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Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Johnakan Ur-El
Interlocutor: We are ready to begin…
Johnakan: I’m Johnakan Ur-el and I’m again with you to answer some of the questions left over from the last session.
Interlocutor: I prepared a series of questions. Can you use telepathy to know?
Johnakan: Telepathy is limited to communication and can only be carried out if the parties "open their minds" and allow the exchange of ideas. We are aware of things you do on your plane, but we don’t get in the way that does not matter to us. Assisting does not mean interfering.
Interlocutor: Are the Light entities always close to us?
Johnakan: Not always. We can be on mission in various places and not always arrive on time to a particular spiritual emergency. You should know that there are many more spirits of Error than entities of Light and it’s impossible to guide all those who are desperate. You are important to us, everybody is important to us and we pay the same attention to them than to you. But in the case of choosing between two people who need help, we choose the case that we consider more serious.
Interlocutor: It’s a huge responsibility.
Johnakan: Yes, but we take it as a bonus. Remember that in our plane, the only enjoyment is Service. You can ask the questions.
Interlocutor: Well, I start. My personal guide, when I was with another medium, was Urgeron...
Johnakan: There is a new entity that will serve as your guide. He’s currently being instructed along with your thetan.
Interlocutor: Why is this change?
Johnakan: You are about to embark on a new mission. And your new guide is in the best position to guide you in this new spiritual endeavor. Keep in mind that, if you succeed on the road ahead (which is hard), your thetan can ascend level. In contrast, the person who acts with selfishness "turns pale" his thetan and makes him fall.
Interlocutor: Can we do that? Can we influence our thetan?
Johnakan: Yes, because that thetan and you are “one”. The thetan is the soul: 10% is in your incarnated part and the other 90% is in his spiritual plane. But both are one. You can contaminate him with lust for power, arrogance and, although he’s in a high level of vibration, can descend to a lower level, contaminated by the conduct of his incarnated part. It’s important to clarify that if a spirit descends from level, is not doing it because of being expelled from the same, but because his vibration is denser and that automatically makes him incompatible to that plane.
Interlocutor: If a thetan descends from level, while his 10% is incarnated... What happened to that person?
Johnakan: If a thetan descends from level by selfish behavior of the incarnated person, the physical part generates an enormous karma and it’s practically very difficult for the person in this life time to reverse his destiny.
Interlocutor: So, he would take karma to another incarnation.
Johnakan: Yes.
Interlocutor: And when a thetan raises from level because the person made altruistic works... What happens to the incarnated part?
Johnakan: If he raises his vibration by works in the physical plane, the reward comes in addition, because when lacking ego, he lives to provide service and the road of that person improves remarkably.
Interlocutor: I would like to ask you some questions with respect to different therapies.
Johnakan: Okay, go ahead.
Interlocutor: In Scientology, we have a grade or maximum level called OT 15, that is to say Operating Thetan 15. [18] Your vessel or your incarnated part, what grade has he?
Johnakan: He is Operating Thetan 14.
Interlocutor: It’s close to the maximum level.
Johnakan: Yes, but as you say on the physical plane: he still has a long way to go. Let us suppose that from OT 1 to OT 14, each grade has 10 sub levels, or a total of 140 sub levels. Well, from OT 14 to OT 15 there are 20 sub levels. That is to say, the leap to reach from grade 14 to 15 is greater than any of the previous OT grades. The guideline of how high is grade 15 is given by the fact that Master Jesus himself, when he was
incarnated, and still having the Christic Energy illuminating him, he was OT 14.
Interlocutor: I was wrong on that, because I believed that Master Jesus was OT 15.
Johnakan: No, he was OT 14 for nearly all his incarnation. He reached the maximum degree of Operating Thetan between the Last Supper and his Prayer in the garden of Olive trees, in Gethsemane.
Interlocutor: This has been clarified. The next question is: What relation has Parapsychology with all this we are doing?
Johnakan: True Parapsychology studies apparently paranormal phenomena. We know that paranormal phenomena have a concrete explanation. Then, a well applied Parapsychology, covering many subjects, must necessarily include the study of various supraphysical universes. Parapsychology should be in a position to explain, in some way, the spiritual and angelical world. Thanks to the new knowledge that mediumship is given, you could provide guidance to every person who wants to be helped.
Interlocutor: Do I understand, then, that the path following this vessel regarding internalized mediumship is correct?
