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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entities that came to dialogue: Master Jesus, Kar-El and Inam El (Angelic Entities), Johnakan Ur-El and Morganel.
Master Jesus: We are joyful, my dear brothers, of being able to witness this beautiful session you are going to have. You know that I love you all and that the Father's presence is always with me and all those who wish to be better, and those for which it is not time yet. Do not think that the Father is not with you because we all are his manifestation; I’ll leave you with the dear Johnakan who will give you a brief greeting. Ieshu ben Iosef spoke to you.
Interlocutor: Thank you.
Johnakan-Ur-El: Dear brothers my message is very short. Just as you say in the physical plane it’s a grain of sand more that we trying to put day after day so that it becomes a mountain of knowledge, and even knowing that that knowledge isn’t paramount, but it is the application for the benefit of all those who truly need it. Then one can achieve true wisdom. I’ll leave you with an Angelic Entity.
Interlocutor: Thank you Johnakan.
Kar-El: Many times I have glimpsed what one might call the “edge” of this created universe. Many times I have felt those presences, those so dark presences and I know that with Love and with that pure feeling that emanates from God, we can prevent that those negative presences come near. Thanks for listening to me. Kar-El spoke to you; I’ll leave you with my brother of Light.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Kar-El.
Inam-El: Finally, after a long time, I’m communicated with you as an Angelic Entity. I have so much to convey, but I do not wish to do so now because there are many questions to be elucidated. I just want to say that for the embodied beings, the roles of ego and engrams are a burden so heavy, but so heavy that at times, metaphorically speaking, exert a pressure similar to a black hole of the physical plane. But it is true that willingness, determination, dignity and solidarity are tools that participate of the evolution. There is so much more to say, but I’ll leave you now giving the floor to the dear brother Morganel. Inam-El spoke to you.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Inam-El.
Morganel: Once Again I’m communicated with you, trying to unveil more questions. Since I presume that there are many questions from my 10% incarnated, I will be practical, as you would say in the physical plane and I will try to make a fairly active session.
Interlocutor: Okay, Morganel.
Morganel: Let's start, please.
Interlocutor: Well, let’s begin. Here we have some issues to discuss about. I’ll read the gist of these topics and some questions we have about them specifically.
Morganel: It will be more comfortable if we respond topic by topic, or if it’s necessary to make some statement, we’ll make it and then question by question so that those who read the session don’t be confused.
Interlocutor: Okay. We’ll start first with the statements and then with the questions one by one.
“Chaos" is mainly a primordial vacuum. It is space, time and energy. Chaos is uncreated and it’s infinite. A material point lying in the infinite sea of Chaos exploded suddenly, this is the Big Bang, and produced the universe. We imagine that point of matter as finite although a very large point of primordial energy concentrated that pre-existed in the Chaos.
The universe is created and it’s finite. The universe eventually will shrink until it is again a point of matter, this is the Big Crunch. There would be a sequence, we cannot imagine if finite or infinite, of Big Bangs and Big Crunchs. We understand that Eon is the Highest Conscious Energy Unit in the universe and He is finite. Now here come the questions.
Morganel, what is the accurate meaning when we say that Eon created the universe? Was that point of matter created by Eon?
Morganel: No. The answer is no. That finite point of matter with that immense energy, but never infinite, has always existed, like Chaos. Eon, many times named himself as the Creator and here I will use a phrase taken from your Earthly jargon. Eon transmits using his reason, using all his memory, as He himself says that he is an Eternal present, He is the one who produced that eternal heartbeat known as Big Bang and Big Crunch.
Interlocutor: Then, Was Eon the one who produced the Big Bang?
Morgan-El: Yes, He caused it.
Interlocutor: Will Eon produce the next Big Crunch?
Morganel: Figuratively speaking, when something is created, it already has motion. Example: If you could build, in the physical plane, a machine that could work by itself, it would be an autonomous machine. Let's say the universe right now is autonomous. I don’t mean "Disrespectfully" that it doesn’t need of Eon because Eon by manifesting himself created the Big Bang. Eon, in each manifestation creates the Big Bang, but then the universe is autonomous. Aside from its forces, aside from its energies, aside from the dark force and the dark energy that makes that the universe, at a particular moment shrink back again to return to that point almost virtual, Eon stops being manifested and that "percentage" of Eon returns to his total plane. Eon is then manifested again and again; there is a new big bang already with an octave higher.
Interlocutor: Okay. Who created the physical-chemical elements in the universe?
Morganel: Eon did it, when he manifested himself.
Interlocutor: I understand… Is Eon uncreated and eternal? I mean Is Eon infinite in time?
