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"An extraordinary extraterrestrial Race"
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Morganel. Manuel’s thetan.
Morganel: I am very pleased of being in contact with you again. My name is Morganel and we are always unveiling alleged mysteries that simply exist for a lack of knowledge because everything has a logical explanation for he who understands the cause that provokes a certain phenomenon.
Many thousands of years ago a certain extraterrestrial race was settled at few thousands of light years from the center of the galaxy, a similar race to the greys, but very alike to the terrestrial Homo sapiens sapiens; maybe shorter, with an average height of 1.50 mts, with a grey skin color, without hair, snub-nosed almost showing the nostrils. But they didn't end up having the conformation of those that you know as “greys”, neither taller nor short, but with a robuster conformation, more sturdy, as you would say in some regions, and it was a very old civilization. They called themselves “Agartians” from the planet Agart.
Like every race at the beginning it was evolving, it was waging war against themselves. It would give the impression that there is a common denominator, as well as the children and the puppies of mammals in Sun 3, they generally play to fight. You have seen puppy animals in your world, they scratch, knock over and bite each other as if they were really fighting; they can even end up hurting each other seriously. At some time Eon said referring to Sun 3, and I include myself at this time since I am embodied in Sun 3 that he saw us like a race of kindergaten children. We live waging war instead of cooperating.
For a long time the Agartians waged war to such point that throughout their history half of its population succumbed in battles, in famines, with illnesses until they settled down. You, in Sun 3, you say that the monkey mimic the attitudes of the allegedly called human being. Humans also copy each other’s attitudes; if one wages war, we all wage war. Obviously, there are honorable exceptions of beings that research in order to discover the most suitable vaccine for a certain health problem, or to discover the best communication device or the best propulsion engine that doesn't contaminate, but in general, the race is like that.
And the Agartians were like that until one of them settled down and little by little – like a domino effect – all of them began to copy. The governments of each region cooperated with each other, the region that had grain exchanged it with meat, the one that had bigger resources exchanged it with fresh water or they exchanged it with cereals and so forth, they defeated famine, illnesses and the disputes for territories. They avoided overpopulation with birth control while they were prisoners in their planet ,until they discovered a propulsion system and they could leave their world and conquer their stellar system of twelve planets. Their planet was was the third. We would call it Agart 3.
They began looking for other worlds, they ended up making contact with beings from another stellar systems, they inhabited planets that had a similar atmosphere and temperature of their world of origin – which was also similar to Sun 3 - with similar percentage of oxygen and nitrogen, until they were disseminated through hundreds of worlds and in each world they called them according to their own language. They were humble, although cautious. They evolved in arms power, they had gigantic ships with energy shields for protection because they didn't know what they could run into.
They built several ships with volunteers male and female that left their world in humongous ships that ended up measuring 15 kilometers. They had special filters to renew the atmosphere of their ships, their ships had their own gravity - since they had developed a gravitational system inside the ship- they carried plants, they carried other animal species and they ended up having a device by means of which modifying certain molecules they could obtain food. There are many races in this galaxy - the one that you know as the Milky Way- that have developed food machines, if we want to call them in a very basic language.
The Agartians, these so scrupulous beings, didn't provide to all the worlds of those food machines. Most of the worlds, in this or in other galaxies need somehow an incentive because they have a very poor spirit to research, if they had everything. For example, there are worlds where, if they didn't have an incentive and if they had a food machine that only gives them a portion of carbohydrates or proteins in a ball of an inch of diameter that feeds them for twenty-four hours of a terrestrial day, just by pushing a button, they would be in lassitude, they would not worry to work because most people do not consider work as an enjoyment but as an obligation. The same thing happens with service. We already said that many times.
Then, this race decided to give to one per each thousand worlds the technology to manufacture those food machines knowing that there were worlds where there was a gigantic mortality rate. I am nobody to judge them - like the Master Johnakan says -, by putting in the scale to see what weighs more, if saving the life of thousands of beings that die of hunger in some continents of many worlds - I include Sun 3 - or to give the universal panacea to all and remove from them the incentive because I assure you that in less than two centuries, those worlds would end up inert of thinking beings if they had everything served.
