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GROUP SESSION - 05/Jul/1997
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entities that came to talk: Kether, from star 47 Ursae Majoris.
Interlocutor: Who is going to communicate?
Kether: With great joy I find myself here. I see a place where there is harmony; where there is Light and I know that many of the people who are here are in a high plane of vibration. I know you are in the spiritual quest and must not surrender while some are trying to disturb you. I inform you that through these meetings, at telepathic level, there is a pattern. Whenever there is a group meeting, where subjects related to the spiritual world are touched, the people involved in the search evolve one step, small or large. It depends on each one.
Interlocutor: What is your name?
Kether: In my world they know me as "The elder of rotations," although my name is Kether.
Interlocutor: Why do they call you like that?
Kether: Because since I started guiding my people, I always oriented them to value every planetary rotation. In my planet rotation is called to what you, on Earth, call day. At night, we go to bed thinking high in love to our fellow men and in the morning, when waking up, we watch with joy how our sun rises. Each new rotation convenes a ceremony of love. My people learned to thank the Creator for every rotation of physical life. For that reason they call me
"The elder of rotations”, although on your planet I would be "The elder of the days".
Interlocutor: What is the name of your planet?
Kether: It's called Ani.
Interlocutor: How is its lifestyle?
Kether: We respect the way of thinking of others, even if we don’t share it.
We give emphasis to philosophy. It has not always been so, because we have had many conflicts over the eons. Those conflicts have been surpassed, although we had to overcome our greed for power first. We have grown within us and we stopped being influenced by the surroundings. We gave priority to altruism.
Interlocutor: Did you leave technology aside?
Kether: No. Progress in science was parallel to the spiritual. Today we have the necessary technology to dominate the matter, but we are highly eager in relation to the spiritual. To demonstrate our technological power it would be to fall as prey of our own ego. In our world, the planet Ani, we are now in total harmony, but it cost a lot to achieve it. Many centuries ago, when I incarnated in Ani for the first time, there were differences in applying diverse policies and the planet was on the verge of an internal war. I managed, eventually, to get involved in the government of my world and I was appointed Elder. This appointment is an honorary title and has nothing to do with the person's age.
I was unable to avoid war but, after many rotations, I managed a truce between the two sides in conflict and so the signing of peace. Later on, when I disincarnated, I had the honor of being designated planetary Logos of Ani. Peace did not last longer in the planet, because centuries later a religious schism of large magnitude took place. From the spiritual levels of Light, we observed astonished and suffering, how rebellions began to take place in Ani. Revolts were on a planetary scale and riots caused thousands of deaths. After arduous deliberations in our spiritual level and by my request, it was decided that I re-incarnate to try to restrain that new conflict. It was the first time that a planetary Logos returned to the physical plane. This may seem a simple task, but remember that the person is born without the memory of previous incarnations. I could have been a simple peasant or a family man like many, and not being involved in anything. That’s in the best of cases. I know of spirits of Light who, when incarnate, were caught by material appetites. Fortunately, it was not my case. I grew up in a humble home learning through various old treaties. The religious schism continued. Upon completion of basic studies, I organized groups calling for peace, but riots did not diminish.
I investigated, during several planetary rotations, on the different religions of Ani. I talked to great masters of that time. They were obstinate and their stupidity made them to rely on what they already knew. They were closed to new paradigms. They ignored new guidelines, but slowly I was imposing my views, achieving the importance of spirituality rather than
religiosity. [31] I tried to disclose my word so that everybody could recover their common sense. Finally dogmas were left aside and ideas were combined bringing the end to the long-awaited peace. was appointed Elder and I preached Love to all inhabitants of Ani, moving to a definitive union of the planet. Currently Ani is a world of love, where all cooperate with each other. Technology is combined with philosophy. Knowledge is complemented with wisdom. Will is underpinned with perseverance. Finally I taught them to give thanks to the Absolute for each rotation, because a minute more of life is a minute more of Service.
Interlocutor: As you tell me, Ani reached the spiritual goal.
