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The truth about the “hairy" Monster.

With the whimsical expression of "Abominable Snowman", many investigators have called to this strange creature from Himalaya, also well-known as Yeti that has challenged to science regarding to its true existence until the moment.
Many people who claim to have seen it describe it with a strong constitution, more than two meters tall, covered with hair and very similar to a monkey.
Some say that it smell badly, they communicate with grunts, screams or whistles and it looks like the wild men of the forests of the antiquity that appear in the Poem of Gilgamesh like enkidus or in the Greco-Roman mythology as fauns and satyrs.
In 1960, the legendary mountain hiker sir Edmund Hillary formed an expedition to find the "abominable snowman" and to determine convincingly what was fantasy and what was reality about this strange and elusive creature, including the one that was seen by the father of his Sherpa guide, Tenzing Norkay, but he could not find anything.
The monks of a Tibetan monastery who claimed to possess the hairy leather of a Yeti were surprised when the analysis demonstrated that it was only goat skin.
Some authors suppose that it is a kind of simian not yet discovered or the last survivor of Neanderthals could explain these strange sightings. Others go further, and they relate them to extraterrestrial beings.
The skeptics claim that, without physical evidences, the testimonies or alleged proofs have no value.
The Grupo Elron knows with all certainty, because it was revealed to us by our spiritual Guides that the Yeti is an extraterrestrial creature that was brought thousands of years ago by the inhabitants of the planet Ani, located at 35 light years from Earth -47 Ursae Majoris, but that they didn't foresee was that humans would advance so quickly in their evolution.
The Yeti is a very good creature related to the North American Big Foot that also came from Ani.
The investigators that analyzed hair remains left by these beings, demonstrated scientific and irrefutably that they didn't belong to any terrestrial creature.
I believe that with these explanations you will have enough material for your article. Paraphrasing Kipling, Whether they believe you or not is another history. Therefore I wish you luck.


Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entities that came to dialogue: Kether, the Ancient of days.

Interlocutor: I would like to ask another question before you go, and I do apologize to ask such trivial question. Is there another fact that you can give about the Yeti or Bigfoot now that we know that It comes from Aní another planet?

Kether: Most of the specimens that were brought to this planet thousands of years ago, were not able to adapt and most of them are at risk of extinction.

Interlocutor: This means that there are very few here?

Kether: Practically they are counted. They are Hardly few dozens.

Interlocutor: The strange thing is that no remnants of them have been found, no skeletons, no traces, nothing.

Kether: It can be due to that their remnants were devoured by other animals of the food chain or they have been retired alive from the planet by some extraterrestrial race.

Interlocutor: Does it mean that they have been abducted?

Kether: Correct.

Interlocutor: Do you protect them somehow?

Kether: In our planet they are protected, but not here.

Interlocutor: It means that they are on their own?

Kether: At the beginning it was this way, but if by any chance we find some specimen we take it to Ani.

Interlocutor: Good, I don't have more questions.
Kether: The Light be with you.

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