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SESSION - 27/Jun/2003
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: Who is this?
Eon: I'm EON… I am here… Actually I'm always present, but through this vessel I can transmit some concepts. I know that you have some questions to make, so I will be very brief.
On one hand, I want to emphasize the very valuable participation of this spirit that at this moment is offering me to be my vessel, because he is one of the few creative spirits.
Creating, which many overlook, is as important as Service, because you can create words, you can create lessons, you can create parables… And on the other hand, I wish to point out that many beings on this planet – I’m referring about this planet because it matters to you – omit that part of the Service. That's what I wanted to highlight. You can go now directly to the questions.
Interlocutor: Okay... There is a book written by Neale Donald Walsch titled "Conversations with God". Actually there are three volumes which are available so far and are being sold quite well. Did you dictate them?
Eon: Yes. The author you quote had channeled me, and he has done it even before Johnakan did.
Interlocutor: Is there any problem with that book? I mean that if it’s all true or just some parts.
EON: The book has a problem, perhaps not serious, and is that it does not invalidate its reading for those incarnated spirits who want to internalize its content. But there are many things that have prevented the fluidity of the channeling.
Interlocutor: For example?
Eon: Some ego condition of that channeler that changed what it was dictated, adding messages that I have not given or directly suppressing many of them. But this does not only happen to terrestrial channelers, but also to ones in other worlds.
Interlocutor: What characteristics should have a good channeler to not distort the messages?
Eon: He should simply be free of constraints, because when the channeler is imbued with many preconceptions he cannot avoid putting part of himself in the messages.
Interlocutor: Were the three volumes of the series dictated by you?
Eon: Yes. They were received in different periods of time.
Interlocutor: These alterations of which you speak, were they done somehow knowingly? I refer, for example, to that part of the message where he wrote that the father of Jesus was Joseph, when we know that his biological father was Herod Antipater.
Eon: No, they were unknowingly. The author wrote what he believed in good faith he was receiving from me. His preconceptions were responsible for alterations whether religious, moral or spiritual.
Interlocutor: I would like to write on our website comments about that book. The question is whether I credit or discredit it.
Eon: It cannot be invalidated nor validated, because there are many things that without being harmful could cause idleness. Note that there are texts of an alleged command, the Asthar command, that actually are beings of Light of the 5th plane, which were badly channeled, where priority is given on “being” and not on “doing”, which really is the right thing.
Interlocutor: Does the mistake of giving priority on “being” and not on “doing” come exclusively from the channeler?
Eon: Not only from the channeler, but also from those spirits of Light. Don’t forget that some spirits of Light may have misconceptions, and for that reason they don’t descend from level. They simply have different interpretations.
And this is what we have to emphasize that 99% of the beings they channel, or those teachers who don’t channel but provide spiritual lessons, leave aside the Service, focusing solely on “being”. Doing, namely Service, is the most important thing. That being that has channeled me, Neale Donald Walsch, is not that he omits, but he does not give priority to Service. He speaks more on Being and Transcending than on Doing. And as this vessel said – and that is why his message is so valuable –, "you only transcend with the Work".
Interlocutor: As I understand it, this vessel is completing the teachings that Master Jesus was unable to make because of his crucifixion… Is that correct?
Eon: That’s right… There are new concepts, in which Johnakan is working, that are equally or more valuable than those exposed by my dear son Master Jesus, such as the concept of service, supplemented with the concept of humility that he taught, the concept of participation and empathy, that Jesus did not mention, the concept of hugging, mentioned by a being from another planet very close to you…
Interlocutor: Yes, Rah, from Antares 4.
Eon: All of these concepts were not taught by Master Jesus and for that reason this vessel will present them opportunely… Returning to the subject of the book you asked me about and to finish
my answer – although you may well ask if you wish – it’s valid on the ground that teaches love from the basis of loving yourself, but it’s not well explained that loving yourself is only the first step.
Rather, it seems to be a book you would call “self-help”, where the only thing that matters to advance is to love yourself. But as Johnakan said, whom I do value a lot, "the love for oneself is sterile if it’s not then turned towards another."
And being repetitive – and I apologize for that, but why should I not apologize? – I emphasize again the words of Johnakan that the most important thing is to know that doing must be based on the other, from its application to the other.
Interlocutor: Now that is being mentioned, books of self-esteem speak only about oneself.
