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GROUP SESSION - 05/Jul/1997
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entities that came to talk: Johnakan Ur-el
Interlocutor: Thank you Master, for your words... Who is going to communicate now?
Johnakan: First of all, I want to salute my brothers of Light. For those who don’t know me I am Johnakan Ur-el, I am in the 5th level of spiritual vibration and in a previous life I was John Zebedee, the beloved disciple and soul mate of Master Jesus. Let me clarify that love is mainly sacrifice that the incarnated being unfortunately learns through suffering. Most drag karmas, but please don’t take those karmas as a burden but as a bonus, as they are due lessons to be learnt from past lives. Don’t think that the road will be easy. Love is service. Once I said: "Serving others is to serve God". But the vision of the physical plane 1 is very limited.
The higher you are, the greater will be the tests. And exams will often be paid with tears. Of course Love is Service! But the reward is often pain. And not everyone is prepared to suffer. I know many people who talk about what they would give if they had the chance, but when the time comes, they back down. And they doubt, caught in a shameful hesitation.
Service is also giving love. And if the mission is helping with thoughts, don’t hesitate. But don’t think of giving to get a reward, because that would be speculating on the Good and would be fictitious. Neither expect a reward for good behavior.
God provides, always provides. But, as we have said in previous messages, "God does not want beggars, wants generous people". Then do not beg. God wants you to give Him.
Some will ask me, "How can I give to God?", and I respond: "Well, by giving to your fellow men".
- But I have nothing to give! Economically, I am broken.
- Don’t you have anything to give? You have your time, you have your mind, you have your heart to provide guidance! There, you are serving the Absolute! Then, the secret is not to doubt, the secret is unconditionally serve the Father. It's easy to talk about Service. The challenge is to carry out that altruistic work. We need to serve until the very end. I give the example of my beloved Master Jesus, who relegated himself, physically, to make way to his Word. And his spirit transcended his time. The little wisdom I had, at that time, on my modest eighteen years, I tried to imitate his behavior serving him conveying his messages. When I saw him nailed on the cross, my heart broke in pain. And I felt honored when he, before disincarnated, said, talking to his mother: "Woman, there you have your son," and then he said to me: "There you have your mother." From there on, my mission was to take care of that sublime woman, whom I loved like my real mother. If you are in function of service, you must love more every day. No matter the doubts you have. If you live with people trying to destabilize you, don’t engage in a discussion that only leads to failure. Your surroundings cannot turn you back. Try to conciliate situations. Look for harmony above all things. Avoid resentment, because that only hurts you... Just Love! Look for the truth and you will attain wisdom.
Nelida A.: How do you overcome surroundings conflicts?
Johnakan: Loving and not judging, avoiding the roles of the ego that always looks for starring, not assuming the role of victims of adversity, nor taking the role of judges sentencing beforehand who does not think like you. The ego can be integrated into the total conscience and this is accomplished by loving with all the forces of the spirit. It’s not easy, but it can be done.
Finally, I want to say that one of the things that shackle humans is fear of being authentic. If there is fear to be as you are, you are going to give a false image of you. Fear is the result of the ego, which compels the person to need. It’s important to realize that within each one there is a higher self, which is the spirit in all his purity. Thus, you may replace fear with love. Moreover, you must be certain in love. But to be certain of love you must practice it daily and make the Service a habit. But it’s necessary that you know that service may bring pain. You will not receive gratification from others. The reward will come from your own conscience. That will be the payment, feeling good yourself. I think that each of you will fall into new conflicts, over and over again. But eventually you will forward because your spirit is immortal and will know to discern between the brief triumphs and the real triumph, which is communion with the Father. Greetings with all my love and remember that you have an enormous responsibility to convey messages of Light. That’s the Joy of Serving.
Interlocutor: Thank you very much Johnakan and Good Bye.

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