I know that my family is being held as hostages, my self-esteem would be totally low and as a consequence I will obey the orders given to me more easily and I will accept any fact that hurts my morality.

Interlocutor: The explanations are perfectly clear. To conclude the session I want to know some curiosities: Do all the Greys come from the same planet?

Ruanel: No, they come from different planets. The Blacks don’t come from the same planet either, since they are two totally different races.

Interlocutor: And regarding to the height?

Ruanel: The Antheans that I include them among the Greys, have an average height between 1,40 m. and 1,60 m. There are other races of Greys that reach up to 1,75 m.

Interlocutor: Good, they are more or less of my height.

Ruanel: Correct. There are races of Grays that their height fluctuates around 1,20 m. nothing else. The Predators that are also Grey, are between 1.10 and 1,20 m. The Blacks are also different. One of the races, those that achieved the antimatter formula, are taller, because they reach up to 1,80 m.

I will leave you, because the vessel is totally unstable. All my Light to you.

Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.


What kind of experiments are made at the area 51?


At Area 51 many hidden experiments are being carried out, as much with our airplanes as with extraterrestrial captured ships, trying to unveil their secrets.

There are many extraterrestrial ships in this place, because some of them had an accident or because they have been able to damage them with special missiles, achieved from the technology of the fallen ships.

They also have many aliens prisoners and they torture some of them to extract technological secrets.

The films seen in the entire world for television about the autopsy to an alien and the torture to another alien who was subjected are real.( Alien at area 51)
Naturally, there is a campaign of confusion made by the authorities at Area 51, and the famous "Men in Black" who are fanatic employees that have the mission of discouraging the witnesses who want to talk about what they saw and what these authorities don't want to be disclosed.

When we speak of "authorities", we are referring to government officials with so much power that even the American president is subordinated to them.

With regard to the experiments that are carried out in Area 51, nothing better to transcribe the telepathic dialogues we have had on this matter


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.

Interlocutor: Master, I will ask you a question, but in this way: If I became someone invisible and I entered in the denominated Area 51, in United States one of the most mysterious, hidden and protected places in this country, a place where very few people can enter What would I see?

Ruanel: At this time [2002] they are not making experiments, but they have many documents that contain extraterrestrial secrets.

Interlocutor: Only extraterrestrial? Nothing else?

Ruanel: Extraterrestrial and genetic research

Interlocutor: Are we speaking of dreadful experiments?

Ruanel: They are always dreadful experiments. The human being has very little affection for the life of others. There is a lot of affection for his own life, but a lot of scorn for the fellowman's life.

Interlocutor: But what kind of experiments do they make?

Ruanel: New illnesses are inoculated to human “guinea pigs” of Asian origin. They are people who have been taken prisoners from different wars such as Vietnam in the decade of the 60s. After inoculating the illness they try to counteract it with vaccines or with some serum.

Interlocutor: Do they make similar experiments like those made by the Nazis in the last war? Like putting prisoners in cold chambers to see how they tolerated the cold before dying or other horrible experiments such as tying up the legs of a woman in labor to see what happens with the fetus.

Ruanel: No, that type of basic experiments would not make any sense today. At the present time, the experiments are, for example, to inject a pheromone to the cerebral cortex of a man and a woman to see how the sexual attraction is increased between both. When they are inoculated, they are put in separate rooms like cages.

Let us suppose that the pheromones between the man and the woman have 5% and this proportion acts as so that they are attracted, they start caressing to each other and finish copulating. Do you understand me?

Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly.

Ruanel: Good, now suppose that you inject to the cortex which is the rational part, 80% of pheromone so that the analytic mind sleeps and everything is now reactive. What will it happen? Even though they are separated by bars they will attack violently the bars, they will try to touch their hands through the bars to caress each other hopelessly with tremendous desires of having intercourse due to the great incentive produced by the pheromone.