Eon: Exactly, and once the person achieves self-esteem, then what? In no book there is a second step, they stop at the first step. How is this continued, then? What do I do in the future now that I
love myself, now that I have self-esteem, now that I came ahead, now that I overcame my fears, my attachments, my ego? Very few books mention the second step. And this is the work that Johnakan is doing. How can I continue? By being interested in others, helping others, involved with others.
How can it be that all the spirits of Light, level 4 and 5, when they are disincarnated live on Service, but when they incarnate, they forget Service and only seek to achieve the self-esteem of loving themselves?
But on the planet Earth – I apologize again for changing the subject and intrude on terrestrial problems – specifically in your country, there are plenty of self-help workshops of various levels, for example people who have addiction problems, whether drugs, smoking, etc.., and there are others who have problems of loneliness… There are workshops of reflection or self-help where they give a hand on how to come out ahead, but they don’t teach on how to serve. And when you don’t take into account others you are not growing spiritually and not evolving.
There is another point that I want to touch before concluding this issue, and it’s that many followers withdraw when you talk to them about Service, as if you were asking them for a tough test. They take Service as a sacrifice. That has to do with the ego. That's why it's also important the note of Johnakan “Service or sacrifice".
All this relates to what you had asked me about the book "Conversations with God", which in general is fine, but it’s questionable since it doesn’t make the proper emphasis on the second step, which is the most important.
Interlocutor: I understood perfectly… In the future, I will try to emphasize the importance of Service that is joy and not sacrifices…
Eon: Before the next question I want to say something very briefly, and it’s related on how some teachers on the physical plane weaken the teaching when mixing subjects that must be dealt
separately. There are teachers of Transpersonal who teach Meditation. There are teachers of Reiki who teach Esoteric, and so on. The result is that students are left with a big mental confusion which later will be very difficult to correct. Now you can continue with the questions.
Interlocutor: This is a very simple question. What’s the reason why there is so much affinity between grandparents and grandchildren and not between parents and children?
Eon: Generally, grandfather and grandson belong to the same plane, or at any one time they belonged to the same plane or will belong to the same plane. They are not necessarily soul mates, although in many cases they may be, but they do have a great affinity. Let me make it clear that the difference between soul mates and compatible souls is that soul mates are spirits that vibrate in the same tune, as the strings of a guitar tuned in unison. Johnakan has already given this example on several occasions.
Interlocutor: Yes, I always keep that in mind.
Eon: Suddenly you play the musical note “F”, in certain vibration, and with one of these modern devices you can even blow up or break a bullet-proof glass.
Interlocutor: I understand what you mean, because I am a musician as well as a writer…
Eon: The spirits who vibrate in the same tune are soul mates. There are spirits who vibrate in similar tune, not in the same tune, but similar. These are also compatible souls, although they are not soul mates. This is what sometimes happens between grandparents and grandchildren.
Interlocutor: I understand, but this relationship is very often found… Is that spirit born as a grandson compatible with his grandfather for some special reason?
Eon: It’s not a coincidence and neither something that happens in all cases. It only happens among those in the Master levels or in the planes of Light, not in the planes of Error.
And even then, neither it’s a constant, because there are grandparents who don’t pay attention to their grandchildren and grandchildren who don’t pay attention to their grandparents. In addition, it should be noted that on the physical plane, as a matter of necessity, there is more empathy from the grandfather toward the grandson than on the contrary. Also, the little ones, men and women who are newly formed, have primary needs and therefore may cling more to their parents than to their grandparents.
Moreover, it should also be noted that the little ones are more dispersed because they can visualize more spiritual things and that’s why they don’t center their attention on grandparents. However, sometimes there are exceptions when parents are absent for too long and those who breed them are grandparents. Then grandchildren, as a matter of necessity, cling to them.
Interlocutor: Well, it’s certainly clarified. Now that we talked about soul mates, what is the meaning of their creation? You said that everything has a why. For example, I asked you why there are 22
parallel universes and not 20, 50 or 100 and you replied that it was for a matter of balance.
EON: The existence of soul mates, which throughout the universe may be billions, is a question of causality as much as by chance. Suddenly, by chance, you have five dices, and throw them on the table and you get two 2. It's like if you asked me why I have two 2, because it could have been three, four or five 2. Why, if I have created a trillion spirits, would it be five hundred thousand that vibrate in the same tune? Why did we get two 2?
