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Medium: Jorge olguin

Entities that came to talk: Kronbus (A time travelers's Thetan), Johnakan Ur-El

Interlocutor: Who will come in first place?
Kronbus: My name is Kronbus...
Interlocutor: I listen to your message.
Kronbus: I am a Time traveler.
Interlocutor: Terrestrial?
Kronbus: That’s right. I come, from the year 2555 according to your time.
Interlocutor: Where are you in this moment? I mean your physical body...
Kronbus: In my physical body I am here, in this time, in this present of yours.
Interlocutor: In what place?
Kronbus: In that place you call the surroundings of Buenos Aires and communicating telepathically with you.
Interlocutor: In the surroundings of Buenos Aires? That’s very interesting! Obviously you were not born in this time but rather you simply appeared... Is this correct?
Kronbus: I am a time traveler. I was born in your future.
Interlocutor: Sure, but I ask if you appeared in our time.
Kronbus: I was born in the year 2525. This means that I am 30 years old.
Interlocutor: That is clear, but my question is how you appeared here in our time from the year 2555. Did you appear suddenly, to express it in some way?
Kronbus: Sure, it is like suddenly there is a light, a hole is seen and my image appears...
Interlocutor: I understand something like that because there are many science fiction movies - evidently they are not that unreal where what you mentions is shown... Is there any connection?
Kronbus: ...Besides I don't come with any flying machine that you call UFO nor anything like that. Directly it is like some kind of movement, I have a device with me, and with this device I can move again.
Interlocutor: There is an American movie filmed for television, and it is emitted by chapters called "Travelers", where one can see what you are saying...
Kronbus: What happens is that that TV series you mention have been filmed 30 years ago in your time, - we are now in 1998 -, in 1960, and instantaneous disappearances don’t exist as it is shown in that TV seriess. But the comparison is valid because the missions we make are practically similar to those made on that series. But the molecular disintegration is much slower. We take almost 20 seconds. It is not instantaneous.
Interlocutor: Is there some pain in the moment of traslation?
Kronbus: No, there is only some itching, like a tingling sensation, but nothing else.
Interlocutor: Are there many time travelers here on Earth?
Kronbus: There might be 30 or 40 more or less.
Interlocutor: What is your personal data? I mean your appearance. Naturally it can be known.
Kronbus: Well, I am 1, 80 m. tall, weight 88 kg, I have reddish hair, what you call redheaded, short but brushed, I have blue eyes, I am very stout and I learned all type of martial arts, present and future.
Which means that I have a total control of my body and I can slow down the beats of my heart to 20 per minute and I can speed them up, if I want to, until it looks like tachycardia, at 150 beats per minute?
Interlocutor: Is there some connection between you and Kaspar Hauser, who was also a time traveler?
Kronbus: He is my partner he has come in his time before and now, since we travel permanently.
Interlocutor: Specifically, what is your mission here?
Kronbus: I have different missions. But at this time I have come because I am fixing a political problem that has appeared in the region of Buenos Aires - and it is not the time to be revealed – Besides, I take the opportunity to communicate telepathically through this vessel, in order to unveil all the doubts you may have.
Interlocutor: Our Guides informed us that Nostradamus was a time traveler...
Kronbus: Nostradamus is a time traveler... Besides, he doesn't call himself in this way. All of our names end with "bus.", for example, I call myself Kronbus.
Interlocutor: At what point you know the questions I ask you?
Kronbus: I am going to answer like a normal, and ordinary human being: I am not any disincarnated spirit, I am simply a person who is communicating telepathically, because we have the power to do it, and what I can answer, I answer, and what I don't know, I don't know, and what it’s forbidden for me to say I won't say. Simply.
Interlocutor: Besides, as far as I understand, the spiritual entities that preside over this session transmit to you telepathically some answers you ignore. Is it like that in this case?
Kronbus: Of course.
Interlocutor: Does the same vessel constitute some obstacle for the answers? I ask it because I have knowledge that the entities that communicate through a vessel are limited by the knowledge that this vessel possesses.
Kronbus: Of course, that’s right. Besides, I am also a medium, and in my time I channel angelic beings from the sixth plane, divine entities of the seventh plane, and so on. I have even channeled an Eloah, but I am not the first human being that has done it.
Interlocutor: Is it possible to know who was the first human who did it?
Kronbus: Yes, it is this vessel that will do it soon. The maximum entity he has channel until now it is an Energy, the Christ.
Interlocutor: When you return to your time, in what date will you do it?
Kronbus: Usually, in order not to have psychological problems, if I am here one week, in my time has passed one week. But if I wanted to, I can return to the exact second in which I left, without course of time. For example, I left on March 3 of the year 2555, at 3 o clock in the afternoon, and I can return on March 3 of 2555 at 3 and one minute in the afternoon.
Interlocutor: The point is clarified.... How long will you stay in this present?
Kronbus: I don't know yet, because I have some things to conclude... I have an apparatus "traslator", communication devices, and an optic view finder implanted in my forehead, where the "third eye" would be, with it I can be controlled from the future so that I don't make mistakes.
Interlocutor: How do you disguise yourself here? I mean how you can pass unnoticed among us.
Kronbus: I don't disguise myself. I act like a normal person, simply because I am a normal person.
Interlocutor: But here you have some activity, I mean, do you work or something like that?
Kronbus: No, because the time I stay is short. But we do have the ability - how couldn’t we have it? after several centuries ahead of you - to have all the necessary documentation to pass unnoticed: identity documents that you call D.N.I, Job Certificate, medical card, credit cards, of the old ones, which means those you have, because in my time this is handled in other way; Besides neither pesos nor dollars exist; We call "credits" the money of our time...
Interlocutor: Could you be able to… as I deduce according to what we commented, return to yesterday and kill me?
Kronbus: Theoretically yes, but it is impossible in the practice... We have, and this is put in computers…well, they are not called “computers" in my time to this type of machines, but I express things in this way to be understood... We have absolute free will to do whatever we want, nobody manipulate us like puppets from the future, but we do have a device so that immediately another person would incorporate also in this time, to correct something like that. Moreover, if there was a temporary modification, against what the general destiny is, like one says in your time, a “red light” would automatically turn on and they would know that I made a mistake.
They would come immediately to prevent it. We cannot modify anything. What we do is exactly the opposite: to prevent that something be modified. As my vessel told you before since I read his mind perfectly, before beginning the session, if Brutus had fallen of a chariot and broke his neck, one day before of killing Caesar, or he had been infected with a virulent disease and died, one week before, we, as time travelers, would have the obligation: of avoiding that he takes that chariot or avoiding that he dies due to that pest injecting him a vaccine, Since we cannot let that history stops taking place, because Brutus has to kill Caesar...
