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In the previous post we exposed the plans of control and world domination of the global cabal, ESE, illuminati or whatever you want to call them. More than ever in the history of this planet their plans have been exposed overtly. Those who have not yet paid attention to the signs, gestures and words said by the person who is now running to replace the U.S president will now understand that with this situation we all are at risk.

We all know that good people on this planet are not capable to harm of cause any damage to others; however, we explained before that these individuals who have been controlling this planet for ages are not human, but reptilian, and their puppets are either hybrids or human beings who have been blackmailed or mind-controlled so that they cooperate with their agenda.

Consciousness on this planet has reached a point in which it is very hard to keep on deceiving and lying to the people without being caught in falsehood. Only those people who have been hopelessly brainwashed or mind-controlled are still under their spell. Most of their plans have been deciphered and many whistleblowers have come forward exposing the corruption and total degradation of the political elites, in addition, many people have declared to the universe that they will not acquiesce to their evil agenda.

It’s for that reason that the ESE are now pushing aggressively any kind of retaliation, censorship and attacks to those who question the official narrative, For far too long they have also envisaged the next world war and this is why they caused the explosion in Beirut, since they have failed, they are planning an open invasion to the U.S. in the case that no other way of global domination could work. Now that we know that the ESE controls the CCP and the CP, their last attempt will be the downfall and division of the American Empire and replace it with a new totalitarian regimen, which will be controlled by the CCP. Therefore, they expect the world witness the rise of the Red Dragon empire.


The efforts of the Global cabal to cause massive havoc and rioting worldwide did not work so far, and now they are pushing a second outbreak of this virus in Europe, commanding tyrannical measures such as new lockdowns, curfews and imposing new restrictions to our liberties as well as censoring free speech in order to keep the control of the human farm.

The crimes and deals of the puppets who have covertly sold out the U.S sovereignty to the CCP are now being published by many websites; this is not going to stop unless they shut off internet. Even those assets from intelligence agencies and the paid-off Main Stream Media know that this is not going to last, their plans about crashing an asteroid or put forward a stage alien invasion are not going to work either, which is why they are now accelerating the election of the first female president in the U.S. since they realized that the man who is campaigning for president in the U.S. is mentally unfit to replace the current president.

Those who have read the book “The last president” by Ingersoll Lockwood could understand that everything was planned in advance as if it were a written script, This is the way that these black magicians operate, in order to succeed, they have to tell the people what their plans are, however, if most of the people on Earth are just too lazy to read or even stupid to understand, they themselves will acquiesce to their evil plans by default, accepting the written script delivered and the evil agenda of the global cabal will eventually come to fruition, this is exactly what happened with the 9/11 false flag operation.

This false pandemic was also announced in this way, they said that a novel pandemic was going to happen worldwide when they organized the event 201 scenario back in October 18, 2019; essentially, everything was designed to terrorize people, kill elder and weak people, reduce the population and instill fear in the hearts of the population… They have failed to do so with awakened people.

With the recent events, many unawaken people who have already voted to replace the current president, regretted their choice and have realized that they had been hoodwinked. Now, this is the point of no return.

The plans of the Illuminati were to weaken and destroy the world economy from within and they succeeded so far by means of infiltration and subversion using the CCP, they are now planning to neutralize any kind of military defense in those countries that will try to counteract their rule and establishment of world domination, which is why Chinese soldiers are present in Canada, in ships surrounding U.S. while the MSM chose not to report this information and look at other directions.

In the event that the Voter Fraud scheme announced openly by this candidate comes to fruition, the ESE will immediately get rid of him and the next president will be a woman, They always wanted to be like that.

Contrary to the other party, the Cabal group has at its disposal the service of black magicians who have a lot of knowledge in the occult, and they have used this month to perform satanic rituals every friday (since this month has 5 fridays) these will include human sacrifices, so that the other candidate loses his re-election, this might be hard to explain, but in the event that this candidate loses his re-election, you will know for sure that the voter fraud announced previously has taken place.

Above all thing do not be afraid, do not fear and do not panic because this is exactly what the ESE (evil satanic elites) want from us. Keep the calm and peace within your soul and know for sure that they will never be able to win because they will be acting against our free will, they will be operating against the laws of the universe, and in the end nothing is going to stop the freedom of this planet

The Illuminati are expecting that the majority of the people acquiesce to their control if the majority fails to notice their plot, however, in the event that they take over America, many people will have to choose, between personal freedom or the opportunity to become a new world citizen, the Cabal might even use the Gesara/ Nesara card so that people choose to be free from any debt or to face potential prosecution as a criminal dissident. Be aware that if you consent to their demands, you will end up losing your sovereign right of Free Will, you will be forfeiting your sovereignty and self-determination given by the absolute and the overlords would have conquered this planet.

