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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: Prior to fully communicate with you, I must thank the collaboration of Johnakan Ur-El, who kindly has been present to assist me on the issue related to the genetic heritage and its connection with engrams and karma. Although they don’t have common causes, they have later effects in the future. Let’s say that they don’t have common causes, but they have effects in common.
An engram is an implanted hypnotic order or a painful emotional experience, which has been recorded in the genetic cellular memory of the incarnated role, and karma can be a hostile act, a negligence or omission made on purpose, which later on will remain for a future incarnation, as a lesson to be learnt. The causes are different; not the effects because in both cases, the engrams and karmic elections are recorded at the genetic cellular level.
Many times we have wondered or you all have wondered: “why have I chosen a certain family? why have I chosen a particular father or a mother where I embodied since they don’t have nothing in common with me?”...perhaps and perhaps it's for your own cause because their genetic code is consistent with the role that you all have come to fulfill as a spiritual beings in the physical plane. If in a previous life you were a person who committed a certain hostile act, or you have tortured, you have robbed, you have killed, you have left people suffering, grieving, or you have severed limbs in battle... and suppose, just suppose that your karma has to do with an incarnation with some physical malformation or with a different capacity.
Obviously an engram is going to be involved along with the karma that are going to be implanted somehow in that locus in order to modify the DNA of the body that is being gestated, in which you are recently embodied.
However, only with that would not be enough, obviously the genetic contribution of those parents is going to be necessary, who are going to “collaborate” between quotation marks, so that such malformation or physical disability be developed in that being. Although we have already spoken in several occasions that, if the different capabilities are so deep, they are not a karmic lesson for the embodied person to learn, but the people around that person because that person's 10% is going to be a prisoner of the mental decoder that will not reason, and he/she will be isolated from his/her 90%, therefore that person will not learn any karmic lesson, but it will be for the other people, so that they learn a karmic lesson. But there are cases where the capacity is slightly different and then the karmic lesson is for the person.
With regard to engrams, we can have different engrams, fear engrams to confinement, which you call claustrophobia, they are recorded as a conceptual engrams in the spiritual part so that, in all, in all the cases the person who suffers from claustrophobia has a notch in the modified locus so that it pushes the person’s DNA and he/she feels the panic to confinement or whatever the case be.
In the physical plane one always depends on the genetic code, always, in all the cases. It’s not independent of the spirit because conceptual engrams do not need of the genetic code, and while many times the thetan transmits to his/her 10% embodied engrams that it drags conceptually from other lives and so that these engrams “are made flesh,” between quotation marks, it’s necessary to alter, to change somehow the genetic code.
Sometimes, being embodied, you all copy from your parents the way you walk, the way you write, the way you stare, the way you sneeze or cough, certain gestures... and it has nothing to do with the spiritual part because you all are roles. So, as Johnakan says to me, we reached the conclusion that there are manners in the individual's personality that are directly physical inheritance. It will never be fully independent of the spiritual part because for some reason the child embraced from the father the way to write; that way of walking, the fluency of the mother...
The person inherited his or her physical intelligence, which is entirely from the mental decoder. Let’s clarify the difference, all the spirits have a conceptual energy, which you can call it, spiritual intelligence, if you want or whatever you like. But at the same time the human being embodied in Sun 3 or in another world, it may be Imman, Ummite, or whatever you like, to transmit that spiritual intelligence to the physical part, it’s going to need a mental decoder and the mental decoder is limited. Then it may happen many times that spirits with less understanding can excel in the physical plane over other spirits with more understanding because the physical decoder surpasses the other’s mental decoder. Sometimes, due to an engram, we isolated ourselves because of an unconscious fear to suffer emotionally from a brutal experience we had in a previous life... and unconsciously we choose to be born in a family where we are going to inherit a simpler decoder, so to speak, while the 90% perhaps is an illustrious spirit, a philosophical spirit and that 10% is going to be an unnoticed being with no intention to know the how and why, and that person lives a life in a gray tone. That can happen due to karma or it may happen due to an engram. As I said earlier, the causes are different, the effects may be similar.
However, there's more yet. There are many small children who learn to read when they are barely three years old, the half of the time the common children take to learn to read, or when they are five years old, they play the piano with sublime beauty...
What has happened there? First of all, there is a mental decoder that interprets the spiritual concept and perhaps that spirit in a past life was a great mathematician, a great painter or a great pianist. And not only does the mental decoder grasp almost the whole concept of the 90% non-incarnated or thetan, but it is like there is a small fissure opened, a small crack, as if there were a small part of the reincarnative memory that will allow the person to glimpse and acquire the musical wisdom, or mathematic ability or painting skill from that past life. And I will give you an example that it is so, and not that geniuses are born at this time from new species superior to homo sapiens sapiens, not yet, because if it were like that, like most of the people think, where a child surpasses the intellectual quotient of 180. That would be stable and the person would excel throughout his/her entire life to reach almost the extreme capacity. However, Didn’t you notice? Haven’t you wondered why most of these prodigy children eventually catch up with the rest? The answer itself is simple, and I thank Johnakan for thinking in abstract and letting me express the idea because that child had a small fissure from that past life absorbing some of that knowledge about piano and the boy will be remarkable, unless that in an exceptional case, a large study, a great vocation of the child, he will reach the same level he had in the previous role in that past life as a pianist, which may be good, very good or excellent, but he will be even.