Interlocutor: That is clear, but you are demonstrating to me that it is possible, at least in theory that me, for example, in this moment I could take a knife and kill this vessel...
Kronbus: Of course you can!
Interlocutor: Well... Then how is this connected with free will? I mean according to what we said before, free will would be extremely relative.
Kronbus: It is a free will relative to everyone’s destiny. For example, instead of taking a taxi you take a bus and in that bus your meet a person who makes you an offer of employment, if you had taken that taxi you wouldn’t have known this person. You chose to take that bus, but in this play created by God, it was already programmed that you would take that bus.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand, because if God created this play, where is my free will?
Kronbus: In fact you have chosen it. Free will is there. You have a total and absolute free will that nobody would limit. But once you have acted based on your free will, that history is already written. And right there it cannot be modified. It is as if I told you: you have a computer of the old ones... Old to my time, obviously, you don't know the hundreds and hundreds of Gigabytes that our devices have, and the most ordinary computers of this time hardly have few Gigabytes... Our Hard disks, which are smaller than 1 cent coin of yours, contain 10 national libraries of every country. What I mean... how can I explain it? Because I don't have the easiness of expression of a disincarnated spiritual entity... for that reason I doubt... I will try...
For example, I give you the computer you have and you must make a work, but the keyboard is not working well, if you try to write, since it doesn't erase what is on top, you cannot write a new thing... I am reading your mind telepathically... I give you another similar example: if your recorder is bad and you couldn’t record my voice over some music you had before, then that cassette would not be good to make two recordings... Until here you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly.
Kronbus: Imagine the same thing with a diskette of this time that only allows you to make one recording: you write a work and you can make it as you wish, but once you did it, you cannot write over it. The machine makes orthographic and grammar corrections or whatever, but if instead of "dinner" you want to put "lunch", you cannot make it because you already put "dinner." So, what is written in the first place cannot be modified.
In people’s life it is exactly the same thing. You can marry, be divorced, be single; you can abstain of having sexual relations, etc. But once you have married, you cannot return to the past anymore and modify that marriage.
Then, it is not that you have a limited free will. Once the work was written and was lived with free will, it is done.
Interlocutor: Which means that somehow mi actions today define what will happen tomorrow?
Kronbus: Sure! Let us suppose that tomorrow you are invited to a country house, and you say today "No, tomorrow I will stay to repeat some copies that I have to hand in on Monday." You have planned your day already. Then, you didn’t cut your free will tomorrow. You have already programmed it. And then, although you want to go, you can’t, because that people have taken the car already, you don't have the way of communicating with them telepathically and you don't know where that country house was exactly, if it was in Garin, in Tortuguitas or in Pilar... Then, you will say: I cut my free will."… No, you didn't...
Interlocutor: That’s clear.
Kronbus: But you can stop working and go to a cinema, but you no longer go to the country house.
Interlocutor: Given the circumstance, at some time, has this failed?
Kronbus: No, it is impossible because the previous history is already recorded, any modification would appear in our computers.
Interlocutor: Would it be something like a movie already filmed?
Kronbus: Sure... We have long philosophical dialogues about this issue in the future. For example, why Hitler is still alive, why Attila continues living, why we allow that the Library of Alexandria be burnt, why we didn’t cheat: for example, why we didn't make microfilms of all the books of the Library of Alexandria and use them in the future... Because we would change things of the future that should not be modified by that knowledge!
Interlocutor: Maybe here it could be said that what seems good now, tomorrow, if one saw the results, it would not be that good...
Kronbus: Anyway, there are things that have been modified in the future, but they have been modified because they had to be modified already. And now I will tell you something that will add more confusion: Even time travelers are already foreseen in history, because they are part of events that have already happened and recorded...
Interlocutor: How is that?
Kronbus: I will explain it to you. Me, Kronbus, I travel to the past, I have a philosophical dialogue with Aristotle. In the future, I make an essay about that dialogue and I publish that book with Aristotle's dialogues - in my time there are no books, there are microfilms, but let us suppose that we have books - I am modifying something, because I am taking out a philosophy from the past. But that is also foreseen.
Interlocutor: I understand... So even the fact that you are, is modifying somehow the future?
Kronbus: Sure! I am modifying something now because, you will publish a book tomorrow revealing that you spoke with me and saying that time travel is possible... There are people, who will believe it, and there are people that won't believe it, but at least you will change some theories. But this is also foreseen; otherwise I would not be communicating. To clarify better this question, I, from my time, see this communication as past, it means that it is already part of history that now both of us are reviving at this time. This communication is being held because it has already happened.
Interlocutor: Now I see it clearer... What perceptive reach you have to know what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and any day of the future?
Kronbus: If you mean about the authorization to say it, No, because I cannot say it.
Interlocutor: I didn't mean about the authorization but if you know with certainty what will happen - or has happened - tomorrow, for example.
Kronbus: If you mean if I can know my future, if I am on March 3 of 2555 - date where my present has reached - if I can know what will happen on March 4, the answer is No, I don't know. But if you mean that if I can know what will happen tomorrow in your time, the answer is yes I know it, because for me it is the past, but I cannot say it.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood: You know with all certainty, without any doubt, with all accuracy and clarity, what will happen to me tomorrow?
Kronbus: But how can’t I know if I am a time traveler? I know it perfectly. I can know if you have triumphed, if you have gone ahead, if the group has been known outside of this country... All about it I know, but it is forbidden for me to say it because I would be conditioning to you. And if I told you: "Yes, there will be a total victory", maybe you will "get fat" - I am speaking with an idiom of yours so that you understand me - and there is no such victory.
And in the same way, if I told you:”You have failed completely", surely this is the last session and from now on you will be devoted, for example, to carpentry. And maybe something that it is very important is modified. For that reason, I repeat, It cannot be said. Besides this is also forbidden in my future, because the machine, in the way it was programmed in a kind of worm, in a temporary hole, but a space worm, it doesn't allow to do it. The time machine is always being programmed to the past. Then we cannot go to our future.
Interlocutor: Can’t you go to your future in some way?
Kronbus: No To our future we can’t... I could cheat... There is a physical law that cannot be trespassed. You can go to your past but you cannot go to your future. (note: this is a limitation of their technology, Not an impossibility)
Interlocutor: Do you also have a Thetan, soul or Higher-self, I mean, a spiritual part? Maybe it is not a very intelligent question, but I want to confirm it anyway.
