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Many people disappear in the air before the eyes of everybody. This is due to extraterrestrial abductions, mainly for experimentation. The victims are dematerialized and materialized in the ship again. They are rarely returned. Those who live to tell their story are considered crazy people and subject of mocking. But in the case of David Lang another thing happened.

David Lang was a time traveler who came from the year 2500, but he made the fatal mistake of falling in love, he didn't want to return. He was walking peacefully at his farm and suddenly he vanished before the eyes of his wife and his two children...

The well-known story


The American farmer David Lang had a farm in the proximities of the city of Gallatin. He lived happily with his wife and his two children, and his life was very normal in a middle class American family. One day, in September 23th of 1880, David Lang came out of the house with his wife while the children were playing in the garden. The farmer told them that he would take a look to the horses and then they would go to the city. These were his last words.

And then when the man began to walk he tripped with something, and when fell he disappeared without leaving a trace! His wife, the children and the judge Peck who was passing by at that moment in his carriage were witnesses of this mysterious disappearance and after making an examination of the place they were totally amazed being unable to find the farmer. There was no tree, bush or hole, in which he could have fallen. Simply, he vanished.

The police carried out an exhaustive investigation and perforations were made to discover underground galleries in which the farmer could have fallen, but there were no traces of the person or underground galleries.

Mrs. Lang never wanted to believe that her husband had died and she never made a funeral service for the soul of David. Nevertheless, she could not stand living in so strange place and finally she sold the farm.

About seven months later, the two children of David Lang, were playing in the same place where their father had vanished and they discovered that in the same place where the farmer had fallen, the grass and the flowers no longer grew so thickly. Later on, they also said that they heard their father asking for help until the voice vanished forever.

Never again was the poor farmer David Lang found. For some people, he was transported to another dimension. For others, his body might have fallen in a time hole. His disappearance was an entire mystery and today it has not still been possible to elucidate the cause of his strange disappearace.



Interlocutor: And about the disappearance of David Lang? I suppose that it was also an extraterrestrial abduction...

Ronald Hubbard: In this case his disappearance was due to other causes...

Interlocutor: Don’t tell me that Earth devoured him! I say this because they looked for him underground the place he disappeared at and he was not found...

Ronald Hubbard: David Lang was abducted by terrestrials.

Interlocutor: Terrestrials? I do not understand... Did mankind have already in the last century the technology capable to abduct people ?

Ronald Hubbard: No, he was not abducted by terrestrial of the time in which David Lang disappeared, but by terrestrials from the future.

Interlocutor: Master, I am totally perplexed.

Ronald Hubbard: David Lang was a time traveler who trespassed the rules, he wanted to stay in that time. That is forbidden because time travelers can change the future, in that case a time traveler has to return to the past to put the things in order again just as they were originally.

Interlocutor: But, Why did he want to stay in that period of time since the last century was almost prehistoric compared to our time?

Ronald Hubbard: He simply fell in love with a young woman and to avoid being transported to his time; he destroyed his time machine. But his superiors used a more complex and powerful machine to take him back to his time.

Interlocutor: From what time in the future David Lang came?

Ronald Hubbard: He came from the year 2500, of the same time that Kaspar Hauser and Nostradamus.

Interlocutor: Master, are you telling me that Kaspar Hauser and Nostradamus were time travelers also?

Ronald Hubbard: That's correct. All of Them were - they still are - partners of the same time

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