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The truth about "The Roswell Incident"
Medium: Jorge Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Asdoel (extraterrestrial from Anthea 4)

Interlocutor: Who will communicate now?
Asdoel: Sometimes the messages given are not understood, due to interferences of the vessel who transmits them or due to the lower capacity of understanding that some people who listen to this messages have.
I am from Anthea 4 and I have come to clear some doubts. My name is very difficult to translate to your language, but one could say that pronouncing it would be something like Asdoel.
Our planet is divided in two hemispheres, in one of them there are beings of smaller height, but more developed in technical knowledge.
They have developed the way to travel through space, while we are devoted more to philosophy and to raise the spirit.
One of the ships that fell in Roswell, 50 terrestrial years ago, was a ship from Anthea 4, where the beings that we call "the small ones” traveled.
In spite of raising the spiritual part, we also developed technological means and we can travel to different worlds, not with the spirit of conquest, but simply to transmit, to those who want to listen to us, our philosophical knowledge.
We give little importance to the material part in all the aspects, even in the nutritional part. We give more importance to the energetic part, at such point that our body is nurtured energetically in 80%. For that reason we don't give so much importance to the nutritional part.
The same thing happens to mating. We have two sexes, but the mating is auric. We mix our energies and we reach a total orgasm in the whole energetic body.
We have advanced points in spiritual philosophy. We have conquered to what you call Ego. We call it undo it would be a similar translation to your "Inferior self"
We have no inconvenience in transporting us at astral level to all the boundaries of our galaxy.
Soon, if the Absolute wills it or if He allows it, we will make a Close encounter of the Third kind with some of you.
The secret is that you be prepared and that you are not afraid of seeing a figure different from yours.
Regrettably we don't have, as some other aliens have, the power of inducing in your mind a telepathic vision as if we were humans, to not cause in you an unpleasant impression to your sight.
I say goodbye to you with all the Love with the hope that we will see each other in a next reality.
See you soon.
Interlocutor: See you soon and thank you for your message.

Medium: Jorge Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Asdoel (extraterrestrial from Anthea 4)

Interlocutor: Who will communicate in first term?
Asdoel: I Am Asdoel. I was with you before and I come again from my planet, Anthea 4 to transmit my spirituality to all the beings that at this time are here.
Interlocutor: If I don't recall bad, you are from the same race of those crew members of the UFO that crashed in Roswell.
Asdoel: I am from the same planet, but from a different race.
Interlocutor: What would be the most remarkable difference?
Asdoel: Our race gives more priority to the spiritual topics.
Interlocutor: Could we talk about the Roswell Incident?
Asdoel: I will clarify some doubts, but I want to make clear before that there are in this place many spiritual entities who want to disturb the messages, so that these messages are not well transmitted. Remember that some of you have a great mission, others are taking the first steps in the spiritual world and others still have karmic lessons to revert.
Interlocutor: How do you know it with so much certainty?
Asdoel: I know it because at this time I communicate with the spiritual part of each one of you, what you call Thetan or Superior self.
There are Thetans that are very elevated and there are Thetans that have dreadful doubts, some of them are caused by the doubts that precisely the incarnated part of every one have.
In our planet, Anthea 4, there is a tremendous harmony, and we do the same thing that we do in other worlds where there is more than one race: we share the planet in peace. The other race is very technological and several of its beings have been many times in this planet.
Interlocutor: Is it in fact the race of those beings that fell in Roswell?
Asdoel: Exactly. This race inhabits in the place it would be to you the South hemisphere and we inhabit the North hemisphere.
Interlocutor: Do you confirm that you live in peace?
Asdoel: We live in peace. I would not say that they are afraid of us, because we serve them in Love and they can never be afraid of us. But the certain thing is that we have such a great telepathical power that we can neutralize them so that they don't use their weapons against us.
Interlocutor: Didn’t you ever have to use that telepathic power to defend yourselves?
Asdoel: We did it only in the beginning of our civilization, but we never used that power again. We don't seek anything material; we are only interested in our spiritual growth.
Interlocutor: Are you at this time embodied in your planet and you are communicating telepathically from there? I ask it to know if this transmission is being made from some UFO orbiting the Earth.
Asdoel: I am embodied in Anthea and I am moving astrally for this telepathic communication.
Interlocutor: In which spiritual plane are you, as a Thetan?
Asdoel: I am in the same spiritual plane in which your Solar Logos the Master Jesus is, that is to say, the plane 5.
Interlocutor: Have you communicated with our Solar Logos?
Asdoel: Yes, I have spoken with the Master Jesus... Notice that I don’t says "your" Master, because we have taken him telepathically in many occasions and he has transmitted to us the teaching of Universal Love, and we have assimilated it very well.
