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At spiritual or psychic level we all are interconnected to a superphysical mind or universal consciousness, where all the knowledge of past and future events are recorded, in esoteric terms this field was usually known as the Akashic records, all sentient creatures do have access to this knowledge, although very few are capable to retrieve correctly the information from this source.

The Genetic Disconnection.

Back In ancient times, there was an interstellar conflict between a galactic confederation (GC) and a negative invasive force, which we’ll call the Archonic Empire (AE) the AE is at present a conglomerate of negative races that colonize and conquer other planets in this galaxy, in order to do so they have to use genetic manipulation and voluntary deception in those inhabitants who dwell on those worlds.

In the long run these conquered worlds ended up devastated, their raw materials pillaged and entire populations are enslaved and used as a biological resource from which they can harvest DNA material, body parts and adrenalized blood. 

Before the Alien intervention on Earth, humanity had a fluent psychic connection with each other and the primal Source of the Universe, whom you’d call God, Eon, Cosmic mind or whatever you’d like to call to this Conscious Entity, it was after this intrusion that happened many millennia ago when the first humans lost their inherent psychic connection and were conquered by those invaders, who managed to manipulate the DNA of humanity and they literally cut off the psychic ability and the natural telepathic sense our ancestors had.

It’s important to highlight that in those days the Alien presence on Earth was visible, human beings considered the invaders as gods, they worshipped them and were subservient or submissive because they had no more psychic powers to recognize who they were or how to outsmart the invaders, due to this genetic manipulation, human beings were no longer capable to use telepathy, or psychic abilities as they used to, telekinesis or remote viewing were no longer part of the human nature.

Some scientist still debate about the function of the so called junk DNA, they ignore that this ‘Junk DNA’ is the sequence that was deactivated so that our psychic abilities could function properly, the Archonic geneticist neutralized that sequence in order to dumb down the populations and restrain psychic empowerment. In this way, human consciousness was degraded and humans became merely biological creatures, intelligent enough to obey orders and to serve the Alien elites, but not to question anything.

Due to this genetic manipulation and mental deception, they enslaved populations and harvested biological material to such extent that they were able to create hybrid creatures, half animal, half human the magnitude of genetic experiments made by these Archons were so abhorrent that not only were they capable to experiment with multiple races, but also they created a race of giants beings, some of them with monstrous features, today we could call these creatures mythological.

The level of genetic decay in those days was so huge that some spawned creatures they experimented with could no longer be recognized as human beings, although these alien invaders were adept geneticists, they were also conducting genetic experiments with living beings and due to this detrimental research, everything in the environment and the natural balance on the planet was corrupted, cannibalism, sexual debauchery, violence and total turmoil were present on Earth. These were the antediluvian times described partially in the Bible.

Genetic restoration

Today, the psychic connection we used to have is gradually awakening, by means of psychic exercises, meditation and the ascending vibration of the planet the changes are evident in global consciousness. The change at genetic level made by the Archons was not permanent, due to natural law, every genetic change did on physical beings has to reverse back, sooner or later, to the original pattern designed by the Creator, it’s like a genetic law, if you want to call it like that; the original blueprint reverses back somehow to the one formulated by the Creator in the first place.

For instance, when fruit flies were manipulated at genetic level by human scientists, they could produce flies with no eyes, however, after several generations of interbreeding, eyes started to reappear in the offspring and  a normal generation of fruit flies with eyes emerged once again, this can prove this that this genetic mechanism is accurate.

Seeing that the level of degradation on the planet was massive. The GC ordered a planetary cleansing on Earth because they considered it was necessary to restore the natural balance, all of the mutants and monstrous creatures were destroyed, other died drowned in massive floods, and others were disintegrated by energy beam weapons, the Bible story called this event as the Noah’s flood, who is also known as Ziusudra or Utnapishtin in other texts. This massive genocide did not happen all at once, it took many years to accomplish this task.

The GC considered this massive extermination as a merciful killing, a necessary evil in order to avoid substantial biological destruction on Earth. However, the GC also decided to save those human populations that were still human and were not corrupted genetically.

