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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel assisted by Johnakan Ur-El.
Morganel: I am here with you, my name is Morganel, I’m always trying to elucidate apparent mysteries that don’t exist, and always with clarity, with the biggest conceptual clarity possible in order to transmit it to the vessel, so that he can translate it into the spoken language with the lowest possible amount of inconveniences and that it’s simple and easy.
I have always thought that the messages should be spread with respect, there are messages that are new paradigms, they change completely different beliefs, there are messages of encouragement, there are messages of orientation and there are messages that directly unveil alleged mysteries; all of them must be spread with the utmost respect for the other, the one who would be called your neighbor in your planet.
What we are looking for is not being infallible because the only infallible is our Creator, to us certainly He is infallible because our same investigations about the origin, if it ever existed an origin about the creation, which was demonstrated that it was not infinite, we have questioned with respect to the same Father. Since when one speaks of omnipresence, it is spoken about the omnipresence inside his own manifestation, like me as a spirit, I’m omnipresent in my own conceptual energy, and I’m going to communicate with another spirit who is going to have another conceptual energy, then, I will be an omnipresence contained by myself.
God as you call him is omnipresence contained inside himself, as an absolutely incommensurable Entity, but no longer an infinite Entity, as it was thought before and not omnipresent in the infinitude sense as it was thought.
Also, It was thought that God was omniscient, and I understand humbly that He is omniscient inside his finitude, and it’s a pun for many of you, where it was spoken that the Absolute was also an eternal present, it’s also something debatable because in fact it’s an Entity that is manifested, He is manifested and He stops being manifested over and over again, He has left the label of eternal present, I say this with the utmost and absolute respect, to the Demiurge and to Eon, since the Demiurge never stops being manifested. Anyway we are not speaking of something undermining each other, we are simply saying that.
Then, when one speaks about the Absolute, one also finds that there is a conceptual mistake, because Eon is absolute inside his own manifestation, He is absolute inside himself, an absolute contained. It happens that our conceptual field and I say this without ego because obviously I don't have it, I simply express it with total humility, and He is far superior to your understanding field.
We don't use the concept of Absolute neither the concept of Everything in our thought and you do use it in your vocabulary because it is necessary for you to use it, it is necessary. Then, it cannot be absolute what is finite, and it cannot be the everything something which is contained in something although that something is called Nothingness because it would be a limited Everything. We don't have that expression in our concept, but you do have it because you need that expression, because it would form like a kind of paradox. The limited everything does not exist.
There are many incarnated beings that have played games with that kind of words, the complete nothingness, the immense vacuum, the bright darkness, the lightness of the dense. They are puns, oxymorons that have been made in your creative games, but you all don't stop being slaves of your words when being incarnated because it is like that. Then we’ll keep saying the Absolute and we’ll keep saying the Everything to the Creation because somehow it is necessary to call them in some way, knowing that it is not everything something that is contained, something that is expanding, because a true everything doesn't expand to begin with, and a true omniscient Absolute doesn't evolve.
What is omniscient cannot evolve. If you told me "the infinite grows." I would say in what grows? in which direction grows?, where to? And don't come to me with mathematical abstract formulas, like some of your books where they speak about an infinite array, aside they have another infinite array and there are two infinites. Here I am not speaking about something abstract, here I am speaking of something concrete, real and deep thing and the concrete thing is that there is an enormous Creation which is not to be despised. Think; only think those of you who don't have the minimum notion of astronomy that if a space ship left from Proxima Centauri travelling to Sun 3, with your technology the technology of Sun 3, it would take more time ever since the first homo sapiens walked on the Earth.
Then, we are speaking of a 4.25 light years of distance, which is the time the light takes to arrive from the Sun to Proxima Centauri, dozens of thousands of years a space ship would take with the current technology, dozens of thousands of years, only to arrive to 4 light years. Let us think that only our galaxy, the one that contains us, has a hundred thousand light years, and that we have at almost a couple of millions light years away another galaxy, one and a half bigger than our galaxy, which you have named as Andromeda.
There are more galaxies closer. There is a cluster of galaxies, which is at 30 million light years, and there are other cluster galaxies that form super clusters that can occupy from 200 to 300 million light years, millions of light years. And there are dispersed galaxies that are at billions of light years from us, so that you understand me, billions of light years.
