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Space exploration and galactic neighborhood

Reality of life in this region of the galaxy is quite different from the knowledge that scientists or astronomers have on Earth, Our solar system is actually located in the most populated area of the galaxy, and our planet has been considered by many alien races (positive and negative) as a huge reserve or repository of biological and mineral resources for them to mine.

Our planet has been inhabited by numerous civilizations since ancient times, which were even more advanced than other societies such as Atlantis or Lemuria. These ancient civilizations left behind physical evidence of their existence in many places, like the vault found at Bucegi Mountain and other places buried under some ices caps which were found in Antarctica. Also, many more treasures have not yet discovered or they have been destroyed by natural events, the technological remnants found in these vaults, as we said before, are much more advanced than the technology the deep state received from the grey aliens after 1947.

Contrary to the basic or popular idea that astronomers have related to space exploration, at least in this part of the galaxy, space exploration is very limited and it’s controlled by federations of races that interact with each other, these federations have organized their commerce and also exchange technology, biological and mineral resources, there are also those rogue races that trade these materials in a sort of galactic black market and they are considered illegal by these civilized worlds.

No race is free to go wherever it likes, because space exploration is extremely dangerous  and one can come across with a hostile spaceship and be destroyed, also, there is no guarantee to find a safe route to travel through, for there are areas that remain unexplored or uncharted in the galaxy and any explorer spaceship can easily get lost and might never find the way to return, this is also valid if this spaceship has the technology to travel to other dimensions, the crew of that spacecraft can be vulnerable in a very inhospitable environment and be disintegrated or could even die in a few hours.

The Owners of Earth

The common idea that humanity, as a race, lives alone in the universe is a very outdated belief because our planet has already been considered as an outpost to exchange raw materials and biological resources by many alien beings, this project has been made to store supplies for those races that come from other parts of this galaxy. Civilized races that inhabit in this region of the galaxy have found a way to be organized and be diplomatic with each other, therefore, in order to avoid any galactic war or unnecessary destruction of planets and resources, they have structured themselves in world corporations and hierarchies that jointly explore and coordinate the mining of colonized worlds, they have developed ways to trade with other collective corporations or federations.

There are also hostile races that consider themselves superior to the rest and they battle for the conquest of other planets, these aliens work as galactic empires, and take control of many worlds based on military oppression and have established a totalitarian way of government.

In an ancient time, a skirmish happened in this part of this galaxy and one group of entities from this empire fought in space and took possession of planet Earth, they now see themselves as the owners of this planet, which is also considered as if it were a real estate prize very valuable.

DNA manipulation.

Back in those days, after this alien conquest took place, the invasive force was able to control the native population on this planet, they decided to rewrite history and enslaved the native species on Earth (former humanity) for they did not want that humans understand what really had happened in this solar system.

While our planet was being torn apart and plunged into chaos, the remaining native humans were mostly destroyed and scattered, and the new owners of this planet, who were also expert geneticists, managed to create a subservient race by modifying the DNA from the original human race, as a consequence of this DNA manipulation they made the current human race less intelligent and more fragile biologically speaking.

After this manipulation, humans lost their true nature and afterwards they were unable to develop ESP capabilities anymore and found themselves powerless to revolt against the new owners, these ancient geneticists are those splendid beings that appear in the Bible and Sumerian Tablets, they literally rearranged the human DNA so that we, as a race, broadcast in a low frequency so that they keep in power over us.

It’s important to realize that human DNA not only defines the phenotype and physicality of living beings, but also allows the possibility to modulate and perceive a wider range of the electromagnetic spectrum, this is why original human beings were able to recognize and network with other dimensions and spiritual realms and thus they were spiritually more advanced and connected with the Primal source (Eon). In other words, original humanity had ESP capabilities, which were deactivated so that it could not develop its potential, spirituality and it can rebel against the invaders

The prison planet

After the conquest of this planet and submission of native humanity, these aliens set up an energy fence similar to a grid capable to imprison the souls of humans as well, in this way they ensured that we could not remember our past lives wiping out our memories every time a person passes away. In addition, they installed bases on the dark side of the moon, Saturn and other planets to spy on us, to monitor and control our behavior from afar and harvest negative human energies such as fear, anxiety, panic etc. They do this because these beings come from another dimension and they feed off these negative energies, this is the reason they have caused wars, plagues, wildfires in the past and they enjoy terrorizing human population worldwide.