I don’t want to start a philosophical debate with any philosopher of this world - Sun 3 - or from another world, for I’m sure that many of them will raise objectoins to this when listening this message and they will surely be right because sometimes emergencies must be attended. But as well as you, in your world, you have the myth of Santa Claus - the one who is known as Father Christmas in some other regions - some of your philosophers would say: "It is not necessary to give them the knowledge of the food machine, but since they can navigate through this whole blessed galaxy, they can just help at least those races that don't know how to feed themselves because they have gone through dozens and dozens of wars." I have also thought about it, but I, as Morganel, I’m not holding an opinion here, I am narrating what happened. Here I’m not speaking neither in favor , nor against the race; I am simply narrating the story.
And they arrived to Earth...
Interlocutor: I was going to ask you that.
Morganel: They arrived to Earth 1500 years ago. They lowered exploratory ships. Since they were similar in their form to terrestrials, they didn't cause fear, on the contrary, they caused curiosity for their gear, their outfits were similar to your plastics but hundreds of times more resistant. They were in America, in the central part, from the North of Mexico to the North of Brazil and they have left legacies. Many natives of that time - obviously before Christopher Columbus - they have etched their faces in stone, they have made drawings of them. If some of you investigate, you will see that there are Pre-Columbian drawings with forms of ships or some anthropomorphous beings with a special figure due to their outfits.
The natives were not much taller than the Agartians; they would have had an average height of 1,60 meters. So, it was very similar to the height of the Agartians. The Agartians taught them how to pour water from the streams in barren places, technology that in Central America many natives used later on.
These beings were not established on Earth, but rather they were orbiting in their mother ship of 15 kilometers long, one kilometer wide and half kilometer of height; we are speaking of 500 meters of height and 1000 meters wide so that you have an idea of the size of each one of the mother ships they used to visit each stellar system. They had weapons in their ships that combined could destroy a natural satellite and shatter it into pieces, they had energy shields that could resist nuclear explosions that could resist enormous temperatures so that they could be at few millions of kilometers from a star and withstand the temperature, and they had so powerful propellers that allowed them to escape from that star's attraction.
In two opportunities they ran into warrior races. The first warrior race was similar to the Homo sapiens sapiens and directly their ship attacked them without previous warning; obviously they didn't cause a major damage in their powerful energy shields, they caused a smaller damage. A damage after all, but smaller. When a small ship with four members came closer, the Agartians created a vacuum ray - several civilizations of the galaxy have this technology, where they create a vacuum inside the vacuum- and the ship was disintegrated discouraging tremendously to the other warrior ship that changed its direction and stopped the attack.
Some of you will tell me: if this race is magnanimous, why didn't they put an end to that warrior ship that could subject to other non-prepared worlds? Because the idea of the Agartians is not to become the Masters of the galaxy; but to offer teaching and not becoming alleged gods to rule the destiny of all. And here I will use a word of yours, they have terraformed [1] sterile worlds, with a technology of several generations and they have created a similar atmosphere to Agart, similar to Sun 3 and they have inhabited other planets. There were volcanic worlds where there were beings that were about to perish and they didn't have technology to abondon those planets and they have transferred them to inhabitable worlds. That is to say they have intervened in some cases. They didn’t allow that the few inhabitants remaining in those volcanic worlds perish.
However that doesn't mean that they prevent all type of cataclysms, like some meteors that impact on a planet and put an end to the life of its inhabitants by forming a dust cloud for hundreds of years. They do not interfere in worlds at war either, as it happens in the imagination of some of your writers. The second time they ran into another warrior race was with those being that you already know, the famous Langar, those beings that destroy worlds, they are beings somewhat similar to your locusts that have a super destructive technology and very powerful space ships.
The Langars ran into the Agartians and obviously it was one of the few times they lost a battle because the Agartians created a vacuum technology and they destroyed 5% of one of the Langar Mother ships. Then, although the Langar still have an atrocious instinct to devour -they have intelligence to be able to build their own ships - seeing that if they continued bothering the Agartians that 5% of damage in the ship could become easily in 50% or in a 100% of damage and they also decided to pull back.