It was in this way that the Archonic presence or AE was expelled from this planet, but they would return thousands of years later, this time they did not invade our planet openly, but surreptitiously, they managed to build huge citadels and bases underground, from which they plotted to take over this planet in the future,  this was the beginning idea of the NWO, which is in fact an Alien world order.

For your understanding, the AE is represented as a great alliance among reptoid beings, grey aliens from multiple worlds and other enslaved races that are subservient to these dark overlords, the very top in the hierarchy is controlled by extradimensional entities, whom we have called primordial beings or Archons, who inhabit in a different realm or plane of existence outside of our universe in the region we identified as the Chaos.

When Gnostic psychics could connect with higher planes of consciousness, they could identify these evil entities and called them the Archons, the evil presence on Earth; Shamanistic aboriginals in North and South America could also detect them as the ‘rulers or predators’.

Archonic infiltration

From that time forward political world leaders are psychically manipulated from deep underground by the AE, this hostile presence currently control our planet and have a strong desire to eliminate most of the human population and control a few in order to take over our world.

Top Illuminati members are controlled by Archons and the subservient races (reptoids and grey aliens) are also under their psychic control, the ESE were deceived by the AE and now have become a decadent and deceptive group of plutocrats, who no longer have loyalty to the human race and have an oath of allegiance to the invasive force. This is the reason they have pushed the command from the AE for a depopulation agenda because the off-planet force wants to take over this planet and change its environment so that they set an outpost and transform it to a deserted planet that suits perfectly to their own home planet.

The reptoids are basically the military arm, the grey aliens are the technical arms, who work in the operations, but the Archons represent the functional brain that operates both branches as if it were a hive mind. The Archons are the overlords of many conquered worlds in other parts of the galaxy; programs such as massive deforestation, chemtrails, fracking and pollution are aimed to transform the ecosystem, so far the alien infiltration of the Earth is already in motion, but the true engineers of the disaster are not yet visible, many people who call themselves truthers have not yet fathomed the possibility that hostile aliens are the ultimate source of oppression over humanity. It becomes feasible to consider that de Shadow government or Deep state (DS) is controlled by these alien invaders.

The role of the UN, the Bilderberg Club and the CFR among other globalists organizations is not a coincidence, the so-called meditation room in the UN building is associated with dark energies where these puppets make psychic contact with Archonic overlords. There are three independent centers, which are very important for the Illuminati control and have their own laws, these are the Vatican city, Washington DC and the financial district in London.

There is an underwater entrance to an underground city in LA, Hollywood actors, producers, and writers practice occult rituals influenced by the Archonic Force, though they call themselves Luciferians. Another location is the city of Las Vegas, which represents the mafia and organized crime. 

There are also two large underground facilities under Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, also there was an underground base beneath Vatican city connecting with the Catacombs at St Peter’s Basilica, but this conduit was sealed off because the Archons have taken over the papacy by the Jesuit order. The Catholic church at the Vatican was taken over in the ninth century and now we can call it openly a ‘Shadow church’.

Humanity has been constantly preprogrammed through Hollywood movies, so that they see anyone around as a potential enemy, social distancing is doing the trick now, but the illuminati were preparing the masses for future apocalyptic events way before, a short list of movies promoting the scenario of an impending catastrophe could be: The day the Earth stood still, Terminator, 28 days later, Children of men, hunger games, contagion, Soylent green, I am legend, the day after tomorrow, night of the living dead,  world war Z and all movies related to zombies.

The psychopathic level of the ESE is so extreme that they took seriously their depopulation agenda because there is a chemical weapon called BZ and the victims of this chemical substance might act like zombies, people are now programmed to kill the victims of BZ, instead of trying to help them. 

Given the present circumstances and political development related to the UFO declassification and political disarray, especially with the last election fraud, I would not rule out the possibility of global conflicts in the Middle East, worldwide Cyber-attacks, economic crash or even a staged alien invasion, using holographic technology via project blue beam, if the fake news media come out suddenly with an Alien invasion, for instance, be sure that it will be a false flag operation made by the same Evil satanic elites (ESE) who planned the 9/11 operation and the current plandemic.