Kronbus: But how could I not have it? Of course I have a Thetan! What I want to clarify is that I don't have the wisdom, but rather a technical application of the matter. If they ask about my intelligence quotient at this moment I would say that it is close to 180 which is a higher IQ.
But it is not a philosophical quotient, perhaps, but rather a technological type. I can assemble any device at this time with my hands.
Besides, if in this moment I measured myself with the greatest champions in karate on Earth, I would defeat them. I would be tenth Dan. I have a speed so, but so great that I can defeat physically to anyone...
Interlocutor: What I want to ask is...
Kronbus: What I mean is that if I wanted to cheat... For example: I am on March 3 of 2555 and I as Kronbus travel 3 days ago to the past in order to give to my other Kronbus the device to travel through time well, this Kronbus cannot go to the future.
If I give you the device and I tell you: Come I will take you to a tour in the 2500, well, you cannot come due to a problem of mass... and your spiritual mass cannot even go... It is forbidden.
One cannot go to the future. To the past it is possible because the past... There is a dimensional paradox in which you can travel to the past to avoid modifications but not to the future.
Interlocutor: Did some traveler return to the time of Jesus and told him, for example, "Master, I am a time traveler” and did Jesus truly recognize in him a time traveler? Or this vessel, for example, when he was incarnated as John Zebedee?
Kronbus: To this vessel didn't happen such thing, but it did happen to Jesus. But Jesus didn't know it. There is a book you have, since 15 or 20 years, more or less, called "Trojan Horse", which datum are not so exact, where Jesus was considered practically as a God... Jesus was not a fortune-teller or something like that.
Two time travelers were present before him and he asked them, not with eagerness, but with simple curiosity, if his word would be spread, and what would happen to him...
Interlocutor: Did the time traveler answer him?
Kronbus: Yes, he responded to him. He told him: "Stay calm, whatever will be, will be” and he clapped on his shoulder. With this action Jesus was satisfied. The words, "whatever will be will be", Jesus took them as valid, as if his mission would be successful.
Interlocutor: Moving on to another topic... Can you read my mind?
Kronbus: I have a certain gift of telepathy nothing more.
Interlocutor: The question is, if you can tell me something without asking, I mean, taking out the questions I have in my mind I would be interested that you answer me...
Kronbus: Yes, I can do it... There are many things. Fundamentally you want to know about your physical part, if you will worsen mentally..., Things that you have incorporated in your subconscious that not even you have taken to the light, you are afraid of having at some moment a serious psychological problems, of having some mental disturbances, how many years you will live, if tomorrow you will be fine physically or you will worsen, if you will be on a wheel chair...
Interlocutor: Exactly, those are my worries, fundamentally thinking on my mission... But I rather mean to the questions I have about time traveling.
Kronbus: OK. Then, before I leave, I will give you some information... Notbus, that is to say Nostradamus, traveled many times through time, and somehow, while he was in several dark ages – He was not authorized and nobody prohibited him either - he gave some type of information - he was seen like a clairvoyant, a fortune-teller or something like a strange guy - and later on he didn't travel through time anymore, because he was disturbed psychologically and he was invaded by his ego.
Interlocutor: I am surprised!
Kronbus: Sure! When we travel through time we have to have our psychic abilities very well-established to not make mistakes...
Interlocutor: You, as time travelers, do you have sexual relations?
Kronbus: Thanks God in the future that thing continue existing! Daily I have sexual intercourse with my wife... We don't marry with papers or all those formal foolishness... directly we are inscribed, and if our mutual life is negative we directly separate... My wife is 1.70 tall, she is a blond woman, and her hair grows until her waist... we have sexual relations that if they were filmed film they would make a fortune if they were sold…
Interlocutor: My question was going to another direction... I wanted to know if here, in this time that is not yours, you can have sexual relations or if it is forbidden due to some reason.
Kronbus: No, it is not forbidden, you can have sex with an appropriate protection, in order to not pregnant anyone. That doesn't modify anything.
Interlocutor: Is the woman of our time beautiful or ugly compared to that future?
Kronbus: Maybe, in our time, it will come again, the same trend as the 20th century, the slender woman, in the 2200s the trend changed to a chubby woman... The preferences were changing... Besides, there are not so many years. What do you think it will change in 500 or 1000 years?
Interlocutor: Were you embodied here? I ask it to know if it is possible that you, as a time traveler can face yourself, but with the Kronbus of this time.
Kronbus: It is perfectly possible to face myself, but without revealing who I am, neither who I was, nor who I stopped being. Otherwise I would be destabilizing to whom I was previously and I could make him lose control.
Interlocutor: And modify to yourself, maybe?
Kronbus: This may be true or maybe not, but I will leave you an unanswered question: what would you know if tomorrow, you don't have karma, but you embody in 500 years in a mission again and what would you know if you are not me, Kronbus...?
Interlocutor: As we say here, in Argentina, you left me “itching"...
Kronbus: Perhaps you don't embody anymore, because if you make a humanitarian mission you don't have more karma or engrams, but you can come in mission...
Interlocutor: In this time I want to leave this topic in suspense to ask you a question before you leave. I sent some letters to a local newspaper, and I would like to know what effect they will have...
Kronbus: That, I cannot answer because it's your future - Obviously I know the answer - and I cannot reveal anything of your future...
Interlocutor: But if I asked, for example to my Master Ron Hubbard, he would tell me something about it.
Kronbus: Yes, but not because he knows, he simply speculates.
Interlocutor: Now I understand.
Kronbus: I don’t believe that spiritual entities know the future.
Interlocutor: Can I summon you again? I ask it because this topic has been very interesting and although it has not brought too much confusion, it has disarranged me in some ways.
Kronbus: Yes, of course. Here the most important thing is the following issue: history, is about facts already lived, it cannot be modified. We, as time travelers, precisely what we do is prevent that history changes, that is to say, we make history stay as it is.
Then, it is the other way around of what people think that if you could travel to the past you could also modify the facts: "Ah - they say -, if I could travel to the past I would kill that tyrant...!” No, it is not this way. Regrettably it is the opposite.
In our time, as I told you before, we have many dialogues. For example, we say: "Why do we leave alive that bastard?” But well, that was history.
I repeat: it is not that the free will is limited. Everybody can do whatever one wants. The issue is that once one did it, it is already done.
Nobody is telling you: "Don’t go down to the store to buy candies", or ”don't go to the corner to buy the newspaper" - you still buy newspapers made of paper-, “Don’t buy cigarettes" and things of that sort... Do you know that the bad habit of the cigarette also continued during the 2100s?
Interlocutor: I cannot believe it!
