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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Interlocutor: Very well, Morganel, you know that we have a series of questions here on diverse topics. I would read you some writings that I have here, so that you can understand the issue, the topic we want to talk about and the reason of the questions.
Morganel: Okay. You respect each question and you can extend on a topic if it’s related to that question.
Interlocutor: Very well. The first questions are related to a topic we have already approached in another session, but we would like to delve more on some specific details and understand some specific points. It is mainly related to the alien presence on Earth and what it has to do with the exchange that some aliens are making with groups of terrestrial people. Do you know about some program of technology transfer that has been carried out between aliens and terrestrial people?
Morganel: Yes, of course; they are experimenting with teleportation.
Interlocutor: Is that extraterrestrial technology?
Morganel: That is technology. It’s a technology which in Sun3 it’s hardly developed in one per thousand. It has been published that they have teleported matter, and it’s not like that, I mean, they have even lied to the press.
Interlocutor: What have they done?
Morganel: They have teleported quantum matter. The sentence could sound similar, but it is not exactly the same thing. They have teleported quantum matter, they have transported electrons...
Interlocutor: You mean particles, not structures.
Morganel: Not things at structural level. Then, the punctual word that I am dictating to this decoder’s vessel, instead of "teleported matter" the correct thing to say is "teleported quantum matter" and teleportation is what they are experimenting on in different areas.
Interlocutor: But would that come from some program of technology transfer, as I previously asked?
Morganel: Yes. It’s correct.
Interlocutor: Can you give us some information related to the programs of Alien technology transfer, mainly on the field of physics? – You have already mentioned one case – What about genetics?
Morganel: The genetic field is quite more difficult because genetics is much more complicated than what they describe in their books, most of your books on genetics – even those books written by the most renowned authors that don't reach the whole population- because there are many books written in one of your languages like, German, English and very few are written in Castilian, which most people commonly know and describe badly as Spanish, when the correct thing is to call it Castilian, since in that region you call Spain, people speak many more dialects. And we are not even speaking about Italy.
Well. What they know is a lot compared to genetic transfer, but even so, it’s little what the human being on Sun-3 know, Human being has a lot to discover yet. A long time will pass until scientists recognize what Johnakan revealed more than a decade ago related to the life span of the species, which is already recorded genetically and the key is not in the DNA but in the RNA, which is the messenger RNA. [1]
Interlocutor: Well. Do you know, for example, something about some project of back engineering related to non- conventional propulsion technologies: Such as antigravity or others, which are being carried out by some elite group of terrestrial scientists at this moment on Sun 3?
Morganel: There are motors of alien space crafts that have fallen, because although there are extraterrestrials who have an absolutely higher technology compared to the most advanced terrestrial space craft, it doesn't mean that these aliens don't have flaws, since all the beings are fallible, in spirit and being incarnated. Do you follow me?
Then, they are making back-engineering with motors badly called anti-gravitational, because it was already revealed that gravity is not the fourth force although, truly it’s a field that exerts influence. It is a field that has influence. You have a certain weight in the physical plane due to gravity. The stellar systems, the galaxies and nebulae, the spiral galaxies keep their shape due to gravity. But that gravity demands a requirement: That everything rotates; so that the centripetal and the centrifugal forces are balanced. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Sure.
Morganel: Well. The search for achieving something from scratch or - I will dictate to the vessel’s decoder well - the quest that starts from everything and from that point they have to figure out on how this technology was achieved, which is called reverse technology, I mean, having everything complete and trying to discover how the technological artifact works, at this moment that’s stagnated because they don't find the key to develop an anti-gravitational field. And do you know why? What could be the reason?
Interlocutor: Because they don't know what gravity is.[2]
Morganel: Exactly.
Interlocutor: So, they don't know the nature of the gravitational attraction.
Morganel: Exactly. Exactly. This speaks well of the enormous connection that we have, you 10% and I, 90%. The tremendous connection that we have. And it would be important that all those who read our conversations could have that same connection with their thetans.
Then, while they ignore the real nature of that field - it matters more to me call it field instead of force...
Interlocutor: It would be more correct, it is true.
Morganel: ...they don't end up generating the opposite. They can’t create the opposite.
Interlocutor: And that is already something I was suspecting since they could be stuck in their developments of projects of reverse engineering on the field related to anti-gravitational propulsion. They ignore the nature of antigravity.
Morganel: It has already been said in other opportunities that in one of the vast regions on Earth, in Siberia, in the country you call Russia, alien ships have fallen, more than a ship, and besides there are places where in a certain moment, they have experimented in that country making something similar to what is being made now in the north of the continent, at Area 51.