We try to transmit it to these "children" of the South hemisphere in our planet Anthea, but they are not interested in the message. They only want to grow in technological and scientific things.
Most of them even disbelieve the spiritual world. They think that when one dies, then everything is over.
Interlocutor: What is your life expectancy in Anthea?
Asdoel: For those who live in the South hemisphere it’s approximately 100 of your years. Our life expectancy oscillates between 300 and 400 of your years. But perhaps many of you would be astonished, because you will say: How long-lived! But... what would an insect of your planet think about you when it lives only hours or days, and you live 70 or80 years...?
Then, these kind of questions are something relative. There are beings that live 40 years in Astrix which is a distant planet, but they are very spiritual. They are shelled beings, similar to the insects of your planet.
And you would say: They must be completely wild! And maybe instinctively they would aim you with a gun and they would shoot at you. Big Mistake! Because they are extremely elevated beings, they are at our same level.
Interlocutor: You, the spiritual beings of Anthea, what kind of doctrine do you practice or follow?
Asdoel: The Doctrine of Love. The mission is to transmit above all things Love. We have the same as other stellar systems, like Antares 4, enormous communities where some serve to others, where nobody is hungry, because if a family loses a crop, another family aids them.
Our communities are not as big as in Antares 4, we are from smaller families, but we have big nuclei of love, and we meet periodically to make telepathic visualizations.
We meet in a gigantic temple - I say temple so that you can understand me, because in our planet we don't call it this way - 500, 600, up to 1000 beings, in small, concentric, much bigger circles, until covering the whole construction.
And we make telepathic communication with spiritual entities of the levels 4 and 5, and we end up visualizing, like in a holographic image of your world, the entity who is at that moment in that spiritual plane.
The being who is the vessel in that moment connects with the entity of Light and he "intentions" so that it is visualized.
All of us mentally apply force with Love, and we not only end up visualizing it, as it would be here the seeing mediumship - I am reading some of your minds at this time -, but rather the entity appears...
Interlocutor: Does it become material?
Asdoel: No, it doesn't become material, it is not part of the physical vibration 1, but rather it ends up visualizing through a special device similar to your holographic technique. It would be very extensive to explain the functioning of that device at this time...
Interlocutor: Would it be possible that here I could see you through clairvoyance?
Asdoel: The one who is prepared can see me perfectly.
Interlocutor: What would we see?
Asdoel: You would see a being with very similar features to this vessel, with a small mouth half of yours, practically without nasal appendix with two holes, eyes four times bigger than yours, practically the pupils completely expanded, almost in black color...
Interlocutor: There is an American movie called "Cocoon", where an extraterrestrial being appears just like you describe...
Asdoel: It’s not the same figure but it is quite similar. It is a bit different because we have the skull more voluminous, and the visual organs much bigger than in that movie you mentioned. This is being transmitted to me telepathically by the spiritual entities that are around me.
Interlocutor: And the clothing?
Asdoel: Our clothing is very adjusted to our body, just like what you would call plastic, but it is different because it’s a porous plastic that allows perspire our skin.
Interlocutor: Of what color?
Asdoel: Green, light blue, grayish...
Interlocutor: Always clear colors?
Asdoel: Not necessarily; there are some entities that meditate with dark, black, brownish colors, I am referring to the colors that you see, because we can see more colors than terrestrials and our hearing capture more tonal differences.
Interlocutor: Do you travel from one planet to another routinely?
Asdoel: We do the same thing that others do in other stellar systems. We give some wisdom to the beings from the South hemisphere of our planet, and they give us ships.
Interlocutor: Don't you have the technology to manufacture space ships?
Asdoel: Yes, we have it, but we are not interested in the technological part. We could have developed space ships a long time before than them...
Interlocutor: Are you contacted or do you communicate with the inhabitants of the planets you visit?
Asdoel: We do, but we don't appear physically before them, but rather telepathically, so that they don't think they are hallucinating and believe they are losing their mind. We do it with people who are prepared.
Interlocutor: Do you try to help?
Asdoel: In any case. Our mission is in Love which is the most difficult, because in most of the planets we contact they request to us formulas...
Interlocutor: Formulas? About what?
Asdoel: Generally to manufacture armaments.
Interlocutor: I thought that they requested formulas, for example to improve their agriculture...
Asdoel: No, for armaments...
Interlocutor: It is something surprising! They could request formulas to heal and they request formulas to kill... Moving on to another topic, How are the plants in Anthea?
Asdoel: The trees have very intense green leaves and they are so big that sometimes they bend to the same trees that sustain them.