However, if you stand with your head high and proclaim to the universe that they are breaking the universal law of free will, they will have to face a huge karmic obstacle. 

For instance, if a criminal rapes a woman against her will it will be a violation of her free will, but if the rapist deceives the victim and rapes her by means of deception or seduction, then, it will be as if the victim had given her consent to that situation and the rapist would face no criminal charge, the same happens if you sign a contract without reading it.

Basically, they could propose to give you money so that you and your offspring lose all the human rights you now have. Ultimately, you would be enslaving yourself, selling your freedom to the ESE in exchange of money and no one will be able to release you from being a slave because you would have given your consent to enslave yourself, this is what you agreed.

Does that mean that you have to hate the Illuminati? The answer is no, we do not hate them because the universal law also explains that you reap what you have sown, if you bless other people you will receive blessings from the universe, if you envy them, they will prosper and you will be poorer. This is why the ESE are so rich and powerful.

This is something that all the people should know, if you harm others, the harm you have caused to them will come back at you, there is no need of revenge because the universe is like a mirror, if they have hurt you, they will have to face the same pain and anguish you felt due to their actions, unless you acquiesce to their demands.

This is very important to remark, The ESE need your acquiescence, they need your compliance. Never consent to their evil agenda, proclaim to the universe that you are a free and sovereign being and you will not consent to be enslaved by means of deception and the Absolute will be able to help you.

At present the ESE have being left alone, most of the reptilian overlords have left the planet because nothing can change the outcome, even when they stubbornly have tried to change the timelines using the looking glass artifact, The vibration or frequency of consciousness of our planet (Mother Earth) is moving forward and the ESE are running out of time, they are the ones who are afraid, they are the ones who are in panic because they have broken the universal laws and they desperately need your consent to elude justice, in the end they will have to deal with their own karma and all the pain they have caused to millions of beings on Earth.

Final Messages:

To those Illuminati ESE Global cabal (specially to the fake news media) who got caught up between fires, there is still time to come up clean and repent, there is still time to change your vibration and move towards the frequency of Love and Service to others.

To all those who have chosen to keep on moving forward with the evil agenda, know that no matter what you do, you are going to lose, even if you tried to mind control all of your lackeys and even if you pull out your new world order, this is not going to last, believe me that your karmic burden will be so huge that you will end up in a negative loop from which you will not be able to escape and you cannot even fathom, in the end you will not prevail because most of the people who care about others will not acquiesce to your evil plans, even if you enjoy causing pain and suffering to others, your actions will backfire at you, you will be like a flower that withers without water and later on is plucked out from the ground. There will be no future for you and your offspring if you keep in the path of hatred and fear you have sown.

To all of you who have been walking on the path of Light, Love and Service. Know that I love you whoever you are, do not be afraid, we are going to win. As it has been said many times. In the End God wins!

To all those who have read these messages of Love and Service to others, and have reached Enlightenment, Harmony and Peace from deep within your souls, please remain calm and strong, know that living without fear is the key to help others, many people want peace on Earth, but real peace can only come from your inner-self if humanity finds it from within, we all be able to live in Peace, Love and Service to others, the evil beings who want to control this planet will have nothing to feed on from us.

Know that each one of you is unique and much loved by the Absolute.

I send all my gratitude, Love and Light to all of you who read these messages!!!








From the beginning of our civilization people have been wondering the real purpose of their existence on this planet, even when they refused to consider the reincarnation mechanism here on Earth and how this planet could have been intervened and controlled in a subversive and hidden way. When the fake pandemic started, some skeptic people suddenly realized that human history was not what they have been told and most of the history they learnt at school was a collection of lies and the true historic events were changed or distorted.

In recent years human consciousness has expanded a lot and now it is not so easy to deceive all same people with made-up stories, this is the reason why this plandemic and its draconian measures of safety collapsed because, in the end, they were not meant to protect our own health or welfare.

It is hard to believe these people in the media when they say that everything they want is to keep us safe and healthy, when in reality we all have been poisoned, our water and food are polluted at present with toxic chemicals like glyphosate or insecticides and we face a potential catastrophe while GMOs have been used in our environment.

At this point in history, it’s pretty obvious that we all have been lied to and the only reason they used this plandemic was just to delay or prevent the awakening of the people and avoid the re-election of the U.S. president.