Morgan-El: As far as I could lucubrate with His conceptual part, Eon is an eternal present and he never acknowledged that he had been created.
Interlocutor: Does Eon evolve? Is He immutable?
Morganel: Eon evolves at the same time his manifestation evolves. And surely, this wasn’t told by whom you call the Father, but I suspect that the very manifestation of Eon in the physical universe and the superphysical universe are according to his own evolution- and that Eon corrects me if I'm wrong- .
Interlocutor: Where is Eon? Is Eon between a Big Crunch and a Big Bang from another universe? Would Eon be in the Chaos?
Morganel: No. Eon is in a vibrational plane –let’s call it - unattainable for us at this time.
Interlocutor: Okay. Is the universe's existence independent from Eon’s existence? I mean, Could the universe exist without Eon?
Morganel: No, because He is manifested precisely so that this universe exists.
Interlocutor: What is the meaning when we say that "Eon is expanding with the universe"? We have used that sentence several times.
Morganel: In fact, the Father’s totality does not expand with the universe because only part of him is manifested in the universe. Although Eon has not transmitted it to me, and back again -that Eon corrects me if I am wrong- in the same way that we, as spirits, are manifested in a 10% when we embody in a biological unit, I presume that Eon is manifested only in a 10% in the universe created by Him, and as I said before, that Eon corrects me if I’m wrong
Interlocutor: But we must understand, then, that the universe is the manifestation of Eon?
Morganel: The universe is Eon’s manifestation in a 10%. I add here that if Eon’s 10% is evolving with the universe, each time Eon is increasingly having a higher spiritual octave, Eon transmits to his other 90% not manifested that evolution. In the same way that the 10% incarnated, by being altruistic, is wrapped with Light and transmits that Light to the 90% non-incarnated, in the same way the 10% of Eon manifested in this universe evolves and also transmits that evolution to Eon’s 90% not manifested.
Interlocutor: Okay. We’ll move on to other topics. We know that spirits and angels are created by Elohim, who are Superphysical Conscious Units of the plane 8. If these concepts are wrong, please correct us.
We understand that there is a genetic evolution in the biological units living in the different planets and so we know that spirits and angels embody in those biological units. What is the precise meaning of the statement :"Eon is our Creator? What does it mean that Eon is our Father? Did Eon create Conscious Energy units of the superphysical planes 8, 9 and 10?
Morganel: Actually Eon created all of them. The fact is that Eon is manifested in the universe, what we call the Everything, in all the manifestation, even the Elohim, the Essences, the Aes are part of the Father.
So, we were all created by Him. Although we, as spiritual beings and Angelic Entities, like the elementals of the nature were created by the Elohim, it’s like a kind of derivation, but in fact our true Creator is Eon. Eon designated that task to the Elohim by giving instructions to them on how to create us, but Eon is the one who takes care of everything.
Eon is the one who creates the matter, which in fact is not created, the matter always existed. What Eon does, by being manifested, is to modify that matter, while this matter is growing in the expanding universe. All biological and non-biological features are part of Eon’s manifestation, or else it could have been a cold, lifeless and barren expansion.
Interlocutor: Okay. We can understand that.
Morganel: That is Eon, with that peculiar energy by manifesting himself creates "what was created" but allowing that it has life ...
Interlocutor: The Structure of the universe?
Morganel: Exactly that's the word, my dear 10%. Structure. Not only from the universe, but also from what is minuscule, biological and non-biological.
Interlocutor: Yes, the universe, let’s say, in all its scales: micro, meso and macro.
Morganel: Yes, in all its scales. Exactly.
Interlocutor: Okay. Who created the genetic patterns in all those biological units that exist on different planets?
Morganel: Precisely, when creating a structure in his manifestation, Eon also created different biological patterns: DNA chains suitable for all the worlds. There are worlds that have different gravity, different atmosphere, different atmospheric pressure, different temperatures, planets that show the same face to its star, there is no day or night, like once was thought, by some people even recently that the first planet of this system, Sun 1 (Venus) was showing the same face to the sun, which from now on I say than it is unreal, it is not true. There are worlds so different, life forms so different with different matrixes that in this world (Sun 3), which is a paradise for you, these other life forms could not survive.
Interlocutor: Tell us, Morganel, related to these genetic patterns of different biological units, Could we say that Eon delegated that task to lower conscious entities than him since Eon delegated the task of creating Spirits and Angels to the Elohim? Could it be something like that?
Morganel: No, directly Eon delegated to the Elohim everything.
Interlocutor: So, Are the Elohim also responsible for these genetic patterns?