However, many alien ships have fallen and artifacts and weapons have been found, devices with non- conventional format. And I hope that those who read this don’t be offended in their ego, but you all are creatures of habit; and the word "creature or animal" fits well to the homo sapiens sapiens because the homo sapiens sapiens is an animal after all, in every sense of the word. Those who say no, I recommend that they deepen more in their knowledge. Perhaps I came over a little bit ironic.
When I say - and I want to finish this small lecture - when I say that they don't even have the minimum knowledge on what they have found in those regions of Siberia, referring to those prepared scientists, it is because the human being is a creature of habit and when they think of a weapon they imagine...
Interlocutor: They imagine the weapons we already know or the weapons we make here
Morganel: ...A canyon that shoots projectiles, a trigger or trigger guard, a pistol grip or a gunstock, but who said that all the beings in other worlds have the same physical conformation? And even if they had the same conformation, they can have a different culture, completely different, another type of tools and another type of guns.
And it happened to some of those scientists who have grasped artifacts, perhaps with a triangulated shape and when they have pushed one of their sides, unintentionally, they have lost a hand, a forearm, and they appeared suddenly without an arm, until the shoulder.
Interlocutor: They have suffered accidents...
Morganel: They have had lucky accidents because some of those weapons were molecular disintegrators, cauterizing instruments and painless tools because in the same way they cauterized the wounds, they also interacted with the nerve endings, then, a scientist suddenly was touching that artifact that made his hand disappear, forearm and arm and he went out without it totally healed, the shoulder cauterized, without any pain. But he had lost a limb. Then, none of them came closer to touch anything because as well as one of them had lost an arm, other could lose a head or the whole body. And with some machinery, robots, they have taken some of those devices and to this day, they don't know what they are for.
Interlocutor: So, they cannot even manipulate those artifacts...
Morganel: They cannot dismantle them because there are some devices harder than titanium and there are others they tried to open them up with a certain drill and the drill disappeared instantly and also part of the robotic arm. Then, it is like... -and for that reason I say again-:“Do not be easily offended, those who read this,” but it’s like a caveman would have found a hand grenade and while touching it, he took the trigger device out, the ring that avoids that the grenade explodes, and that caveman in less than ten seconds disembodied. Do you understand me?
Interlocutor: Yes, I do.
Morganel: Well. It is ironic the great advance that we have had as a race compared to... and I say here “we" because I’m embodied in Sun 3, then I am part of Sun 3, today, as well as in other moments we have embodied in other worlds. How underdeveloped we are with regard to other worlds in which those tools or those weapons are something common. I’m not speaking about weapons, but about tools used by very young children in those worlds, and they can manipulate them perfectly, like one of your children here on Earth would assemble a jigsaw puzzle.
Interlocutor: About those tools… Could you give us an example, Morganel? What are they for?
Morganel: Sure! There are similar tools – I say “similar” because they are not exactly the same – However, I would not know how to explain it because not even the mental decoder of Johnakan’s 10% could grasp what I mean, but in order to give you an idea, I will describe some tools and in that way you will realize what we still have to learn.
There are circular devices, which are like an upside-down dish that have the memory of your computers multiplied by a thousand times, but at the same time it’s a measuring instrument like a radar, which is focused down and it can detect mineral veins – considered precious to you - like gold, platinum, silver, or even water, which is the most valuable substance that you have in the planet, or petroleum as well. Simply that each tool has to be adjusted in each frequency to find a certain substance or material. And the depth it’s not an obstacle at all. It can work up until ten kilometers down below.
Interlocutor: Are some of these tools being used by some aliens that visit us while they explore or investigate?
Morganel: Yes, of course. There are other tools, which have been remotely developed in Sun-3, with almost no accuracy. For instance, there is a device very similar to a thermometer or a barometer, but it doesn't measure the pressure or the temperature, but rather it detects the elements and the composition of the atmosphere on each world. And with total accuracy it marks the readouts in a small screen, the amount of oxygen, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, argon, xenon...
Interlocutor: The chemical composition of the atmosphere?
Morganel: …Of each world. In order to know if it is breathable for the beings who visit that world. But if there are worlds in which the atmospheric pressure is very similar to the one they come from and its air is almost breathable, they are injected with… in fact, it isn’t an injection, but rather it’s like a mini-teleporter, for example, you have to vaccinate someone and it’s a small disk that can have an inch of diameter, it’s leaned over the skin, one pushes a button, which is barely pushed, and automatically that "shot" goes directly into the blood stream of that alien without the need of perforating the skin by means of a needle, the solution passes teleported. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: In the same way there are technologies - I am transmitting to this vessel’s decoder very difficult concepts and it seems as though I tried to drive an ordinary car and make it compete in your F1 racing circuits - there are medical instruments because there are genetic problems in many worlds, but in those worlds, if a person has a brain tumor, a tool so-to-speak similar to a syringe but in the opposite way, it’s applied on that person's head and it teleports that tumor out of the body without the need of opening anything.
