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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master Ruanel?

Ruanel: Hello, It’s been a long time.

Interlocutor: Yes, Master That’s true, Will you give some short message?

Ruanel: I would have many things to say, but let’s go directly to the questions.

Interlocutor: Well, you can give your messages while you answer the questions. I’ll leave It up to you. The first question is related to a strange case, which appeared on the news, I read the summary I have for the record:

Three Mexican castaways, shark fishermen, Lucio Rendón Becerra, Jesús Eduardo Vidaña and Salvador Ordóñez were found near the Marshall Islands after being lost at sea almost nine months. It seems that they set sail in October 2005 and they were rescued in August 2006. Originally they were five fishermen, but the survivors say that the other two castaways died because of accidents or something similar. But the strange thing is that they didn’t show signs of having been so much time adrift: dehydration, sunburn skin, nor weight loss.
The issue is that nobody believes them, and they even suspect that there is an issue of drug traffic involved.
Ruanel: They crashed accidentally with a space ship like a semi-submarine that was surrounded by an energy field that made it invisible.

Interlocutor: Then, they collided with an invisible extraterrestrial space ship similar to a submarine that was on the surface in that moment?
Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: And then were they abducted?

Ruanel: That’s right, but I have to clarify that they were treated very well by those aliens.

Interlocutor: But I suppose that they did something to them.

Ruanel: The extraterrestrials always accustom to making tests with living organisms of other worlds, and for that reason they extract blood and cellular samples. They also cut part of the hair and they make DNA tests.

Interlocutor: But Did they hurt them in some way?

Ruanel: No, they didn't hurt them because they are very small samples. But as it happens in almost all the cases, people get scared when they face beings with unknown and frightening forms of life.

Interlocutor: But their morphology was something similar to the aliens that we know through drawings that circulated everywhere?

Ruanel: No, not at all, because in this case these aliens were rather of the insectoid type.

Interlocutor: Just like the Langar similar to locusts?

Ruanel: No, much smaller, shorter than the average human height.

Interlocutor: I don’t understand well. Are they humanoids or directly they belong to the animal Kingdom?

Ruanel: No, they are not humanoids but insectoids. They have three fingers and an opposed finger as a thumb, their faces are also different to the human being. Their eyes have cells, like those you have seen in pictures of the compound eyes of the flies.

Interlocutor: Are they somewhat similar to the flies, with wings and everything?

Ruanel: Yes, they have some small wings and outfits similar to the plastic that covers part of their bodies.

Interlocutor: Are we speaking of evolved beings? Maybe Masters of Light?

Ruanel: Not necessarily, because they are beings similar to the average terrestrial man, where spirits of the planes 2, 3, 4 or 5 can embody.

Interlocutor: I understand. Where did they come from?

Ruanel: From a planet called Macarael.

Interlocutor: Is that planet in our astronomical charts?

Ruanel: No, it doesn't appear.

Interlocutor: How far is that planet from Earth?

Ruanel: Around 550 light years. It’s a star similar to our sun.

Interlocutor: Macarael 4 or 5?

Ruanel: Macarael 3.

Interlocutor: And how far is that planet from its star?

Ruanel: Approximately at 160 million kilometers.

Interlocutor: Is their star of the same size as our Sun?

Ruanel: It is hardly a little bit bigger and the average temperature of the planet is very similar to the terrestrial temperature because it is in the 15º degrees C.

Interlocutor: Is their civilization organized as well as the insects, for example like the bees?

Ruanel: Something similar.

Interlocutor: How do they reproduce?

Ruanel: Their reproduction is completely different to the terrestrial mammals, because they copulate but the females lay eggs.

Interlocutor: To what terrestrial insect would they be more alike?

Ruanel: Surely to a fly.

Interlocutor: Truly remarkable. And what were they doing in our planet?

Ruanel: They were simply studying minerals, vegetables.

Interlocutor: I remember that you said that the apparatus was like a submarine?

Ruanel: The ship was designed to move under the water as well as on the surface.

Interlocutor: Obviously it also flies.

Ruanel: Of course.

Interlocutor: I have to deduce, according to your explanation that in fact it was an accident because the fishermen didn't see the ship because it was surrounded by an energy field that made the space ship invisible. Is it correct?

Ruanel: Yes, it is correct, because the idea of these aliens was not to study the human beings.

Interlocutor: What happened to the other two fishermen that didn't return?

Ruanel: They rebelled and they tried to escape running through the corridors, they touched an artifact that had high electric power and they died electrocuted.

Interlocutor: Why did they rebel?

Ruanel: Mainly because they were terrified.

Interlocutor: Did they murder them?

Ruanel: No, it was directly an accident. They ran through the corridors, they found a floodgate and they thought they could escape through it.- Where would they escape if they were in the middle of the ocean?- And when they touched an artifact they didn’t know how it worked, it threw at them a discharge of rays that practically pulverized them.

Interlocutor: And the other three fishermen adapted to that situation?