The same would be if the child was a violinist, a guitar concertist, etc. In that past life. If it were like many people think, the child would keep that “superiority,” between quotation marks, over other children while the child grows.
There are many of your TV shows about questions and answers where children answer questions from high school, while others children of the same age are learning to write. However, when these children are 20 years old or so, they become normal, unless they truly have the curiosity to go deeper and be savvy on a certain subject and well, they can excel. But I want you to understand the difference; I want you all to understand the difference. The same thetan of that pianist, if he sees that his work was left unconcluded, perhaps with an engram of dissatisfaction and that marks a notch in the genetic code, and it will arouse the passion in that child for the violin, the cello, the harp, the guitar or any other musical instrument. The same would be with painting, etc. So, of course that it depends on the physical part.

The word “genius” is a word that I take it with a grain of salt because we said many times that there were many geniuses who were not geniuses in the end. They had a great lucubration and later on that theory was inaccurate, or it didn’t have a continuation, or it was a wrong theory, and then another physicist came and everything fell apart to the ground due to the previous assumption.
The genetic code is much deeper and complicated than most geneticists today could ever understand. It goes far beyond a simple inheritance, and now I speak entirely and solely about the physical part. A genetic code inherit gestures, sometimes we, in the spiritual plane, “wonder”- between quotation marks - even knowing the answer just like playing a game, How can a gesture be inherited? As I said before, we are roles, we have nothing in common at spiritual level with those who would be our parents father or biological mother, or our grandparents, paternal or maternal, nothing in common at spiritual level because group karmas don’t exist although many schools say it so, because it is not consistent, not logical, and those teachers who spread those teachings are not logical either.
We can incarnate with another person with whom we were in a past life because we can have an agreement at spiritual level, but not to reverse a bad karma with that person, because as the Master Johnakan said countless times, karma is personal. If I do something wrong to somebody in a past life, I owe nothing to that person because I was the one who created that bad karma to myself, I generated that bad karma, the lesson to be learned will be mine, the other has nothing to learn.
I’m the one who has to learn and amend that error, the other one is not my victim. But sometimes, by coincidence of thoughts we can embody in the same generation, not necessarily in the same year or in the same decade, but we can be born few years apart to meet each other, as it happened with me and Johnakan.
However, it also depends on the physical part because we arranged a contact from the spiritual plane and it had to affect an external factor to one of the parts, so that our 10%’s meet each other and it was a factor completely irrelevant to all this research.
Interlocutor: Could you clarify that point Morganel? What was that factor?
Morganel: The factor was a personal problem of yours, when you contacted this vessel, who at this time is channeling me, it was a factor that had nothing to do with any type of research. Yours was a particular factor and it makes no sense to approach it now, but it was a personal problem, and that personal problem led you to know in depth what I know as your spiritual part from infinity of time ago, I say “infinity” between quotation marks because infinity does not exist, not at the level we want to approach, we have a certain age, infinity to your sense of life, but as the incarnated part of Inam-El says: “everything is for something.” So, sometimes due to a fact, due to a certain situation your destinies can meet in order to achieve a particular task where many creatures may be beneficiary from it.
Why do I put so much emphasis on the genetic part? Because it is a very stable base and it has so much in common, many living beings that inhabit Sun 3, and also other beings in other worlds, billions and billions of worlds that have similar genetic codes to Homo sapiens sapiens genetic code. And sometimes a small difference makes that the race be completely different, many of you will ask, yes, I read in a scientific journal that we have a very similar genetic code compared to certain monkeys, which after all are apes. But what about the mouse, and a worm? We have nothing in common with a worm. I already said in a previous session that the way that a worm mates was completely different to the homo sapiens sapiens mating. Worms are Hermaphroditic, they don’t have a specific sex, they lie side by side and they exchange sperm that is the copulation. And yet we share genes being embodied as homo sapiens sapiens.
There are small differences that make us different beings while we are embodied and that we have a mental decoder capable to translate concepts very, very complex to the spoken language or written language. And there are other worlds where people with very high mental decoders transmit technological concepts much more advanced. But it is not that the mental decoder is superior compared to the homo sapiens sapiens’ decoder. Simply that race is more evolved and they developed a bigger knowledge. A basic, but a very basic example, any average person of the XXI century of the Christian era in the planet Sun 3, has umpteenth times more knowledge than a homo sapiens sapiens 2000 years ago.