Periodically - not in each generation because sometimes five generations pass without stepping their planet of origin, without knowing it -, they return to their original world near the center of the galaxy and they take new advances, new discoveries. They also take it from the new planets they have badly called "conquered", because they settled down in planets where there are no inhabitants. The inhabitants of those planets (colonists) surely have independent discoveries from those of their original planet. Then they make a kind of network like a spider's web among the worlds where they have settled down and they share the technology. For that reason almost all the Agartian worlds are at the same technological level. There may be like 100 worlds where there are potential establishments and many more worlds where there are temporary establishments, but at this time there are 100 Agartian worlds.
Interlocutor: One question, Morganel, do Agartians have some establishment at the present time here on Earth or were they only in that time?
Morganel: They Were in America.
Interlocutor: But now, at the present time, do they have some establishment?
Morganel: No, at the present time they are not here. In that time they left a small wisdom, but at this time they are not working. The last time that they were here was in the 50s of the XX century.
Interlocutor: It is quite recent.
Morganel: Yes, quite recent. The Agartians have exchanged information with some terrestrial scientists and they have made them know that most of the inhabitants of Sun 3 are not yet prepared to have the whole knowledge and that they feel sorry that some years before they left they have discovered the way to detonate a nuclear bomb. They think - and they continue thinking - that Sun 3 is not yet prepared to have nuclear weapons because the inhabitants of Sun 3 have a childish mentality.
For those of you that are likely to be offended and have ego, don't take the word childish as a synonym of underdevelopment, take it as though you are not yet mature as a race. Your biggest amusement is not research, but wars and your leisure time is spent on games; which is not bad, but it is like most of the population gives a tremendous importance to competitions and games; ball games or combat games. Although there are many mature worlds that also have distraction based on games- which is not bad – Anyways, I don't want to hold an opinion, I’m simply narrating a story, yes?- it is like here the proportion is bigger than the proportion in other worlds. The proportion of people at war and the proportion of people that are even game fanatics - they even gamble with their economy in games – it speaks of the precarious maturity that the human race has. Do you understand what I mean?
On the other hand, these Agartian beings - in each world they have a name because in each world they know them with a different nickname – the Agartians have been surprised that in Sun 3 there are so many languages, so many dialects. Most of the worlds don't have so many languages, not even the barbaric worlds, for example Aldebaran 4, the planet you already know for references. In the country of the North the Agartians are known by the name of Wingmakers.
Interlocutor: The Wingmakers?
Morganer: Yes, the Wingmakers
Interlocutor: You know, Morganel, we had scheduled for a while many questions related to this topic, the WingMakers. Can I read a summary of the story to see what relationship there is with all that you are saying?
Morganel: With pleasure! Besides, it is for the record too.
Interlocutor: Very well. Then, I read the summary: In 1972 some people would have been carried out an archaeological discovery in a place call (Chaco Canyon), in the northwest region of New Mexico, United States. They discovered pictographs, pottery and simple tools that seemed to be from the VIII century, but it was also found an unusual technological artifact that could prove the presence of an extraterrestrial race in that remote past. The investigation of the archaeological place and the meaning of the same was named as "Ancient Arrow Project" and it passed to the jurisdiction of ACIO. ACIO stands for "Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization", an elite scientific organization created especially with the objective of developing programs of transference of extraterrestrial technology and projects of back-engineering
Morganer: Correct.
Interlocutor: The ACIO scientists would have discovered in that archaeological place an underground complex of 23 chambers where there were strange paintings and unusual technological artifacts. They understood that they had found a time capsule maybe left by an extraterrestrial race in a remote past.
In 1996, one of the scientists of ACIO discovered the access code for an optical disc that would have been found in one of the chambers inside the underground complex. Thus, they could know that the creators of that time capsule were the Wingmakers, a future version of humanity who lived some 750 years in our future with a central race in our galaxy. For that reason I was making this association with the Agartians.
Morganel, Do you know if that unusual archaeological discovery really existed?
