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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Interlocutor: Manuel M.

Entity that came to dialogue: Morganel, Manuel’s thetan.

Morganel: I am here again gathered with you. My name is Morganel, at least you call me in this way. I appreciate the collaboration of Johnakan Ur-El because through him I have also some answers to your questions.

Before anything else, I will give you not so pleasant news and not that short-term news either, but the humanity in Sun 3 is at risk to retrogress technologically to the point of returning to what the civilization in the XIX century was like, to such point. We were lucubrating with Johnakan and Johnakan passed information to his own 10% incarnated who now plays the role of this vessel.

Almost everything in the planet is moved by fossil fuels. Everything you want to mention is moved by petroleum, gas and others products derived from oil: terrestrial vehicles, cars, buses, trains, airplanes, ships. Those that are not moved by fossil fuels are moved by electricity, which at the same time is obtained through fossil fuels.

You have already found alternative variants, many alternatives, but those are absolutely isolated alternatives: eolic energy, hydraulic energy, solar energy, hydrogen, helium, vegetable oil; but they are absolutely isolated technologies, I repeat it. I will not extend this topic like my dear brother Johnakan did in another opportunity, when he spoke of how you were depredating the planet. Beings that value themselves as intelligent people and Johnakan explained that it is as if you were locked in a garage with a car which is working and expelling carbon dioxide, you would die immediately. Imagine the planet as if it were a huge garage, a big garage, and you will realize what I try to convey.

Not everything is your responsibility; surely an erupting volcano contaminates very much. The melting of the polar caps; Johnakan has already mentioned it and many scientists and environmentalists did also. If the temperature in Sun 3 went up one degree, two degrees, three and up to six degrees. What would happen? My brother Johnakan has already spoken about it since many years ago, for that reason I won't talk about that now.

The fossil fuels are limited, there are countries that directly don't have it, and they have to buy it from other countries. There is no supply. In the measure that industry expands, more fuel is necessary. In many developing countries or in resurgence - as you want to call them - there is no electricity, there is no natural gas, there is no drinkable water, but the great majority don't wake up to discover the truth.

For instance, if there is an accident you think: "Oh! That happened to the neighbor", or if there is a war somewhere you think: "Oh! But that happened in another continent", if there is a lack of fuel, you say:"Oh! but that happened in another country" you don’t wake up to see the reality that the oil fields are limited and in few years there will be less and less and less and most of the incarnated beings - even those who are highly-educated- ignore absolutely the amount of fuel that a single airplane consumes - a single airplane - in traveling around 10.000 and 14.000 kilometers, a single airplane. Multiply that for the thousand of flights that are made daily, flights that are made weekly, monthly and yearly. Multiply it for the thousands of people that cook in their houses, the thousands and thousands of cars, buses, ships, boats that consume fuel.

This is not a prophecy - I believe that most of the prophecies have been made by feverish minds - this is reality. You are a civilization that has all the possibilities to move forward, to win, to grow up and to be able to end up making extra solar trips and nonetheless you don't have alternatives.

Many of you sometimes in a common and friendly language say: "It’s good to have a plan 'B', if the plan 'A' fails." I do not see, I do not perceive, I don't grasp a plan 'B', as I said before - and thanks to Johnakan for the help that he gives me on this - you have many alternative energies: solar, eolic, hydraulic, vegetable oil with which can also be made fuels, but I am speaking of absolutely isolated cases. I don’t want to repeat. I simply do it for the record.

And there are many of you - and this is the most interesting thing and it would be funny if it were not tragic, it would be comic if it were not dramatic -, there are many of you that collaborate with beings from other worlds and I am not speaking of Area 51 or Majestic 12. No. I am speaking of another secret area, which is also in the north hemisphere of this planet - where you collaborate with extraterrestrial beings and it is not the first time they have come; on the contrary, they have come even before the incarnated human being step on this world millions of years ago, these extraterrestrial come from a very distant planet, near to the center of the galaxy, in the same galactic arm, but near to the center of the galaxy. It is pretty, pretty far from this world, but they don't have problems to come here. It is a race that has an absolutely different DNA compared to the human being, it is not an insectoid race like the Langar, it is a race that can live on their own, but they are also parasites of another race. There are some of your movies that show beings from other worlds that parasitize the human being- and they grow inside of him - some of them even grow up to be larvae and then they abandon the dead body, others don’t; others directly inhabit the whole lifetime in that human being's physical body subjecting his will.