Kether: No, but we continue evolving. We are not yet prepared to form what is called the "planetary mind".
Interlocutor: What is the planetary mind?
Kether: It’s the merging of all thoughts, without the incarnated being losing his individuality. Everyone is aware of the shortcomings of the other. Each inhabitant of the planet could know who needs solidarity help and so provide it. This does not mean losing mental privacy, because each could "close his mind" when having something personal that he would not want to share: Having secrets is part of free will. We know another planet that is 25 light years from us, nearly 60 light years from you that managed the longed planetary mind.
Interlocutor: Are you incarnated at the moment?
Kether: Yes.
Interlocutor: You mean that this is a telepathic transmission from your planet?
Kether: Yes. My thetan communicates with the thetan of this vessel.
Interlocutor: How far away from Earth is your world Ani?
Kether: Ani is the 4th planet from the star 47 Ursae Majoris, is 35 light years from here.
Interlocutor: I understand... somebody else wants to ask you a question.
Kether: Okay.
Bautista B.: Do you know the planet Earth?
Kether: Yes, brother, we know it. We know its customs.
Bautista B.: And what do you think about us?
Kether: You have so much to give! And you are holding in more and more to your ego. You don’t share anything you have and, on the other hand, have eagerness for saving all material things, as if you were to take them to the other plane.
Bautista B.: I think we have not yet fully evolved as to reach perfection, but I am convinced that
within the next fifty years we will evolve spiritually as we have done in technology. We have
advanced a lot in genetic engineering and electronics.
Kether: Brother, growing spiritually depends solely on you. This is not the first time that you received the word. Once, two thousand years ago, you were shown the way. The only thing you did was to found religions for your own benefit. Did you know that most of the spiritual masters who have incarnated in mission have sent words of love and they were not understood? The current Solar Logos of your system, Master Jesus, has conveyed the message in a manner so sublime... However, the only thing he has achieved is that only a few understand him. This is because most of the people in this planet have used the message in a distorted way, to subject the masses and force their dependency. It has been said that each incarnated being is responsible for his own destiny, according to the attitude taking with his peers. It was explained that meanness would condemn you by delaying the path to the Light and that only altruism would lead you to the goal. In this present, those who believe in a Creator, only seek to communicate with Him through prayers asking for favors. It’s the concept that has been distorted! [32] Instead of becoming aware that suffering is the mainstay of spiritual elevation, you take it as a divine punishment. The Absolute does not punish. You change from spiritual vibration according to your actions: The meanness is ballast for the spirit. One can only rise by means of altruism. The ignorance of the incarnated being causes him to take wrong decisions. There is much unconsciousness in your race.
Interlocutor: Isn’t there too much cruelty?
Kether: Yes, unfortunately that negative emotion exists, because you hurt your peers. But you also hurt yourselves... That is unconsciousness. What are you doing today for your planet? Who does think of the future? Why are you not creating laws for birth control in regions where a new born does not survive for food shortages?
Bautista B.: What is the population of your planet Ani?
Kether: We are few compared with the Earth population, approximately two million people.
Bautista B.: I cannot understand how as a species you don’t multiply.
Kether: Brother, I cannot understand either why you are multiplying indiscriminately as a species.
Bautista B.: I understand your subtlety... Do you have prisons?
Kether: Prisons exist, but in the spirit of each being who makes a mistake.
Bautista B.: And how is that translate to our knowledge?
Kether: After one of our people committed a wrong action, both verbal and physical towards a similar, he locks himself up in a genuine repentance. He turns into himself and just contact others when his ego was integrated and is no longer a burden for him.
Bautista B.: I am sorry to insist, but what would the suffering be?
Kether: The suffering occurs when a person becomes aware of what he did and, seeing his mistake, groans for the brother assaulted. Many things are questioned, although not always the solution comes quick enough. Sometimes it takes whole rotations to realize that only love is worth and not aggression. There are spiritual conflicts that are never overcome with treatment. The very inner wisdom has to balance the inner self of that being. So that internal prison would be like a testing laboratory. Ego would send doses of arrogance and incomprehension, and the Divine Consciousness, which is in all of us, would send rays of Love. The secret is that we don’t have to destroy the ego, but
integrate it.