Interlocutor: So, there was no specific reason the number of them created by you.
Eon: That's right, the number of soul mates has no specific reason, because they could have been much more or much less and nothing would have changed. However, I have considered that soul mates help much better, because those spirits can work in communion. I repeat, in communion.
Interlocutor: For curiosity, how many soul mates could be working "in communion" in the spiritual planes of Light?
Eon: They could be two, one hundred or one thousand.
Interlocutor: I can only think, obviously as an incarnated being, that it would have been nice that everyone here could find our soul mate of the opposite sex and get together… But this apparently
never occurs…
Eon: There are many incarnated beings who have found their soul mate of the opposite sex and by attachment, by disagreements, by ego, by roles of protagonism, by hidden fears or directly because they were in planes of Error, they have not conjugate.
You could have a soul mate in plane 4 and here on Earth that person can be completely egoistic and conditioned and even he could descend from level by his erroneous behavior.
Interlocutor: Does it mean that I can find a soul mate of the opposite sex and not recognize her as such?
Eon: Of course! Not only you would not recognize her as a soul mate but you would say that she has nothing to do with you.
Interlocutor: Could it be that something like that happened to me?
Eon: Of course it has happened to you!
Interlocutor: I can hardly believe it… How is this vessel to continue?
Eon: It's somewhat destabilized, but you can make a few more questions.
Interlocutor: Well… The next question relates to “free will” that I cannot understand very well. In principle, is the Absolute immobile?
Eon: It depends on what you mean by immobile. Suppose you have a one liter bottle, and you fill it up with one liter of liquid. Can that fluid move?
Interlocutor: Obviously not, because it has no room to move.
Eon: That’s right. If the universe is a manifestation of myself and I am contained in the universe, I cannot move physically because I am contained by the universe, in the same way that the bottle contains the liquid. In turn, the universe is contained by me, because I'm the whole manifestation. I am the stars and also the spiritual part and also the emptiness and the dark matter. I am everything and nothing. Then, seen it from this standpoint I do not have mobility, I am immobile.
Interlocutor: It’s clear.
Eon: But in turn, since immobility would be a limitation and I am unlimited, I can move toward any direction. It’s just that my focus is infinite. For example, at this moment I am acting through this vessel and at the same time I'm in countless worlds, perhaps doing the same thing, precisely because I have infinite focus and I have no limitations. If I can do everything – and I really can – by definition that means that I don’t have to be immobile, because the very immobility would be not to be able to.
Interlocutor: Are we talking about physical mobility?
Eon: It’s mobility in all aspects, but I don’t need to physically move because my focus is on everything. It's as if I were an insect with ten thousand eyes and each eye sees all possible sides or as if it were a subway Metro that has X stations and each station is responsible for its users. They are two different points of views: I can physically move but I don’t need to… because I contain the whole.
Interlocutor: It’s clear. However, at this moment I have raised my right hand and I am moving it. Really, am I moving it or I have the illusion of moving it? That is to say, is it my conscience that is going through the various moments in time and it gives me the illusion of the movement? The classic example would be a filmed movie whose frames are not moving, but when are running in the projector, produce the illusion that the figures are moving.
Eon: You have a habit of viewing it or rather want to view it, from my point of view. But my point of view is not yours. You are in this world and within this physical world the time is not an illusion, time runs for you.
When you move your arm, you're really moving it, because the muscles move. It’s not, therefore, an illusion of your conscience. You are truly moving it. If someone hits you, you get hurt, or injured and even you could disincarnate if you get injured or fall. So, I repeat, it’s not an illusion.
Interlocutor: My question has its reason because Kronbus, [36] the time traveler, who comes from the future and sees that I am doing something that I have already done. That’s my trouble in understanding the free will, because both Kronbus and you already knew that I was going to make that movement, because I have done it before. It's as if I was doing it for a second time what I already did. Now, I am not speaking from the standpoint of the Absolute…
Eon: Yes, you're talking from my point of view… You're not doing the movement for a second time. You're doing the movement for the first time. And not only for the first time, but you are doing this only once. The fact that I perceive it or I knew what you were going to do is because I am an Eternal Present.
Interlocutor: But that Kronbus could also perceive it.
