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SESSION - 04/Mar/2003
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: Who is going to communicate today?
Eon: My name for you is EON… There are many phrases that are important to you. One is "As above so below", said a wise spirit known to you. Another sentence is "Nothing is Everything".
Above and below is not referring to heights, but vibration. Therefore, what is developing into the various spiritual worlds also has its complement in the densest planes, as the physical.
With regard to the second sentence, "Nothing is Everything", refers to the fact that the Creation starts from nothing, an unlimited condensed energy, virtually with zero matter, and suddenly becomes what is called the Big Bang, where energy is spreading and forming the matter. It’s very important that you know that in every Big Bang, free will goes farther than you think, and I say this because, unfortunately, most beings are basic, extremely limited in terms of discernment. But it’s logical, because they grow in wisdom over time. You think that “free will” refers only to a conduct, or a work or a doing. However, free will also refers to the race.
Perhaps, and I say perhaps so that you do the guesswork for, since it would be very easy to give you all “served”, in some previous Creation man did not exist, there was no Solar System, there was no planet Earth. Perhaps in a future Creation it would not be either. Perhaps in a parallel universe, galaxies are dominated by beings of vegetal origin. Perhaps in another alternative universe, galaxies are dominated by beings based on silicon instead of carbon.
But these things are just anecdotes, because the spiritual evolution is indistinct of how worlds are manifested. I have certain expectations placed on Earth, but these terrestrial, mischievous children, are rather delaying the general evolution, as they are advancing more slowly than in other worlds. It’s so easy to find out how the race acts in their physical life just by observing how they behave when they are a few years of age. That is how they naturally behave. That’s how they are. How they are, they will be.
The little ones of your world, referring to your children, are characterized by two states: bellicosity and indifference. Note that the little ones are capable of taking a toy from another one regardless of whether the other is using it or not. And they might even attack to try to seize the object, although in a short while they leave it without paying any attention to it. Here is an example of bellicosity and indifference.
Regarding the indifference itself, a little one can beat up himself and bleed and another little one alongside can observe him to quench his curiosity, but then would continue engaging in his own matter. That is because the little ones are unaware of the consequences of their actions, both active and passive. What happens when these little ones grow up and are having discernment? They can change their attitudes, but only in form, not in substance... because they are still not fully aware of their hostile acts.
Educational conditions are "hiding" that instinctive way of life, but the being doesn’t change, and that applies to your entire race. Your race is infantile, if we take their bellicose behavior on one hand and indifference on the other. The continuing wars are the biggest example of bellicosity, and the lack of assistance to people living in extreme poverty and neglect, is the sign of indifference of the race for their own. Spiritual evolution will transmute such conduct.
As the years go by, the race will be settling and showing how its spirit really is when acquiring more wisdom. Not all of them, obviously. There will be those crossing the path more quickly. However, I must stress that there is something delaying that spiritual path... How important is for the evolution (and I say this with some irony) that every race believe in something superior (in your so poor concept there is nothing to replace "superior") that has created you and kept you in balance! And yet, sometimes, that kind of belief is precisely what delays the race.
Your dear planet is one of the most backward regarding beliefs. And this is something that perhaps the beloved Masters don't have commented, like many other things they have not commented on. In all the worlds in the universe, in all, the more beliefs there are, the more backward they are. And those skeptical worlds, that don’t believe in hidden forces or in life after life, are those that are more advanced. And not all the atheistic worlds, so to call them, are cold. When saying cold, I mean emotionally and spiritually cold. There are worlds, countless of them, that have no knowledge of what you call "the Beyond", that have no knowledge of a Creator, and nevertheless are highly merciful beings. The human being on the planet Earth is weak. He supports his mercy in reverential fear. And that is a false mercy, with cracks.