Bautista B.: What religion do you practice?
Kether: Ever since the religious schism was solved, we only practice to love the Absolute and, therefore, to love our resemblances.
Bautista B.: You recently talked about Master Jesus. Do you know him in your world?
Kether: I talked about Master Jesus because in your system he is the Solar Logos and I have communicated regularly with my brother of Light. I had contacted with the Master when I was disincarnated and was the planetary Logos of Ani.
Interlocutor: How do you communicate?
Kether: At telepathic level. There is no language, just ideas.
Bautista B.: How long do you live in your planet?
Kether: Nearly 120 planetary rotations, which are about 240 terrestrial years.
Interlocutor: That is to say that you live more than two terrestrial centuries?
Kether: Yes.
Bautista B.: And how old are you, Master?
Kether: Nearly 80 rotations.
Bautista B.: Excuse my audacity but, why do they call you Elder if according to our longevity as race
you are not so old?
Kether: That was already clarified. It’s not a qualifying adjective, but an honorary title.
Interlocutor: To draw a comparison, how many years are you technologically more advanced with
respect to us and what advantages do you have, to put it somehow, in the spiritual aspect?
Kether: We have made many scientific discoveries, but they are different technologies. I would not dare to speak of a world being more advanced than the other. And with regard to the spiritual aspect, I cannot say that there is an advantage of a civilization over the other, because each civilization plays a stage and you still have to learn not to be conditioned.
Bautista B.: You talked about different technologies and my question is: What subjects are more advanced?
Kether: For example, in interplanetary and interstellar teleportation. We developed an apparatus that transports a physical body from one point to another in the space in fractions of a second. The only requirement is to have a terminal at each base. We also have ships to visit other worlds.
Interlocutor: so, you have spaceships.
Kether: Yes.
Interlocutor: And morally, what would the advancement be?
Kether: Moral advance depends on each race. It's funny to note your curiosity for finding out about the advances of other races, so that you could compare them with your own. If my answer were that we are 100 years more morally advanced than you, I would be judging your conduct and that is not our position. One does not advance spiritually with knowledge, but with wisdom. All races have the footpath opened towards the paths of Light and depend on the inhabitants of each planet to become aware of what is really important. There are many who appreciate the material things and sometimes they are not to blame for having that way of thinking. Because they are valued for the goods they own. Your society gives more importance to material possessions than wisdom. Only a few become aware of what is the real value of the incarnated being in the physical plane.
Bautista B.: What is the surface of your planet?
Kether: It’s a bit smaller than Earth.
Bautista B.: I will insist on a topic. Why are so few people? I ask because it seems to me that two million is a small quantity...
Kether: Simply because we control the population.
Bautista B.: But, why birth control?
Kether: We don’t control it by selfishness, but the opposite. We know that our world is limited, both in space and in food. We don’t want to see our children suffering from hunger or having renewed fighting among them to conquer territories. If you allow me paying with words: I don’t understand why you don’t understand it. And I apology if I seem offensive. We love our world.
We fully use agriculture. Much of the surface is covered by water, seas, rivers, lakes. The continental surface has quite high mountainous chains. There are mountains of 26 thousand terrestrial meters high. The plateau is planted with various crops. We don’t have large cities, only small towns scattered throughout the globe. And we live in perfect harmony
Bautista B.: Obviously there are women...
Kether: Yes, there are women, there is sex and procreation.
Bautista B.: How long is the gestation period?
Kether: It lasts about three quarters of a planetary circumvallation.
Bautista B.: Is there any special reason for which you are so few inhabitants in your planet?
Kether: There is control. We don’t look for the cause.
Baptist B.: Who has such control?
Kether: Each one of us. Please, I want to clarify that there is no central authority that makes decisions for us. This I ratify it because I glimpse the intention of the question. As a rule, every family has two children, although there are some who come to have three. There are no prohibitions of any kind, just common sense...