Johnakan: Any pathway whose goal is Service is 100% correct. Wisdom is important because man is wise when recognizes that the true pathway to Light only is traveled when giving Love. But knowledge is also important because it can give a person a greater overview of the topics to play, both in the art of philosophy as in any of the modern psychological branches. With study, you can exercise in dialectics, you can exercise rationality, logic, and also discuss on issues that you might have ignored before.
Interlocutor: That is to say, that wisdom and knowledge are complementary?
Johnakan: Exactly. Knowledge is acquired from external factors. Wisdom is taken from the spirit and teaches to be better human beings. There are countless people who have great knowledge, but they have a huge dose of arrogance and pedantry. There are others, however, who can be called ignorant by those pseudo-literates and yet have tremendous altruism. We know that there are people who boast themselves of what they know and don’t realize that all knowledge that is not used for service is sterile.
Interlocutor: Should I read something about Parapsychology? I ask because it’s an area in which I have raided little and nothing, mainly in the study of the spiritual world.
Johnakan: You can solve it yourself, by reasoning that all knowledge must be applied for the good.
Interlocutor: Another thing that I wanted to point out is that most of the things that are said with respect to the role of the ego and the various engrams it causes, I find the scientific plinth in Scientology. Are the discoveries of Ron Hubbard the basis of the spiritual mission shaped in Dianetics and Scientology?
Johnakan: No, if you are taking them as the only way out. But these therapies can support and underpin the very foundation of the mission, which is the therapy based on transpersonal psychology, called Psycho-integration.
Interlocutor: What is the main reason for giving it so much importance?
Johnakan: The reason is that this new therapy helps to integrate the different egos that human being has and are, along with ignorance, the reason for suffering. This therapy is being developed by my vessel and was approved by Higher Masters, as Master Jesus, Master Siddhartha Gautama and others, whose knowledge of the human soul guarantees this initiative.
Interlocutor: Here... Can we offer courses about this ego integration therapy?
Johnakan: Yes, my vessel has the beautiful responsibility to spread the subject.
Interlocutor: Should we broadcast some books that we believe important to the development of spirituality, such as those issued by Alice A. Bailey?
Johnakan: There are some literary works to consider, but most don’t know about the different spiritual categories and can only confuse those who seek the path of Light. Some books place Master Jesus in a category well below other masters who, with all due respect, have not done one hundredth of merit than the "Master of Love."
Interlocutor: Is there any value we should discuss among ourselves about the books we should read?
Johnakan: Yes, and not only talking about books. It’s advisable that you talk about all the spiritual issues; you can even make criticism if it’s constructive. Your time is worth it and it should be well used.
For example, if someone is reading a book about Dianetics, whoever is more prepared on the subject can indicate him what items he should place greater emphasis to maximize the reading and the time available.
Interlocutor: Going back to the subject of the ego integration therapy, I want to say that Dianetics and Scientology are sciences that explain what an engram is.
Johnakan: Dianetics and Scientology can solve conflicts removing engrams that modify the behavior and that is fine, because engrams cause people being dominated by impulses. But that technique failed to integrate the different selves that produce the ego. And the person in question is going to generate other feelings such as resentment, anger and others subtler as susceptibility. He will be governed by different moods and he will be transformed into a cyclothymiacs being, sometimes affectionate, sometimes aggressive. The selves tend to cause damage on the state of mind of the individual, making him at times being communicative, other times introverted. Psychointegration orders different selves, achieving that “Higher Self” have control of his acts.
Interlocutor: So, solving engrams is only part of the therapy.
Johnakan: There are people who don’t have many engrams and may suffer more than others who are full of engrams. Why is that? The integration therapy explains it: a person can be clear, that is to say, free from engrams, yet have internal conflicts. Conflicts would be generated by the various selves or egos that try to compete with each other, making the person to enter into a complete crisis. The egos assume different roles: the selfish role is the main one; the role of “poor me”, where blame is transferred to the other; the role of inquisitor, which seeks to manipulate the other, and so on. Then, even though an incarnated being may have more engrams than another, he may have evolved more than one who has less engrams. True intelligence is such that integrates the various egos and does not allow the reactive mind to create more engrams. We know that the neuronal tissue is a vessel of the true intelligence, the intelligence of the spirit. None of these explanations is fully given by a specific therapy, but rather a sum of different therapies.
Interlocutor: I agree with the explanation.