Most of the wars of your planet are divided into two factors: economic and religious. And both factors are highly infantile. The economic, because you must know that physical life is a blow and you cannot take anything material to "the world beyond". And the religious, because you ignore the fact that the spiritual path is on the basis of Work, and it nourishes from Service, no matter what "superior" entity you believe in. But you are so childish, so infantile, that instead of relying on what matters, which is the goal, you fight over the details. This is very important to emphasize: instead of propping up with shores to reach a goal together, you fight over the details: that Krishna, that Brahma, that Jehovah, that Allah, that Muhammad.
Another thing that shows how childish you are is that in some countries, which you call East, they talk about "Holy War", which is a contradiction, because it's as if I read "cold heat" or "dry water". In other words, the concept of sanctity that you have, they don't share it, because they usually confuse sanctity with chastity. By saying "you" I am not talking about you, but the race, because some of you have some progress in understanding this. True sanctity is better explained through your philosophy. This philosophy is called Buddhism and it said that the highest spiritual step, the 10th, is Enlightenment, or the state of Buddhahood. But the step 9, the Bodhisattva, is the true sanctity, because it’s based on relinquishing sanctity of caste for sanctity of Service. This is what it should be noted, and is the most important thing about the planes of Light. Because the imposed sanctity is what you call the subject and the Work sanctity is what you call the verb. And the verb is the only way to do service.
Again, to conclude my message, is very important to highlight that in all the planets in the universe, the more beliefs there are, the more backward they are… Now you can ask questions.
Interlocutor: One of our concerns is to know, who are the beings dwelling in plane 10?
Eon: They are called “Aes”. They are beings who are directly to my service, but I want to make clear the true sense of what I want to express, because human beings are very susceptible when we talk about service. When man is who has to give the service, oh!, that’s wonderful, but when someone above him said that "you are to my service", he confuses service with slavery.
Interlocutor: For me, that’s perfectly clear.
Eon: To you it’s clear, but it’s also important to make it clear to those who will read this message. When someone talks about "below" or "above", is merely a way of expressing it, because your
vocabulary is very poor. Someone who serves, who is useful to others, who is merciful, is a being of Light. But if someone of "above" is served, you are already thinking that is abuse, as if the others were slaves when you are "served".
When I say that Aes are to my service, it doesn’t mean they are at my absolute disposal. Always take into account and emphasize the free will. They do this because, as well as my task is inherently to create, their inherent task is to serve the Creator.
Interlocutor: I think the concept is understood…
Eon: The Aes do not serve to those below them, that is, to the “smaller vibrations”, to call it somehow understandable for you. They do other functions and are no less meritorious. As well as the divine energies, the 7th level, are those sending all the rays of Love; as well as the Essence is overseeing, the one that observes and somehow can enter the causal body of those of “below”; as well as the Elohim are creators of life, both spiritually and physically (when I say physically I mean that I have created all material, thing but they have given the breath of life, obviously under my consent); the Aes are also to my service, based on taking care of the structure of all physical universes, including all multiple universes, that you call alternative universes.
It had been said that alternative universes are somehow created and they only require a decision to activate them. It’s not that man creates or generates them, but he activates them, because he has the gift to activate them.
Therefore, the most logical question, of those who think a little more than others, is this: What happens then to the Elohim, divine Energies and spirits of those alternative universes? Were all of
them disabled and available to the first one who makes a decision? That would be too blunt, because a spirit does not have as much power as to when deciding that everything is at his disposal.
What the Aes do, from the 10th level, is putting together the pieces of the puzzle. There are worlds where the Elohim already fulfilled certain mission. If you reread your notes - observe one where it said that at the beginning there have been created, in this part of the universe, 72 Elohim, which at present there are only 7 active - you will notice that leave 65 Elohim inactive. These are precisely the Elohim that the Aes will accommodate in the alternative universes created.
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understood. For example, I buy a toy store, I own all the toys and then I active them. Will something similar happen when activating alternative universes?
Eon: In fact is not that so. It happens that there is free will, which even I, being the Absolute, I must respect. It’s done precisely for that fact, to be respected. Then, the alternative universes are part of the free will. But they are not infinite, literally speaking, because a decision activates them and another later on deactivates them. If they were infinite, it should be infinite Elohim and not 72 in this part of the universe. However, I reiterate that when making a new decision, the universe that you activated is deactivated again. That is why there are no infinite alternative universes, because as well as they are created they vanished.