Ruanel: They had to adapt…
Interlocutor: How did they communicate with the fishermen?

Ruanel: Obviously they didn't understand their language and they didn’t have translators either.

Interlocutor: Just to have an idea. How would the language of these aliens be?

Ruanel: As a whisper. Do you remember the sound that a mosquito makes? Well, something similar but more low-pitched. And the diverse tones of buzzings are their vocabulary. As well as we have the a, b, c, etc., they represent those sounds modulating the sound.

Interlocutor: Okay. How long were they in that space ship?

Ruanel: They were all the time since the moment of their disappearance until the moment they were found.

Interlocutor: Were these fishermen free or were they imprisoned?

Ruanel: They had freedom to move inside the ship, since there was nowhere else to go.

Interlocutor: And what did they eat?

Ruanel: They were fed perfectly. Besides, they showed them slides of their world.

Interlocutor: But Did they end up communicating somehow?

Ruanel: Yes, through signs. The fishermen many times made signs to them like asking them if they could leave, but the aliens didn't pay attention to them.

Interlocutor: And how did they escape?

Ruanel: They didn’t escape, the aliens allowed them to leave, but previously they put a kind of helmets on their heads and through a kind of radiation unknown in Earth, after locating the neurons where the last events lived were recorded, they erased their memories.

Interlocutor: I understand.

Ruane: For that reason when they were found they had, on one hand, a total amnesia of what had happened to them and, on the other hand, the memory of false events that they had implanted in their brains.

Interlocutor: So they don’t remember anything of what truly happened to them, and the memories they have now are only memory implants. Am I right?

Ruanel: Correct.

Interlocutor: Well, here I’m confused. Isn’t that the mind cannot erase memories?

Ruanel: Yes, memories can be erased.

Interlocutor: My question is based on Dianetics and the teaching that the memories cannot be erased, but only blocked. I will ask again the question to see if I can understand better this matter. Let’s say that the memories can only be erased from the physical mind, but not from the spiritual I mean the 10% or 90%...

Ruanel: We are only speaking of the 10% in his physical part. I will explain it better. In a 100% spirit, any experience cannot be erased. Do you understand me?

Interlocutor: Perfectly.

Ruanel: and when the spirit is embodied, the experiences of the 10% and the 90% cannot be erased either.
Interlocutor: It is clear.

Ruanel: It happens that that spirit, I mean to the 10% embodied, It’s lodged in a recipient called physical human being in this planet. In other worlds it is called in other way.

Interlocutor: I follow you perfectly.

Ruanel: What prevails in the physical plane is the physical memory, not the spiritual memory. If you suddenly suffer a neuronal damage, even though your 10% spirit remembers everything, your physical being won't remember it.

This is what has happened to these fishermen: they touched part of those cells where the last memories were housed. In the physical plane, In what Johnakan called “decoder”, and the name is accurate because it decodes the spiritual concepts to spoken language. Touching the cells where those memories were housed, their memories disappeared of the physical plane.

And although the 10% and the 90% remember those events they don't have a way to transmit them because they have an obstacle, a closed barrier. When not having the neuron where that memory was housed, no matter how much the 10% remembers it, it doesn't have a way to transmit it and then the person cannot remember it.

Interlocutor: Could hypnosis be used to reach that memory?

Ruanel: With hypnosis it could be surely, but it would not pass of being a déjá vu just like when one remembers past lives. They would not take it as something real. It will appear as a blurred memory or maybe they can have some recurrent dreams…
Interlocutor: Concretely, what these fishermen say is not real but the consequence of neuronal implants.

Ruanel: Yes, totally. From the mind memories can be extracted and supplant them by others. It is something similar to the current videotape recorders that allow to record or delete images and sounds.

Interlocutor: Well, I believe that all of this is clear. Why did the aliens release the fishermen?

Ruanel: Because they had already made with them all the experiments they wanted. Besides, these aliens were not wicked beings. Those who died, as I already made clear, they didn't kill them, but rather it was an accident.

Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear. Now I remember that I forgot to ask about the size of the space ship.

Ruanel: Approximately 300 meters. [984 ft]

Interlocutor: And was its shape rounded?

Ruanel: No, it was rather lengthened like a terrestrial submarine.

Interlocutor: What kind of energy did it use to move?

Ruanel: The propulsion is through anti-gravity and also ultra-luminous energy.

Interlocutor: I don’t remember if the height of these beings was clear.

Ruanel: Approximately 1,60 and 1,65 mts.

Interlocutor: How the survivors achieve to cohabit with those fly beings? - let us call them in that way-
Ruanel: It’s not that they adapted, but rather these aliens studied the morphology of the abducted fishermen and they knew what proteins they could give them to eat. Then they prepared a similar food to the terrestrial food giving it a pleasant flavor.

Interlocutor: To what extent did the fishermen have freedom to move inside the ship? I mean if they could go anywhere without restrictions.