Now that this conspiracy is partially exposed by the same CDC and FDA and this fake pandemic only exists for these politicians, it’s time to explore the real ALIEN agenda from the Overlords perspective, not from the puppets that have been hiding from the public due to their pedophile connections, child trafficking and corruption.

The ESE had planned to bring forth a second outbreak of this false pandemic, but now find it hard to push it, meanwhile they are running out of time and so their next step will be an event that they have already programmed to happen in order to avoid the total loss of control.     

In a previous post we mentioned the possibility that they display a staged alien invasion, and the truth is that we knew that as a race we have been already intervened in a form of silent invasion, but through subversion, remember the phrase “infiltration instead of invasion” history has taught us how Empires have risen and collapsed later on, but these alien forces know that total control cannot be achieved by force because there will always be people who will always rebel against a tyrannical control system and the level of consciousness of the group or society sooner or later will deteriorate the strength of the powers that be.

For that reason this alien race used mind control technology capable to subdue all the individuals and societies altogether.


If you think for a moment: What is the most powerful weapon on the planet? Perhaps you would be surprised to realize that the answer is Mind control, Why? Because if the mind of your enemy is under your control, there is no need to waste your time or resources with bloody invasions because your enemy would not represent any threat, this is what they did to us, the invaders have the power to avoid any confrontation and literally have mesmerized and brainwashed humanity. This is the reason why religions and dogmatic beliefs still prevail on this planet, since they have taught these rituals and sacrifices to the people they chose as we read in the Old testament of the Bible.  

One of the reasons the god of the Bible did not show his face to the chosen people after they left Egypt was precisely to avoid any imagery or physical contact, this was the way they used to indoctrinate the minds of the people they chose, they literally gave them their supremacist mindset.

If this alien force had tried to conquer our civilization through an open invasion, they would have had to face huge retaliation from other galactic civilizations, just because they also want to avoid future conflicts with any rising Empire that conquers other planets using evil means of assimilation.

History on Earth shows us how empires have conquered vast territories and later on these empires have fallen apart due to lack of control or rising rebellions that fought against tyranny and oppression. However, imagine if any empire had a weapon capable to change the minds of the people they want to control, so that they remain loyal to their empire and like zealots entire populations would follow the orders without complaints, The final goal is to easily make them slaves, these people will never realize that they are really slaves and there will be no opposition against the regime of an invisible Empire.

This is exactly what happened thousands of years ago when this reptilian alien force from a higher dimension took over this planet by means of subversive plans. They were considered gods in ancient times, demons in the middle ages and reptilian aliens at present. Now their plot has being exposed more than ever, the strings of the puppets have become visible, one just need to read the news for hidden signs and symbolism.


Thousands of years ago this reptilian empire colonized and took over this planet and they considered this planet as their own, Prior to that event there was a battle between this reptilian race and other human alien races, that had settled in a planet called Maldek and also in Mars. After this reptilian empire civilization destroyed other planets from a distant system when millions of beings were murdered. Refugees from these destroyed planets came to this solar system and had established a new home on these planets Mars and Maldek,

After a reptilian attack using a powerful weapon, the reptilian colonizers destroyed Maldek and literally left Mars as a deserted planet, once again these survivor refugees came to planet Earth and established their base on an island we now call Atlantis, these were known as the Atlans who were brave warriors unafraid of the reptilian aggressors.

The reptilian settlers on Earth lived on another continent in the Pacific Ocean we call now as Lemuria, after a conflict with the Atlans Lemuria was submerged under water and later on Atlantis also went underwater.


After these battles occurred, the reptilian settlers and the rest of the Atlans and survivors from Maldek and other beings from a galactic federation agreed to develop a hybrid species capable to hold DNA from 13 races in this part of the galaxy, these beings would be the race that will inhabit on Earth in the future; many attempts were made, and multiple failures on these genetic experiments were either destroyed or left doomed to extinction, such was case of the Neanderthal species. In the end the race Homo Sapiens Sapiens was chosen to be the final result, however the resultant human species had the reptilian brain as the inner foundational base of the mind, this is why the reactive mind is also called reptilian brain, since we are a hybrid race with reptilian DNA as well.

Afterwards, these reptilian beings had to go deep underground in regions like Tibet, Central Asia, Australia and several places in the American continent. Though these reptilian creatures lived underground had deeper influence on the people who inhabit the Mesopotamian region and India up until now, and became part of the legends of the Nagas.


Centuries passed and the stories of the people who witnessed these reptilian being were deemed as legends later on by new generations, however, meanwhile the reptiles who remained deep underground kept very well hidden and considered the human being above as their source of food and distraction, they abducted people because they enjoyed torturing, killing and eating terrified children ever since the Babylonian times, later on other people considered gods and ritualistic human sacrifices happened even though these reptilian beings remained invisible to human eyes. These reptiles feed on human fears when they are closer to die and developed a blood addiction to Adrenochrome from their victims.  