There was a plot to sow an artificial virus long time ago – like some that have been already sowed in the planet- similar to Ebolavirus - for the benefit of that extraterrestrial race in order to make more comfortable the human habitats and to live inside of them with the collaboration of terrestrials to whom they promised thousand things, first of all to leave them alive.

There were great unknown heroes in the decade of 80s of the XX century and nobody has found that out, who have combatted against these alien races secretly, being capable to exterminate directly one of them with what you would call a contravirus mutating a DNA and making that that virus be mortal for the same alien race. The negative thing is that they have made so great advances mutating virus, but they keep it secretly in order to be protected, but in turn they don't use it in benefit of mankind since many other illnesses could be decimated. We know that there is a lot of self-centeredness in the incarnated human being, but not to the point of putting at risk the whole race as it has been made more than once.

Don't you find strange that new viral illnesses appear where there was none in the planet?, Where did they come from?, Did virus mutate?, Don't you find it so little believable?, Isn’t easier to think that those viruses were brought as experiments to see what would have happened with the race?

The incarnated human being has a good immunologic machinery, it is well protected, but it is quite weaker than what many of you believe, to such point that not only new illnesses are appearing, but some old ones are also reappearing; simple fevers in the Amazonic country.

Haven’t you started thinking how can it be that now after a long time fevers of the XIX century emerge again?, Are you so little concerned for the world?, Don't you read?, Don't you make yourselves sensitive? Are you stuck permanently? Do you live automatically? I know that one person cannot do anything, but those who are interested in this message talk it over among you, spread the voice. It is very important that both topics be known. The topic that the next generation will have shortage of fuel and the next generation will suffer that lack almost completely. It’s not so much, it is not so much; I am not speaking of one century, I am speaking of less time, quite less time. And with regard to illnesses I know that there are excellent researchers, very important spiritual beings that live investigating, people that have even devoted their lives for research, but there are so many others that live in permanent lassitude who have not even wondered a single time about where those illnesses come from. And when someone thinks about it and says: "This was prefabricated" they respond to him: "You are reading a lot of fiction that doesn't exist."…

Interlocutor: Or they ask for scientific proofs.

Morganel: ...It is so difficult to persuade skeptical people, it is so difficult – dear 10% - sometimes to hold a thought and that this thought be spread for the good of humanity because after all the spirit is not the one who will perish, the thousands of millions of beings that inhabit this blue beautiful planet, they can embody in other worlds because the spirit will continue; but isn’t a tremendous pity? - and this is not attachment - I don't speak of attachment, the attachment comes for futile things, I speak of learning how to understand beauty, because this is a very beautiful planet and it has a long life ahead…and it is a pity that a race that has grown in poetry, in music, in literature, in philosophy perishes in this way.

It is true that there are other races in other worlds that look for balance and perhaps they don't allow that an invader race triumphs in one way or another, but in turn those humans who collaborate with beings from another world don't understand that; they look for their own benefit, their tremendous benefit.

Sometimes the easier way to investigate is by perceiving the mind of some thetans of incarnated beings to see what happened with a certain topic and that is what Johnakan and I learned to do, it is quite simple. We ourselves - as Masters of Light - sometimes are not informed of certain topic, we ignore it, and if you ask us we say: "We don’t know", until something inside of ours shakes us and tells us: "why don't we look over there?." And as well as you can check in a library, we can check seeking at an absolutely astounding speed perceiving mind after mind to perceive where the answers are.

A long time ago, another dear Master was asked of what had happened with thousands of bees that disappeared [1]. Many bees were used by genetic experiments and others were user to spread prefabricated virus in order to transfer them from one region to another. Everything was prepared on purpose for that people of the country of the North that I insist; don’t have anything to do with Area 51 or any other known project up to now.