These aliens have their representatives on Earth, who are not entirely human, but hybrid beings who are not visible to the public eye. Now that the frequency of the planet is moving upwards the next step to their colonization has moved on to infiltration and total control of humanity because they don’t want to lose control of this planet since human consciousness is evolving gradually. As we mentioned before, no alien being is allowed to live on this planet permanently unless they vibrate in the same frequency of the host planet and also if the planet allows them, as a sentient organism, to stay here, In fact these aliens cannot live freely on this planet, but they keep a remote control over it.

Our cosmic history comes full circle just like the phrase that says: “as above so below” a sentence which is very accurate in this case, because in the same way that powerful nations in our planet have conquered, colonized and controlled underdeveloped nations, the same things have happened to other planets and their inhabitants in other parts of this galaxy, These planets were controlled and subdued in a similar fate like us, there were wars, invasions, alliances and infiltration in distant places of this galaxy as well.

So, the motivation of this alien intervention on our planet is the same motivation that European empires had, when they colonized America, since these aliens also seek to control the natural resources (biological and mineral) included the native population who is considered as cattle, just like we do with farm animals here on Earth.

In addition, our planet has a strategic position and it has been used as an outpost for exploratory bases in this part of the galaxy and exchange of commerce with other factions or alien federations as we said before. The reason that the human race did not have open contact with these extraterrestrial beings up until now is because there is a galactic protocol of contact with other worlds, and this protocol prevents any open invasion, wars or violent intervention, which could lead to a mass scale galactic war among these federations/corporations. Therefore, any military invasion is not going to happen.

However, If our planet had been located in a remote or uninhabited area of this galaxy out of the control of civilized worlds perhaps a brutal invasion would have taken place and our race would have been enslaved long ago, luckily to us our planet has being under close surveillance by this group of worlds and it has remained somewhat “isolated”.

Other races that have monitored our behavior consider the human race bellicose and aggressive, that’s why we said that our planet is now under quarantine because they consider our race primitive, dangerous and even unworthy of the planet we inhabit, for they deem us capable to destroy our world and other worlds if we had the technology to go far beyond our solar system.

Unfortunately many people on Earth believe naively that the universe is inhabited mostly by benevolent races and there is a galactic confederation or brotherhood of enlightened beings willing to save humanity, reality is totally different. Even though the use of military force to control native worlds is not allowed, this colonizing force uses persuasion as a tool to manipulate and control the minds of the leaders and population in those planets they have occupied.

The Conspiracy of Governments

The ESE and CP elites were contacted in this way here on Earth, they know how the present intervention operates and they are loyal to the invaders, they have been working as stewards for these entities because they have been promised that after the N.W.O. is established they will be the rulers of the human cattle and the heirs of this world, that’s why governments in the world have sold out their own populations and given permission so that these aliens can abduct people in exchange of exotic technology, which in fact is outdated to them and cannot be used against them.

Governments of the world have made agreements on behalf of their own people, and eventually they ended up relinquishing their freedom, sovereignty and self-determination. The alien force, has been controlling remotely presidents, and elite people from countries in Europe, as well as U.S.A., Russia and Japan and the last thing they want is that humanity, as a race, reaches its full potential, freedom and independence, in order to avoid that, they have used religions, false spiritual teachings to gain their own advantage, by distorting the true message of spirituality, they planned the way to gain the loyalty from those people they have contacted with.
As we mentioned before these aliens do not want to destroy human population, because they look at us in the same way we look at our domestic animals, human beings to them are a biological resource, they don’t see human people as equals, they want to use mankind as an asset that can be used as a labor force, they want to keep us ignorant from reality in the universe so that we voluntarily end up being manipulated and obey willingly their own agenda.