Interlocutor: But the channels remain?
Eon: The channels are infinite, as the amount of atoms is infinite, as the amount of worlds is infinite. The alternative universes, I reiterate, are deactivated. You make a decision and that alternative universe is formed, you make another decision, another one is formed, but that previous one is already forgotten, it was deactivated. Then, it’s always going to be a single original universe, and as making decisions you are creating an alternative universe... it’s not that you are going to activate hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. You will only create one.
Interlocutor: But then… multiple alternate universes do not exist?
Eon: They exist to the extent that you are creating them, but then they are deactivated. Otherwise we would not have the necessary amount of Elohim and divine Energies for inhabiting them.
Interlocutor: So this is a first hand!
Eon: But is logical! How come didn’t you think about it, when you are always speculating?
Interlocutor: Actually, I don’t know why…
Eon: Dispassionate yourself for a moment and look at that from above, and you will notice that is logical and coherent to be so. Because otherwise it would be roots, roots and roots, and it would
never end creating…
Interlocutor: I understand… Does it mean that there is not an alternative universe where Jesus was not crucified or I misunderstood?
Eon: Yes, there is one, because certain Israelites made the decision to choose Barabbas…
Interlocutor: But then all the possibilities of alternate universes existed…
Eon: Of course, with endless choices. In a universe they have chosen to crucify Barabbas. And another alternate universe they later felt remorse and forgave Barabbas... and not condemning any one, neither Jesus nor Barabbas, and that decision formed another alternate universe. But the previous one was deactivated.
Interlocutor: So, not all the alternate universes are in operation at the same time.
Eon: Yes. But note that a deactivated alternate universe does not mean that has never existed before.
Interlocutor: Now I understand…
Eon: Your mind says: "Everything is an eternal present"…
Interlocutor: That's right.
Eon: Good. The only eternal present is the one that you're living, and a time traveler can go very far, but could not reach the deactivated alternate universes, because when they are deactivated he cannot travel through time to them. The alternate universes are momentarily formed by decisions, but other decisions deactivate them. But then there was no crucifixion, then Nero did not burn Rome, then Atlantis did not sink, then the library of Alexandria was not burned.
Then those decisions change the space-time, activating universes and deactivating others! Perhaps the Library of Alexandria was burned one hundred years later by another tribe. But as the decisions are changing, these alternate universes are becoming inactive. They don’t run all the same present moments as this one…
Let me make it clear that I have the absolute power to create an infinite number of alternate universes, an infinite number of Elohim, an infinite number of divine Energies. But it’s not in me to
spend unnecessary energy if is much easier this way. As the decision is changing, those universes are being deactivated because that decision was already gone, already completed. It's like one who takes a terrestrial public transport and when arriving to his destiny, it gets off.
Interlocutor: This is clear… In the next universe, in the next Big Bang, will there be also Essences, Elohim, divine Energies, spirits, time travelers…?
Eon: Yes.
Interlocutor: Will it be exactly like this Big Bang, but one octave higher and so than the previous Big Bang? Is there always the same pattern?
Eon: Yes, but not with the same worlds. Perhaps in a previous Big Bang - and I say perhaps, as I explained, to let you wonder - there were no Earth, no Solar System, no human race, and the spirits incarnated in other organisms and in other worlds and they evolved differently. But if there is one more world or one less world, should not affect the spiritual evolution of the species. I emphasize "spiritual". The rest - I mean the physical plane - is purely anecdotal, merely incidental, only for certain purposes.
Interlocutor: I understand that perfectly…
Eon: I laugh, obviously in the conceptual sense of the term, noting the vain desires of the physical plane, being that the physical is so ephemeral…
Interlocutor: Does everything end in a Singularity?
Eon: Yes, everything ends in a Singularity, where all the spirits join with me and lose their identity…
Interlocutor: That’s what I wanted to ask… Then, does it mean that we take the identity of the Absolute?