For that reason, whey I say that the cosmos is finite and it’s expanding, don't take it conceptually like something small, because if you, with your current space ships, would take thousands of years, with your best technology, dozens of thousands of years to hardly arrive to 4 light years away, I say it so that you realize how isolated each stellar system is. Our stellar system, the solar system, as you call to the central star, it will have from tip to tip 30 to 35 light hours, 15 to 16 hours from the central Sun to the last planet, and we are speaking of light years to the closer stellar system; then, do not have the concept that the universe is something small.
And however, at billions of light years there are similar galaxies to our galaxy with stars also of last generation, or antepenultimate stars, Stellar systems that can have suns that can have also planets from 2 to 3 billion years of antiquity planets that have life as Sun 3 has it, and they are on the edge of what the well known universe is, the edge of what the Creation is.
And I have grasped the concept in this vessel who kindly channels me, and it is a topic to be approached shortly because we know that there are some civilizations closer to that border of the universe, civilizations that have ventured to the Chaos, and they have experienced something. And it is not the same thing that a spiritual entity narrates impersonally about a primordial being or the same Demiurge compared to a psychoauditing that can be made to an incarnated being, a crew member, a captain, an engineer, or a physicist from one of those ships, so that he narrates personally what his 10% is feeling. That can be achieved, and thus through this vessel that person could narrate as if he were alive what he is living at this present time, how, what he feels, what he observes, what happens, if they have devices similar to telescopes, radars, or another type of artifacts what technology they use... But in addition, if they have had contact somehow with what we have called primordial beings because, Why wouldn’t be life in the border of the expanding universe? Why not? That I wanted to comment, and it is a topic that as well as this vessel is very interested, my brother Johnakan and I are also interested and it is truly a topic that we want to approach very soon.
Interlocutor: Very well Morganel, I, your embodied part, am also interested on that topic. Precisely speaking with this vessel that channels you at this time, with Jorge, we were thinking on preparing a questionnaire about it. In order to ask questions about the experiences that those crew members of those ships would have in that Chaos, even some technical details about the propulsion of the ships, how they are capable to propel their ships out there, how they abandon the Creation in order to enter into the Chaos and how they can return from the Chaos, how they can perceive, if they can perceive somehow the primordial beings, to the same Demiurge and other questions.
Then,we are interested in having a session on that and we will elaborate a questionnaire on this issue; then in another opportunity, shortly, we would like to contact you and Johnakan so that we could work on that. Or directly, I suppose that we could contact the thetan of some crew member, some engineer, or some scientist of that distant and remote planet on the edge of the universe.
Morganel: That would be the idea.
Interlocutor: Fine, we will do it soon. Could you respond some questions Morganel, returning here to the Earth?
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: We have had scheduled some questions, and it would be a topic related to some revelations that you already told us about extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Morganel, you have already informed us that at the present time there are 25 extraterrestrial bases in our blue planet, and you have told us that from 5 of the most important alien bases, one of them is located in Patagonia, Argentina. Then about that issue we had these questions, Can you give us with some precision the geographical localization of the extraterrestrial base located in Patagonia Argentina?
Morganel: There is a town, which is called Zapala, exactly at 600 Km. in a straight line toward the south, 600 Km. and opening an angle of 20º degrees to the east, there is an underground base.
Interlocutor: Is that underground base so deep?
Morganel: It is an underground base, which is approximately at 1000 meters below the surface.
Interlocutor: Do you know where these extraterrestrial beings come from?
Morganel: They are from a system of a red supergiant star that you know as Betelgeuse.
Interlocutor: How many aliens are there in that base?
Morganel: Approximately a community of 2.000 beings working, they are grey beings.
Interlocutor: How long have they been settled down there?
Morganel: Even before the beings from Europe arrived to America, we are speaking of almost one millennium ago, yes. In the neighboring region to the establishment at the south of Zapala, in the country Argentina, behind a mountain range, in another region you call Chile, there is another extraterrestrial base of beings totally different, they are very similar to the homo sapiens sapiens, but taller and blond, many times they have been sighted and they have not concealed their extraterrestrial origin. They have said that they belonged to the star Orion, although in fact there is not a star called Orion because the star is Rigel, what happens is that a lot of people have a minimum knowledge of astronomy. In fact they are not from Rigel, when I speak of the firmament I say it in language as if I were a native terrestrial at this time, of what is known, and Orion is very well-known, and a lot of people confuse Orion with a star, which in fact is Rigel. The answer is that they are not from there.
