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Many things have been said about the Swine flu, terrorism, biological warfare, even that it is a virus designed in laboratory. Nobody knows for sure but scientists say the origins are in fact far less sinister and are likely explained by the ability of viruses to mutate and jump from species to species as animals and people increasingly live closer to each other.
Many people have asked us about this issue and we consulted with the Masters of Light. Part of the dialogues have been transcribed as follows.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: Is the antiviral Tamiflu helping to the infected people somehow or not?
Ruanel:Let's take it one step at a time, first of all the antiviral Tamiflu helps partially because it prevents that a protein set free to that virus that infected the cell so that it won’t infect new cells, then the anti-viral is an inhibitor of that protein
Interlocutor: Are we talking about the TAMIFLU?
Ruanel:Yes, and there is another similar antiviral that has the same effect, No, It’s not related to a bacteriological warfare.
Interlocutor: Aren’t there extraterrestrials involved on this?
Ruanel:No, there are no extraterrestrials involved!
Interlocutor: So it’s a flu, so to speak, “normal”
Ruanel:It’s a virus that has mutated, similar to the bird flu from many years ago, but contrary to that virus, this one unfortunately can be transmitted to man
Interlocutor: Does it come from the pork?
Ruanel: Yes
Interlocutor: so, the origin is porcine
Ruanel: It’s the original carrier
Interlocutor: Was there some kind of human negligence?
Ruanel: we could say negligence, when they didn’t pay attention to the first cases.
Interlocutor: Where did it come from? Mexico?
Ruanel: Yes, that’s right…
Interlocutor: And it spread it
Ruanel: From a town in Veracruz
Interlocutor: Gloria?
Ruanel: Yes. The main thing is that obviously the labs that produce antiviral were favored, It’s still a business.
Interlocutor: In that case they didn’t look for it.
Ruanel: No, they didn’t look for it. Now I want to say something about discrimination, because at this moment, there are more deaths in America than in Mexico. There are blocks of contaminated schools and I am referring to the students. However, there are certain airports that close the door to Mexican people and they don’t to the American people. And that is obviously discrimination.
Interlocutor: Is this illness on the way to find a solution?
Ruanel: No, they have not yet found a solution, even though the World Health Organization has lowered the alert
Interlocutor: But, Is it still spreading?
Ruanel: Yes, of course it’s still spreading many infected people are still traveling, many carriers in many cases do not show symptoms and they have already infected to others and they are not treated on time.
Interlocutor: Is it true that the Tamiflu patent belongs to a civilian lab owned by the former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld?
Ruanel: Yes, that’s right, but they are not going to admit it, It’s very difficult for them to admit that.
Interlocutor: Isn’t it possible then, if they created the cure “Oseltamivir” they also created the illness?
Ruanel: No, because we have already conceptualized with other Thetans and they have not lowered the “conceptual curtain” and we conceptualized that they don’t. They took advantage of the regrettably incident to market, but they are not responsible of provoking this illness.

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