Eon: You merge with the Creator, without actually merging with the core, because the core is the generator. You merge, I reiterate, with the Whole, but not with the center of the Whole.
Interlocutor: Would there be any answer I could understand about why that privilege of the Absolute? I mean that we don’t form part of the core.
Eon: Because the essence of the core is a totally independent essence from the rest, and from the rest of the Whole - if that phrase is understood - have come all of you, the solar system, the planets, the parallel universes… Let's say that EON, the Absolute, is everything, is part of itself, is enveloped in itself, and so all terrestrial and all non-terrestrial, stars, galaxies, are part of the Whole along with all living beings. But the Whole has a core, which is the creator core, and this core, which is part of the Whole, does not accommodate the Whole, because is part of itself.
Interlocutor: I understand the concept, but my idea was that we merge with the Whole and we would be the Whole in its totality… Now, I would like to know something about the powers of the Absolute. There is a classic example that says God could not do in the game of cards that the four beats the Ace… Is that so?
Eon: I'll explain in the most didactic possible way. In principle, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that the Whole cannot do. In other words, EON, the Whole, the Creator, is unlimited. I repeat: unlimited. Everything what is in your imagination, and infinitely beyond, can be done. I can make an atom larger than a solar system, if necessary. But, why has it not been done so?
There was not one first creation; there was a circumference, so to call it. Perhaps the easiest illustration to understand is the Moebius strip, which has no beginning or end…
Let us wait a few seconds for the decoder of this vessel to faithfully translate what I mean…
When a universe is created, the logical thing, the coherent thing, is to create it the easiest way, simpler. More complex physical laws could have been created… but for what?
A law of gravity was created that has made the stars and planets almost spherical, and where most galaxies are spiral shaped or clusters, so that when circulating, their centrifugal force and centripetal force are equivalent and thus they don’t scatter. I'm explaining it, obviously, in a very basic way.
By the same way, the Moon must rotate around the Earth at a certain speed, because if it turns a little faster it would escape the law of terrestrial gravity, and if it turns slower it would collapse until
hitting the planet. The same is true for galaxies. If galaxies rotate slowly they would collapse by the gravity of their own stars, and if rotate faster they would scatter.
So, the universe was created in the most logical way with the most logical laws, the law of gravity, the law of electromagnetism, etc… etc. The universe has been created with the laws of the free will, and this is very important to emphasize. And the basic laws should be absolutely respected, because otherwise it would be incoherent with my coherence.
Therefore, it’s impossible to make a cubic planet because it would be against the laws created. It was just because… the universe was created in the simplest way. If you analyze it, you'll find that the universe has the most logical balance that is possible. There is no more logical universe than the one created. And the second law of thermodynamics, which you call the "Law of Entropy", is the most logical law, because the chemical phenomenon is irreversible. Without this law there would be no Big Crunch and then the universe would be outside the rules of this game, so to speak. This is why in your game of decks the four cannot beat the Ace, which is a superior card.
Interlocutor: One might also say, talking about impossibilities that the Absolute could not be destroyed by itself.
Eon: That's right, because when the gift is to Create, the gift is not to destroy. The essence of the Absolute is the Creation, not destruction. Those who think that the Big Crunch is destruction are mistaken, because the Big Crunch is not destruction, but a transmutation, a new beginning. Death is not death, but the beginning of another cycle. The power of destruction does not even exist in chemical phenomena, because what molecules do is transmuting, but the atoms are always with their intact properties. And even when atoms are removed from the physical plane, they are transformed into energy, and when they disappear from the physical plane as energy, they are transformed into supra-energy. Look then, there is no destruction.
Interlocutor: That’s clear. I don't want to finish the session without asking why the Masters of Light have not convened you. Have they done it?