There is no way that a real Alien invasion could take place because our solar system, as stated before, is under quarantine and the GC is not allowed to intervene in a military way just to ‘Save humanity’ in the current situation we are in, we alone, as a human race, must resist the global attack made by the perpetrators not complying with the tyrannical oppression.       

The Role of pure Christian teachings

Christian Spirituality will be regarded in some future as the fundamental doctrine for human behavior to any kind of religion, a Buddhist, a Muslim or an atheist may accept the teachings of Jesus from the gospels as the moral standard for human decency and harmonious living within a society, the illuminati leaders know this and that’s why Christianity has been attacked so viciously by the MSM and entertainment business, their toxic agenda aims to the destruction of Christian morality and family values in order to push their program for world domination.    

There is going to be a mass conversion in which Jewish people, Muslims and atheists will convert to some form of Christianity and this event will transform the Middle East.

To fully understand the real value of the Master Jesus, we must remember his teachings related to the Creator, who grants us Free will, Jesus effectively unmasked the true Alien control over the people, it’s a conflict between a consciousness base on Love and an opposite consciousness  based on fear.

The unseen illuminati leaders are adept occultists and satanists whose occult psychic power holds together the political and financial structure of the current system, if all the people knew how to fight psychically against this malignant influence, this structure would fall apart.    

Our planet is actually a place of judgment for spiritual survival in which you must choose to live in service to others or to live in service to yourself. Basically a psychic battlefield, the Archons use fear, trickery and mental manipulation and we must choose to fight it with Divine Love, integrity, Light, Transparency and honor to all physical Life, however the biggest obstacle we have to face in order to regain our true psychic potential is to acknowledge that our psychic abilities are not evil and they do exist.

You don’t have to be a puppet controlled by the alien overlords, you can develop your psychic abilities and cut off the psychic strings they pull, if you have loving intentions, empathy and respect to others, as the Master Jesus taught, you can cut off their influence, you should know that there is a war being fought for the control of your mind and soul, you can always choose whether to focus your awareness on spiritual Love or dwell in negative emotions such as fear and hatred.

The reptoids and grey aliens are unhappy and coldblooded beings who have being tricked to reincarnate in hostile alien bodies, this is why some reptoids or grey aliens covertly rebel against the AE, they hope to create a positive karma that will allow them to come back as humans in their next incarnation. Many human beings on our planet were once grey aliens or reptilians in a previous life.

If you reject your humanity, being mean to others there will be karmic consequences, if you assume egotistical attitudes of resentment, cruelty or manipulation, your mental pattern could lead that in your next incarnation you embody in a reptilian body, also, if you have a sociopathic behavior, indifference, lack of respect and compassion for others beings, your mental body will resemble that pattern and you might end up as a grey alien in your next incarnation, one cannot rule out this possibility.  

If you are a person of wisdom you can choose to exploit the ignorant people or you can educate them, the way used by the Master Jesus was education, Satanism was aimed to control the ignorant people and exploit them for total domination.

The intentions of your heart will lead the nature of your psychic powers, if you intend good for other people you can use your psychic powers to help and heal people, on the other hand, if you intend harm for others your psychic powers will have a negative impact on yourself and the people around you.

Your attitudes such as Love, gratitude and mental peace make it possible to develop psychic talents, being mindful to others and what you feel can boost your spiritual power and enhance your psychic awareness. Pay close attention to any sign or ‘coincidental’ event for this is the way that the universe is talking to you for your own spiritual growth.

There will come a time in which a group of psychic Christians will emerge and they will effectively reform and free humanity, they will use their psychic power to compel the AE to leave humanity alone, in this way humanity will reclaim Freedom and Sovereignty worldwide, this group of Christians will be the future defenders of Earth for a thousand years. The power of Love, meditation and prayer will be the key to begin with human liberation and regain your psychic nature. As the Master Jesus said: You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  I send all the Love an Light to You!!!     



