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The solution of the enigma

Interlocutor: In the well-known case of "Jonathan Reed", the obvious question is: Was the extraterrestrial a time traveler?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, I confirm he was a time traveler, although not terrestrial but extraterrestrial.

Interlocutor: Extraterrestrial? That's interesting! What year Did he come from?

Ron Hubbard: Around the year 6000 or 6200. I am referring to the time of Earth.

Interlocutor: And the planet?

Ron Hubbard: I perceive it as D-Tox, which is at least at 640 light years, that is to say, quite far. I clarify that the alien didn't have human form as those from Gamaria 4.

Interlocutor: Would he look like more to those we call “grays."

Ron Hubbard: Yes, he is more or less like them, although at this moment I am visualizing that his face is rather oval, as if it were pointed up and down, very big and dark eyes, they are almost all black, the nose is barely noticeable, as if it had holes.

Interlocutor: How tall are they?

Ron Hubbard: Approximately 1,20 m. to 1,30 m. [ 3.9 ft - 4.2 ft ]

Interlocutor: Did Jonathan Reed film the alien?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, I confirm it.

Interlocutor: How did the extraterrestrial time traveler defend himself?

Ron Hubbard: With an ultrasound artifact, for that reason Jonathan Reed threw up.

Interlocutor: Did the extraterrestrial die?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, in the end he died, he didn't survive the whack he received when Reed knocked him down with the log.

Interlocutor: Is Jonathan Reed the real name of this person?

Ron Hubbard: No, it is not his real name. It is simply a pseudonym.

Interlocutor: I understand. Is this person somehow marketing with his adventure, so to speak?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, of course.

Interlocutor: Did Jonathan Reed keep the time traveling artifact with him?

Ron Hubbard: Correct, but he could not use it because he ignores how it works.

Interlocutor: Did the American government take care of this case?

Ron Hubbard: No, because they didn't attach importance to it.

Interlocutor: Does that alleged government organization called "Dark Side” exist?

Ron Hubbard: No, not officially.

Interlocutor: Then Reed is not being pursued and he was not threatened?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, but only by fundamentalists who don't believe in extraterrestrials or time travelers. This irrationality is something very common and it happens everywhere.

Interlocutor: Is there something more interesting to say about this case?

Ron Hubbard: No, nothing else.

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