Interlocutor: Obviously, in order to maintain the balance of population, you should have the same number of deaths than births.
Kether: Yes, in general.
Jorge B.: But, aren’t there any particular reasons for which there are so few in your world?
Kether: I am baffled to hear that you give so much importance to this issue. No, there is no particular reason. We are what we are and we enjoy working with each other. We also interchange culture with other worlds, providing our knowledge. It’s limitless the variety of worlds and their characteristics.
There is a world saturated with volcanoes, whose atmosphere is composed of sulfurous acid. Its inhabitants adapted perfectly in that habitat and the earth's climate would be completely hostile to them. There is another planet that is 200 light years from the center of the galaxy, where there is a big black hole. [33] This planet has about 5 billion beings. It’s a world entirely technocratic. To put it in your terms "living for work", where practically working never stops, like ants, your insects. And there is another planet that is nearly deserted; it’s a world where there are no more than 500 inhabitants. In this world, every one of its inhabitants has kilometers of land just for themselves. They respect their privacy very much and avoid personal contact.
Interlocutor: And how do they communicate?
Kether: They communicate among themselves through viewfinders. Virtually, those beings live more than two thousand of what you call "years". However, they do not multiply and practically their relationship between them is null. They are beings who have little personal contact with high solitude. And it’s not because they lock in meditating or because they are high spiritually, but because they are afraid of each other. Interlocutor: Fear?
Kether: Yes, fear. It causes them terror thinking about touching among them. They dislike the idea of seeing each other personally. Therefore, they communicate through viewfinders. But those viewfinders are very sophisticated and provide a holographic image of the interlocutor. Obviously, these beings do not need to mate for procreation. You asked me earlier about birth control. There is a world, a little bit bigger than your planet, where 50 billion beings live in a crowded situation working and not worrying about the spiritual growth. They are like mechanical apparatus.
Interlocutor: As if they had no soul?
Kether: The soul is inherent to the being... the soul is that being. But not everyone becomes aware of having an internal spirit. That planet is a clear example. Each world has its own peculiarities and it’s impossible to analyze the reason for the different customs. I hope that some day the galactic union could be achieved and that each world could provide others the help needed whether spiritual, moral or technical. Help to avoid conflict, to avoid wars, help so that each planet learns to live in love, so that each individual would not have internal conflicts and could find the path of Elevation. We don’t need anything else to communicate with the Absolute. In addition, I want to explain something very important that you ignore: why was Master Jesus appointed Solar Logos of this system and not others who were also nominated, as Cambion, which is a high entity of the 5th spiritual vibration or Nurbion, a so altruistic spirit who always thinks of the well-being of others. They are spirits unknown to you because they never incarnated and were collaborating in the different planes of Error. Both Cambion and Nurbion are currently working in the spiritual planes 2 and 3, reversing conflicts on an ongoing basis. But Jesus, aside from being merciful with his brothers, did something else: he conveyed a message of love to all terrestrial humanity. In the spiritual planes, that message went beyond the boundaries of your world, and many teachers from other planets knew to champion of Love. I cannot emphasize enough Jesus' special charisma, which, together with a spirit of sacrifice and kindness, makes him an incomparable figure. That influenced the choice and I confirm you that the spiritual direction of the solar system is in the best possible hands. One can serve for reflection, serve for custom, serve for obligation, serve for speculation, serve for mandate, but not all serve for Love. The secret is to serve for Love. This is what, Master Jesus, the present Solar Logos of your system, taught. Do you have another question?
Benji B.: How are the cities on your planet?
Kether: They are small towns with low buildings, with many bushes and lots of vegetation. We love plants, we live with plants. We also have what you call "animals", beings with smaller discernment;
we live with them in perfect harmony.
There are two or three other ethnic groups of people who don't live with us. They are what you call "wild". They live in the mountains, but each day, they become more adapted to us. And it will come a day when all the inhabitants of Ani will live in harmony.