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In the previous post we exposed the plans of control and world domination of the global cabal, ESE, illuminati or whatever you want to call them. More than ever in the history of this planet their plans have been exposed overtly. Those who have not yet paid attention to the signs, gestures and words said by the person who is now running to replace the U.S president will now understand that with this situation we all are at risk.

We all know that good people on this planet are not capable to harm of cause any damage to others; however, we explained before that these individuals who have been controlling this planet for ages are not human, but reptilian, and their puppets are either hybrids or human beings who have been blackmailed or mind-controlled so that they cooperate with their agenda.

Consciousness on this planet has reached a point in which it is very hard to keep on deceiving and lying to the people without being caught in falsehood. Only those people who have been hopelessly brainwashed or mind-controlled are still under their spell. Most of their plans have been deciphered and many whistleblowers have come forward exposing the corruption and total degradation of the political elites, in addition, many people have declared to the universe that they will not acquiesce to their evil agenda.

It’s for that reason that the ESE are now pushing aggressively any kind of retaliation, censorship and attacks to those who question the official narrative, For far too long they have also envisaged the next world war and this is why they caused the explosion in Beirut, since they have failed, they are planning an open invasion to the U.S. in the case that no other way of global domination could work. Now that we know that the ESE controls the CCP and the CP, their last attempt will be the downfall and division of the American Empire and replace it with a new totalitarian regimen, which will be controlled by the CCP. Therefore, they expect the world witness the rise of the Red Dragon empire.


The efforts of the Global cabal to cause massive havoc and rioting worldwide did not work so far, and now they are pushing a second outbreak of this virus in Europe, commanding tyrannical measures such as new lockdowns, curfews and imposing new restrictions to our liberties as well as censoring free speech in order to keep the control of the human farm.

The crimes and deals of the puppets who have covertly sold out the U.S sovereignty to the CCP are now being published by many websites; this is not going to stop unless they shut off internet. Even those assets from intelligence agencies and the paid-off Main Stream Media know that this is not going to last, their plans about crashing an asteroid or put forward a stage alien invasion are not going to work either, which is why they are now accelerating the election of the first female president in the U.S. since they realized that the man who is campaigning for president in the U.S. is mentally unfit to replace the current president.

Those who have read the book “The last president” by Ingersoll Lockwood could understand that everything was planned in advance as if it were a written script, This is the way that these black magicians operate, in order to succeed, they have to tell the people what their plans are, however, if most of the people on Earth are just too lazy to read or even stupid to understand, they themselves will acquiesce to their evil plans by default, accepting the written script delivered and the evil agenda of the global cabal will eventually come to fruition, this is exactly what happened with the 9/11 false flag operation.

This false pandemic was also announced in this way, they said that a novel pandemic was going to happen worldwide when they organized the event 201 scenario back in October 18, 2019; essentially, everything was designed to terrorize people, kill elder and weak people, reduce the population and instill fear in the hearts of the population… They have failed to do so with awakened people.

With the recent events, many unawaken people who have already voted to replace the current president, regretted their choice and have realized that they had been hoodwinked. Now, this is the point of no return.

The plans of the Illuminati were to weaken and destroy the world economy from within and they succeeded so far by means of infiltration and subversion using the CCP, they are now planning to neutralize any kind of military defense in those countries that will try to counteract their rule and establishment of world domination, which is why Chinese soldiers are present in Canada, in ships surrounding U.S. while the MSM chose not to report this information and look at other directions.

In the event that the Voter Fraud scheme announced openly by this candidate comes to fruition, the ESE will immediately get rid of him and the next president will be a woman, They always wanted to be like that.

Contrary to the other party, the Cabal group has at its disposal the service of black magicians who have a lot of knowledge in the occult, and they have used this month to perform satanic rituals every friday (since this month has 5 fridays) these will include human sacrifices, so that the other candidate loses his re-election, this might be hard to explain, but in the event that this candidate loses his re-election, you will know for sure that the voter fraud announced previously has taken place.