Ruanel: They were free inside the two chambers where they had a place to sleep, their bathroom, a place of recreation. They even taught them to manage some buttons to look at slides, they had thousands of them. But they only gave them the slides that they could confront, since their mental decoders were not able to digest all of them.

Interlocutor: I understand. Can we say that after all they had a good time?

Ruanel: No, they had a bad experience, with a permanent distress because they thought that in the end, they would be eliminated.

Interlocutor: Obviously that was not their purpose.

Ruanel: No, not at all. They had even extracted from Earth the symbol that represents Peace and they showed to them in the screen insinuating that they were peaceful. They touched their chests and later they pointed out to the symbol to calm them down. Obviously their symbols are totally different; their language is also absolutely different and incompatible with the terrestrial language.

Interlocutor: Why didn't they calm them giving them for example some sedative pill? It is an idea nothing else.

Ruanel: No, they didn't give them pills but rather they gave them a small energy touch. They themselves touched them with a kind of ring that had a weak voltage like a terrestrial battery and in that way they transmitted to them a soothing energy.

Interlocutor: To conclude with this topic I’d like to ask you on How you perceive from your plane the structure of the mind. I ask It because, as I have understood, the structure of the incarnated beings is 90% spirit and 10% brain or physical body.

Ruanel: The mind is absolutely spiritual, not material.

Interlocutor: Not Material? But Isn’t the mind different from the spirit?

Ruanel: No, no. This was already said by Johnakan in an opportunity and I repeat it: the incarnated human being doesn't have mind, he has brain. He is such a complete vessel capable to receive the spiritual concepts.

Johnakan said many times that the only synonym of God is Love, and God can be called as Love without impairing his essence, because if one says “infinite”, infinite is only a figure.

Once a mathematician said that if there were a row of infinite objects and at its side we put another row of infinite objects, then the infinite lost its essence because there would be an infinite plus another infinite. What if we put side by side infinite rows? What would it be, infinite squared?

And it could also be infinite in the height, and then we would be speaking about infinite to the third power… And it can be a lot of variants more. Then, taking God as infinite maybe it would be undermining him, because it has already been said that God is Everything and it is nothingness. Then we take him as Love.

Returning to the topic, Johnakan said that the spirit is denominated as he is and the spirit has a concept. The concept is his spiritual mind, it has a concept, but the spirit doesn't differ from his concept.

The man has a brain and also other organs in his body; he has arms, legs, feet, internal organs, circulatory system, etc. But in the spirit that differentiation doesn't exist: a concept exists, but there is no other thing, because the spirit is that concept.

Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood: the structure of an embodied being is, on one hand spirit, who is “divided” in 90% and 10%, and the brain and the rest of the physical organs on the other hand. Now then, the 100% pure spirit –leaving aside the division 10% and 90%- It involves everything, mind and concept like a single thing.
Definitely, then, the structure of an embodied being would be composed of two parts, the physical part and the spiritual part, period.
And when we speak about mind we are speaking of the spirit, and when we speak of concept, we are also speaking about the spirit. That is to say that when we speak about mind, concept or spirit we are always speaking of the same thing. Is that correct?

Ruanel: Correct, but in addition the spirit has in his superhysical form other variants. We always say that we can lower a curtain so that another spirit cannot “read” or visualize or understand our concept. We want to isolate ourselves. Then it means that aside from being a pure concept we also have other aggregates. -It is difficult to explain- It is as though we can lower our mental blind so that they cannot read us. That blind is also part of us, as spirits. It would be like a superphysical barrier that prevents that other spirits capture what we think if we don't want them to know. That is because of divine free will. Is the idea clear?

Interlocutor: Perfectly.

Ruanel: Well. The mind is understood, somehow, as “thinking artifact”, and brain is the decoder that translates that mind. For that reason it is said that the human being has mind, but in fact, the mind doesn't belong to the human being but to the spirit that gives life to that human being. That human being without the spirit is inert, as a dead object.

Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood. I’ll make this comparison: the computer, as all the material in it, keyboard, monitor, hard disk, etc, on one hand, and on the other hand the operator- that is to say, the human being that operates the computer. The man in this example would be the spiritual thinking part that gives concepts, decisions, etc., and on the other hand the computer would be the physical brain. In synthesis, the comparison would be: computer-operator and brain-spirit.

Ruanel: As a matter of it's much more complex, because the incarnated human being, the spirit that embodies in a body, possesses senses that doesn't have in the spiritual planes such as, touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.

Even in other worlds there are other senses that it would be impossible to explain because there are no words in the earthly language to translate the concept.

For instance these aliens, let us call them fly beings, they have a vocabulary with intonations, sharp and low-pitched, and they have a writing with dots and lines as if it were Morse code and when they want to copulate they secrete pheromones like the animals that are in heat and the females attract the males.

They don’t have a concept of Love, they don't have a family concept and however they have a tremendous respect, they have a concept of impersonal Love, they have a concept of research, but they don't form colonies of families.

Interlocutor: Master, this whole matter is clear enough could we leave this way for the time being?

Ruanel: Okay.

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