Basically they have developed a plan to make humanity a subservient race, and to follow that strategy, they have also designed a hybridization program that will ensure physical control over the vast majority of the population, not only do they have planned the hybridization of human beings, but also they want to enslave native humans and put those hybrid beings in positions of power. Many people who have witnessed this alien infiltration have been murdered or they vanished mysteriously, for instance, James V. Forrestal saw human body parts collected inside an alien space ship and he realized the extent of their gruesome agenda, while he wanted to disclose this reality to the public opinion, he found strong opposition and was killed later on.

Every year thousands of people, mainly children disappear without a trace, and those who investigate the whereabouts of missing people, like Ted Gunderson, usually reach a dead-end alley and find a door they cannot pass, in the end they are found dead (suicided) or missing so that they stop digging the truth.

The question is: What do they do with so many abducted people?  The answer is quite disturbing because missing people are used as genetic/biological material, they are enslaved in other planets and once they complete their biological cycle their body parts are dismembered, their plasma and DNA material is traded in the galactic black market. Children are usually tortured, sacrificed and eaten as well.(SRA).
These aliens dislike diversity and culture of the people on Earth, they see them as a threat to their control, which is why they want to eradicate the culture and traditions of the nations or at least minimize them, so that no human group can oppose their control, this is the answer to the invasion of refugees in European countries, also the reason for false flag attacks from alleged terrorists. This plan has been done in order to destroy the unity of nations, to weaken the strength and the foundation of their families, seeking the extermination of future resistance if people find the truth. In the long run they have planned to replace the original population with other people more ignorant who will be easily enslaved and subject to manipulation.

If given the chance for an open contact they are going to pretend to be the saviors of mankind, they will say that they are a peaceful race that have come to Earth to help us and raise humanity’s potential, they will say that they are an advanced and spiritual race that have long ago eradicated war, chaos and disease in their society, However, this will be only a deception, a lie so that many people give away their freedom and self-determination, surrendering  the control of their lives to these manipulative beings.

Ask yourself, why would a nation come to help other country in chaos without expecting some kind of profit? No country would do that, however this is the main problem that people on Earth have, they hope that things change like a miracle, they wait for a savior to come, they want to be saved by a Messiah or a benevolent alien civilization that comes here and solves all the problems of mankind.

At the same time they want that our planet be rescued from chaos, they long for a way to find peace and harmony on Earth, almost religiously, without taking responsibility, but ask yourself, Why would they come here to save us if they don’t plan to take control over us?
It´s very important to disabuse people of this wrong and dangerous belief. Just follow your common sense, nobody from a positive race is going to intervene in order to save us, because it could cause a bigger conflict with the negative alien race that is colonizing Earth now, It does not make any sense, Moreover, our leaders have already made agreements and signed pacts with these malevolent aliens and they have allowed them to proceed with their abductions.

Under no circumstance a positive race is going to intervene on Earth because it’s like mankind would have already acquiesced and given permission or consent to this intervention. Governments have betrayed mankind since they did not reveal the whole truth to the population. They made agreements on behalf of all the people on Earth.

A positive race will only give advice without any approach to us, because that would be the protocol that respects the principle of free will, self-determination and independence of every race in the universe, this is the reason why people on this planet have to be organized and demand ET disclosure to their governments and reject any agreement made with these aliens because our leaders did not reveal classified information related to this intervention openly and there was no democratic consent with the rest of the nations, up until now they keep on denying the existence of ET life in the universe.

It’s time that all of the people on Earth focus in the things we all agree on, or else we could end up relinquishing our freedom and sovereignty to this alien force and be one of their colonies, losing our personal freedom in the process. As a whole, we have to focus in the frequency of Love and reject any lower frequency of hatred, fear and division, this is the only way that we can be free from their influence, luckily our own planet is helping us out by increasing its frequency of Love.