Above all thing do not be afraid, do not fear and do not panic because this is exactly what the ESE (evil satanic elites) want from us. Keep the calm and peace within your soul and know for sure that they will never be able to win because they will be acting against our free will, they will be operating against the laws of the universe, and in the end nothing is going to stop the freedom of this planet

The Illuminati are expecting that the majority of the people acquiesce to their control if the majority fails to notice their plot, however, in the event that they take over America, many people will have to choose, between personal freedom or the opportunity to become a new world citizen, the Cabal might even use the Gesara/ Nesara card so that people choose to be free from any debt or to face potential prosecution as a criminal dissident. Be aware that if you consent to their demands, you will end up losing your sovereign right of Free Will, you will be forfeiting your sovereignty and self-determination given by the absolute and the overlords would have conquered this planet.

However, if you stand with your head high and proclaim to the universe that they are breaking the universal law of free will, they will have to face a huge karmic obstacle. 

For instance, if a criminal rapes a woman against her will it will be a violation of her free will, but if the rapist deceives the victim and rapes her by means of deception or seduction, then, it will be as if the victim had given her consent to that situation and the rapist would face no criminal charge, the same happens if you sign a contract without reading it.

Basically, they could propose to give you money so that you and your offspring lose all the human rights you now have. Ultimately, you would be enslaving yourself, selling your freedom to the ESE in exchange of money and no one will be able to release you from being a slave because you would have given your consent to enslave yourself, this is what you agreed.

Does that mean that you have to hate the Illuminati? The answer is no, we do not hate them because the universal law also explains that you reap what you have sown, if you bless other people you will receive blessings from the universe, if you envy them, they will prosper and you will be poorer. This is why the ESE are so rich and powerful.

This is something that all the people should know, if you harm others, the harm you have caused to them will come back at you, there is no need of revenge because the universe is like a mirror, if they have hurt you, they will have to face the same pain and anguish you felt due to their actions, unless you acquiesce to their demands.

This is very important to remark, The ESE need your acquiescence, they need your compliance. Never consent to their evil agenda, proclaim to the universe that you are a free and sovereign being and you will not consent to be enslaved by means of deception and the Absolute will be able to help you.

At present the ESE have being left alone, most of the reptilian overlords have left the planet because nothing can change the outcome, even when they stubbornly have tried to change the timelines using the looking glass artifact, The vibration or frequency of consciousness of our planet (Mother Earth) is moving forward and the ESE are running out of time, they are the ones who are afraid, they are the ones who are in panic because they have broken the universal laws and they desperately need your consent to elude justice, in the end they will have to deal with their own karma and all the pain they have caused to millions of beings on Earth.

Final Messages:

To those Illuminati ESE Global cabal (specially to the fake news media) who got caught up between fires, there is still time to come up clean and repent, there is still time to change your vibration and move towards the frequency of Love and Service to others.

To all those who have chosen to keep on moving forward with the evil agenda, know that no matter what you do, you are going to lose, even if you tried to mind control all of your lackeys and even if you pull out your new world order, this is not going to last, believe me that your karmic burden will be so huge that you will end up in a negative loop from which you will not be able to escape and you cannot even fathom, in the end you will not prevail because most of the people who care about others will not acquiesce to your evil plans, even if you enjoy causing pain and suffering to others, your actions will backfire at you, you will be like a flower that withers without water and later on is plucked out from the ground. There will be no future for you and your offspring if you keep in the path of hatred and fear you have sown.

To all of you who have been walking on the path of Light, Love and Service. Know that I love you whoever you are, do not be afraid, we are going to win. As it has been said many times. In the End God wins!

To all those who have read these messages of Love and Service to others, and have reached Enlightenment, Harmony and Peace from deep within your souls, please remain calm and strong, know that living without fear is the key to help others, many people want peace on Earth, but real peace can only come from your inner-self if humanity finds it from within, we all be able to live in Peace, Love and Service to others, the evil beings who want to control this planet will have nothing to feed on from us.

Know that each one of you is unique and much loved by the Absolute.

I send all my gratitude, Love and Light to all of you who read these messages!!!