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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills,and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22).
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Jesus, current Solar Logos.
Interlocutor: …Who will communicate now?
Master Jesus: I am here again, with all my Love. I am again here to transmit new messages.
Interlocutor: Master Jesus! How are you?
Master Jesus: With a lot of pain because I see that there are many false prophets that lately are trying to give wrong messages. There are so many misinterpretations about what the real demon is!
Interlocutor: What do you mean, Master?
Master Jesus: The real demon of man is attachment. The important thing in all of this is to see that as well as you are learning, we are also learning in our level. We learn from your failures, we learn from your mistakes.
You will tell me: "How come, Master, in your level of Logos, so elevated, you continue learning?"
The answer is Yes. Even the Christ, the Dimensional Logos who also
extends over diverse Galaxies, learns of all the living beings.
Not even The highest beings stop learning from the smallest species that would be your insects.
The last learning it’s that when I was incarnated the main enemy of the race was temptation. Today, I can say with all certainty that temptation has passed to a second level. The biggest enemy of the race now is EGO. Ego is practically the demon incarnated...
What does this mean? Just as there is a series of demons working for my Father, so that you can evolve - we can also evolve! - Those demons take advantage of your imperfections and they feed your ego.
When feeding your ego, it empathizes with that demon who is feeding it, then it makes that each one of the people question themselves, question everything, questioned why they live, why they work, why they have certain suffering, why they have certain family. All "why" come because of Ego.
And Ego asks everything because there is a demon behind that makes that this be questioned.
It’s precisely the demon, and I want to clarify that, serving to you. The demon serves you. The demon helps you.
Interlocutor: But, Is the demon aware that in fact he is helping you?
Master Jesus: No, obviously he doesn't know. What the demon is looking for is to destroy you, not to strengthen you.
Interlocutor: But when we speak of "demons" are we speaking of a certain entity?
Master Jesus: We are speaking of a certain entity!
Interlocutor: Not symbolic?
Master Jesus: No, not symbolic. At this time there are 7 of the original 72 Elohim working. And there are also many demons working. Just as the Elohim create new Angelic Spirits, new Spirits in evolution, in the same way, the demons are trying to tempt...
But I insist again, temptation passes at this time to a second plan.
Interlocutor: But are we speaking of good demons or bad demons that make us evolve?
Master Jesus: Good demons don’t exist. All demons are angels of Error.
Interlocutor: Would it be something like a demon inside of us?
Master Jesus: The Father gives free will to all of us... Then, "inside of us" it is an expression that it is necessary “to take with a grain of salt", to say it in a very human expression. Nobody has dominion to control you or dominate you, not even the spirits of Error, not even demons, but they can attack your Ego.
Then Ego is as if it were a master key to them and they enter through it.
Interlocutor: But what is the concrete purpose, from their point of view, what do these demons or spirits of Error have in common?
Master Jesus: To destroy you!
Interlocutor: But do they find pleasure on this purpose?
Master Jesus: Completely!
Interlocutor: But are we speaking of beings of the second or third plane, that is to say, of the so-called "spirits of error?"
Master Jesus: No, no, "demons" are angels that have lost their identity.
Interlocutor: Is it real, then, that fight that it’is said that there were spirits that rebelled against the Father, Lucifer and others?
Master Jesus: Lucifer is an Angel of Light! He is one of the purest angels in the universe and the Father sent him in mission to the planet Earth to tempt. Then, by means of the temptation and suffering, in this way the spirit would evolve.
Lucifer brought many collaborators, collaborators that lost their memory because of divine mercy, and then they became demons.
As well as they have tempted me in the desert... what do you suppose was my temptation?
Interlocutor: I suppose that Ego... I believe that you said it in another opportunity, Master.
Master Jesus: Exactly. Then, what is defeated here is the temptation of ego, because ego is our weakness, ego s the thing that makes us discuss. Why we don't ask for forgiveness? Because our ego doesn't allow it. Why don't we bend our heads? Because our ego doesn't allow it. Why do we offend ourselves? Because our ego is the one that is offended.
Interlocutor: And how can we defeat it?
Master Jesus: With the other part, with the most beautiful part which is the Father's part. We have the divine particle, the spirit.
