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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills, and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22)

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entities that came to talk: Master Jesus current Solar Logos
Interlocutor:... I listen to your message, Master...
Master Jesus: I have come specially to try to correct some versions on my incarnation in Galilee. I visualize centuries ago my beloved disciple John Zebedee, whose spiritual name is Johnakan Ur-el, who is now incarnated in this vessel. I see him in Patmos, Greece Island, keeping manuscripts of the Essene community.
They are manuscripts that were never found and have as much information as the Dead Sea scrolls. These manuscripts are genuine and reveal that I was living almost two years with the Essene.
The one who was my cousin was never my teacher, as some writings of the time said. He was simply my precursor, although we were not in agreement on some things, as he used to isolate himself and I commented him that the true vocation of service when one is incarnated is not isolation, but providing. I was hurt to see the stubbornness and intransigence of the two teachers of justice, the one who disincarnated soon after I came to the community and the one who followed him.
They gave more importance to the penance that to the Service. I said to them: "That is not the way to serve our Father", and they responded to me: "Let us continue on our path, because very soon it will reach the end of this world." I told them: "No, you are wrong; it’s not yet the time." Because when it was said: "It will not get through this generation," it was thought that they were talking about of 70 years and it was not so. It alluded to the zodiacal generation, which is about 2,160 years.
Currently, the shift to a New Era must bring changes that will affect all incarnated beings on this planet. I am not talking about planetary catastrophes, but changes of consciousness. Disbelieve of those who give you alarming messages. Human beings need words of encouragement for incentives on Love.
Unfortunately, human beings live conditioned by the society in which they live in. People are looking for escaping from different troubles, but are not looking for the Light. And those who go to spiritual places do it for their own benefit, to get help and not to rise spiritually. They are looking to calm their needs and not looking at their fellowman.
Interlocutor: What happens Master, is so that… there is so much pain in this world...
Master Jesus: Pain always teaches. We know that there are discussions at family level that bring suffering, but the fights take place by the ego the parts have. Also, there are conflicts at work, in political communities and religious groups. And it should be the other way around. It should have support, altruism and a great vocation of service.
Interlocutor: Can Religion help the spiritual Salvation?
Master Jesus: All roads that lead to the Father are ways of Salvation, but the important thing is Enlightenment and not doctrine. I want to give you a message of who was my mother when I was incarnated in Galilee. Mary said: "There are many flaws in the spiritual teachings that are provided, because they create fear in those who seek the path of the Lord."
And I add: "Today we continue committing exactly the same mistakes. They are missing the Way of Faith, giving the wrong messages. They have cut my words of this book so beautiful that is the Bible."
Interlocutor: Why… did they not understand it?
Master Jesus: No. They shattered words which had spoken on reincarnation. The correct interpretations were cut during an ecumenical council held at Constantinople in 325, called Council of Nicaea.
I have taught that every human being is responsible for his fate, but in that year it was voted the removal of those teachings, in order to consolidate the control of the Church, which wanted to be the sole authority on the issue concerning the destiny of man. The concordat Church-State of that time, frightened to see that a doctrine that makes individuals responsible for their own spiritual salvation could confront their authority, banned it. Truly, I say that those who said represented me, was not in their convenience that people knew that did not need dogmas or rituals to attain the Kingdom of the Father. Those leaders were not interested in people knowing about karma and the law of cause and effect. They removed the words from the Bible where it talked about reincarnation and that the wrong behavior could generate increasingly larger responsibilities in the incarnated spirit.
They cut paragraphs explaining that to come to the Father, it was just enough to have an altruistic behavior. Nobody had then the need for a Savior who led them as a herd.
Obviously, religious leadership of the fourth century needed the Scourge of the resurrection of the dead to force reliance on the masses. That doctrine was reinforced by promises of eternal glory to those who submitted and by eternal fire in hell to those who rebelled. They manipulated the guilty feeling and domesticated consciousness, inducing to delegate the personal power to the curia, which had joined forces with the Emperor Justinian I and among them, wove the biggest conspiracy against the spiritual path, decreeing an alleged resurrection of the body and a subsequent ascension to heaven. As if we could go to the spiritual world with a physical body! The true resurrection is the resurrection to the Light. That is what they do not understand. [5]
The Father, the Supreme Maker, has plans for this planet. The Earth is a chosen planet. The mistake of many spiritualist centers is to think that this is a punishment planet, a planet of the Error. They distort the Truth. We come to learn in this planet... Even I have passed tests, being isolated forty days in the desert, eating roots... I have received temptations of the flesh; I suffered terrible temptations of my ego.
Interlocutor: Were you tempted by dark entities?
Master Jesus: They tempted my own selfishness, which drilled my mind. It was my own selfishness which told me: "You have the power of the Father... Why not use it to your benefit? If you can bring them under … Why don’t you do it?
It’s very hard to understand that those tests served to evolve. So many times I had been tempted and I have no hesitation in saying it, because the Father knows. The last temptation happened when I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, where I told the Father: "Become your Will and not mine." And I managed to get out of the last test successfully.
Interlocutor: How does the Father communicate with you, Master?
Master Jesus: The Father does not communicate with words. The Father communicates with ideas, looking for "awakening" the consciousness of each of his children, as much in the physical plane as in the different spiritual planes. Know that each vibration level is unable to communicate with the more subtle vibrations. As well as you, at the first level, must use vessels to communicate with entities of levels of higher vibration, those of the second level cannot communicate with the third level, or the third level to the fourth, and so on.
Now, I do not want to overlook a very important issue.
We need to know that there were other Christian communities in centuries I, II and III that were fought and then exterminated, independent of the Gnostics. Those communities continued their spiritual advance secretly.
Perhaps there are people who do not agree with some spiritual path. Truly, I say to you that all pathways leading to the Father are good, but in some cases, the fault lies in the Teachers who teach that path, because they do not care to praise the Father, but to be praised themselves.
Unfortunately, ego always prevails, wanting to excel. I insist on this because humility is important. With humility you can never be angry. With humility control can never be lost. Anger and loss of control in human being delay in a second what it can be advanced in one year. We need to understand it. All incarnated beings can be folded by different emotions. Remember when I lost control against the vile merchants of the Temple. Defeat temptations are part of education.
Suffering can also be a way of learning. But not everyone uses that learning. Sometimes a badly understood attachment makes human beings behave like a fool and I know that it’s not possible to change those who don’t want to do it. Man has to realize that, only by giving, he will receive. You must be aware of the feeling of happiness and joy it means to live for giving. That is blessing. I go, leaving you with all my love.
Interlocutor: So long Master, and thanks.
[5] As religions were dogmatized, which started to show in the Scholastic, and then very explicitly, in the Council of Trent, the cold, dogmatic and insensitive administrators who dealt with and manipulated ideas, in their fanatic religiousness, very often made it believe that they could see when the ardent religious fervor of the mystics would deflect. The inquisitions, mainly the Spanish and the Vatican, outside this fervor examined them meticulously, believing to be deflections when in fact it was devotion. They tried what is mystically impossible: to think and express themselves so inhumanely logical so as to turn off any psychic expansion. (Louis Fabré).

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