If they were put together in a room they would have a ferocious intercourse. They will even bite each other to satisfy the sexual desire aroused.

Interlocutor: I’m recalling the intercourse of the Lupus, the were-wolf, or Wolverines like we call them here they are completely reactive, in their case the Moon is the stimulus.

Ruanel: Exactly, it is something similar. Notice that all the reactive races mate in a destructive way.

Interlocutor: Master, I believe that your explanation is extremely important. Could you make a small summary so that I will be able to write it down on the paper later on?

Ruanel: Well. First, something to disconnect the analytical mind, because the analytical mind is in the tissue of the cerebral cortex.

Interlocutor: Do investigators know something about the analytical mind, reactive mind and engrams?

Ruanel: No, they don't have that knowledge, but they know that the reason is in the cerebral cortex. Let us not speak that they know the analytic mind, but they know the reason.

Interlocutor: I understand.

Ruanel: Do not take the human being as a total ignorant, especially keeping in mind the discoveries he has made. The investigators know that the cortex is the pattern of the reason, and they know that the amygdala is the pattern of the impulse. Do not speak of impulsive mind, let us speak of impulse, and let us speak of instincts, if you want.

Then, they potentiate the amygdala and they lower the level of the man's cortex so that they are all impulse injecting pheromone, but in tremendous proportion.

The sexual desire, under these conditions, ends up being so intense that when they copulate, the mating is as destructive as the famous Lupus mating, they can even bite and hurt each other.

The woman, for instance, rips apart the man’s skin with her fingernails and the man also rips apart the woman’s lips. In the paroxysm of the sexual desire he can even kill her if instead of kissing her he bites her neck.

Interlocutor: Do these experiments are made only with Asian?

Ruanel: Yes, only with Asian people.

Interlocutor: Don't these human “guinea pigs” try to escape? I mean if they have enough reason to do it.

Ruanel: No, because they keep them doped. They simply feed them to keep them alive. They only stop giving drugs when they inject pheromones. The reason of this is that they have to be alert with all their attention on the sexual instinct that would not happen if they were doped.

Interlocutor: What you tell us is really ghastly. Besides this kind of experiments, what else would I see? I am imagining that I am invisible and I can move everywhere and nobody sees me the at Area 51.

Ruanel: Well, you already know that there are extraterrestrial ships.

Interlocutor: I meant other kind of experiments of physical type, like surgery. Do they make vivisection with human beings? I mean surgical experiments being the person alive.

Ruanel: They have made this type of experiments, although at first anesthetizing him so that the victim doesn't feel any pain. To different people they have lifted up the cover of the skull leaving the brain exposed and making acupuncture with different types of needles, puncturing in different places they have achieved the insensibility of a hand. Then they have severed a finger to prove the effectiveness of the anesthesia.

Interlocutor: Are these experiments very common at Area 51?

Ruanel: One cannot say that they are common, but they have made them.

Interlocutor: At the present time they are making the experiment mentioned with the pheromones?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: Are the aliens at Area 51, volunteers or prisoners?

Ruanel: There is an extraterrestrial volunteer race which is very negative because any alien that is in the Light will never collaborate with those who make so inhuman experiments. Besides, it has to be an analytical race.

Notice a malignant race such as the Langar that is not an analytical race. With them you could not associate to devastate worlds, because they are not interested in association. They are natural predators Why would they associate? They don't need partners.

But there are other terrible races such as those from Orion 3, who actually do that kind of things.

Interlocutor: Are you telling me that the aliens from Orion 3 are working with the United States, at least the ones who lead Area 51?

Ruanel: That’s correct.

Interlocutor: Are the human beings prepared to understand the extraterrestrial technology?

Ruanel: Some technology yes, but not everything, of course. You have to keep in mind that the negative aliens are even very zealous of their knowledge and they don't share it.

Interlocutor: Does that mean that they have not still achieved the teleportation?

Ruanel: In small scale, yes.