Morganel: Responsible, and here I’ll use a word too mundane for you, "but it's like Eon were the great “Architect” and the Elohim were the workers and the Architect says:" This goes here. This goes there. Please, put that over there”, and so on… What Elohim do directly is to “obey" Eon’s directives and the word "obey" would be between quotation marks because there is also Free Will, Eon guides how to do it directly. But as we said a million times before, the spoken language is so poor compared to the spiritual concept ...
Interlocutor: Okay. Can we say that the creators of Homo sapiens sapiens DNA were the Elohim themselves? I mean, we understand that Eon did it, but wouldn’t it be ...
Morgan-El: The Elohim were who did it, through a directive from Eon. Eon is the one who gave the way.
Interlocutor: But then not only the Elohim would have created spirits, Angels and elemental beings, but they are also responsible of building these genetic patterns of different biological units?
Morganel: In each world.
Interlocutor: In each world?
Morgan-El: Yes, in each world.
Interlocutor: Okay. Let’s say that Elohim not only have built the genetic matrixes of this type of living beings (homo sapiens,) but also the genetic patterns of other plants and animal species.
Morganel: And many more species outside of this world. In addition, there are so many different systems in each world... All of you, as human conscious beings, do not know how most of the insects in this world copulate, for example. There are scorpions in the desert that mate with each other; and while the male scorpion is copulating with the female scorpion, it has to be careful so that the female does not pierce him and kill him by beastly instinct. And there are cases where the female tries to attack the male during the copulation and the male slightly stung his sting to stun her and finish the intercourse, otherwise the female kills him.
Or like the worms that are hermaphroditic and they don’t mate in a "normal" way. They line in parallel with each other's side and viscosity acts like a glue and they exchange sperm, because they are hermaphroditic. But that doesn’t mean that by being hermaphroditic they can reproduce by themselves, They require another hermaphrodite worm to make an exchange of sperm. Almost nobody knows about this.
Interlocutor: I must admit that I did not know that. I’m really surprised of what you are telling me.
Morgan-El: And we're only talking about Sun 3. Imagine that things you don’t know about Sun 3.There are insects that secrete a medium hard seminal pouch and the female leans strongly on it embedding it in her body, so they don’t even make contact. So, if you ignore about the copulation of insects or arachnids from your own world, what can I tell you from other worlds? Surely this beautiful decoder won’t grasp what I could transmit and I just said it because it's interesting for the session. Keep asking questions, my 10%.
Interlocutor: Morganel, we understand that you, along with Johnakan-Ur-El must have been at unimaginable distances away from the solar system investigating on what exists or what would exist beyond the border of the universe. How far away have both of you ever gone from Sun 3?
Morganel: We reached more than 15 billion light years away. We could reach conceptually like researcher spirits, and what I will say is to be taken as a little relax, like those restless children who are in a new territory and they explore and explore, farther and farther away discovering new territories, Reaching a place where there were no more galaxies, no more stars, where you, in the physical plane with your ears, could perceive an eternal silence, we, with our spiritual perception, perceived an eternal vacuum from concepts, but then we paid attention with our conceptual antennas - conceptually connected- and we perceived and listened to a wail, a deeper sound and diving with our antennas we detected the primordial beings.
Interlocutor: Would that be what exists at the border of the universe?
Morganel: At the border ...
Interlocutor: And beyond.
Morganel: much beyond.
Interlocutor: Could a spirit or an angel travel beyond the border of the universe? Could they get out of the universe and enter into the Chaos? Is there Something or someone that could prevent you to do so?
Morgan-El: No, there is no barrier. There is no barrier at all.
Interlocutor: But, could you get out of the universe and enter into the Chaos?
Morgan-El: We didn’t try. And this certainly Johnakan is dictating me because it is something new that we have never spoken about: "that we have Free Will in the Creation of Eon and we have no pathways or ways as you have in the physical plane, but somehow the whole universe is inhabited by spirits, we drove by conceptual pathways. I do not know if you understand what I mean. There are like pathways of thought and then we drove through them. It's like a mental network that all the spirits make in the universe and we travel from one place to another. They are conceptual pathways.
Outside of that Everything there are no more conceptual pathways. Then- this is a conceptual thing- unreal, Do not take it as real, there is a kind of vertigo because we do not have something to hang on, conceptually speaking, so we didn’t venture to go farther away. But after that, we lucubrated that there are conceptual pathways, the conceptual pathways of the primordial beings.
Interlocutor: Would these conceptual pathways be in the Chaos?
Morganel: Of course!
Interlocutor: On which you could also travel?
Morganel: Of course!
Interlocutor: So, in fact, nothing and no one would be preventing you from going outside of the universe and entering into the Chaos?