Interlocutor: And the minerals?
Asdoel: In our planet there are harder minerals than the one you call here "diamond", the purification of carbon.
Interlocutor: What for do you use them?
Asdoel: To carve rocks, for constructions.
Interlocutor: How are the constructions in Anthea?
Asdoel: They are very beautiful. They are small housing constructions, singular; practically the atmosphere is not poisoned. Now the technicians from the South hemisphere are experimenting with Antigravity, but they still continue with the matter-antimatter.
Interlocutor: What do you eat?
Asdoel: Vegetables, grains, cereals...
Interlocutor: And animals?
Asdoel: We don't eat animals.
Interlocutor: Should we also stop eating animals?
Asdoel: You cannot change a culture from one moment to another and I wouldn’t like that you give so much importance to that, but to the spiritual part.
I am not the only one who says it; It is said by different spiritual entities of your same planet. The important thing is not what goes into your mouth, but that which comes out of it. This was told by the Master we have in common, Jesus, who has embodied in this blessed planet of yours.
Interlocutor: Regarding to the Roswell Incident what can you tell us?
Asdoel: I will clarify undoubtedly that the incident that you call in this way was the result of a skirmish between two planets... There was a ship from Orion 3 that was pursuing these “mischievous boys" from the South hemisphere of our planet, who had provoked them with total irresponsibility...
The crew members of the ship from Orion 3 pursued them during several light years and they reached them practically in this stellar system... An energy ray they sent them provoked a malfunction in the propulsion of the Anthean ship and it fell to Earth.
Interlocutor: Was the energy ray of a laser kind?
Asdoel: Something similar, but we don't call it that way, but “Brezer” energy.
Interlocutor: Were there four crew members?
Asdoel: Yes, they were four.
Interlocutor: Were some of them alive when they were captured by the American military forces?
Asdoel: Correct, two of them were alive.
Interlocutor: Is it true what they say that one of them was killed by a blow with a gun butt?
Asdoel: They didn’t kill him in that way... but at least they hit him 5 or 6 times, according to what told me in an opportunity his Superior self or Thetan, as you also call to the spiritual part of the incarnated beings, those hits provoked him serious wounds. Then they inject him to revive him and this being's organism didn't resist and that’s when the disincarnation took place.
Interlocutor: Did the capturers communicate with these two Antheans?
Asdoel: Yes, with one of them, and He has disclosed some secrets, and these secrets are in hidden files in the country you call United States.
Interlocutor: A long time ago a TV show displayed a film in which the autopsy of an alien who was captured in Roswell. But the "experts" that saw the film said that it was a doll. What is the truth?
Asdoel: It was not a doll. It was one of the Antheans captured in Roswell. The film is real! Even if you see it again - I can see it in the Akashic Records - you will observe that there were reactions of this being...
Interlocutor: Yes, I saw the film and I observed, as all of us that a twinkling was very evident...
Asdoel: Besides the twinkling there was another reaction. It is important you see the film again. My vessel who is the incarnation of a higher entity, has the movie. Know that Johnakan Ur-El, Thetan of this vessel, is my partner of studies.
Now I will leave to open the way to another entity who is very interested in communicating with you. He is an inhabitant from a very closer planet to you, which is not yet perceptible to telescope, but soon you will do it...
Interlocutor: Thank you for dialoguing with us and see you later... Who will communicate now?
Adomel: My name is Adomel, we have a similar morphology to the terrestrial being...
Interlocutor: What planet do you come from?
Adomel: I come from the planet Lemaren. It is a planet where the forests prevail, the rivers, but above all things there are big oceans. There are eight parts of water and two solid parts, of what you would call "dry land."
We are a very similar civilization compared to you. We dominate the space. 30 terrestrial years ago we arrived to our satellite. And 5 terrestrials years ago we have arrived to our fourth planet which is also habitable. We breathe oxygen and nitrogen like you.
We have a harmonic civilization. We don’t have wars.
Interlocutor: How many inhabitants are there in Lemaren?
Adomel: We are approximately 1000 million beings. We are many compared to the small planetary surface we have.
Interlocutor: How do you survive in such a small place?
Adomel: It is small, but we have enough. It is a planet - I will speak in your measures - that has 60.000 km of circumference, it is one and a half the size of Earth, and anyways we supply ourselves very well. We respect Ecology.
Interlocutor: Is there internal civilization inside the planet?
Adomel: Yes, we get along with them very well. And there is also a submarine civilization, and we also get along with them. But we are those who have space technology.
Interlocutor: Is your body at this time in a space ship or in your planet?
Adomel: My physical body is at this time in Lemaren.