Eon: Sometimes they do it, but the truth is that the mission of the Masters of Light, of planes 4 and 5, is Service. They are, to put it in an understandable way, laborious workers, and their overriding concern is Service, and therefore, perhaps, in the physical plane you question more than the Masters of Light in plane 5. Understand the meaning when I say "workers" because the readers are very susceptible to the words and when they are misused, make them "jump" as you say. What the Masters of Light do is "to roll up", I am always speaking in your language, and they get to work, relegating their knowledge in benefit of service. They are constantly working and not asking. You are the ones who ask! And it’s all right that this happens.
Interlocutor: I thought that perhaps it was because they never considered asking…
Eon: No, that's not why. I reiterate that it’s because all their thoughts are destined to serve the suffering spirits, of planes 2, 3, -1 and -2…
Interlocutor: I want to ask if at this very moment, as if it were a now, you perceive how Jesus is being crucified, how Nero is burning Rome, how the Library of Alexandria is burning… The question is to know if your part, incorporated in this vessel, is blocked, somehow, to that perception.
Eon: Saying one billionth would be a lot; saying one trillionth would be also much… That portion of EON that is talking to you is immeasurably small, compared with the whole EON. But even so I don’t lose the perception capability that has the whole EON.
The answer then is… because I am permanently connected to the Whole, I do perceive in this very moment how Jesus is being crucified, how Nero burns Rome, and everything that is happening in the infinite Big Bangs. You have no idea what is the communication of this small tentacles of the Whole, despite how little, it’s infinitely more powerful than the communication of an Essence, which is the major communication that you have taken. For that reason, sometimes the decoder of this vessel stays silent, because it gets disconnected by the tremendous energy it receives. At a given moment its cortex was disconnected twenty seconds. The decoder does not have to get disconnected, because it’s very dangerous for its physical part.
Interlocutor: But in general… is now Jorge better prepared to receive you?
Eon: Yes, he is… the practice of receiving me strengthens him.
Interlocutor: Another question that I have scheduled… Could you tell us about the future?
Eon: I reply with a previous answer: the Creator is subject to the rules of the game, that is, planets cannot be made cubical in the same way that the game of cards, where the four does not beat the Ace. That’s why I cannot let you know about the future, because if I do so, it would be against the free will.
Interlocutor: Actually, what I wanted to know is whether the Earth will fail in its mission, as the Eloah Arbillac speculated in a communication he had with us…
Eon: That, I can tell you. The calculation of probabilities that Eloah Arbillac did is quite accurate…
Interlocutor: But you know with certainty, beyond any calculation… Is it?
Eon: Of course, but I can only talk about probabilities, not certainties. And I can also tell you that, since the terrestrial human being is so changeable, because he has a very special decoder that is formed differently from all the beings in the universe, perhaps, and this is a speculation because I'm not going to advance you the future, in years it could be a change in humanity and that danger could disappear. But just as things stand now, the odds are negative. And this is not anticipating the future, but simply making a calculation. It’s something like this… if you throw a flowerpot from a tenth floor, you can do a mathematical calculation with a calculator that gives you the seconds in which it will take to crash on the floor. In other words, you're not guessing, but calculating.
Interlocutor: But in particular, and I’m asking this again to leave no doubt, do you know with certainty, beyond any speculation, whether or not the Earth failed in its mission?
Eon: Of course I know. It’s logical.
Interlocutor: Ok… The question I do have now is just to satisfy my curiosity: At this moment, in some parallel universe, is there a person that also communicates with the Absolute, that is, with you?
Eon: In one of the parallel universes there is also a communication, because the mission is similar and in another one the mission was aborted. In the others parallel universes there was no communication.
Interlocutor: There's always a reason for everything. What is the reason for having 22 parallel universes and not 25 or 2 or one thousand? Is it random?
Eon: No, no, nothing in the universe is random… I have already said that the universe was created in the simplest possible way. Since there are eleven dimensional possibilities, mathematically there are 22 possible parallel universes. Otherwise, the universe in general would be unstable. That amount is the limit for not making it unstable. This is the answer.
Interlocutor: We have talked about the issue of pain. You said that the Creation is enjoyment. But for whom is the enjoyment? Is it only for the core of the Creator? When I have a terrible toothache obviously there is no enjoyment. When I suffer, does the Creator also suffer, somehow? I am not questioning anything, but simply asking.
