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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills, and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22)
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entities that came to talk: Master Jesus Current Solar Logos
Interlocutor: Who is present?
Master Jesus: I greet you, beloved brothers, I am the Master Jesus... I want to explain briefly what brought me at this time to take this vessel once again...
You will always have those thorns nailed from people that although they can be at a higher spiritual level, they are also invaded by tremendous selfishness. That tremendous selfishness that invades you, will put to the group barriers, logical barriers, because if the group is looking for help, if the group is looking for growing to be able to serve, which is my goal, and I want all my disciples to have it, it will always be negative entities that will want to cut the path to you.
Among you there are people that serve to the Good and also due to selfishness, they serve to Error. They are dual, they are ambiguous. But it is necessary to allow them that they be part of the group in order to be helped somehow.
There are no risks, because if the group continues rising, and those people don't evolve, the same people will leave the group.
Here nobody should be left aside if he wants to participate. On the contrary, everyone who wants to participate, it is necessary to offer him love.
We should love our neighbor, to reach out a solidary hand to him, and if they want knowledge, transmit the knowledge; little or a lot, transmit it to him. The knowledge that doesn't hurt, the knowledge with love.
But that knowledge later on will be responsibility of them in how they use it. Not from you. The important thing is not leave aside to anybody. But it will continue to be thorns. Old people, new people that are part of the group who object the methodology, to the diagramming, to the chats, to the spiritual communications.
But, well, it is not necessary to worry about it. It is necessary to continue ahead with love.
There are many spiritual entities that support to the group. And there is an angel connected with my vessel, exactly the Archangel Gabriel who is watching over permanently, not only over my vessel but also watching over the whole group.
Interlocutor: I will interrupt you, Master, to ask a question that has to do with the case. I am not very fond of praying, but Ron Hubbard told me that prayers are keys...
Master Jesus: The Lord’s prayer not only connects with the superior self, but also with the Absolute.
Interlocutor: Is it necessary to make another type of invocation?
Master Jesus: No, it is not necessary, because to communicate with the Father, it is enough to be prepared mentally in an evocation of love. The evocation of love is so stronger than the invocation. There are no secrets.
Interlocutor: Master, How do you see to the group in these moments? Is it well-guided related to the steps that are being given?
Master Jesus: Recently now it’s going ahead because there are a lot of people who are generous. Before it wasn’t because there were a lot of people who was not generous.
And just like my dear disciple Johnakan said, it is necessary to be generous, not a beggar. And many people that came to the group to chat, have not contributed economically.
It is necessary the effort to grow up, even the economic effort. And he who says: "Yes, but I cannot invest five dollars for each member of my family in the group", he is lying; because later on perhaps he spends it in a pettiness, in a thing that later on is not useful. Stay away from that people!
There are a lot of people that go to the group to the meetings that you make in the afternoon, and later on to the meetings in which it is necessary to pay they don't come, or if they come they don't contribute and later on maybe they buy a dull thing and they spend five times more. They take advantage perhaps of your permissiveness.
Me, when I was incarnated, I was not permissive. It is not necessary to be permissive with the advantage takers. You, to those I am referring, and also to my vessel, they have the gift of giving, but, as it was written, the Father wants good people, but kindness has limits, otherwise it is no longer kindness, it is foolishness.
Then, as well as you and my vessel give, and you make an effort economically, then the other ones should make an effort also.
Interlocutor: Regarding to the focus of the warnings, is it ok?
Master Jesus: You are in the search. Then, what it is necessary to put is search messages. This is the secret. You will know what to do.
We all look for answers. You will wonder if a Solar Logos look for answers. Of course yes! We all look for answers, because everyone in his level wonders, for example, what pain is.
In your level pain can be of shortages. In my level the pain is the shortage of yours. Do you understand the difference? If any man has eyes to see let him see.
I am going to mission to another place, I won't explain because it is out of your understanding. It is in another universe. But before I want to tell you that you have my permanent blessing. My rays of golden Light are always with you.
As well as you have permanently the rays of Violet Light of Johnakan, my disciple, and the White Light of the Father.
Among the White Light of the Father, my Golden Light and the Violet Light of Johnakan, you have the permanent blessing, because they form a triad of colors, and they are the Father's colors: white, golden and violet.
At the moment, the possessor of the Violet Ray violet is Johnakan. I want you to know it. I want you to write it down and transmit it to all - the Violet Ray -, as well as I have at this time and for a long time ago, the golden Ray which is the Ray that transmits me, in a permanent way, the Dimensional Logos which is the Christic Energy. And in return, I transmit it to you. This is the blessing that you have permanently.
A word that can be transmitted by this vessel is a verbal blessing. Obviously I bless you, but I bless you in thought permanently because I love you.
Interlocutor: Besides the Dianetic audition of the Thetan through a medium, would there be another way of healing that we could use?
Master Jesus: The Dianetics auditing is not the only healing way. There are other healing ways, for example, intentioning with the mind.
Just like Johnakan has the healing power, likewise you have to develop it. It is an issue you have to believe it.
At this time there are three those who are gathered on my behalf. And you know that there when three are gathered in my name, or four, or ten, they can heal. You know you can heal! Keep it in your minds. It’s up to you that you have that faith. If you don't have that faith, the entity that you want to cure won't be healed.
It’s not only using the Dianetics technique that you will succed, but believing that you can achieve it. Or haven’t you understood when I told you that faith can moves mountains, figuratively speaking? With all the love of my spirit, I greet you until the next session.
Interlocutor: See you later Master...

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