Kronbus: Here I am not telling you something of the future that you could modify. But it is the only thing I can tell you.
Interlocutor: How many time travelers of your time are there among us in this time?
Kronbus: In this moment there must be around 37.
Interlocutor: Could you tell me precisely what kind of things you do as a time traveler?
Kronbus: There are things that it is necessary to prevent so that history doesn't change.
Interlocutor: For example?
Kronbus: For example, in one of the ships Apollo there was a big ship Langar, of those beings like locusts, it was a ship of 1000 meters long, it was in front of the astronauts, and it was impossible to deny it because one could film it...
Interlocutor: Did you make something about it?
Kronbus: We, somehow, had to travel... I speak in plural because there were two time travelers, since one alone was not enough... We had to travel to the decade of the 70s, 20 years ago... we travel to the space, but with one of our smaller ships, we made like a kind of refractory mirror, simulating the stars, and we avoid that the Langar ship was seen so that no news were given yet.
Interlocutor: Before you leave, could you tell us something about the mankind of the 2500, at least something?
Kronbus: I can only tell you that there will be big devices to defeat illnesses, all the genes can be modified; the race is going to be a little bit more advanced... On the other hand we are in risk - and now I am being wise and saying what could be - that perhaps hunger will prosper and all of that, and it is like the division becomes bigger, where every time there are countries where the genes are modified to such point that people are all supermen and in the countries of the Third World people are impoverished and starving...
Interlocutor: In fact, creation is then, like an egg, where all the possibilities are already given and where I myself, somehow, I have my development from the beginning of this creation until singularity...
Kronbus: It would have to be this way... What happens is that it is necessary to live it and it is necessary to make it. I cannot do like those people that will run the Marathon and they say "this is a piece of cake", because he did a time two minutes less than the other ones, maybe in the middle of the race he has a cramp, he falls, and they pass over him.
Things have to be lived, things are to be passed From Singularity to Singularity, Everything is already written, but it is necessary to live it.
Interlocutor: Well, Kronbus, see you later and thank you for your explanations, and I hope that Ron comes to clarify all the doubts that have appeared.
Ron Hubbard: Hello, how are you?
Interlocutor: Well, but very surprised with this communication with Kronbus...
Ron Hubbard: Besides he was character a little bit strange this entity that came, because he has other values in that time, there are philosophers and others, but Kronbus was devoted to cultivate the body exclusively. He is a little bit a lover of his body. He is a champion of martial arts and, well, he likes karate a lot, the Chinese boxing, and besides he likes sex very much... he has sex every day...
There is one thing I want to clarify. We cannot visualize the future in any plane of spirituality. Directly we cannot visualize it.
When I say that such program or such newspaper will give this or that proposal or this or that thing, what I am using is a bigger intuition than you have, this intuitions allows me when being a pure spirit in my spiritual plane, and it is like sometimes “I hit the nail on the head" - I use a terrestrial expression here to be understood -, but I hit on the nail because I have a developed intuition, and not because I could "see" what will happen.
We are also prisoners of time. As well as in the physical plane 1 we cannot move from one day to the other, we cannot move in our plane either.

The following session was held the 10/OCT/98
Entity that came to dialogue Johnakan Ur-El, especially to clarify some doubts outlined in the communication with Kronbus the time traveler.
Interlocutor: Who is going to come in the first place?
Johnakan Ur-El: I Am Johnakan Ur-El...
Interlocutor: How are you Master?
Johnakan Ur-El: Well, always trying to serve as a support, something that regrettably it’s obstructed, making the task more difficult, due to the blindness that all human beings have when they are only thinking about themselves...
But not because of that we are going to stop giving all our love... Let’s go directly to the concerns you have scheduled and we will clarify them...
Interlocutor: There are some questions I have, Mainly related to the issue of free will which doesn't seem to be compatible with the trips in time, because the trips in time mean that the future is also a present.
The key question, then, is the following one: if I do something that is not there..., let’s suppose that I slap to your incarnated part, Jorge Olguin, which is not foreseen inside the plan... Then a time traveler comes, ten seconds before, and he prevents it, somehow so that I don't slap his face, or directly he annuls it.
Nostradamus, four hundred years ago predicted, Kennedy’s murder because he was a time traveler and also he wrote that an innocent would be accused of that, we all know now because of the investigations that were made that he could never kill Kennedy, although nobody denies that he tried to do it.
Where is Kennedy's free will and Lee Oswald's free will if somehow it was foreseen?
Johnakan Ur-El: We will go first to the recent time. When giving the slap is not inside free will because it is supposed that it “was written" in time, the first version that was registered already in the annals of history, is that no slap was given.
I will give an example. My incarnated part, Jorge Olguin, is being my own vessel at this time...
Interlocutor: Yes, correct.
Johnakan Ur-the El: If Jorge Olguin had opted to not coming, practically a time traveler would have come, in order to modify history and to make him come.
Why? Because I already came. My physical part is already here. Then, it is not correct what you said about the slap. I will repeat your words:
"If I slap Jorge, they travel through time, and as it is already written previously that I didn't slap him, they change me so that I don't slap him”.
But why do they modify it so that you don't slapped? Because in your original intention you didn't slap.
Then, your free will was respected. This is an illusory paradox, in the sense that... We will begin from the initial singularity, when the Big Bang began and gave origin to this universe - I remark of "this universe" because you already know that there was other Big Bangs previously, according to Roger Penrose’s explanation, Stephen Hawking’s Teacher -, and in which starting from there, the Absolute prepares free will for all of us. I emphasize that for all of us without exception.
Then, a pithecanthropus takes his female to the cavern and they procreate their species...
Interlocutor: Jesus is crucified...
Johnakan Ur-El: Jesus is crucified, Nero Burns Rome, and so forth history goes being developed.
But what happens if due to a temporary paradox a branch of that history is repeated where Jesus crosses over the Jordan, being convinced by Peter and he escapes?
This would have to be prevented because history was already written in that way. But it is not that my Master's free will is being cut. At no moment it is cut, because the Master opted to not escape.
It means that there are not two parallel stories. When one speaks of two parallel stories it is because one is fantasizing about a second possibility. At no moment the free will of Kennedy and Oswald is being cut.
Interlocutor: This means that free will exists since the beginning of Creation...
Johnakan Ur-El: There is a free will that is not modified. At this time, I, as Johnakan Ur-El, am using my vessel which is my own physical entity, and it’s speaking with you... It is not that due to an incidental time, I in another moment, in this same second decide not to speak and somebody prevents it to me.