Interlocutor: Aren’t they from Rigel either?
Morganel: No, no, they are from the constellation called Centaur from a star called Agena, which is at 390 light years. They hid their origin as if the natives from Sun 3 would invade them when they didn’t even have propeller-driven aircrafts to fly; they hardly had ships to sail.
Interlocutor: Yes, there is a huge difference.
Morganel: Between these two races, to which we would call the slender blondes and the greys who were established at the south of Zapala, there was at the beginning cooperation, there was not any zeal of technology and meanness, since the distance between their stellar systems is considerable and because many beings you know as aliens take into account the proximity.
For the human being from the Earth with your technology, as I said at the beginning, 4 light years, with your ships would be dozens of thousands of years, for them it isn’t so. But it is not the same thing to compete technologically in an hypothetical conflict with a neighbor system, which is at 6 light years light than to compete with a civilization at 200 or 300 light years because it is very difficult that these civilizations interact with each other.
Interlocutor: Morganel, Do you know what kind of investigation are these alien beings carrying out? I mean to those that are at the south of Zapala.
Morganel: Geological research.
Interlocutor: Geological research, nothing else?
Morganel: Yes, yes.
Interlocutor: Is there some scientific team from Sun 3 collaborating with them?
Morganel: Not from the local region, although yes from the region of the country of the north.
Is Interlocutor: Do you mean Americans?
Morganel: Yes, correct.
Interlocutor: Are they collaborating with these extraterrestrial from Betelgeuse?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: And with the aliens from Agena Centaur?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: Only with Those aliens from Betelgeuse?
Morganel: Yes, in the ground of the region called Argentina; and the exchange that they have is directly if they can offer them certain technology in exchange of complicity, in exchange of silence. There are many American farmers that have bought many lands in the south of the region called Argentina and sometimes it is even suspicious that they don't allow people to traffic through their rivers, they have everything fenced with surveillance, suspiciously, and nobody says anything because those are fields that have been sold legally with everything and rivers as well.
Interlocutor: But these farmers, I would say, they are military personnel maybe Americans.
Morganel: Disguised of farmers, what happens is that everything is so well organized, they can raise cattle, they can organize hunting trips, they can have sown fields with different crops, and near the mountainous area those alien bases are so, but so disguised that there is no terrestrial technology capable to...
Interlocutor: …To detect them?
Morganel: Yes, To detect them, because there are covers made of materials very similar to the terrestrial plastic, which prevent the base from being detected, not only from radar readouts, but readouts from extraterrestrial artifacts that can penetrate the ground, these covers don't allow that these machines take readouts. Nevertheless, it’s a material that at the same time it’s- so that you understand me- computerized in such way that if there were an extraterrestrial device from another civilization capable to scan the underground area, it would not detect like a false readout, as if it were a material that doesn't allow to see anything because that detail would bring the attention to the sensors of those artifacts, but rather that plastic so-to speak computerized, transmits a normal geologic readout. That cover even makes volcanic activity up, even underground rivers, with software that I could not say holographic because it is not holographic, but rather it is a program that one can make with electromagnetism, so that you understand me. You have higher knowledge on the topic, and you know that with electromagnetic devices, when there are alleged ships flying at thousands kilometers of height that try to detect what there is under the geologic layers, there are machines that can neutralize those other devices, faking, faking.
Interlocutor: Yes, giving a false echo.
Morganel: We can call it somehow, it is not like that, it is much more stylized, the false echo would be like a light aircraft at the beginning of the XX century compared to a ship of the XXII century.
Interlocutor: Yes, I see.
Morganel: But so that you understand me and for those people who want to deepen on the topic. There are elevators that go down to different levels because there are different levels, let’s call them level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, the highest level, closer to the surface it is at 200 meters below the surface and from there it goes down.
Interlocutor: Is there some exchange with the outer space? I mean if extraterrestrial ships enter into that place.
Morganel: No, no, they directly send everything through machines to their space ships that can be orbiting behind the moon.
