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SESSION - 01/Jun/1997
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Johnakan Ur-el (John Zebedee)
Interlocutor: Who is coming to talk?
Johnakan: I am Johnakan Ur-el. I wish to add some concepts to our previous communication. It’s important that every person becomes aware of his mission to be fulfilled. The service to others is the most direct way to find the evolutionary path, but don’t try to look for your own benefit, because it will get you negative karmas. Anyone who thinks only of himself, the only thing he gets is to cut the ties that bind him to the sought goal. And then he moves away from the path of light, the path of truth.
One major shortcoming of some groups, supposedly spiritual, is that some of their members only seek their welfare, both economic and informative. Leaving aside collaboration and emphasizing criticism to those who try to bolster the mission, because they disagree with the way things are explained or because they don’t coincide on how to proceed.
The spiritual mission has to be seen as a big boat, where all crew members must row in the same direction.
Anyone having more knowledge is the one who will take more responsibility, for the benefit of who want to learn.
Goodbye, with all my love.

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