Interlocutor: But what we are doing was already foreseen, just like time travelers since the same beginning of Creation... The difficult thing to understand is that there is, at the same time, a free will, on one side, and on the other side there is something which is already prepared and that cannot be in other way.
Johnakan Ur.El: No, it is not that it is already prepared by the Creator. I insist, the Creator gives us free will. Since the singularity, from the Big Bang, the Creator allows that all the beings from this universe and from all of the 22 parallel universes make their life.
Look how easy it is to demonstrate free will... because it is very possible that in one of the 22 universes, the professor Jorge Olguin is not a parapsychologist neither Johnakan Ur-El is in the 5º level of spiritual vibration.
This means then that free will exists. What happens then? Why do time travelers go back in time modifying some things? If time was written only once, why somebody emphasize then and try to change history, if there is no way to do it?
However, there is a way. The issue is this: I will try to explain it in an understandable way. Just like in the physical universe there are 22 parallel universes, in time there are alternate currents of time. Those alternate currents of time... imagine that time is a current that only goes forward and it doesn't go back, like a river.
Well. This river has branches, it has parallel streams, and these parallel streams can be paradoxes. But what happens if a parallel stream makes a bigger watercourse until that watercourse becomes in the main river, displacing to the other one?
Interlocutor: Well, this parallel riverbed would end up being the main river...
Johnakan Ur-El: Right, leaving to the other riverbed as an alternate river.
Interlocutor: That’s clear.
Johnakan Ur-El: Well, then let’s go back to Nero. Nero burns Rome in an outburst of his reactive mind.
Interlocutor: But, Wasn’t the fire of Rome foreseen already since the beginning of Creation?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, because God gave free will. Nero chose to burn Rome.
Interlocutor: One moment please. There is something I don't understand. If there is a future, which is also present, it is impossible that Nero didn’t burn Rome...
Johnakan Ur-El: Hold on... Why don't we do it the other way around? Why don't we go through what it’s being traced and later on through what was traced? Isn’t that better?
Interlocutor: But what happens is that everything is a present... The future is an entire present...
Johnakan Ur-El: For example, there are 10 participants...
Interlocutor: Please, Johnakan, wait. There is a future, which is already made and so it is so that there is a future based in Nero burning Rome. Then it is impossible that Nero didn’t burn Rome, because that future would be different. Everything is a present... Then, How Nero couldn’t burn Rome, if to the Absolute everything is a present, where Nero had already burnt Rome
Johnakan Ur-El: It is not that way. If Nero had opted to not burn Rome, or if he had a more understanding mother, or if he had not been betrayed, or if he had not been flattered in a completely menial way, and if his ego had not grown so much...
Interlocutor: Or if he had not had engrams...
Johnakan Ur-El: Or if he had not had engrams, Other History would have been written and Nero would take part in history as the most famous emperor in the ancient history because of his wisdom and kindness, instead of Marco Aurelio who is considered the more unselfish emperor, less self-centered that wrote such an extensive wisdom, in a very underdeveloped time, but he would be just the opposite if he had been vexed by a courtier and engrams had been created against all the courtiers and he would have been tyrannical and have violated small young boys, and he would not have written his famous texts...
Interlocutor: everything you say is perfect, but it doesn't fit with the future already made in which there is a time traveler who returns to this time. This is not clear for me.
Johnakan Ur-El: I believe that it is a lack of acceptance on your behalf. Let’s rewind everything again as if it were a task to be repeated.
The Father creates again, after so many times he has created, and by his own creation, due to a law of physics, the universe has contracted and all of us have returned to Him, He has created the universe again, containing its free will: places where there is life, places where there is no life - in the planet Earth life was created -; amoebas, dinosaurs, the carboniferous time came...
Interlocutor: But to the Creator everything is a present!
Johnakan Ur-El: Let us leave aside the Creator's metaphysics. Focus in us, the spirits. We make a choice, we choose, a certain behavior. Once we choose that certain behavior, then the Book of History –not modifiable - begins to be written.
Interlocutor: But then How can it be a future if everything is a present?
Johnakan Ur-El: To understand the point, I repeat, you have to put aside the Creator's metaphysics. Forget for a moment that Creation is an entire present.
There is a future because the future is being made as we speak.
Interlocutor: But how could Kronbus have come from the future already made? Then we would be somehow modifying that future of Kronbus...
Johnakan Ur-El: No, no, no... To them, to the inhabitants of the future, that future they are living is their present and our present to them is the past. But to us it is a present in which we can do whatever we want. You say, for example, the future is written - in the case they tell you - I will go tomorrow to Berazategui. And what if I don't want to go to Berazategui? Now I am whimsical, I will win the future.
Interlocutor: But I would have to know what it is not written to be able to modify it!
Johnakan Ur-El: No. I will tell you a thing that maybe it is not certain, but it is so that you can understand it... At this time Kronbus comes and he says: “I will tell you a secret: Your collaborator will travel tomorrow to Berazategui", and he leaves.
Then, you don't travel to Berazategui. You say then: "Kronbus evidently is hallucinating”. Kronbus comes the next week, to the next session and he says: It was foreseen that you didn't travel."
-Why? If you told me last week that I would travel and I became whimsical and didn't travel.
-Ok, because you can change destiny a hundred thousand times. The future is being written while you are participating.
Interlocutor: But doesn't Kronbus already come from a future, unmovable?
Johnakan Ur-El: Unmovable according to him, because there is already a history which is already written. What would happen if we travel to the past and we tell to this wonderful entity, called San Martin, "within two years you will cross the mountain range and you will set free Chile and later on to Alto Peru”?
-San Martin asks: Where You come from? – And you answer him: "I come from the future, from almost the year 2000."
-Ah, but then it is already sung that I will modify that. But I am not prepared for that. I will question if I can set free three countries. I am not prepared. Recently I was promoted to general lieutenant and I do not even know if I will be promoted to general captain.
Then we create an engram of fear in San Martin who lacks of courage knowing that he will be the liberator and he doesn't set free those countries.
Then tomorrow, you and my physical part wake up, maybe due to a paradox of time you wake up with the memory intact... remember that when changing time memory is also changed... do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Clearly...
Johnakan Ur-El: Let us suppose then that due to a temporary paradox time doesn't change your memory neither the memory of my vessel Jorge Olguin. You buy a history book or take one one of your daughter and you read: "O'Higgins, from Chile, set free Argentina and Alto Alto Peru, while San Martin was escaping to France."
How can it be? -You exclaim - This is not the history that I remember!
Because history was modified, because San Martin chose to not liberate because somebody from the future "filled his head" and he lost his temper before. Until here do you understand me?
Interlocutor: Perfectly.