Interlocutor: Ah! Then there is no traffic of ships.
Morganel: They send directly from the computers under the ground of this establishment, to the establishment, which is in another ship. There were cases because it would seem funny, it would be the word, the solar system in the last millennium has been very visited, and not for anything especially because there is an asteroid belt that attracts a lot, it is not the only one, in many stellar systems there are disintegrated asteroids, but this one attracts a lot because many aliens come to study the rocky systems, or the geological systems of the planets which precisely are rocky planets.
There are also ships that have such a special shield, an energy shield, and they end up studying the gas giants very closely. However, so that you get the idea of the powerful storms on those gassy planets since the astronomers believe that they know so much, and here it has nothing to do with despising or making fun of them because obviously that example has already been given by Johnakan, when he mentioned that the ant can be very perceptive, but the eagle, which is flying in the heights, can see much further, and it’s not that the eagle makes fun of the ant, the ant is perceiving what it perceives from its height.
There are space ships, I don't say all of them, but most of them have an energy shield, which is an energy field like the one which was detected on the Langar ship when it fell down in the country of the North, Are you following me?
Interlocutor: Yes, go on.
Morganel: It’s an energy shield capable to protect the ship even from nuclear weapons Right?
Interlocutor: Quite powerful by the way.
Morganel: Yes, it is very powerful. That energy shield doesn't protect a ship if it goes into the atmosphere of a gas giant, due to the tremendous storms that these gassy planets have.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking for example of Jupiter? When flying into the atmosphere of Jupiter.
Morganel: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. So that the common people understand it, because not everybody has the obligation of knowing about physics, chemistry or astronomy. The most important tsunami, the most powerful hurricane that reaches the coasts of Florida, in the country of the North, is hardly a light autumn breeze compared to what a storm in the gas giants is; you understand that, it could end up tearing apart a ship of 1 km of size even having an antinuclear energy shield. In less than 20 minutes that shield could disappear and the ship could be shattered to pieces.
Then, there are civilizations that are working with what would be called the super energy shield that doesn't have any secret to them, as well as they work with a condensed energy that it doesn't allow projectiles or even nuclear weapons to pass through, many of your science fiction writers have imagined those shields in the ships of the future to such point that many of your movies show space ships with those energy shields, Are you following me?
Interlocutor: Yes, I am.
Morganel: Well, those energy shields have to be increased a hundred times, they have to be increased a hundred times, so that they could resist those storms, and the propulsion of the ships has to be increased a hundred times also, maybe it would be easy to escape from the gravity of those planets, going around at high velocity, you already know that.
Interlocutor: Yes. I do
Morganel: In the same planet Earth, it is not necessary to reach the escape velocity of 11,2 km/s to escape from the terrestrial gravity, they simply go around, going around until they are far away from what the critical point is, do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: It is such powerful shake the one there in those worlds, with those gigantic electric storms, but so gigantic that the ships with common energy protection could not go there. Now, what do they investigate? Why do they go to those gas giants?
Interlocutor: Yes, it is a good question.
Morganel: The answer is: the causes. First, Sun 3 is a vast planet, for its inhabitants, but it is very small compared to the gas giants. There is so much difference of temperature among the several gases, and they form tornados which as well as on the earth can last hours and some even days, and they destroy everything, there, these tornados can last years or centuries. There are points on the gassy planets that can be detected with your telescopes, and those points are not differences of gases, they are oval points that are formed by big tornados in Jupiter, in Saturn, in Uranus or in Neptune, one of your well-known points is already known by the first-year-old students, the Jupiter’s great red spot.
Interlocutor: Yes, it’s very well-known.
Morganel: The Jupiter’s great red spot is a gigantic storm, which is moving for centuries and centuries and it is feeding back. And if there were a movie filming Jupiter in slow motion, you would see how that great red spot moves and rotates, it would be important that you could see several pictures as my 10%, the old pictures taken by old telescopes, the most recent pictures taken by the most recent telescopes, the last pictures taken by the space telescopes or the space probes, and you won't see the great red spot the same, perhaps you won't realize that it rotates, but you will assume that it does.
In Saturn, in Uranus, in Neptune, there are also storms of impressive magnitudes, discharges of rays, lightnings that would destroy, they would tear apart a ship that didn't have energy protection, an energy shield.