Johnakan: It's very important that you know, not a little bit, but in depth about engrams, and that everybody, somehow in the future, could revert their own engrams. And that each one could be his own auditor or the auditor of his fellow. Until this happens, human beings will always drag diverse conflicts with him and others. Remember this: ”Everything that emotionally unbalances man, is because his ego is involved”.
Interlocutor: Okay. Now I want to convey a concern. Our group plays a key role in Guidance and Service, and many people are coming to find out the various items we seek. But other people come, more than anything else, not to find out how to Serve, but simply to look for help.
Johnakan: That happens in most of the spiritual movements. People are very confused and look for momentary solutions. Very few people seek to serve others. Others drown in their own needs, and
some want to learn something fast for their personal benefit. They come to see what advantage can get from the knowledge that is given.
Interlocutor: It’s a shame that is happening.
Johnakan: Regarding to those seeking help, it must be acknowledged that many people still have not resolved their needs and is a task for you to try to resolve the emotional and material needs of those people who require a hand of solidarity. On the other hand, although I feel uncomfortable touching a material subject, I must tell you that if you give lectures in a place where you have to pay for using it, those lectures must have a cost. In addition, many people usually give value to things only when they have to pay for them.
Interlocutor: Another question that I have "on the shelf" is: Are we getting some help from you? And if so, up to what extent?
Johnakan: From the higher planes we help you a lot more than it can be assumed. Being incarnated is like climbing a hill with a great weight on your shoulders. It’s not easy "depersonalize" because, at times, the surroundings surpass you and it’s hard not to be biased, susceptible or jealous. Besides, the problems you have, work or family, personal or emotional, result in psychosomatic disorders and the different egos come to take a leading role, making that the negative emotional states take control of you. Our role from the Light planes is to support you with Love, so you never lose faith in God nor weaken your will. It’s very important that you know this. But also reciprocity is very important. You should also act accordingly, repaying our help. The pay we expect is not for us but for serving your fellow with love. From the subtle spiritual levels we communicate with your causal body, sending ideas of conciliation on a permanent basis to weaken the habit of prejudice that exists in the physical plane. I say this to let you know that we are always there. You must do the rest. You cannot expect to get everything from the spiritual world, or believe that your prayers are going to solve your problems. Prayer strengthens the spirit, but it’s incomplete without the work. If you just support yourself from prayers, you would enter into a state of neglect. The work is Service and this is evolution, but it’s very useful to understand that each person has to evolve by himself. The Absolute is always with each of you, but the free will that you have must serve to grow in perseverance, determination and, above all, initiative.
Interlocutor: This has also been clarified. I continue with the questions. My way of life is not what might be called "devotional", so I don’t know if I’m fair to judge this, but I see that the transmissions of your vessel have a lot of praise to the Absolute. The question is whether it’s inherent of your physical part or really many praises also come from you, as thetan of this vessel. The question has its meaning because with other mediums that I worked, they were not impregnated with "religiosity" so to speak.
Johnakan: In my case, I fully agree with my vessel. In a previous life I was John Zebedee, the brother of James. I had (and still have) a great love and a tremendous devotion to my Master Jesus. He taught me to reverence to the Absolute. With respect to other entities that are also incorporated to give messages, they may relate to the Creator a thousand of different ways. The way that each spirit refers to God is their way.
Interlocutor: My question was because the medium is not a radio or a telephone, which only transmit automatically, without changing the message. A medium can also add something of him when giving the messages, no matter how hard he tries to be a literal transmitter.
Johnakan: There may be a bit of interference. Anyway, my vibration as the others, would not allow the medium distorts the context. Yes, he may adorn it, but not false it. Perhaps many of the praises to the Father might be part of the medium rather than the entity, but this is not my case in this communication.
Interlocutor: Why so much praise?
Johnakan: Because he’s the Creator and from Him love gushes every second. Because the universe is a mirror, when receiving love, we can only give praises to that sentiment. Let's say that He is within us, making us to become aware of the good for our benefit. The incarnated being does not understand it, because he lives complaining about his deficiencies every second. For some, it may seem to be an incredible paradox that pain is a way of learning, because we learn by suffering. In the physical plane, there is an author who said: "Each one comes with a right amount of liters of tears for each incarnation”. Pain, then, gives off those drops from human being, until he runs out of “anything to empty”. When eventually he dries out of tears, it doesn’t mean he has fallen lowered, but he has already learned the lesson that has been incarnated for. Once he learned that spiritual path, for an automatic function of awareness, no longer brings him more personal pain. Only the pain is left resulting from his spiritual evolution, the pain for the suffering of his kind.