Eon: We must separate things… incarnated beings evolve through pain.
Interlocutor: But... Why not evolving through pleasure?
Eon: Because there is a limitation in the created beings. The thing goes through there. If there was only pleasure, as beings are like little ones (this was already said) who only learn by discipline, it would be as if you would always let a child play as he was permanently in kindergarten, never learning anything.
Interlocutor: It’s clear, but those are the rules of the game you have created. The question is whether a universe could be created in which the beings would evolve through pleasure.
Eon: The answer is linked with what has already been said. It's easier to make a Creation with coherent laws, such as gravity, electromagnetism, and so on. The possible spirit must be an imperfect spirit, and within this imperfection learning is only consistent with episodes of pain. Without pain there would be no evolution, because the pain, in this created game - I reiterate "in this created game" - is the best spur to evolve.
Interlocutor: Now I understand…
Eon: In fact, as EON, the Absolute, is unlimited, there can be not only one possible spirit, but infinite possible spirits. But I'm talking about the possible spirit with the lowest effort, which is the one that begins limited so that it evolves in time. And pain is the simplest way of teaching. But of course, that same limitation makes the spirit to evolve through pain. But do not distort the words: Creation, in itself, is joy. But if there are beings who suffer within the Creation, then obviously the Creator has no joy. The Creator, through its "tentacles", empathizes with each son, accompanying each one of them, and feeling for every son who suffers.
Interlocutor: To understand, could we say that all our suffering is justified when we plunge into the Creator? Would it be something like that?
Eon: Let me give you a very practical example. You, in the physical plane, have a grandson. Hypothetically, such grandchild must have a minor surgical operation, appendix, throat, or whatever. And then they take him to be operated. You know that it’s an operation that will leave no mark, no trace. This is only an example.
Imagine the most negligible, like a small wart. You know at that time he will suffer, but despite that you'll be enjoying knowing that after he is going to be better. Similarly, if you suffer, obviously that I will suffer with you, but if you learn with your suffering, I’m also going to enjoy later, because finally you will learn the lesson. The Creation is joy because the Evolution itself is joy.
Interlocutor: This is clear… Now, I would like to make another question: From your point of view, are the Big Bangs finite, that is, is there a limited amount? I mean if they are measurable.
Eon: On one hand, they are limited by that circle of the example, by that Moebius strip. On the other hand are limitless, because they do not start or finish ever. The Big Bang are infinite but are contained within that strip.
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understand… In that Moebius strip, to express it somehow, there are all the Big Bangs, the Absolute, the core and that’s all… and there is nothing more.
Eon: That’s partially correct. The Absolute, the core, is not contained in the Moebius strip, but it does contain the Big Bang, which are infinite and the Big Crunch as well. Even the time is contained within this strip...
Interlocutor: I understand, but I need to think about it, as we say here. There is a question that was left in the dark. To what extent can a time traveler go into the past?
Eon: Just before the Big Bang, because the Singularity has a power so great that it would destroy any machine. In the Singularity there are billions of degrees Celsius temperature, and a condensed energy that would be much denser than a black hole.
Interlocutor: obvious, then, a time traveler could not move to a previous universe.
Eon: Of course not, because the barrier of the Singularity prevents him from doing so. In the Singularity the universe ends, or the universe begins, call them as you wish, and a time traveler can continuously be in a single universe and therefore he could not go to another previous or later one.
Interlocutor: Are there time travelers close to the next Big Crunch? Specifically, could a time traveler, who is close to the next Big Crunch, be in 25 billion years?
Eon: Yes, of course, since there would be no physical law that would prevent him. But, as I explained, it would have to be a time traveler who is centuries before such Singularity or Big Crunch takes place... tens of centuries before, because the Singularity does not happen all at once, but it will gradually be generated.
Interlocutor: I won't make any further questions because the recorder is reaching the end.
Eon: Big greetings to all.
Interlocutor: Thanks and so long.

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