Johnakan Ur-El: But that doesn’t happen in real life because your memory and Jorge's memory, if that history were changed, it would change your memory and the memory of this vessel they would also learn in school that O'Higgins set free those three countries and not San Martin.
Then you would never know what really happened. I don’t know if I was clear...
Interlocutor: Being sincere, I have to listen again calmly to the recording in order to coordinate all of this...
Johnakan Ur-El: The ideal thing would be that somebody came out from the temporary paradox and he remembers the other parallel history perhaps that happens in other parallel universes and maybe - this is a "delirium" of Johnakan Ur-El -, the parallel universes are traced with the "streams" from another history. Let us say that the river I referred to has 22 arms and in each arm there is a different history.
Interlocutor: I repeat, Johnakan I have to study this listening and reviewing the tape several times...
Johnakan Ur-El: And I will return to the beginning, to the slap. You say: "If I slap to Jorge, and it was not foreseen that I slapped him."..
Interlocutor: But what happens is that was already foreseen...
Johnakan Ur-El: It would be foreseen and you didn't do it in the first place. The issue goes in that way. Let’s go back to that riverbed which was unconcluded.
Let us suppose that in that temporary river there is a riverbed that increases flow and it becomes the main river and the original history is distorted. And in a temporary paradox, in the first century of our Christian history, Nero chooses to not burn Rome - in this paradoxical History, attention -, like in the main river, in the main stream, Nero does burn Rome, there a time traveler will intervene, because a parallel history will be formed.
It is not that the first history annuls to the second, but rather a parallel history will be formed and a temporary paradox would be created... As I told you before, I don't discount that something like that happens in some of the parallel universes, but we are speaking of this universe.
Then, there would be a second riverbed that would try to erase the first... We will make this. Let us suppose that at this time it is the 17: 30 hrs of October 10 of 1998, and me - Johnakan Ur-El - I am speaking through my vessel. But let us suppose that in a parallel riverbed, Johnakan chooses to not speak, because he doesn't want to give messages.
But as this Johnakan is already giving messages, it is already registered in a historical recording. Then, a time travelers would prevent that he doesn't speak, which means that, they would opt that he speaks, because it is already traced, but it is traced because I chose to speak.
Interlocutor: But how is this put in order when Kronbus said regarding that he knows if the Grupo Elron will succeed or not?
Johnakan Ur-El: Because in the annals of history it is already written. Tomorrow you decide to release everything and, well, in the annals of history it will be written that the Grupo Elron failed. We will continue until the last consequences and we succeed, because in the annals of history it will be written that we succeeded. Kronbus didn't say what happened. He said that it is already written. And it will be written according to the decisions we take among us.
Interlocutor: Clearly, but Kronbus lives in the year 2555... Does the life that Kronbus is living in that year 2555 depend on what we do now? I mean Can we modify that life now?... Is it this way?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, it cannot be modified...
Interlocutor: Unless we were doing what it’s already foreseen that we would do.
Johnakan Ur-El: Now, what you say it is correct. But it is not that when being foreseen they cut our free will. They don't cut us free will. Because if at this point I tell to the group to be dispersed because it won't give any result, Kronbus equally is going to be in that time. If I told to the Group that continues to the last consequences, Kronbus equally will be in that time. This means that this won’t change the line of destiny.
All the decisions that we take are one alone... and here is the temporary paradox... Let us suppose that Hitler wins the war and like some science fiction movies that there was in this century, the Nazis take control of the planet. They pour off, 40 or 50 years later, in the same way that communism fall apart, and automatically capitalism takes control again.
That means that the wave of 40 or 50 years, where the Nazism took control doesn't sprinkle to the 2200s, and it returns to its normal riverbed.
Even, if there was a third world war in the 2100, maybe that doesn't sprinkle history and later on humanity follows its course.
In the 2500, maybe they will complain, saying: "due to those beings of the 2092 who caused the third world war, Mankind was 60 or 70 years among debris and it delayed a century and half human development."
What do we have to say almost on the edge of the 2000 that the Catholic Church put back the coldness of one millennium - I repeat so that there is no doubt of what I am saying, a millennium - to mankind? Isn’t the same thing?
But mankind, in these moments is following their course. Maybe, if the Catholic Church had not put back humanity so much, perhaps in the year 1800 we would have already planetary ships, maybe in the year 1900 we would have had trips to other stellar systems, and in the 2000 you could already travel through time.
Maybe time traveling could have been achieved 500 years before in history.
So what? What is not made in the 2000 will be made in the 2500. This means that the Catholic Church delayed, but it didn’t stop mankind completely. Maybe in the 2095 there will be a third world war that will put back 160 years to mankind, but it won't delay it completely. This will be like a wave that later on will be braked.
It means that all the modifications that are made in time, later on that main river will have its normal course.
Even if Jesus had not been crucified, Christianity would not have had the force it had, because Christianity had the force due to the mystery of the cretin Catholicism of a supposed resurrection of the flesh.
But what it would have happened? There would have been a new avatar in the year 200 - it is necessary to clarify that it would not have been a Christian Era: starting from Jesus it would have had already another type of calendar, but we will call it in this way to not be confused -, and this new avatar would have called himself "Cirius", and he would have transmitted new teachings and that supposed church would have been formed with its followers it would have been ruled by the teachings of Cirius that it would have had a fleur-de-lis instead of a cross.
Which means that in spite of loving the Violet cross... it is an anecdote... maybe I would have loved Cirius, of green color, or the fleur-de-lis flower, of orange color... Is it understood what I try to convey?
It doesn’t change the main history. The tips are changed. It changes the aleatory thing. Not even us, as Grupo Elron, we will change history. Simply we will accelerate the world from not being so ignorant perhaps and transmit a little bit before a message that sooner or later, another avatar, instead of Jorge Olguin, would have discovered.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood the explanations... We, in each present, to call it in this way, because there are different presents...
Johnakan Ur-El: Every day is a present, every second is a present.
Interlocutor: Perfectly. Then, we, in this present we have - or the whole cosmos has alternatives, thousands of millions, of alternatives that...
Johnakan Ur-El: To say thousands of millions is to limit the alternatives. To say that they are infinite, it would be the correct term.
Interlocutor: Those infinite alternatives, then, no matter how much they are carried out, are not going to modify the future essentially, I mean, the traced history?
Johnakan Ur-El: That’s right, it won't modify the essential issue, because, for example, they say that in the physical universe every action has a reaction. But if this vessel breathes with all his force, he won't gravitate over the star of Barnard which is more than 6 years light...