Interlocutor: Okay, being specific on the matter. In you, as high vibration being, it’s normal a degree of religiosity...
Johnakan: Praise is not religiosity.
Interlocutor: But is not such praise a little emotional?
Johnakan: Love is emotional. But don’t confuse that sublime emotion with the common negative emotions of the physical plane, where passionate is. Those negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred and other wrong feelings just let ego grow. But it’s also emotional what you call impersonal love and that is a positive emotion, such as mercy, charity, compassion, etc. I give you an example from my previous life, as John Zebedee. I was marching with my beloved Master and the other apostles. A crowd wad following us. At one point, someone approached Jesus from behind and touched the edge of his robe. It was a helpless woman, who had suffered from blood flow for some twelve years and no doctor had been able to cure her despite having spent all her money on them. Then, my Master asked: "Who is the one that touched me?" And then Peter replied: "Master, in a big crowd it’s impossible to know if someone touched you or it was incidental." My beloved Master looked at Peter and exclaimed: "I know that someone has touched me because I felt energy coming out of me." It was then when the woman approached him trembling and, fell to his feet, she confessed that she had touched his robe in the hope of being healed. She had immediately been healed! The Master said, smiling: "Woman, your faith has healed you. You can go in peace", and added so that the people could listen: "To all the people that somehow pull our robes we must give them help”. This answer of my Master is a totally emotional answer and it does not detract at all his spiritual height.
Interlocutor: But, I ask myself, why don’t I have the same emotional reaction of praise to the Father?
Johnakan: Because you are very scientific. You confuse analytical mind with a mind without emotions. It might be thought that a being with an analytical mind could not smile, because that emotion is linked to the reactive mind. It would be painful to reach that conclusion.
Interlocutor: So, is the lack of emotional reaction related to my Ray?
Johnakan: No. The Rays start from different Divine Energies and they could never prejudice the incarnated being. Rather, I believe that yours is a blockade produced by engrams. The more praise, more recognition of faith. That leads to greater recognition of love for the Father. Moreover, there will be a greater recognition of love to everyone surrounding us.
Interlocutor: What happens, in fact, is that I would not like the spiritual mission of the group tending towards religion.
Johnakan: There must be a balance. And if we have to talk about what can unbalance the spiritual mission of the group, the answer would be to turn exclusively to a particular therapy.
Interlocutor: As Dianetics?
Johnakan: That therapy is predominantly scientific. It must be complemented with therapies containing compassion. Therefore, there must be a balance, and falls that each therapy is addressed accordingly the
physical therapist, along with all other spiritual therapies. Your spiritual mission has a core composed of a group that will be conveying different messages of love. Those words of Light will be useful for humanity to meet the new Millennium with faith and hope. The important thing is not to give merely scientific messages or religious orientation messages. Not giving them a purely spiritual cut or a purely monetary cut, but giving them the normal balance that all things must have. Any excess saturates and makes it lose interest in what is transmitted. There must be a balance.
Interlocutor: Are these Light messages for a few?
Johnakan: They are never for a few; it would be mean to think that. We would not conduct a communication from my spiritual plane just to illustrate a few. Nobody has the monopoly on knowledge. Those souls, who wish to discover the Divine pathway, should only yearn for it. The path to the Light is open to everyone.
Interlocutor: Another point clarified. Among the questions that we have written down is this one: How could Nostradamus predict, 400 years ago, for example, the Kennedy assassination? How this prediction relates to the free will? Was it karmic and therefore unchangeable?
Johnakan: What it’s predicted, at times, has nothing to do with reality; it often "fit" for various predictions that have the same meaning. There is free will and, therefore, each person can modify his fate as many times as he wishes to. Therefore, there is no destiny that can be predicted.
Interlocutor: How do you see Hitler in the context of free will? Or in his latest incarnation, did he come to pay a planetary karma?
Johnakan: The man named Hitler is another spirit created to evolve in love, like everyone else. And because of being exceeded the bounds of cruelty in different lives, he has had many incarnations. But instead of learning the lesson he exacerbated his behavior. To such an extent that in his last incarnation, he led that aggressive behavior of power and submission to unsuspected limits. But the overwhelming tragedy that caused such behavior was not planned to pay any karma, either individually or globally. It was not the instrument of God as some apparently spiritual groups say in absurd messages. According to that twisted way of thinking, we would justify by karma from rape to murder. You must take care from some spiritual movements that justify everything by karma.