Morganel: Yes. The only risk would be that the primordial beings would stalk us and seek the slightest crack of doubt, the slightest crack of fear, the smallest crack of failure to be fed of our energy.
Interlocutor: So, I think that it is not advisable for you Morganel that you go farther away.
Morganel: And outside of the Everything we cannot be charged from the power of the Father Eon. Then, there is a question: Could we die?
Interlocutor: That's what I was thinking. That is my question.
Morganel: It’s a question that I’ll leave unanswered because I don’t have the answer.
Interlocutor: What worries me is something that sometimes I have said. Do you remember when I asked you twice if a spirit could be destroyed or a spirit could die in any way?
Morganel: Not in the Everything.
Interlocutor: In the Everything no, but I don’t know if going beyond that. What could happen?
Morganel: Outside of the Everything, if the spirit is strong and doesn’t allow that they suck its energy...
Interlocutor: Yes, but those things must be very powerful. I do not know, I think ...It would be really scary.
Morganel: I don’t know. I know that we give them the power with our fears, our doubts, our burdens and they are fed of roles of ego and wickedness. So if a spirit faces the Chaos impersonally without any prejudice, it wouldn’t have to have the fear of being "swallowed up" necessarily ...
Interlocutor: "phagocytosed" by these entities ... I think so. That would be the way to be protected, not to be weak and not to be fragile.
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: We know about sentient beings that inhabit the universe and sentient beings that live in the Chaos. Could there be some interaction between the beings in the universe and sentient beings from the Chaos?
Morganel: The interaction exists.
Interlocutor: How is this interaction manifested?
Morganel: Because there is clear evidence. We perceived that the primordial beings enter into the Everything and the Creator, the Father; the Absolute cannot do anything, since He gives Free Will. Free Will is valid even for the primordial beings. The primordial beings invade the Everything looking for how to devour the energy of those who hesitate. It was already explained that the primordial beings don’t need to feed themselves because they subsist by themselves.
They devour simply for the satisfaction of evil, since they want to cause the most damage. This also happens even with the spirits of the plane 2, who feed themselves of the suffering of others, even when they can absorb energy from the Creator. And indeed, the spirit does not need to absorb energy from anyone because it’s self-supplied.
Taking energy from other entities is like a pleasure they can have- and here I apologize again, for the comparison- It’s like the person who smokes and feels a silly pleasure in breathing the smoke that impairs his/her physical part, and that person does not need to smoke really. In this case, a spiritual entity or a primordial entity, does not need to absorb other beings’ energy, they do it directly because of a negative personal satisfaction.
Interlocutor: Okay, Morganel. Then, we must understand that these primordial beings run the risk of entering into our universe. However, for the time being, you don’t know other sentient beings of this universe that have ventured in the Chaos.
Morganel: No. That's right. And I correct the word "risk" because the primordial beings are not at risk. Surely the spirits are at risk of going into the primordial Chaos, but not the primordial beings entering into the Everything.
Interlocutor: Okay, I understand the correction. Can you establish some differences and similarities between both types of sentient beings, from the universe and the Chaos in order to make a comparison? When I say you, I refer to the Master Johnakan-Ur-El and you.
Morganel: I would make the comparison with the demons, not with the spirits or angelic entities. Demons are beings that have lost their identity; they have lost their memory to accomplish their mission or tempting the embodied spirits or not embodied spirits in the denser planes so that to at some point, overcoming those temptations, the spirits could ascend to the planes of Light. It is a cruel task, but it is a mission given by Eon.
The primordial beings do not carry out this mission, because they are outside of Eon. When they enter into the Everything, into the manifestation of Eon, He sends them Love, He sprinkles them with a total and absolute Love, but they do not care about it because they have a tremendous hatred. Where does this hatred come from? From their patternmaker, the Demiurge. In the same way that it has been said in countless occasions, that God is manifested in Love, the Demiurge is manifested in hatred and if you ask me why ...
Interlocutor: I'm thinking…
Morganel: ... I would ask you a tricky question and I’d tell you: "And why is God manifested in Love?" Because Love is the nature of God. Hatred is the nature of the Demiurge.
Many philosophers in Sun 3 have said that the opposite of Love is not hatred but indifference because hatred is an emotion, and it’s valid, I agree with what the philosophers say, but in the level of what I mean it, the counterpart of Love is hatred. Hatred without a specific reason. Eon would be a positive pole and the Demiurge a negative pole.
Interlocutor: Precisely this refers to one of the issues I had to ask you, in ancient writings there was a duality between God and the devil. Are Eon and the Demiurge the manifestation of some kind of duality or polarity in the Everything?