Interlocutor: Good, I believe that everything is clear enough... Now I would like to ask some complementary questions... Are time travelers only on the physical plane?
Johnakan Ur-El: That’s right, because it is in the physical plane where a temporary hole can be modified, as well as it’s being modified in other planets – the so called “worm hole", where you can save directly time and space... In the same way, by means of a mathematical calculation, a temporary hole can be modified to the past, not to change it, but to prevent that it from being modified.
What one cannot make is to travel to the future. Every entity that is born in a certain plane, in a future or in a certain present cannot go to the future because, somehow, knowing what will happen, somehow he could act in his own benefit, for example with gambling which is a very hackneyed thing and it is not worthwhile to comment.
Interlocutor: This is very clear... The time travelers, from where can they come? From the very future singularity?
Johnakan Ur-El: They can come from the end of this time or from the time where the human race and its races reached in this planet and other planets.
Interlocutor: That is to say, that we are not the only planet whose inhabitants travel through time...
Johnakan Ur-El: Obviously. There is an infinity number of time travels in the universe.
Interlocutor: Of course, then, even beyond the 2500, time from where Kronbus came?
Johnakan Ur-El: Of course. To the future, yes.
Interlocutor: Could we talk in some future session with them?
Johnakan Ur-El: Of course.
Interlocutor: And those travelers from beyond the year in which Kronbus lives, could they be contacted with him?
Johnakan Ur-El: Why not?
Interlocutor: But without being known...
Johnakan Ur-El: They can be known, because, what would be the problem if Kronbus knows that beyond his time there is a future? And Don’t we know already that another future exists?
Interlocutor: Now then, how is it possible that Kronbus told to this vessel that he was going to be - or he was, according to the point of view, since he took it for granted as a fact - the first human being in the history of this planet who channeling an Eloah?
Johnakan Ur-El: Well, there was a breach of secrecy that Kronbus has filtered...
Interlocutor: Did you know it?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, I didn't know it...
Interlocutor: I take for granted that from the moment in which we know this, it is because the fact of knowing, it doesn't mean any problem in the temporary line... I mean if it had been a problem, another time traveler would have come to shut the mouth of Kronbus up, symbolically speaking...
Johnakan Ur-El: That’s right.
Interlocutor: the point is clarified, then, Moving to another topic, Of all the vibratory planes, until the highest, is there any plane from which one can see or perceive the future as the Absolute see it? I ask it to know if all the inhabitants of the vibratory planes, even the highest are living in a present like us...
Johnakan Ur-El: I understand that every one of them have limitations. I also have my doubts, because in my limitations - that I also have them -, being a spirit, I am below the divine Energies; I doubt with regard to the elohim, if they could visualize the future. And the doubt arises due to all the griefs that Jehova underwent being invaded by his ego. Maybe if he had known the future, in the level 8 he would have avoided it not offering himself at least in that mission...
Interlocutor: There is a question now that I want to make and it’s something that intrigues me very much... I am here "below", in the physical plane 1, and I don't have conscience that I am also my Thetan or My Superior self. When I talk to my Thetan, to me it is as if he was another and not myself. How can that be?
Johnakan Ur-El: Because you are not prepared... This vessel, for example, has a perfect conscience that he is Johnakan Ur-El.
Interlocutor: I don’t have any doubt of that..., but my question goes to another direction. You, Johnakan, you know that a Johnakan of tomorrow exists that is also a present... Is the relationship like that? I mean, in the same way that I don't have conscience that I am my Thetan, you don’t have conscience that you are also the Johnakan of tomorrow too?
Johnakan Ur-El: Yes, but the question is incorrect. I have conscience that there is a Johnakan tomorrow and a Johnakan in 10 years and in 300 years.
Interlocutor: But that tomorrow already exists and there is already a Johnakan in the future that is also a present! How come we don't have conscience of that future already?
Johnakan Ur-El: There is a conscience; there is an imagination of conscience. The Incarnated part of mine, Jorge, doesn't have conscience of the Jorge in 100 years because, logically, it is supposed that in a 100 years, the physical part of Jorge won’t be. Johnakan has the conscience that there will be a Johnakan in a 100 years, because the spirit is immortal.
Interlocutor: Sure, but Kronbus can be in the year 2555 with myself embodied in that time...
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct.
Interlocutor: And how don't I have conscience of that Thetan who is also myself embodied in the year 2555? What is the reason? Is there somebody who can have that conscience?
Johnakan Ur-El: We will suppose, as Kronbus insinuated that you could be him. He should know it, because maybe his Thetan told him that your Thetan is his Thetan of the year 2555 and that - Kronbus - is speaking with himself from the 1998. But you don't know it.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand...
Johnakan Ur-El: Sure... If you could borrow the apparatus "traslator" from Kronbus to be able to travel to the past, you could change your outfit and you could contact with yourself with Nero, you could know who he is, and he wouldn’t know who you are.
Interlocutor: Now I understand. It was Clear...
Johnakan Ur-El: Then you would be acting with advantage because you would see the future, but not because of that you are better or worse...
Interlocutor: I agree, but my key question is: How is it possible that my Thetan of the year 2555 exists - we don't speak of the incarnated part but directly of my Thetan - and we see these things as if they were imagination, but however they exist.
Johnakan Ur-El: We see it like imagination because we have not gone to that day...
Interlocutor: But my Thetan - myself, obviously disincarnated - exists in the year 2555!
Johnakan Ur-El: Undoubtedly he exists.
Interlocutor: And what is my conscience as a Thetan in the year 2555?
Johnakan Ur-El: There are some girls that will travel in a month to a region of Argentina that it’s called Bariloche... That trip, in one month, is present. To the girls it didn't happen, they are organizing, saving money to pay the trip, they don't know in what hotel they will stay...
Interlocutor: If a Kronbus from the future has come, where my Thetan of the year 2555 already exists and we don't have conscience of that future, who, then, is the one that has conscience?
Johnakan Ur-El: In that future only the Thetan of the year 2555 has conscience and no one else.
Interlocutor: But It’s not me!
Johnakan Ur-El: No, It is not you. It is that "you" of the year 2555. They have conscience all “you" of the later years... Of later years, not of the previous years, because they have not happened.
Remember this. You have conscience of all that you lived yesterday, before yesterday, etc. But the “you” of last week had a presentiment that today it could have a session, but it could have been modified due to the rain, or for many other circumstances, As it already happened other times.
Interlocutor: The curious thing is that that "me" of one week ago didn't have the conscience that I have now that this already existed one week ago.