Reptilians are the hidden and invisible enemy mentioned in occult way in many speeches, these beings managed to subvert the rulers of this planet above, because they hybridized their race with human genetics in order to gain more control of the people in higher places of government, these are now called as the illuminati. They have more reptilian features than the rest of the people; they consider themselves royalty and true heirs of this planet, this is the reason they have psychopathic trend look cold-blooded and even have the ability to shapeshift when they do not eat meat or drink blood from human victims.

These people, who are not Homo Sapiens Sapiens designed the plan to take over the planet as below so above, apart from mind control technology, they also had cloning and invisibility technology. Since the planet has become overpopulated for them to control, their plan was to reduce the human population at any cost and in this way create a society in which only those in the top of the pyramid had all the resources and the rest were only employees and sheep cattle.

People loyal to the invaders will have benefits and the rest will never know they are only a human farm for them to exploit. This was the main reason they wanted to kill a lot of people, they cannot allow well-educated and awakened people to exist and they also despise many other millions arrogant and unenlightened people who only exist to consume resources.

The illuminati are now in trouble and they know it, they developed a hybrid subculture, which was not part of the first agreement made with the Galactic Federation, they are not part of the original plan and now pure reptilian beings under the Earth are coming to the surface.

All of these battles have not been known openly and are part of the alien warfare we mention before, In many regions wildfires were lit to keep people away from these reptilian beings and also lockdowns were imposed in order to keep people unaware of the horrible truth, from these underground bases, military personnel have rescued thousands of children who were abducted and have never seen the daylight and were basically used as sex slaves for the elite, sent to other planets for consumption and body parts trafficking and other hideous purposes mentioned before, Essentially, major illuminati families are no longer hiding.

Little has been explored about how advanced was the technology of the overlords who came to Earth and in ancient times, however some of this technology was rescued and sequestered by the ESE, Cabal, Illuminati or the powers that be everywhere, many texts, tablets or writings from Egypt, or Mesopotamia have been sequestered long ago and any recent discoveries that challenge the official historic narrative have been censored or discredited, when this was not possible to do, they literally destroyed the archeological evidence using false flags events, financed guerrillas or street warfare and loitering, as it happened in Iraq.


The methods of control and manipulation are diverse, from religious control, brainwashing through torture, personality fragmentation, propaganda and lately psychotronic weaponry capable to erase or implant false memories, those people who have developed MPD (multiple personality disorder) suffered a lot of trauma and tortures in order to fragment their personalities, in the same way that a computer has many partitions in a hard disk, each one of those personalities has the capacity to store information and has no knowledge of the existence of the other personalities, this depends on how the mind programmer triggers commands and passwords to access the information.

Basically any individual can be mind-controlled from childhood even before birth, Caucasian race with Arian features are easily mind-controlled, based on this fact, most of the people have been disempowered and/or brainwashed and they do not represent any threat to the oppressive system. Through methods of indoctrination from infancy a person receives a tailored reality given by the government as it happened in China.

The Chinese communist party is an example on how this type of control was achieved because it has successfully mind-controlled almost all of its entire population and those dissidents that do not conform the rules by this regime have been imprisoned or murdered. And so China marched towards a totalitarian regime, which is technologically monitored by its own citizenship not only by cameras, but also by their social credit system.

However, the most dangerous threat that exist now is the AI made in China, because it represents a program that endangers the global liberties of individuals and the very existence of life on this planet, if this system of control has the chance to control the neuronal system of any human being, it may modify its whole structure, and probably will end the true nature of human beings transforming those infected people with this AI in a trans-humanist society where no one will be capable to think for oneself, we could see a humanity that lacks of feelings, emotions and logical thinking.


Many people have been speaking about a reduction of population in this next stage of history, this is partially correct, but the main goal of the ESE was to control the thoughts and lives of those who will voluntarily receive the implant of AI in their bodies, from that moment on there will be no more freedom or human rights because humanity itself will be obsolete.

What the ESE want is to have mind-controlled slaves who will work for their masters not even realizing that they are just puppets and those who pull the strings, the real overlords, will remain invisible, while their puppets like Bill Gates, the global Cabal, Bilderbergers et al. just do the bidding on behalf of these reptilian overlords.

Though the reptilians found that Aryan genetic is quite easy to mind-control and they have cloning technology already perfected on these people, this is not so easily done with black and other races. 

