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-2 Eighth Sphere:
A Spiritual plane where all the spirits who committed hostile acts are.
In this plane all the spirits who were cruel with their neighbors, feel the same pain they caused to others when they were in the physical plane, This plane is equivalent to the Biblical Hell, but contrary to Hell the suffering in this plane is not eternal. In other words in this plane every spirit shares the pain of all the other spirits that inhabit in this plane. In the moment the spirit stops worrying about his own pain and he tries to alleviate the pain of other spirits he automatically raises his level.
-1 Solitude:
In this plane the spirits feel absolute loneliness and they cannot communicate telepathically with other spirits in the same plane. This plane is related to nothingness, In this plane there are spirits who committed hostile acts and were selfish, The spirits are free to move conceptually everywhere, but within darkness. In the moment the spirit realizes the importance of the other, He instantly ascends of level.
1 Physical Plane:
Also known as Plane 1.This plane is the universe in which we are living according to the physical laws of Nature (Gravity, Entropy, Electromagnetism etc.) .
2. Spirits of Error:
In this plane the spirits are contentious and have enormous lust of power, they have an increased EGO and Karmas. Most of the paranormal phenomena are produced by the spirits that inhabit in this plane (Poltergeist, Apparitions, Haunted houses, Ghostly visions etc). These spirits are like prisoners who only want to contend and harm everyone.
3. Spirits of Error:
This plane is also a plane of Error, but the spirits in this plane feel pity of themselves, and feel hatred against those who hurt them when they were incarnated, they feel that their situation is not fair, they are arrogant, they still have EGO and karmic lessons to learn, they are full of doubts and do not want to receive messages of Light. They are not that harmful as the spirits of the plane 2.
4. Mastery Grades:
In this plane the Spirits realize that they are happy when they help other Spirits. They have integrated their Ego and have practically learned all their karmic lessons. They begin to understand the real meaning of their existence, which is being helpful and provide love to everybody. When they embody, they carry out missions to help incarnated beings.
5. Maximum Light:
This plane is also a plane of Light just like the plane 4, but in this plane the Spirits usually help more and carry out missions to help other Spirits everywhere in the universe. In the planes of Light the Spirits feel sorrow for others and try to help them so that they can evolve to the Light. ( there are 9 sublevels and 5.9 is the highest level)
6. Angels:
Although Angels are not Spirits, but Entities of Light, they give Light through Love, They joy when they serve to others, Angels can also embody and be on the physical plane in mission just like an ordinary incarnated being, but they can also generate Karma, but only with their 10% embodied.
7. Divine Energies:
Their mission is to strengthen spiritually to those who are seeking the path of Light, For example Jesus incorporated the Christic Energy (Dimensional Logos) who helped him to fulfill his mission when he was embodied. When Siddartha Gautama was embodied he channeled the Buddhic Energy (Galactic Logos).Other Divine Energies are Fohat, Prana and Kundalini.
8. Elohim:
These entities create Conceptual and Non conceptual Spirits with the consent of EON, they were in service of EON when the 22 parallel Universes were created, they are also called Minor gods. The Elohim created Angelic beings, Angels, Principalities, Seraphs, Anchangels, Powers. There are 72 Elohim
Jehovah is an (Eloah)
9. Essences:
They supervise every galaxy, enriching the function of every Galactic Logos, but they do not interfere.
10. Aes:
They supervise the balance of the universe; these are Entities at the service of EON. They watch over the physical structure of the universe.
The absolute GOD, Eternity, Infinite. He is everything and he is everywhere

Another entities that interact in diverse planes

Ludic Energies: Entities of very low level that have a negative role in the spiritual evolution of incarnated and not incarnated beings who have not yet reached the Mastery grades. The Ludic Energies “feed the ego" of the weak spirits and with temptations in their body of desires, they channel all the negativity.

Demons: Just like Ludic Energies, demons are negative entities that interact in the densest planes (-2, -1, 1, 2 and 3), they have the function of discouraging to the spirits and they tempt to the spirits sending negative concepts to their body of desires. In the beginning of this Creation, God was in charge of sending the main character to this school of interior overcoming. His name was Lucifer, an angel that irradiated so much kindness that the Light of his Love filled of ecstasy to his brethrens. God sent him to tempt men and he could not refuse to the divine command. He brought a legion of 72 angels who had their memory erased so that they could carry out their mission without hesitations. That’s how they became Demons, inhabiting the cycles of Darkness (these are cycles that interfere in all the vibrational planes). These demons, using temptations, control the body of desires of incarnated beings and they also act increasing in the spirits of Error their EGO.

Lipikas: Spiritual Entities that keep the karmic records in the Akashic files (files that contain all the information about all the events of the Universe) Lipikas also control the incarnation of non conceptual spirits (fo example Cats, Dogs, etc.) they organize where each spirit will embody within its category. Lipikas propose incarnations to the most disoriented conceptual spirits in order to help them in their spiritual evolution.

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