Interlocutor: Where do these objects go when they disappear?

Ruanel: They stay in the same laboratory, because they appear at a distance of few meters.

Interlocutor: Are the aliens who are not from Orion 3 prisoners?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: I suppose that they are not only prisoners of the human beings but also of the aliens from Orion 3. Is it correct?

Ruanel: Of course.

Interlocutor: How many prisoner races are there?

Ruanel: Three or four.

Interlocutor: And the number of extraterrestrials captured?

Ruanel: Around thirty.

Interlocutor: Do we know some of the prisoner races?

Ruanel: Yes, for example the Antheans.

Interlocutor: The same race of the famous Roswell incident?

Ruanel: That’s right.

Interlocutor: And how can it be that these aliens were captured again?

Ruanel: Not only had an accident the ship that you mention, but there were other Anthean ships captured, because they have electromechanical failures.

Interlocutor: Have all the ships crashed in the United States?

Ruanel: No, they have crashed in different places of the world. What happens is that there is an agreement between the United States and other nations, for example Russia which was a country with a great antinomy but now they are partners.

The space ship that crashed in Siberia is in control of the United States now.

Interlocutor: I watched a secret movie about this event, but it was said that it was false.

Ruanel: The film was real.

Interlocutor: Is physical torture used at Area 51 to extract technological secrets from the captured aliens?

Ruanel: The physical and also the mental torture. What the nitwits from United States don't realize is that extraterrestrial pilots not necessarily know about quantum engines and by torturing them, they won't be able to extract the information they don't know.

Interlocutor: Obviously.

Ruanel: I send you my best vibrations.

Interlocutor: It has been a magnificent session, Master, thank you and See you later.


How do terrestrial and extraterrestrial communicate at Area 51?

Dear professor: Due to the intense activity between terrestrials and aliens, I understand that communication should be very important, I wonder if they use telepathy or some devices. The truth is I don’t imagine how they do it.

Irene F.


Appreciated Irene: It is an intrigue that I also had in mind and I asked about it. I transcribe you the concerning part to that topic

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.

Interlocutor: Master, I would like to ask you something. How do the aliens communicate with the terrestrials, and vice versa, at Area 51?

Ruanel: It is something very simple. Most of the extraterrestrial beings - the terrestrial scientists don't do it because they don't really understand the concept of how to do it -, they have some kind of decoder device with which the mental impulses are decoded.

For example, me, at this time I am communicating by means of mental concepts with the decoder of my vessel who is Jorge Olguin, 10% of Johnakan. Jorge's decoder that would be his mental decoder, captures my mental impulses that would be the spiritual concept, it filters the concept and he translates to the Spanish language.

Well. The mechanical decoder, if it can be called like that, are microchips that have some aliens, they capture in this way the modulation of the voice, from terrestrials and aliens as well using a small radar – which is less than half centimeter - and it is as powerful as the biggest radars at the terrestrial airports.

Interlocutor: Are those chips incorporated to the body or they are external?

Ruanel: They are outside of the body, since they don't have anything to do with the chips of control. The chips implanted underneath the skin are only to locate someone at all times. These are external chips. They are directly translators.

Interlocutor: Is there an easy way to explain this concept so that I can understand it?

Ruanel: The operation is very simple. The chips translate the mental concepts added to the voice modulation- because with the voice modulation they also copy how the person is psychically -, and with the mental impulses, they make of universal translator.

Interlocutor: The truth is that it sounds very imaginative.

Ruanel: It can be very imaginative, however it is something very real and in certain way also very simple.

Interlocutor: Does the translation appear in some screen such as computer or television?

Ruanel: No, they are understood directly.

Interlocutor: How "understood directly?"

Ruanel: Wait until Jorge's decoder translates the concept. There are Interlocutors, in different programs of what you call television; they use microphones and earphones connected to their ears. I mean that terrestrial and extraterrestrial have, similar headphones and they listen the translation, which is perfectly understandable.