Interlocutor: Without surgical intervention?
Morganel: How does it achieve it? it achieves it in the same way the other artifact works, like a radar, which can detect up to ten kilometers deep below, water, petroleum, silver, gold, platinum, whatever it was, because it’s directly a mathematical process, you follow me?, mathematically they put in that artifact, let us call it “the code” of the substance they have to extract and it will extract that substance exactly, neither a molecule more nor a molecule less. I translate it because there are a lot of people who might not understand it.
For example, you have a bottle in which you have oil and vinegar mixed. The vinegar has a code and the oil has another code. If I put against the wall of glass that tool and I had the vinegar code, I could push the button and it would extract the vinegar and not a single molecule of oil because the code works in that way. Similarly, it can extract a tumor, a cubic centimeter of blood or half liter of blood.
Interlocutor: So, it can extract biological material and it can extract several chemical substances it depends on the code...
Morganel: Of course, because they have a code, it is a code; the difference is that the biological material is much more complex because it is not the same thing the code of an element compared to the code of a simple substance, like water, because we already know that water is not an element but a substance. –If you hear in many TV programs when they say: "The basic element of life: water." No. water is a substance, which is formed by two elements. However, water is a simple substance; there are very complex substances.
Interlocutor: And mainly biological material.
Morganel: Most of all biological material. What you write in that device – let’s call it extracting artifact – it’s much more complex for you all to understand. But these extraterrestrials have that knowledge since many centuries ago. For instance, a boy, or a child of primary school from this alleged world would know how to work with these numbers perfectly in the same way that terrestrial children know how to play with those computer games, which fifty years ago not even the greatest scientists would be capable to understand them, at least until - and here I’ll use a very common earthly idiom - until they get the point.
That doesn't impair the race of Sun 3 because if a boy from Sun 3 is taught in that technology, he will be able to manipulate any apparatus perfectly as long as that apparatus is designed for that boy homo sapiens sapiens; why? because there is also a trick. Let’s suppose that the Alien race has another physical conformation and instead of fingers they have tentacles or another kind of limb, then this apparatus will be designed for those fingers, for those tentacles, or whichever it was. Are you following me?
Then, a terrestrial boy, no matter how much you teach him to manipulate such apparatus, perhaps instead of pressing a button, it is necessary to use a tentacle in a hole and that boy's fingers would not fit. For that reason, as I said before, it’s not enough with teaching that boy, it would be also necessary to design a different tool, so that it works with the same function, but this could be used by a boy homo sapiens sapiens.
Interlocutor: It is necessary to make back-engineering.
Morganel: Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes, I do.
Morganel: Well, because if there were intelligent arachnids, Why not? In certain world and they had a mental decoder similar to the homo sapiens sapiens, any spirit like us could perfectly embody in them, because the most important thing is the mental decoder. But an arachnid could not manipulate a weapon or a tool designed for a homo sapiens sapiens. I clarify it so that everybody understands what I meant before.
Interlocutor: Yes. One could see the counterpart.
Morganel: Before that - and I make a kind of joke - before the vessel faints...
Interlocutor: That’s exactly we are afraid of, poor Jorge. You know, I have a curiosity; I’ll read it for you, "A while ago arrived to our study a videotape [3] with images of non-conventional air crafts flying on the beach of an Island in the north of Trinidad and Tobago. The flight of those UFOs would have been filmed by a German tourist on the Thursday 16, August 2007 at 5:50 AM. On the Internet an explanation appeared explaining how that videotape of the German tourist would have been hoaxed and it was only a fraud like many other frauds in ufology.
I, your incarnated part, suspect that the videos that appear on the Internet as a proof of the fraud are in fact hoaxed videos and they have been produced by some kind of manipulation or montage starting from the original videotape.
I think that somehow some beings are trying to deviate public attention from what concerns here to the Alien presence on Eearth. Perhaps they have a concealed interest. Is this idea too paranoiac or maybe characteristic from conspiracy theories?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: Could we know if this videotape is authentic or just one fraud more like many others that exist in ufology?
Morganel: It’s an authentic film, but its date is from ten years earlier, it was not filmed by a German tourist, but by a gentleman from another country in Europe and it was passing from hand to hand until it was modified digitally and then the corresponding montages were made. But there is a ship which is original.
Interlocutor: So, it’s a fraudulent video made over an original like an absurdity, just to show that it was a hoax. And not the other way around.
Morganel: Correct. That’s right.
Interlocutor: So, my suspicion was right.
Morganel: I will be magnanimous and I will let the vessel rest. See you soon.
Interlocutor: Yes, please. Until the next time.
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