Morganel: Yes, it is correct, it existed. Although I have commented that there were investigations from the North of Brazil to the North of Mexico, there were also two establishments, as minimum that reached to the part of what today is America and except of a place of the country called Peru, and in the west coast of Mexico, there are very few underground Agartian establishments. They preferred to avoid leaving trails because they knew that in Sun 3 the race would advance including in its investigations and somehow they wanted to avoid being investigated.
Interlocutor: To confirm, we were saying that around 1972 some people would have discovered an archaeological place in (Chaco Canyon). Then, this archaeological discovery in the northwest region of the United States, where pictographs, pottery, simple tools besides unusual technological artifacts were found would be from Agartian origin
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: The ACIO, an elite organization created especially with the objective of developing programs of transference of extraterrestrial technology and projects of reverse-engineering that would have intervened in the investigation of this archaeological site, Did it exist really?
Morganel: It is an organization that existed and continued by the investigators of the last century (1950) that ended up being contacted personally with the Agartians. Most of the scientists in 1950 that worked face to face with the Agartians have disembodied already. For what I perceive from their thetans, there are only two alive, one of them is 84 years old and the other is 86 years old.
Interlocutor: Does some ACIO scientist have direct contact with the Agartians?
Morganel: None of them has known an Agartian in person, since they are people very similar to us. I say us because I embodied in you.
Interlocutor: Okay. Is that archaeological site truly a Wingmakers’ time capsule?
Morganel: Yes, it is correct.
Interlocutor: Morganel, I’ll define some technical terms with the purpose of clarifying some aspects to our audience. For example, I will define “back-engineering” and "time capsule."
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Reverse-engineering or Back-engineering: the process of analisis and reproduction with terrestrial materials of a technological artifact that belongs to another culture or race.
Time Capsule: An enclosed area or generally an underground chamber where technological artifacts and artistic samples of a civilization or a race are kept as a testimony of the development level reached by the same race. Would you like to add some comment on these technical terms?
Morganel: Yes, it is correct. With regard to the second, the time capsule, not all the Agartians agreed with leaving that time capsule - they have not left only one, they have left an average of ten time capsules in different places, from the North of America to the North of Brazil - in fact they didn't want to leave testimonies; but well, evidently democracy is not a patrimony of some few, but rather the Agartians exercise that democracy and evidently most of them chose to leave those time capsules.
With regard to back-engineering, although it is known that in most of the cases they fail because they don't achieve a reconstruction of the original artifact; they don't achieve a reconstruction to such point - I have already said it in a previous session - that in the country called Russia there were extraterrestrial artifacts and there were scientists that have had serious accidents or directly they have died for not knowing how to handle those artifacts. Then, trying to apply reverse-engineering technology in topics they don't know anything about, it is like giving a grenade to a caveman. The caveman will remove the trigger device first, or not?
Interlocutor: Yes that is true.
Morganel: We have already said that in a previous session. Then, it is not always applicable a reverse technology, but it is like that.
Interlocutor: Besides, it must be quite difficult for a terrestrial scientist, with enough knowledge of science and technology, to completely understand the physical principles involved in the operation of that artifact. For example, if the artifact has to do with gravity, surely that scientist is completely lost...
Morganel: In addition, there are artifacts that are opened with the temperature of the hands that is to say, only a specific race can open it. The Agartians have an average temperature of 34ºC barely a little lower than the normal human body temperature in Sun 3; and there are other artifacts the Agartians also have that can be opened up directly with fingerprints. Then, they don't need passwords, keys, padlocks, numbers or codes; directly they open it with the fingerprint.
There is a proverb that says: “Every law has a loophole and in this case maybe the example is not accurate, but there are many of your writers that narrate that their characters in order to open something by means of a fingerprint, they directly force the authorized person to put his finger in the scanner and then they can enter or directly they cut his finger, they put it in the scanner and they can enter. Well, in this case both things are not valid.
First of all, the fact of severing the finger already makes that it lowers the temperature. Second, when they grab the person, they don't kill him, but they force him to put the finger; then, most of those artifacts - we call scanners to be understood – Not only do they not read fingerprints, but rather they read heartbeats and generally, the heart rate will be accelerated in a state of violent emotion and then the artifact will not open either.
Interlocutor: Is it also blocked?