Sometimes, like in an old novel of a writer of a century ago where some Martians were defeated by bacteria of Sun 3; in this case the carriers (bees) were prey of the same virus they were carrying consuming themselves and consuming the virus they were carrying. And that it is the secret of the disappearance of bees and for that reason they didn't use bees again. But the danger has not disappeared because the day after tomorrow they will use another method.

A very dear writer that has written a story for mature children said: "What is essential is invisible to the eye."

Interlocutor: Antoine de Saint Exupery

Morganel: ...And now, when many people read this session they will say "How didn’t it cross my mind? How didn't I think about it?" because they didn't know it and it is logical; we could perceive the thoughts of several thetans that obviously allowed to be perceived without lowering their conceptual curtain, otherwise we could not have done it. We distributed the task with the dear Master Johnakan and we discovered that.

At this time there are twenty-five extraterrestrial establishments in several parts of this big, but small planet, and not only in the country of North America...

Interlocutor: Could you give us with some precision the geographical localization of at least four of those establishments?

Morganel: There is one in the Colorado desert, there is another in Siberia, there is another in the geographical center of Australia and there is another in the south of the country you call Argentina, in Patagonia. They are key centers because three of them, the Colorado desert , the center of Australia and the Argentinean Patagonia are deserted and the fourth in Siberia, is almost inaccessible; it is a place that has an average temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. For that reason it is so difficult to reach those places; absolutely camouflaged places because they are underground places. And there is a fifth place that during a time - a long time ago – it had been closed and now it was enabled again, where there is also another base of experiments, at some hundreds of kilometers from the South Pole in Antarctic, but it is not operating yet as much as the other four bases.

A long time ago in Antarctic there was a gigantic ship like the mother ships of the Langar that transport hundreds or thousands of beings. That ship is no longer there.

We are not passive. With Johnakan, we are examining the thetans of these Aliens in order to dive in their intentions, but they lower their conceptual curtains and they prevent from perceiving what they plan.

Anyways, returning to the beginning of this session, it is so distressing, it is more disturbing certainly what the human being does against himself than what beings from other worlds can do. In few years if you don't investigate valid alternatives, logical alternatives, you will be again like in the XIX century and the distances will be long. You laugh now at that brilliant writer's story whose character and his servant traveled around the world in 80 days, which in fact were 81, but they won the bet thanks to the rotation of the Earth.

You will return to that time, if you don't develop a different technology. It is a topic which is quite afflicting. The dear angel of the plane 6.2 and her female 10% incarnated always says: “One should not preoccupy because that would be taking care of it prematurely. One should take care of it now”. Then, use your time and put hands to work at changing the present before the cataclysm comes, the backwardness. Spend less money in weapons - that only leads to destruction -, Have only missiles prepared in the event that some strange object from the space comes closer to this world.

However, you are a contradiction; you see a dawn and you cry, you are moved by a poignant story, you kneel down in a temple, but you have the same DNA that the one that makes himself explode in thousand pieces taking the life of people around him. You have the same DNA that the one that pushes a button and destroys a whole city. You have the same DNA that the one that hits and kills an old lady.

Many times we wonder where the flaw is and then, along with Johnakan, we censor ourselves because we feel that we were thinking with self-centeredness because we are nobody to judge them. But it is stronger in us to think in this way, but it is not a pedantic thought, please understand this, it is a desperate thought, a thought where a man decides to contaminate the atmosphere, which in thirty years his grandsons, already grownups, will breathe and get sick with the same polluted air his grandfather contaminated; and it is not that that man doesn't love his grandsons, it is because he doesn't wake up, as you say in the physical plane, since he is living in automatic pilot and however he is a gentleman to whom they gave power.

Those are the things that one doesn't digest conceptually, a man who writes the most beautiful works, a man whose works triumph and they make grow souls, and perhaps the brother of that man who wrote that wonderful work is a warrior that destroys lives in the physical plane and that is what one doesn't understand. I admit that we are limited. I recognize that we don't understand and when I say “we don't understand" it is because Johnakan allows me to also speak for him.

We do not understand why a spirit can be deformed so much, because we all were created in the plane 5, a plane of Light, and although many of us - and I include myself – were preys of ego and we lowered of plane in a moment, but the time comes when we shake ourselves and we say: "What are we doing? Let’s awake from this nightmare, let’s react!." But there are people that don't react, there are spirits that don't react, there are spirits that live – and I say perhaps - enjoying that apathy and seeing things falling apart around them.