The spirit is the one that came to serve, the one that came to give; it is the one that came, by means of love, to defeat all the accumulated hate.
I already gave this message and it was not a single time. I gave it once in life, but in telepathic messages I gave it infinity of times. But every day I am being less understood.
Interlocutor: How will these demons end their cycle? Maybe in the Eighth Sphere?
Master Jesus: No, because although in these moments they ignore it, they are working for the Father. When in an eonic future all the spirits in evolution reach the communion with the Father, automatically –I express things with your words to be understood - those demons will recover their memory and they will be angels again.
Interlocutor: This explanation, Master, has been perfectly clear.
Master Jesus: One of the biggest moments of happiness of Lucifer - when serving the Father, as "Prince of Demons", his name became "Lucifer" -, was when I resisted his temptation. -Lucifer was fearful that I yield to his temptation. But he could not say anything because he was serving the Father.
What love it is necessary to have for the Father to tempt his children! As human beings say: "without hesitating", "without complaining!"
Interlocutor: Master, concretely, which was the temptation?
Master Jesus: The ego, naturally.
Interlocutor: Yes, but you obviously you power, tremendous power... were you compelled to use that power?
Master Jesus: Many times.
Interlocutor: And if you had used that power, what would you have been able to do? Maybe destroy?
Master Jesus: That power I used it many times. The scripture where it is written that the tempest was calmed, it is real; the levitation on the waters, was also real...
Interlocutor: Master, could we also talk a little about the resurrection that you said you were going to explain the last time?
Master Jesus: Yes, we can...
Interlocutor: The key question is if you were lowered dead from the cross - obviously according to the terrestrial canons - or you were unconscious.
Master Jesus: I was truly dead.
Interlocutor: With the “silver cord” cut?
Master Jesus: I was dead, but I didn't have the silver cord cut [note]. In that moment I decide to descend to the Eighth Sphere, because I wanted to absorb the suffering of my brethren’s pain... It was like thousands and thousands of pins were nailed in my hypothetical body.
Interlocutor: Was it a decision completely yours?
Master Jesus: Correct, because I wanted to live that experience, it was necessary for me to live it... The suffering on the cross is insignificant compared to the suffering of the Eighth Sphere.
This is it that my current followers, in such narrow religion, don't understand it.
They speak about the Calvary that was an insignificance comparing to the suffering of thousands of spirits in that place of pain.
Interlocutor: Are you speaking literally or symbolically when you mentioned that in that Eighth Sphere the suffering is bigger than crucifixion?
Master Jesus: I am speaking literally... It is much bigger because it is perceived, at the same time, the suffering of thousands of beings that are in that level.
Interlocutor: That is to say that the spirit who is in the Eighth Sphere also knows the suffering he caused to others?
Master Jesus: Not only does he know, but also he feels the suffering he caused to others, and he ascends of level when instead of suffering for all the sharp pains he is feeling- I speak of "sharp pains" in your language to illustrate better what I am trying to convey, well - those sharp pains stop hurting him because the "tears" -speaking metaphorically - spilled for the suffering caused to his fellow men are stronger than the sharp pains. Do you understand what I want to mean?
Interlocutor: Totally, Master. The explanation is clear.
Master Jesus: And in that moment, automatically I ascend of level. When I ascend of level, I am once again in the physical plane 1, my brain is not completely dead, and in that moment they resuscitate me by means of a radioactivity that would be very difficult to explain for your understanding.
Interlocutor: Was the resurrection made by terrestrial or extraterrestrial hands?
Master Jesus: Extraterrestrial... They lift me from level because I had to fulfill another mission in another world that will be explained later on.
That radioactivity is left in that cloth that wrapped me; with this, I am saying that the so-called "Sacred Shroud", is real.
Interlocutor: Was it something deliberate somehow, or It was a fortuitous fact?
Master Jesus: No, it was not something premeditated; the radioactivity was simply impregnated fortuitously.
I will leave to give space to another entity. All my blessings to you. Know that I am always with you.
[note] The famous “silver cord” is only a literary invention. This silver cord was popularized by the English author Lobsang Rampa in his book “The Third Eye” in fact it doesn't exist, since it is a mere allegory to explain that there is a communication between the incarnated being and his Thetan.

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