There is a list of plans or events that reptilian illuminati (RI) have designed for global domination, these will start with the U.S. (according to RI)

Manipulation of weather and creation of natural disasters so large that no local authority will be able to handle.(hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.)

Creation of havoc, chaos and rioting in U.S. cities (protests, arson, etc.)

Creation of racial, political, sexual or any other kind of dissent that will segregate people (divide and conquer)

Economic Collapse as a result of disasters, lack of order and violence.

The UN will be used to restore the order, dissidents and non-conformist people will go to concentration camps for re-education (brainwashing), and eventually the UN will declare the division of the U.S. in several regions or districts for administration purposes.

Washington, as expected, will be the illuminati capital and religious center

Those undesirable people (free thinkers and/or disabled people) will be exterminated via flu shots, chemtrails and other methods.

Radicals and rebel people will be executed.

Children will be indoctrinated via mind control techniques so that they learn a distorted history (no more historical revisionism will be allowed).

All people will have to have an ID card or chip inserted capable to display DNA information and relevant data.

Once these plans come to fruition the rest of the world would follow…

The planet will be divided in regions as economic and political sector, no more countries will exist.

China and Israel will destroy any Muslim fundamentalists in Asia

A staged alien Invasion will be presented to the whole world via Blue beam project forcing that the rest of humanity will be united against a false planetary threat under the command of the U.N. Illuminati N.W.O. control.

A reptilian alien force will come as saviors of mankind and people will make peace along with the hybrid illuminati reptilians, who now will be ordered to be leaders of the planet, since they have more reptilian genetic than the rest.

A new world order religion will be enforced upon everyone and since these reptilians are hermaphrodites (both sexes in one body) this religion will be necessarily using God/Goddess imagery.

A cloned entity from Jesus DNA will be presented as a new representative for the empire.

All the assets, money and resources will belong to the New Empire on Earth, a global system of credit and social control will be ubiquitous.

Total mind control will be the rule, since everyone will be chipped, a form of artificial telepathy will exist and everything will be monitored through a form of hive mind platform, no independent thinking will be allowed.

Black people will be exterminated, only those who have special genetic related to the chosen people CP will be allowed to exist.

All the best technology, interplanetary and interdimensional will be available only to the elite and selected people.

Earth will be a center for expansion of this tyrannical empire via this conquer and assimilate agenda.


Perhaps these plans seem disturbing, but we have to remember that there is hope and even though there are no positive aliens out there ready to help us and/or save us. We, as a human race, have the chance to change this pattern created by this NWO reptilian agenda designed to enslave humanity.

Earth has been under a quarantine for a long time, this place has the potential to spread reptilian AI to the rest of the galaxy and beyond, this is why these invaders want this planet as an outpost, because it has vast natural and genetic resources and these reptilian beings wanted to change even the laws of nature, however our planet is also changing its frequency and consciousness, this is something the Reptilian race cannot change and their plans will not be successful, it’s a matter of time, nothing can change the ascending frequency of the planet, they have tried this already and were stopped when the CERN hadron collider malfunctioned because it was sabotaged by beings who were monitoring its activities and the Illuminati from beyond the Kuiper belt.

The chess game is over, the illuminati have already lost it, but they  still have pieces to move, in the end they will keep in the same plane and those who dwell or follow the same predatory mindset will go down with them as their slaves. In the end it’s a matter of vibration, those who choose to live in the vibration of fear, panic or anxiety will not be able to move to a different plane, on the other hand, those who live in the vibration of Love, Harmony and Service will not see how the RI take over this planet. This is the reason the ESE want that all people live in fear and panic, as mentioned before, the Illuminati planned to terrorize people using a holographic staged alien invasion card or they will say that an asteroid threat is going to hit the planet; the Illuminati literally want to see people fleeing and crying in horror while watching a fake alien invasion.

In the event that this scenario happens, look at what the leaders of the nations have to say about it, for if there were a real alien invasion, even the illuminati will flee since they have the means to leave off planet.

The outcome of what happens in the future lies in your inner frequency, if you live far from the panic and fear these crazy people have created, you will certainly move to another plane. Unfortunately many people have been brainwashed by the media and they are still pushing forward chaos, death, riots and disinformation.

This does not have to be so, use your common sense, seek for the answers from your Higher-self, meditate. Remember that this event will be a scam, if they push it forward, it will be a scam. In the end you can free your mind from any low vibration they bombard you because the final choice is yours and “If is not in your mind pattern it cannot happen to you” As always do not fear at all because these interdimensional entities feed on fear.           

All the Light and Love to you!!! 









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