Morganel: Yes, it is also blocked. And there, it woud be already necessary another code to open it. Then, it is not as simple as the common denominator would think.
There are dozens and dozens of energy shields – we already talked about energy shields in several sessions - and one of the most complete energy shields is the one the Agartians have. It can resist storms like those storms of the gas-giant planets - I don't speak of entering in the nucleus of the planet, but being in the border of the storm - and also to be at few millions of kilometers from a star with the enough propulsion to defeat its attraction and with the enough energy shield to resist the temperature.
Interlocutor: That is a great technology! Directly for the time being, it is unthinkable for us.
Morganel: Besides they have an artificial gravity, so-to-speak, in their ship that doesn't have anything to do with the electromagnetism we know, but rather it is another technology that I would not know how to explain it to this vessel because his decoder ignores completely that technology, then it’s impossible for him to translate my concept. It is that simple. In this case, it’s necessary to be humble and not to wander. Yes?
Interlocutor: Isn’t it inertia effects or due to the rotation of the parts?
Morganel: No. That is simple, very simple, and that has been experimented here, in Sun 3. That is the simplest thing there is. That has been experimented in the space, but it has also been experimented in laboratories, on the same surface of Sun 3.
No, this is something much more complex. It doesn’t have anything to do with electromagnetism where the soles of the boots are attracted to the surface like magnetos. No, this is another effect.
You have studied mathematics and you know that mathematics is a science that would be like the science that handles the galaxy. And I will go a little farther, to conclude. The same creators as well as minor creators Elohim and the biggest Creator we know for the time being, Eon - somehow it is like that they are handled with mathematics. How do they handle mathematics in the Creation? it is something that even I as a researcher spirit, I don't grasp it, but I leave it there so that you digest it little by little. It is like tasting a liquor, if it’s tasted little by little it is exquisite, but if you drink too much it is intoxicating. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Then, this is savored little by little.
Interlocutor: I was thinking that the natural laws that we are discovering have a mathematical interpretation and they are enunciated in mathematical terms.
Morganel: Correct. We agree on that and for that reason I say that the minor creators, the Elohim, and the Creator - for the time being bigger Eon, are ruled in a mathematical Creation that I hope with time it will be decoded.
Interlocutor: Well, Morganel. I’d like to know about some topics that I would like to ask you in next sessions. Could it be?
Morganel: Tell me.
Interlocutor: I would like to ask you about a quite enigmatic person, the author called Dino Kraspedon, From Minas Gerais, Brazil, who fifty years ago wrote a book that was called “My Contact with flying saucers”
Morganel: Ah, the contactee!
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Can we talk about him in some opportunity?
Morganel: Of course.
Interlocutor: Another thing is the project HAARP. This acronym stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is investigation financed by the US Air forces, the US navy and the university of Alaska. The facilities of HAARP are located in Gakona, Alaska, to the west of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. The project is as controversial as dangerous. Those who defend it allege an endless number of advantages scientific, geophysical and military. But detractors are convinced that it could have catastrophic consequences for our planet. From modifications in the ionosphere, climatic changes at global level and even manipulation of the human mind. This is a topic that I would like to talk about. Can we do it?
Morganel: I can also say that at the end of the XIX century, a great man with a great mind has ended up creating wireless electricity...
Interlocutor: Nikola Tesla.
Morganel: Exactly, and as it happened in many cases, it was not profitable for them and they have worked against him. It is a topic that Johnakan Ur-El, my dear brother of Light, has it on the wait list and if he allows me, we both will also approach that topic.
Interlocutor: Yes, I would like to talk about it because it seems that the project HAARP has some relationship with the Tesla technology.
Morganel: For that reason I have commented it. (Laughs).
Interlocutor: Yes... Good... (Laughs).
Morganel: For that reason we are one! 90% and 10%! (Laughs).
Interlocutor: Okay. (Laughs).
Morganel: This goes for those who think that a thetan is not contacted with the 10%. See you soon.
Interlocutor: See you soon and Thank you, Morganel.
[1] From terraforming: to transform a world's environment (atmosphere, temperature and soil) so that it can support Earth life-forms. terraformation.

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