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The weird events connected to the Mothman began on November 12, 1966 near Clendenin, West Virginia. Five men were in the local cemetery that day, preparing a grave for a burial, when something that looked like a “brown human being” lifted off from some nearby trees and flew over their heads. The men were baffled. It did not appear to be a bird, but more like a man with wings. A few days later, more sightings would take place, electrifying the entire region.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel.

Interlocutor: Moving to another topic in which I am confused. I have read about it, but I don’t have the key yet, I am completely astonished. I refer to those beings who appeared and keep appearing in lakes, in other fields, in skies, etc. Concretely I refer to the"Mothman”, the monster of lake Champlain, Minipogo o Manipogo, etc.
Ruanel: Let us begin with one.
Interlocutor: Good, the Mothman that should be of your time.
Ruanel: No, it is not of my time, it is recent, after the 60s.
Interlocutor: Does the Mothman have some relationship with the Spring heeled Jack?
Ruanel: No, not at all. The Mothman sightings were many, so we cannot doubt that he really existed, even a film was made on the topic.
Interlocutor: I didn't see it but I have the reference that Richard Gere acted in it.
Ruanel: Correct. This being appeared in many places.
Interlocutor: Was one only creature or were they several?
Ruanel: No, it was not only one, but several. They had a tremendous power at a mental level.
Interlocutor: Telepathy?
Ruanel: No, I am not speaking of telepathy, but somehow they could send energy waves to transmit fear in people.
Interlocutor: How do they do it?
Ruanel: The human beings have in the center of the brain a gland that it’s called amygdala. In this gland it is the center of what we know as reactive mind. This gland was more developed in the prehistoric man that in the modern one.
Interlocutor: I understand the reason.
Ruanel: Well, that amygdala is the base of the impulses and in the man who commits violence, it is more developed. We know that the analytic mind is in the cerebral cortex. The Mothman had the possibility, the advantage, that with his mind he could send an energy wave to the center of the amygdala located in the human brain and in this way he could inspire a kind of terrorific fear. The amygdala is exactly a reactive center that can react either attacking or escaping.
Interlocutor: What was the reason they did this? To experience or to have fun?
Ruanel: In this case it was to experience.
Interlocutor: Not I understand. What kind of experiments did they make?
Ruanel: I will explain it. These Aliens don't have ascendancy among them because their amygdala is very small, then they used terrestrial beings to exercise their power and to make it more powerful.
Interlocutor: That is to say that they simply used us as guinea pigs.
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: From what planet did they come?
Ruanel: Aldoran 4.
Interlocutor: Nothing to do with Aldebaran?
Ruanel: No, no, Aldoran.
Interlocutor: At what distance is it from us?
Ruanel: Around 460 light years of the terrestrial Sun.
Interlocutor: In which period of time exactly they were?
Ruanel: They were since 1952 to 1977.
Interlocutor: 25 years?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Of what number of these aliens are we speaking?
Ruanel: The contingent didn't pass of 30.
Interlocutor: It was rather a small squad.
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Did they have some establishment on Earth?
Ruanel: No, their base was in their ship, they used teleportation to move from one place to another.
Interlocutor: I have to assume that in so many years there should have many victims, mostly without being recorded.
Ruanel: That’s right, the terrified victims by these aliens were many.
Interlocutor: Did all the victims leave harmless of scare or they had sequels?
Ruanel: No, none of them came out harmless; many were severely affected in their mental decoder due to the tremendous emission of fear in their amygdala.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking engramic implants of fear?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Of what size was the ship? At least to have some an idea.
Ruanel: It was rather a small ship compared to others.
Interlocutor: Only one?
Ruanel: Yes, it was only one ship.
Interlocutor: What size did it have?
Ruanel: Around 90 meters, but with more capacity than an airplane due to the fact that it was circular, like a plate, and 30 meters height.
Interlocutor: Good, 90 * 30 mts. it is enough space.
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Were these beings very big in size? I believe I read that some of them were compared to an airplane Cessna.
Ruanel: No, not so enormous, They were smaller beings. They would measure around 2,40 m.
Interlocutor: Of height?
Ruanel: Yes, of height.
Interlocutor: And the span of their wings?
Ruanel: More or less three meters.
Interlocutor: Did they only fly with their wings or with devices like the Spring heeled Jack?
Ruanel: No, they flew directly with their wings.
Interlocutor: Did the terrestrial gravity affect them somehow?
Ruanel: No, there was no variation, even more, the gravity on Earth was lighter than the one they have in their planet, so their weight was lighter.
Interlocutor: Were they horrible according to us?
Ruanel: Yes, totally.
Interlocutor: It means that their aspect increased the fear.
Ruanel: Of course.
Interlocutor: Were they trustworthy the drawings made of them?
Ruanel: Yes, because they really resembled a gigantic moth.
Interlocutor: Aren’t they anymore here?
Ruanel: No, they left 30 years ago.
Interlocutor: To finish this, Were these winged beings of diverse races or only one?
Ruanel: Those that appeared in West Virginia and that the terrestrials called The Mothmen were only one race.
Interlocutor: In other places there also appeared these bird men.
Ruanel: Yes, but they are another type of aliens, they are not the same ones.
Interlocutor: I understand. Something else to add on this?
Ruanel: No, not at the moment.

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