Eduardo L.: Do you know if planet Earth has extraterrestrials coexisting with us?
Kether: At least two races coexist with you and are hidden to the public knowledge. It seems hard to believe, but it’s true.
Karina T.: I would like to know what artistic development you have in Ani.
Kether: We mainly work with images. Although we are morphologically similar to you in many ways, the images we represent are completely different. On Earth you would call them "statues". We work with circles, curves, in a sort of art expression that you would catalogue as incongruous. We don’t specialize in painting, but we love both the art of clay and stone. We carve ovoid and spherical images, with holes where you can insert images. We make very beautiful objects, always from our point of view. Perhaps you would see our artistic work as strange figures and senseless.
Carlos G.: Are you giving any particular message to us at this meeting?
Kether: The message should not be just for a particular group, but for all terrestrial humanity. But it depends on you whether you want to be responsible for spreading my words. I want to tell you not to take the spiritual quest as a goal. Try to enjoy the same search. Ignore religions that give sacrificial offerings, because the Absolute does not demand any sacrifice.
Do not pay attention to a message that conditions or imposes dogmas. Do not pay attention to those words that hurt susceptibilities. Only transmit what it serves to become aware that we are all brothers. There should be no credo that separates us, as it should not be a competition to get first to the top of the Light. Is more valuable that person who delays his own advancement to try to help the ones left behind. Very few people have this in mind. A lot of arrogance is still seen in human beings. People continue measuring their resemblance by their economic power. There is much lack of word of honor and, even worse, they try to ridicule those who want to convey a spiritual message. You all have conflicts, but you must be honest with yourselves.
You should not pretend having a nonexistent harmony or hiding the conflict in the unconscious. It must just be integrated. There are others who have an ego so big that feed it with praise to disguise themselves as altruistic. Some are dominated by envy and do not realize that a negative emotion eats their inside away. Don’t let the ego take control of you. Make that envy get transformed into cooperation, but really cooperation from the heart. Doubts must be transformed into certainties. Try to find your own truth within yourselves. Thus, the internal conflict will disappear and you will achieve true harmony. You will have at your fingertips the long-awaited Light The step forward is simple... you must only stop thinking as protagonists and pay more attention to the shortcomings of others, and try to solve them. But it’s necessary that everyone be sincere with oneself, that each recognizes their own shortcomings and makes their goal replace them with the intention of being better each time. We are here not to overcome evil, but to transmute it into service to others. Don’t believe that you are infallible. Just when everyone is in communion with the Highest, we will be infallible. Think that in the meantime, even reaching the level of Master, we have weaknesses, because we are beings created by the uncreated one, who is the only infallible one. Now, I am going to transmit to you harmony to your spirit. Please, close your eyes. Imagine an incandescent sphere, shedding bluish white light on your heads. It’s the Light of the Absolute, which spills over your entire body covering your internal and external parts, all your organs. Imagine now a golden light, the light of Christ, which fills with joy and plunges into ecstasy. Now, visualize a violet light, the light that sends Master Johnakan to transmute all negative that could remain. The three rays, working together, are going to connect your field of consciousness with your Higher Self, achieving a perfect harmony. Breathe deep; looking for the connection with your higher self, where is the real wisdom. We all have a goal. That goal is to be integrated with the Absolute. The Absolute is within us, but since we rarely look inside ourselves, we don’t know how to recognize Him. Greetings with all my love and hoping you have assimilated the message.
[31] In a structured society, it’s very difficult to achieve that mystical spiritualism prevails over religious dogma. We know that any doctrine conditions the way of thinking.
[32] Traditional religions put in front their dogmas to the true spiritual teaching, making parishioners to believe that the grace of God will redeem them, to the selfish as to the altruistic, and thus misrepresenting the main objective of spiritual elevation: Service.
[33] One year after this session, it was ratified what Kether told us. On June 12, 1998, the astronomer Andrea Ghez, of the University of California, detected a black hole in the center of the galaxy, the Milky Way, supported by the largest optical/infrared telescope of the world, located in Hawaii.

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