Interlocutor: Would it be something similar to the translator that is always in the press interviews when the interviewee doesn't know the language?

Ruanel: Yes, it is something like that, but here there is not a person who translates but it is directly a machine.

Interlocutor: Now it is perfectly clear. If I used that device I would immediately understand automatically what an alien tells me and I could talk to him without any previous preparation?

Ruanel: That’s correct, because the voice you emit through the microphone in the headphone arrives to the receiver that the alien has in his ear and vice versa. It is as if you now spoke with a German and in the middle of the line there was a mechanical decoder that translates the conversation, so much from Spanish to German as from German to Spanish.

Interlocutor: For me it is really something fabulous.

Ruanel: No that's not fabulous, in any case it is fabulous those who can travel through time using quantum physics.

Interlocutor: Who invented something like this? The Greys or the Blacks?

Ruanel: This has been invented at the same time in different places of the Cosmos during different ages. There is not a single world where it has been invented. You suddenly travel to a world which is a thousand light years and you will see similar paintings to those that exist here, and it is not coincidence but causality.

This happens because if a Renaissance painter embodies at a thousand light years, that conscience that has eons makes that he paints as he made it here.

Interlocutor: And if he embodied in a plant?

Ruanel: His painting will have a vegetable beauty.

Interlocutor: I understood perfectly.
Are the aliens of Area 51 adapted to the terrestrial atmosphere?

Dear professor: I have a question regarding to the personnel that works at Area 51, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. First, I would like to know if they are always the same ones or if they have been replaced by other. Besides, I would like to know if the aliens working with the humans have already adapted to our environment or they need to use some devices attached to their bodies.

Juan M.


Appreciated Juan: The question is very interesting and I asked about it. Nothing better to transcribe you the dialogues because it clarifies the question perfectly, besides it offers other interesting information.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.

Ruanel: Ask one more question because if there is a lot of channeling energy, it can produce stomach problems to my vessel.

Interlocutor: Well, a consultant asked me here if the aliens at Area 51 who are working with the humans have already adapted to the environment of the Earth. He also asked me about the life span of the aliens.

Ruanel: The aliens are renewed; they are not always the same ones. Some come and then they leave and others come. The terrestrial personnel at Area 51 have also gone into retirement and new personnel have entered of approximately twenty years old they have been taught well. The personnel of 1950 isn’t there, other people have been hired.

Interlocutor: I understand. And about their life span? How long does an alien live from the Greys for example?

Ruanel: There is Grey race that live fifty years old average and other, the tall Greys, they live up to two hundred fifty terrestrial years, because not all of them have the same DNA.

Interlocutor: Have all of them adapted to the terrestrial atmosphere?

Ruanel: None of them has adapted because they cannot change their DNA.

Interlocutor: And how did they solve this?

Ruanel: They are adapted to our atmospheric pressure. We have on the surface an atmospheric pressure of 1; being Venus the second planet of the Solar System, it has 90 atmospheres of pressure. Well, all the inhabitants in most of the worlds in the whole universe are accustomed to the same pressure on the Earth. It can be of 1.2 or 0,80 atmospheres, for example, but it is more or less this figure. Then they can be without special suits.

Interlocutor: Only for some time?

Ruanel: No, in a permanent way, but they use filters.

Interlocutor: Do they constantly use a mask?

Ruanel: No, because they are so fashioned filters that fit inside their nostrils and they are not noticed at all.

Interlocutor: Just like tubes?

Ruanel: Sure. For instance if you go to a planet which has the same pressure compared to the Earth where methane gas is breathed, it would be deadly for you, and then if you use these filters you solve the problem because it could filter oxygen. The Vessel is exhausted. I leave you with all my Light.

Interlocutor: The point is clarified. See you later, Master, and thank you.
[1] The Langar is an extraterrestrial race very similar to locusts (insectoids) whose ship was captured at Area 51.

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