The terrestrial rays, and here I will say a crude word, would make tickles to an energy shield, nothing, I believe that the sensors of the ship would perceive it because they are so sensitive sensors, but not due to its power. If one of those ships with those so powerful energy shields somehow could land without being noticed on Sun 3 and one of your small hummingbirds, those small birds that are absolutely light, could touch the surface of the ship, because the energy shield is not noticed, the sensor would perceive it. Then we are speaking of a technology with a super energy shield that can resist a storm of Jupiter and with a sensor that can perceive the weight of a hummingbird.
Interlocutor: I see, a huge technology, beyond the imaginable technology on this planet at this time for our technicians and scientists.
Morganel: It is a lot what you all still don't know, and it is much more what I don't know, paradoxically speaking, because as we said some sessions ago with the dear Johnakan who is present here, when I say at my side, it is as though I said shoulder to shoulder with me, affirming what I am narrating through his own 10%. Why do I say that it is a lot more what we don't know? Because we already said it many times, the more knowledge one goes incorporating, the more one realizes what one still has to know.
A boy who begins to write, ignores what he doesn't know, be worth the pun, this pretty pun we cannot make it with the concepts, we can only make it with words; a boy ignores all what he still ignores. A professor ignores many things, but he realizes all that he still ignores, the boy doesn't realize that.
Without making comparisons because you are not children and we are not professors either, but we know what we still don’t know, by revealing this technology, by revealing the magnitude, I still believe that many people won't understand what 15 billion light years mean in extension, they won't understand it, if they can barely understand that a ship can take 40 thousand years, with your best technology in arriving to Proxima centauri, 40.000 years, what was there 40.000 years ago in Sun 3?, who inhabited the Earth 40.000 years ago? Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes, it’s understandable.
Morganel: How far away the closest star is, and how closer is at superluminous speed 4 light years, and we are speaking of billions of years, and there are also civilizations there, and some people end up thinking that we are alone in the universe, because at this time I am embodied in Sun 3 and they think that we are the only beings in the universe.
Interlocutor: Yes, I hear that every day, and that everything is a…
Morganel: There is an ambivalence in my concept, if I were you, I am, but I am making a pun now, I am you, because we are 100% spirit, but now you will see what I mean, as a concept it is easier to say it, if I were you at this moment, and I listened to somebody saying that we are alone in the universe, I would have an ambivalence of feelings because I would not know whether to laugh or cry.
Interlocutor: Well, from my point of view I also have that ambivalence, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, when I listen to somebody saying that.
Morganel: And then returning to the original topic and with it I will conclude the session today.
Interlocutor: Very well.
Morganel: It is necessary to have a lot of respect, because in order to translate these high concepts I transmit to this vessel, it’s necessary to have a base. Then when certain person with a good mental decoder, but with a minimum knowledge tries to talk about gravitational effects, or about negative energies, or about abstract planes – which is a topic to be approached - or about the effect of Chaos, or about the conceptual networks in the Creation, if they don’t even know how to write their name, I request respect for that reason.
Because Service begins with respect, but the word respect, sometimes it is not well understood by other beings that relate the lack of respect to other topics, and the true lack of respect is not keeping in mind to the other. That was said by the brother Johnakan. This vessel that kindly channels me who is Johnakan’s 10%, he learns what respect means, day after day and he still has to learn a lot, and I believe that he still is missing it because he is still learning, just like you my 10% who are also learning.
Then among all of us, we have to form a chain of tolerance, but the tolerance doesn't have to prevent to point out the mistakes. That is not intolerance, I believe that to point out an error is to be coherent with oneself in the mission of service that one is doing.
Interlocutor: To be tolerant but not permissive, there would be the difference.
Morganel: That is the phrase that Johnakan always mentions because tolerance has to do with dignity, with kindness. Permissiveness sometimes has to do with submission, and the one who is submissive is accomplice of the one who subjects that it is the great difference. But being tolerant is also being evolutionary, and it has nothing to do with forgiving the error, it has to do with understanding the error, but not stopping to pointing it out, for that reason that is evolution. That’s the last explanation for the time being, see you later.
Interlocutor: Very well, thank you Morganel.

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