Johnakan Ur-El: Sure. But my vessel had indeed that conscience that he knew he was going to exist. And if this meeting had not been held, because of the rain or whatever, he would know that this would not exist but the next one would exist, unless an asteroid would fall and destroy the city.
Interlocutor: Let us leave this aside and move on to something related. To me it’s very difficult - not to you with your vessel – because I am here, in the physical plane and I am full of tribulations, and my Thetan is fine in the plane 4... How is it understood that I am divided, to express it somehow?
Johnakan Ur-El: That is selfishness. First, you don't know if your Thetan is fine, because while your Thetan is growing spiritually, he is absorbing, living, sharing the suffering of the other spirits. And maybe, while you are very calm speaking with me, he, at this time is suffering horrors because he is watching spirits who have tremendous ego and they are disintegrating and battling among each other and they are going down to the Eighth Sphere, and he is suffering greatly seeing that they don't pay attention to his advice he tries to help them but he can’t because they escape and disappear... Beside, you chose to come here...
Interlocutor: I believe that I asked badly... I meant that I don't have conscience, except as a possible idea, that me and my Thetan are one that we are the same thing. And I wonder the reason.
Johnakan Ur-El: Because you are incarnated and you are limited to 10%. And because you have some ego, you are limited to 10% and for that reason you could not communicate with your Superior self, that Superior self that 90% of yours that is disincarnated.
Many times, being my vessel awaken, I have guided him spiritually and I changed part of his ego, but understand me, I didn't modify it by suppressing it, but rather it is I turned over my idea in his conscience and he unconsciously or consciously opened the way to his integration.
This means that I made Psycho-integration with my incarnated part. He does have conscience. If you don't have conscience of your Thetan, it is your problem and that is because you still have your ego well-developed.
Interlocutor: But this whole topic of the future and time travelers, I think it’s not that easy to be understood...
Johnakan Ur-El: It is excellently easy to understand and it’s hard for you to understand because you think that, as you said at the beginning of the chat, it is a fictitious free will because if the play was already written it cannot be modified... yes?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Johnakan Ur-El: Then you reasoned - fifty-fifty - repeating that there were thousands of plays to write and that the race chose a play, as it could have chosen another play and I corrected you - in the way that there are not thousands of plays but rather there are an infinite number of plays - and we choose a play, but once we choose it, we cannot change it. But not because of a free will issue... It is like if I, at this time tell you: what do you want, a cookie or a jello?. You choose the jello because you want something cold because it is hot. Meanwhile, you tell me: "In fact I would have preferred the cookie. Wait, you chose the jello; I already ate the cookie, as the incarnated part of Jorge. In that moment, you get mad, not at me neither with yourself but you get mad at destiny and you say: "Oh, I would have chosen the cookie, but I already ate the jello. How can I change that?
It’s not that they cut your free will, but rather you chose the jello and you invited to the person that is with you with the cookie. The person who ate that cookie. You ate the jello. You chose that. If later on you are sorry, as a boy, and you say "no, I want the cookie", it is already done, it already happened.
Interlocutor: What it is hard for me to understand is how I exist and there is at the same time another "me" of the future of whom I don't have conscience...
Johnakan Ur-El: There is no "you" of the future, there is a "you" of the present. That "you" of the future has not been born yet. Let us clarify: he was not born, because that "you" is there, the spirit is immortal. When I say he was not born I mean that if tomorrow you embody again, you are not born yet it means that you are in the present. That "you" of the future don't exist to us. I repeat: He doesn’t exist to us, and I emphasize "to us."
Interlocutor: Ah, to us!
Johnakan Ur-El: Sure...
Interlocutor: But he exists! Don’t talk about my current Thetan, let us speak about the incarnation of my Thetan of the year 2555.
Johnakan Ur-El: Yes, but as ant hypothesis, because to us he doesn't exist, we are not living with him. We don't exist to Napoleon. We don’t exist to Pasteur...
Interlocutor: We will suppose that Kronbus is my Thetan embodied in the year 2555, and that he has been contacted with me in this present. In fact he did it in the last session... It is now a paradox that I am talking to my incarnated Thetan of the year 2555, time traveler and present in this time who has conscience of himself but of the year 2555... I mean he has conscience about his past, and me, on the other hand I don’t have it toward the future...
Johnakan Ur-El: It doesn't change anything... Do you know what would change your future? If you could communicate with yourself in the year 2010, which means, 12 years in the future... This would change your future, because then you would think that that communication has finished later on: Ah! Then you will be alive in 12 years and then you don't take care of yourself. Why would you take care of yourself? You smoke, you drink, you are devoted to alcohol and pleasure, Anyways, nothing will happen to you! You don’t look when crossing the street since you know that in the 2010 you will be alive! And then suddenly a truck runs over you and it kills you, you disincarnate. Then, your spirit 100%, which means you as a 10% and your Thetan, 90%, complains, your spirit contact with the local Johnakan and he tells him: "Johnakan, clear this up: I communicated with my Thetan of the year 2010... How come the next day of that session I died squashed by the wheels of a truck? And the Johnakan of the next day will answer you: "Because you changed your future!" And if at that moment you talk to somebody of the 2010, you would realize that you don’t exist in that time, because you modified your future...
And the same thing would happen if “you” of the 2010 travel through time to the past in a time machine and comes to this present. Then “you” would say, seeing to yourself as coming from the future and therefore also existing in the future: Why would you take care of yourself if you will be alive in 12 years?
Interlocutor: Now I understand a little better.
Johnakan Ur-El: On the other hand, speaking to that “you” of the 2555, you don't know what will happen with you within three days, because the problem here is the incarnated part, because human beings have so much attachment that the only thing they are interested in is knowing how long they will live, when they will die, who will say it to them and who won’t...
On the other hand, the spirit doesn't worry about it, because the spirit is immortal, if I at this moment find out that in a thousand years Johnakan is going to exist, What will I answer? Because I already know it!
On the other hand, to my incarnated part it doesn't interest him when he is going to disincarnate so that not be programmed. He is interested in living the day just as it is and not being programmed and not because my incarnated part is afraid of death, because he has already assumed it, but because he doesn't have so much attachment like you have maybe. He simply wants to live to transmit the teachings that I am sending to him.
Interlocutor: I understand... The visit of Kronbus, telepathically...?
Johnakan Ur-El: It doesn't affect us in our incarnated part...
Interlocutor: Ok..., but Is the visit of Kronbus unchangeable for the future? Is it already traced?
Johnakan Ur-El: Yes, it is already traced.
Interlocutor: Does that mean That there are things that are already traced and there are other things that are changeable?
Johnakan Ur-El: It is traced from the moment he used his free will and decided to come and talk to us.

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