Eon: Kronbus did not. What Kronbus directly did, was going back in time… It's like you could travel to the past at the time of the assassination of Lincoln. It’s not that when you see the assassination of Lincoln, you see it for a second time. It happened only once! You are not repeating it, but you're just witnessing what has already happened. The scene is not being repeated. Everything happens only once. Your recent movement of the arm happened a single and only one time. You're not repeating the movement. The assassination of Lincoln is not taking place again. You're witnessing it because you went back in time. I repeat that things happen only once. The fire of Rome happened only once. The crucifixion of Master Jesus happened only once.
Then, it’s not that Kronbus comes from the future and that the facts become real again. Kronbus can come every day to the current day, but things happen only once. It's like if you put a video in and you see the sinking of the Titanic of 1912 again and again. The scene happened only once. You are the one who is seeing it over and over again.
Interlocutor: I understand… Is it possible to interpret the Creation as a movie already filmed and that one could see it countless times and is it always going to be the same scene?
Eon: Sure, because the actors performed only once.
Interlocutor: I clearly understood… But, from your point of view there was an act of creation or the Creation always existed? I mean if the Creation has always been.
Eon: In the next session we will talk about that subject, from the Beginning, from Nothingness.
Interlocutor: But now…?
Eon: Not now, because there is no time, since the issue is extremely important and we must dedicate some time to it. It’s an issue that is going to give a good blast.
Interlocutor: A blast?… in what sense?
Eon: A blast to amaze your consultants. And now to conclude, I want to dedicate the last minute to something very important as it’s healing.
Interlocutor: Okay… Then, I won’t interrupt you with questions…
Eon: Right… The subject of healing is as follows: It was said that there are some entities that are in the highest planes, the Aes, who somehow control the balance of the universe.
How do they control it? They are not incarnated beings that have a tremendous power. In this case is not a gift but power, obviously given by me. But it's like I, somehow, – trying to express it in a so poor language – let you deal with everything. Let's say that in this case, I, the Absolute, delegate in them the task. They have the task of keeping the balance of all the universes in manifestation, both parallel universes and alternative universes.
They are the owners, to call them so, of colors, of musical notes, of the gravitational wells, of everything that is the physics, of everything that is the Entropy. They, somehow, manage everything, allowing the balance of the universe until the new Big Crunch. The Aes are so powerful that they don’t mix with the Elohim or the Essences. What they do is to monitor that the balance of the universe does not break by any meaning or any circumstance.
And they are almost impossible to visualize or perceive by the incarnated spirits. However, this vessel, that is Johnakan incarnated, has come to perceive them twice. He has been the only incarnated being able to perceive them and not even Master Jesus did it. He had perceived them when being incarnated as Juan de la Cruz and he has perceived them when being incarnated as Jorge Olguin. In the last perception this vessel had, he got to perceive Nothingness, and also sounds and colors, experience that he will have to assimilate and then implement it.
There are certain sound vibrations, mixed with colors, which cannot be perceived on the physical plane. They are mental sounds, because at mental level sounds can also be perceived. It requires much silence to perceive a mental sound.
It has already been said that in the spiritual plane there are more than seven musical notes. Johnakan has perceived those extra notes. They can heal physical problems and even emotional ups and downs.
For that reason, it has been said that there is a technique that could be better than Psychointegration, which does not even need any collaboration of the person being treated.
It's something like when they make you an operation with a laser beam and in which you don’t participate, as you sleep, locally or totally; they make you a laparoscopy, they remove a certain tumor from you and they close the tissues with the same beam. Well, in this new therapy you will be cured by sound. It is, as I said, a mental sound. Johnakan will have to make some progress in order to perceive it and put it into practice.
This technique has the problem that is difficult to teach because each one has to realize how it is. Note that on Earth some therapists practice what you call the dolphin-assisted therapy and they are healing autistic people with ultra sound of dolphins.
It has even come to demonstrate that there are sounds that can modify the DNA chain, making the DNA to increase the vibration and so that autistic person can get to improve. The mental vibration that Johnakan received from the Aes, when he was Juan de la Cruz, centuries ago, is exactly the same. It’s a vibration which can cure through mental vibration. This is something never seen. It's called "mental vibration". I leave you with that concern, because for the beings of Light, concern is not an obstacle but an incentive.
Interlocutor: Okay, until next time EON, and thanks.
[36] In a previous session, the thetan of Kronbus, a time traveler who had come from the future, talked to us. The incarnated or physical part of Kronbus was unaware of that contact.

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