Is it because the soul has a geological flaw and an earthquake is provoked inside? It is very easy to put the blame on reactive mind, after all the reactive minds are all of us, as spirits, as angels, as incarnated beings, we give place to it or not because we all carry that reactive mind. We all are carriers, nobody is excluded; but contrary to a physical illness we are carriers or we contaminate ourselves if we allow it and when we generally allow it, we hurt our brother, the being that we have at our side.

We associate with beings that only seek to invade us, to invade our bodies – I speak for my 10% - to invade our thoughts - figuratively because Free Will exists – but, Don’t you see in the physical plane people without will?, lost people that wander?, don't you perceive them? How many times I have seen people that laughs at the other saying: "Look, how this guy is, he looks like hypnotized." That great sentence of the Master Jesus: “You look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the tremendous plank in your own eye." If one could count and tell a percentage of how many people are really awaken and realize things; I humbly believe that many don't want to realize that in order to not become panicked and many others that egocentrically will say "Good, I have little life left in the physical plane for the age that I have." Fine, and What about your children, your grandsons, your nephews and your friends that also have children, grandsons and nephews? And even though you don't have family or any family ties with nobody, what happens with you that you don't commit with the rest of humanity? It is very difficult all this. Very, very difficult.

You think that you are technologically advanced. How many things you still lack, how many things you still ignore! You do not have idea of the antigravitational principle. You don’t have idea of anything.

Researches have been made in different countries about time travel and some scientists are already seeing the possibility of those trips; they are no longer denying it, they are already seeing the possibility. But you are far, very far from it. Because I dive in the mind of those incarnated beings and their theories - although they are well-guided - they are wrong.

If the decoder of this vessel had a base of knowledge on the topic – Unfortunately he doesn't have it - I could give him some formulas but I can only transmit the concepts. But if the decoder of this vessel doesn't have a conceptual base on that topic, it will be futile and it will be useless. It is about giving the biggest approach to what one has to say. I can only say this: Do not take gravity as a force, like the strong, the weak, and the electromagnetic; don't take it as a fourth force. Do not look for the Theory of Everything (TOE) because that’s your mistake. We have already investigated it with the sublime Johnakan. You will knock your heads against the wall. There are three forces, not four. Study it, deepen it. Gravity is not a force. Not in the way that you are thinking.

I admire the effort that this vessel is making to grasp what I mean, and I feel terribly sorry for his gigantic exhaustion. It is as if he had made ten hours of session in this short time trying to grasp somehow what I mean.

If apart from these so wonderful beings that are interested in these topics there were some scientist that truly knows physics, quantum physics, mathematics, astronomy and he or she understood gravity not as a fourth force and he or she investigated, it would be a great advance.

The lack of data of this vessel prevents that I can tell him more things on this respect. But I am very, very pleased -as you say in the physical plane - of having been able to squeeze him -in the good sense -. You can ask a couple of questions before this vessels collapses!

Interlocutor: Is our dear Jorge very exhausted?

Morganel: Yes.

Interlocutor: Good, this type of questions we have scheduled are of information, I believe that there are not too intricate concepts.

I would like to ask these questions since we have time for two questions. The Physicist Bob Lazar, in the 80s denounced the existence of projects of back- engineering on matter-antimatter reactors and anti-gravitational propulsion that would have being developed in a scientific military complex called Area 51. All these revolutionary technologies would come - we don't know how – from an extraterrestrial race original from Zeta Reticuli. Morganel, Do you know if there is something true on Bob Lazar's statements?

Morganel: There is 100% of truth and this has been hidden for a long time to such point that the Masters of Light have tried to investigate the topic and they have ran into a conceptual curtain without being able to see further on and suffering the ignorance exactly due to the lack of information. With the dear brother Johnakan, “we have not been sleeping"...

Interlocutor: It seems that both of you are very hard-working thetans.