Interlocutor: Are there incarnated beings from Lemaren on Earth?
Adomel: No, there are not.
Interlocutor: Are there ships from Lemaren at this time there in our planet?
Adomel: We are not permanently. Our ships come and leave. But they are not our ships; as a matter of fact, they are from Antares and Sirius that have come to visit us.
Interlocutor: Don't you have space technology?
Adomel: Yes, but it is not as developed to build ships capable to go to other solar systems. In fact, we have recently traveled to space.
But we were very fortunate that we have contacted with other races of this neighboring system and they transfer us without any inconvenient and they even gave us technology so that we can develop what would be 20 terrestrial years as 100 or more of our years.
Interlocutor: Can you give us some information about the civilization of Venus and Mars?
Adomel: About Venus I have little knowledge. I know that it is an inhospitable world, unable to shelter life as we know it. I want to clarify that I am a test pilot in my incarnated part and my knowledge is cursory with regard to other topics. If somebody asks me how the motor of my ship works, I could not answer because I don't know. I am a pilot and I control my ship with the computer of my ship and I always have a companion of the system Sirius who solves all the inconveniences during the trips - I want to clarify that in Sirius there are 4 different civilizations -, and I always arrive happily to our destination. I also travel with natives of Antares, they supervise that the ship is in perfect condition so that we don't crash against any planet, as it happened to our neighbors of Anthea that fell in Roswell.
What I mean is that we don't know everything. We know that in the fourth planet of your system - Sun 4 – the planet you call Mars, there is internal life.
About Venus, I repeat I know very little. I know that it is a planet of very high temperatures and a great atmospheric pressure. I don’t believe that there is any kind of life. I don't dare to give my opinion about the topic.
I simply wanted to contact with you because I sympathize with you. We are of a more robust constitution than you; we have practically a square head. We hardly have neck. Our arms are very wide and very muscular. We have very short hair; if you want to compare us, make it with regard to the Greek or Roman gladiators of your antiquity.
Interlocutor: Have you made physical contact with terrestrials?
Adomel: Very few times, because to see us physically, without having any psychological problems later, the contacted has to be very well prepared. Most of the contacts have been like this, that is to say, telepathically.
I love to dialogue, but there are more entities who want to communicate with you... I leave you...
Interlocutor: Thank you, Adomel, and see you later...

Medium: Jorge Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Tar from Orion 4

Tar: I Am Tar, from Orion 4. I am again with you, joyful of transmitting you my Love and I also came to clarify some doubts. You can ask.
Interlocutor: My first question is related to the American Air force, they say now that the "Roswell Incident" has nothing to do with extraterrestrials and the bodies that were found were merely dolls, from a military experiment.
Tar: It is a completely childish information. The bodies found were not dolls, but extraterrestrials. Among the remains of the crashed ship, there was an unknown metallic alloy to Earth. That is an irrefutable proof.
Even the North American country has had more contacts. They have more crashed ships and more bodies of beings you call aliens. At least four different races.
Interlocutor: Were some ships captured by airplanes?
Tar: No, you lack the necessary technology and you don’t have the weapons to capture a ship from another planetary system. They were always crashed ships.
Interlocutor: But why do they say that? On the other hand only those who don’t know about the topic can believe it. Is it about a matter of power?
Tar: They only do it to confuse people, something that is very easy to do, due to the great disbelief that exists in the inhabitants of your world.
Interlocutor: Why do they hide that knowledge that could bring a great advance to mankind?
Tar: That is the issue. They think otherwise: "Why to share that advanced technology, when they can use it for their own benefit?”
Interlocutor: I understand. Complete selfishness!
Tar: One of the ships keeps a secret that your scientists are trying to unveil during forty years: the energetic shielding. The two crew members of that ship died when the ship crashed and their bodies are still being studied. It causes astonishment the anatomical difference with the human being, because they are very similar beings to the insects you call locusts. They don’t have an internal skeleton, but rather a kind of shell. They have two eyes and also two antennas that capture the irradiation from another being at considerable distance.
Interlocutor: Where do the race type locusts come from?
Tar: They come from Arturo's Constellation and they are predator beings, they have a total scorn for the other people's life.
Interlocutor: This point is clarified. Now I would like to know if it is possible the following thing. Let us imagine that a medium "takes" the spirit of a great mathematician... Could he transmit a certain formula, to demonstrate that the communication is not a fraud?
Tar: Yes, that is feasible, but it’s not the same with the language. The Thetan doesn't transmit in a certain language, because in the spiritual planes communication is made through ideas or intentions. Therefore, the medium will speak in the language he knows, although he communicates with the spirit of a person from another region or a being from another world.
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