Interlocutor: What spiritual level is currently Hitler?
Johnakan: At first he was at level 4. Not only he failed in his mission, which was guidance to conflicting spirits, but he tried to subjugate them. He was losing his "brilliance" and descended from level. His vibration became denser, increasingly turning pale. Now, he's in level -1. His conduct being incarnated made descend his thetan four levels of vibration.
Interlocutor: Is Hitler going to appear in some incarnation as a great preacher, for example, to repair the damage done?
Johnakan: The spirit has free will to redeem him or to generate him more karma.
Interlocutor: Will he end up in the negative level -2, or at the Eighth Sphere, if he generates more karma?
Johnakan: If he doesn’t learn the lesson of Love, it’s a possibility that he descends to the Eighth Sphere, so that, through the various sufferings, he understands that he has to give and not take.
Interlocutor: In short, is Hitler a creature of God, temporarily lost, that he will finally end up evolving towards the Absolute?
Johnakan: That’s a logical thing! Evil disappears when the spirit becomes aware that only evolves in Love.
Interlocutor: Can we say, then, as a corollary, that Hitler is God, as all of us?
Johnakan: That’s an enormous mistake of some metaphysical books that freely trade for confusion of many. We are not God, we are part of Him. This should be well understood. When you provide explanations, don’t say "we are God," but say "we are a cell of God," because we don’t have the power of God, we have the gift of God. To be well understood that “I am”. We are a particle of the Creator. Are we Him? We need his Essence, but we are not omnipotent. When finish evolving, we will be part of him, but as individual beings. Individuality is not going to disappear, because if it could disappear we could not enjoy the love of
the Absolute. It would be selfishness from "unselfishness." Can you understand that? The Absolute is unselfish! So, the Absolute cannot make selfish acts. Taking away the identity of each spiritual being would be an act of selfishness, improper of the Absolute. Let me be more specific. God is within each of us. We are God in Love, but we don’t have the power of God in the Creation. I want to confirm that when the Great Union becomes, when the Great Communion happens, we are not going to lose our identity, because we will all be submerged in the sea of Love. And although in practice not be ONE, yes we will be figuratively, because we are going to be all "within". At this time, the Father is within us, but most don’t feel God within. This happens because they don’t know how to find Him, because of their petty actions, selfishness, proud, which they have not yet learned to overcome. [19] The times will coincide in all the planes, both physical and supraphysical universes. After the Great Spiritual Communion and having enjoyed the union with the Father, only then we will be fused with Him in a single Entity. That will coincide with the end of those universes. There will be a "Big Crunch". There will be a concentration of matter, energy, power, and then there will be a new "Big Bang" and it will create a new universe. But it’s not going to be created by the current Elohim. There will be new Elohim designated by the Absolute among those who were outstanding spirits in the previous Creation. New spirits will be created. There will be new mistakes, new incarnations... The wheel will start spinning again.
Interlocutor: What’s the purpose of one creation after another?
Johnakan: The energy that each spirit releases as evolving raises the universe vibration and each Creation is 1/8 higher than the previous one. That’s the real explanation of why the spirit is created with the imperfection of the reactive mind and he has to evolve from the imperfection. When growing in Love, each spirit emanates an inner Light that affects for better the vibration of the cosmos. Visualize billions and billions of spirits emanating light to the ether, until matter begins to vibrate more subtly. Imagine a new Creation with a more subtle vibration, and another and another... The Spirit has planted the seeds of love, but the ego is sterile land. It will not be an easy task to integrate the ego, but I believe in the Spirit. I believe in you.
Interlocutor: Thank you very much for everything Johnakan and until the next session.
[18] When a person is free of engrams and achieves a state of Clear, he’s capable of reacquainting with his innate abilities. Upon gaining complete spiritual freedom in a stable level of consciousness, he achieves the level of Operating Thetan. As he rises in OT levels, the dominion of the analytical mind is greater and prevents the reactive mind to be a fertile ground to create new engrams. OT level also refers to the level of communication between the incarnated being (or 10% of the spirit) and his thetan (or 90%). The higher the OT level, the better will be the communication between both parts of the spirit.
[19] "Now we are children of God and it has yet to be manifested what we will be. We know that when it occurs we will be like Him, because we will see Him the way He is "(1st Epistle of John, 3.2).

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