The moment of truth

At this crucial moment of history, humanity cannot identify friends or foes from outer space because as a race we are not ready to establish our own terms of contact, we must take our own decisions on how to make contact with other races in the universe without losing our freedom, sovereignty and self-determination.

Humanity must be wise and avoid any future contact that could lead to further interventions and violation in our space, we must stop sending radio signals to the space because alien races don’t use this kind of obsolete technology for communication because its open to everybody and we are just exposing ourselves to other threats in the universe.

We have to keep a principle of discretion and cut off any alien signal that spy on us from outer space, and most importantly we must claim our own independence, personal freedom and self-determination. This is possible because there are free worlds in the universe although they are very few.

Even though the U.S. government and other nations have made agreements with this alien force, and now they possess high technology such as psychotronic weaponry, weather and energy weapons, which can be used against their own people, they have already lost legitimacy since their loyalty is not with mankind and they have been destroying the people and nations that stood up against this tyrannical presence from outer space. It’s no coincidence that they have been using the same weapons used in the 9/11 event to provoke chaos and also the recent wildfires in California were a product of this kind of technology, it’s all about greediness and the destruction of pockets of resistance, the MSM did not report accurately the casualties of this event and there are many issues which were not published.

We do not have to fall into their trap, we must be wise and stop feeding them by lowering your Light frequency, if many people on Earth avoid fear, panic and chaos there is a chance that they will leave our planet, but we must be consistent and do not follow the movement of the ego in which most of the people are easily triggered or offended, the main purpose is to create division and when these groups had been fought against each other, the remaining group will be easily controlled by them using mind-control technology.

There is sensitive information that perhaps cannot be revealed now, but it’s true that our leaders, the ESE and CP elites are loyal to the invaders and they have technology capable to torture the brains of those people who could represent a threat to them, they can send voices to the brains of the victims and provoke pain and cancerous tumors so that they commit suicide.
It’s very important that you take conscience that the presence of this off-planet force here on Earth is deleterious because they have also disguised themselves as spiritual beings to other mediums and they have ended up mentally disturbed, they are not the saviors of mankind, make no mistake, they do not have the spiritual connection we have as a race with Eon. This is why they envy us because they have lost this connection a long time ago, they need that mankind vibrates in lower frequencies to parasitize us an obtain food, we are like a food source to them, our negative emotions are food to them.

We would not like to end this post in a negative way, but as a personal level we are still on time to stand up and defend our personal freedom and once and for all take responsibility of our own actions because our independence and sovereignty are at stake, perhaps very few people who read this post is going to believe it, and what we are exposing might sound unbelievable, but if you do not believe us, keep in mind that these aliens do not understand what personal freedom means, they have been taught personal freedom is chaotic and dangerous and those planets they have conquered have no understanding of personal freedom or they operate like a hive mind, at least try to not dwell in basic and lower frequencies, just do your homework, try to investigate, find your evidence and make your own conclusions, educate yourself, do not acquiesce to any evil plan from your government that could go against your own conscience and true spiritual values, acquire all the knowledge you can and once you have armed all the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle, then you will find that you are not so easy to be manipulated.

Finally, the first step is to value your own personal freedom, there is a basic trend in all human beings and it is that we do not like to be treated cruelly by those who represent the government and most of the people abhor the presence of a totalitarian dictatorship, this kind of peaceful resistance will help humanity to be free, if most of the people refuse to acquiesce to the evil plans to control the world under this alien NWO. There is a big opportunity that we can expel the alien force once and for all. We have to gain our own freedom and independence by ourselves, as a human race, no other alien races is going to help us, we must be mature and responsible for the sake of our lives and the future of our children, we must stop living our lives based on the service to the self and start living in Love serving to others, Follow the path of Light, which is Service, Love in action.

Love and Light to you all!!!

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