Morganel: I would say yes, but there are also many differences. The Chaos is permanent. The Everything is not permanent. The Everything throbs through the Big Bangs and Big Crunchs. Eon is manifested; He stops being manifested and then Eon is manifested again in a higher scale. Eon will evolve while the universe will raise an octave and another octave and another octave. I have no certainty if the Demiurge evolves towards hatred, so, I do not take it as though Eon and the Demiurge are two sides of a mirror because they are not the same, but one is positive and the other negative. Eon ceases to be manifested and not the Demiurge.
Now, since we will investigate about it, my question, which will be for the next session is: "Eon" ,as the Everything, is manifested in a 10% -and it should be like that because I have not been corrected by Eon- Will The Demiurge be manifested in a 10% in the Chaos and the other 90% in a higher plane similar to Eon? That is also a question.
Interlocutor: It is a question and we make it our question too.
Morganel: We, the spirits, have eagerness to grow up, to investigate and to evolve, we embody, we have our way of life. The primordial beings live in an eternal Chaos, they interact with us, but they don’t fulfill other function...
Interlocutor: Don’t they embody?
Morganel: No, they do not embody. They're like our parasites.
Interlocutor: And now there is a serious issue. We understand that the Demiurge has no power over Eon, but it seems that Eon doesn’t have power over the Demiurge either.
Morganel: No. He doesn’t.
Interlocutor: Don’t they have authority over each other?
Morganel: No. Just like in the dark ages of ignorance... Since we know that Lucifer, to whom the ancient writings have called the devil, is actually the only one of the demons who has not lost his memory in this part of universe and precisely Lucifer comes to fulfill his mission tempting with his hosts. But I will say more. With the new revelations from Johnakan, we know that there are other beings similar to Lucifer in other parts of the universe, because just like it was said in one occasion that there are 72 Elohim and that at this moment there are only 7 Elohim working and creating, we referred to part of the universe, not the Whole universe, in the Everything there are hundreds, thousands, millions of Elohim working and there are other beings similar to Lucifer with other hosts of demons in other parts of the universe.
Interlocutor: Now I have another question, Morganel, at this point: Could we think that the ancient writings, at least here on Sun 3, which is the one I know, may have confused this duality between the Demiurge and Eon and would have placed the duality between Lucifer and Eon making an incorrect interpretation between Lucifer and the Demiurge?
Morganel: Of course, I say yes to that.
Interlocutor: So, the real duality is not between Lucifer and Eon, but between the Demiurge and Eon.
Morganel: At this moment there are researchers, astronomers and quantum physicists who are saying that there are several manifestations of the universe and there are other manifestations outside of this universe. Like we did it before -and when I say "we" I’m referring to Johnakan and me- as spiritual beings, we lack of ego, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this plane 5, we won’t be conceited, but two or three of these researchers have taken part of what we have revealed to you, in order to develop new theories that even few months ago were completely unknown to them.
Interlocutor: And how did they have access to these revelations?
Morganel: Investigating, reading, searching through their computers the virtual network. It's that simple.
Interlocutor: Interesting.
Morganel: And although many of them disdain or disbelieve or they find these mediumistic messages shallow, in the end they wonder: “And why could not it be?”
Interlocutor: And these messages give insights to them so that they could work on new theories.
Morganel: We laughed conceptually, but if that benefits humanity, as a serious investigation -serious to them, well so be it-. This has nothing to do with having primacy in all, it is just the opposite. That all the knowledge be widespread as much as possible, by all means, as long as it is not distorted. Unfortunately, these researchers don’t have knowledge of the spiritual world and they end up distorting everything. Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes, of course.
Morganel: Well, at least it’s a start.
Interlocutor: Yes, a good dawn.
Morganel: You still have questions?
Interlocutor: Yes, one more related to time. We got an idea about time. Time would depend on the energy distribution in space. If this is correct, non-uniform distributions of energy in space should result in the existence of regions in space, within the universe or the Chaos, where time would flow differently. We thought that it might be even regions in the world or perhaps in the Chaos where there would be no time. Morganel, "Do these speculations have any validity?
Morganel: No. They have no validity. Time flows in the same way in all regions of the universe where Eon is manifested, as well as in the place we called Chaos. In other words, a thousand years on Earth are the same as a thousand years in the Chaos.
Interlocutor: Would time depend on the energy distribution in space?
Morganel: No, no. It Cannot mutate it. Energy cannot mutate time.
Interlocutor: Okay. So here we'd be ending this session, Morganel.
Morganel: All my Light, as my spiritual brother Johnakan says, it's a phrase I love to repeat because it is a phrase which I also adopted it for me. All my Light.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Morgan-El.
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