Johnakan has already said more than once that there are beings from stellar systems that have extended their physical life working with the genetic code, trying to make that the genetic cords be raveled the less possible. It has already revealed as a scoop more than a decade ago, when even geneticists didn’t know that through the genetic code the life span of every individual could be known, they didn’t even know and it was revealed that there is a second genetic code, which is related to the RNA that marks the life span of the species, the life span of the race.
That’s something that geneticists haven’t found yet, something that causes that the male or female become sterile and so the race become extinct. [1]
It would be childish, naive, incoherent to think that most of the animals that have had contact with the homo sapiens sapiens have been exterminated and for that reason that race became extinct, or they perished due to the lack of food because the next question would be: why some animals perished and others didn’t? It could be an excuse of a meteorite 65 million years ago, Was there a meteorite 10,000 years ago too? Because there are many, many mammals that have disappeared because of their genetic code, which marked the end of those species, it was the end for those races to open the way for other races.
Geneticists have a lot ahead to investigate; they have a lot to research. The mission for them in the physical is to work with DNA, and also work with all that is related with computer science and also everything related to computers, which capacity is not being added, it’s being increased exponentially, and the time will come in which unfortunately a lot of information will be lost. Because the researchers who store the data - and this is not an offense- but they are so clumsy and instead of increasing the storage capacity of a given artifact, what they do is to put it aside like something obsolete and they start from scratch with another type of device, and there is a lot of information lost in that way.
To those who have not expertise on the topic, before there was the vinyl, then the tape appeared, then the CDs, DVDs, the Blu-Ray discs, and new technologies will come.
However, the reader devices of these discs that a great percentage of people use have become obsolete because the data are stored in new containers and these devices do not read them. And maybe mine is a funny paradox, but it's as though the civilization due to a matter of whim, every millennium would invent a new language, it would change the writing, and they would leave behind all the old writing. Who will take the work to transcribe the great works? Will they be destroyed forever? Then do not commit the blunder of accumulating data, information, and then that little storage or big storage of data becomes obsolete in front of new storage devices. Find the way to improve it, but always within the same prototype. And here, I speak jokingly, or their mental decoder has not enough capacity for that?
To conclude the issue related to the genetic code and this session, there were many beings in the ancient history, anthropoids many more than you would know. There were hundreds and hundreds of races, many of them have lived together, some of them peacefully, others not, but since there had equal forces, they have not wiped out each other.
They had red hair, brown; there were apes with black hair, taller, shorter 1.40, 1.50, 1.60 m. They had different ways of expression, some of them were carnivores, some were herbivores and they had different ways of mating. They were intelligent in their own way, but they didn’t have a total defense against the big cat predators.
And it's not like many researchers say that they were test subjects. The DNA doesn’t test, even though the DNA is intelligent in terms of inheritance, it is not intelligence testing species. The species succumb, in many cases due to the second genetic code, and the genetic code of the race is very limited, a few thousand years, or directly because there were few specimens, thousands of specimens and in that case they could have been decimated by hunger or by other tribes. But there was little difference among other species, starting from millions of years ago. However, a few tens of thousands of years ago there were still many species on the planet, and not all of them were decimated. It is very basic, very childish, a close-minded approach to believe that.
We, and although I say we because I’m a spirit embodied in a homo sapiens sapiens, we have and here I copy a terrestrial phrase, we do not have a carte blanche on the planet, we are not the owners of the planet or anything, we are just passing by. As spirits we have no fear because we can embody in any other planet of the universe. But as well as the other incarnated beings, you all have attachment to your families, parents, siblings, cousins, friends, relatives, whatever, sometimes a spirit have an attachment to a planet.
Notice that most of the embodied spirits I know don’t embody in more than five or six planets, and they take a planet as a favorite and a second favorite planet. Most of them whom I know, and I speak in my case, I also speak on behalf of Johnakan, not for others, their two favorite planets are Sun 3 and Aldebaran 4. That doesn’t mean that they have not incarnated in other worlds, but in few number of times. Then it's like one has an attachment, but not an attachment from the ego, in our plane we don’t have ego, I’m talking about an attachment from love, from fondness, attachment to know the history, knowing that there was a different history, I cannot say that it’s nice because if you go through history, history in Sun 3 is based on battles. I have no voice, my voice is borrowed by the vessel, or else I would laugh ironically since the history of humanity where my 10% is living is based on battles, and that there are changes because of battles or geological accidents, very few times due to a discovery.
Then, sometimes I look back inside of me and I wonder what's wrong, because if we share the same DNA with philosophers of other races in other parts of the universe where they haven’t had a battle in thousands of years. What is our difference? What was the thing that made click here or what was the thing that made click over there in the other genetic code? What caused the click so that people on Earth have so much contempt for life? I will not answer those questions; my wish is that each one of you responds them.
Thank you for listening.
Interlocutor: Thank you Morganel, thank you Johnakan.

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