Morganel: ...and we have - and here I also copy from the physical language - we have sought the turn, not looking for a conceptual crack because that would be against Free Will of the one who doesn't want to be conceptualized, but sometimes one finds suddenly a weakest point where an investigator opens his mind, because he finds that it is fine and we have been able to grasp that information; information that perhaps other Masters of Light have wanted to grasp and while having that investigator his conceptual mind closed they were not able to know it. Then the Master left as he went, without any novelty. For that reason - with all respect for the other Masters - they ignored the topic.

Interlocutor: Morganel, Could you confirm us if such projects of back- engineering on matter-antimatter reactors and anti-gravitational propulsion would have being developed in that complex and if they are real?

Morganel: Yes. But it is a complex, which is approximately around six or seven kilometers from the original Area 51, a complex that would be at 21 underground levels and impossible to be detected because it has a total and absolute security. This complex and other complexes are even more protected than important figures of rulers are.

Interlocutor: Would that revolutionary technology come from that alien race from Zeta Reticuli?

Morganel: Yes. It is correct. But they have advanced a lot in that field in the last years because there are places where directly without the need of any reverse technology they have made work, they have been able to discover energy fields - like in the case of the Langar ships and other ships- and the same thetans of those scientists don't allow that one perceives, but it is believed that they are working with time travel; but we cannot visualize the concept of the thetans and the same thetans protect their 10% incarnated because for us it would be very easy to enter in the mind of a 10% incarnated that although he or she has the capacity to close his or her conceptual mind, their capacity is minimum; but the thetan has the capacity to protect his incarnated part and somehow the thetan can still close the conceptual field of the 100% even if the 10% is incarnated. Do you understand me?

Interlocutor: Yes. Are you referring to human thetans?

Morganel: Human thetans and also extraterrestrial thetans because we can perceive that alien mind and extract that information, but generally the thetans are “solidary" with their incarnated parts - even if sometimes that incarnated part commits hostile acts - and they don't allow that one can grasp the thought of the 10%.

Interlocutor: Would that be a way to protect a research from psychic espionage that others could make on them?

Morganel: Totally. I even dare to go farther; most of the scientists that work combined with extraterrestrials and some that directly have obtained machines where the aliens have not collaborated and they have used back-engineering technology, they ignore the spiritual world; they ignore that spiritually that information can be perceived. Their thetans are who protect their incarnated parts, like making common cause with their incarnated parts.

Interlocutor: Yes, with the secret of the investigation.

Morganel: Sure, they make common cause with their incarnated parts. Then they close their own conceptual curtain and the curtain of the 10%. It is as if I had a small child under my protection - being incarnated - and if it rains harshly, I, with my coat would protect myself and the small child. I explain it so that you understand me, yes?

Interlocutor: Yes, I understand. I would ask one more question or...

Morganel: Tell me, please.

Interlocutor: I believe that right here, well, here there is a scheduled question, but it is an extensive topic; we will have to ask it in another opportunity. However, here there is also a question which is related to the comment you were making about those thetans that are protecting themselves and they protect their incarnated parts from any type of psychic espionage. Morganel, Do you know if there are other psychic groups investigating in this blue planet by means of telepathic contacts with Masters of Light? Or gathering information related to cosmology, quantum physics, extraterrestrial technology, back-engineering, etc.?

Morganel: There are groups in the country known as Russia, two groups, and several groups in the country of the North America, but they are deviated because they don't work with mediumship; they work with what they believe the power of the mind of the 10% and they think that with the mind power they can advance along with all those studies and machinery and obviously - and I copy from the physical language again - they don't reach a safe harbor. That is to say, what you are doing through this vessel doesn’t have copy in Sun 3.

Interlocutor: That’s what I was referring to exactly; if other psychic groups of investigation like this exist, that is to say, by means of telepathic contacts with Masters of Light.

Morganel: No.

Interlocutor: Not with that?

Morganel: No.

Interlocutor: Well. We are going to finish here, Morganel, for the time being because our dear Jorge must be very tired.

Morganel: We will give him less information the next time and the dear Master Johnakan who rarely makes jokes says: “Don't worry, the next time we will try to decode a first grade reading book", je je. See you soon.

Interlocutor: Well. Thank you Morganel and thank you Johnakan

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