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SESSION - 30/Jun/1997
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Kumi Ann
Interlocutor: Who is going to talk first?
Kumi Ann: My name is Kumi Ann and I am the thetan [21] of E. K. My physical part tries to move forward and looks forward to be on the right track, although she drags many personal conflicts. I am a female in my incarnated part; perhaps I am trying to cover various topics though risking personalizing some of them. I also know that I give more priority to some topics than others, without evaluating them first.
Interlocutor: What does that mean?
Kumi Ann: It means that perhaps things that have less value, my physical part gives them greater importance than others, perhaps more importance in the spiritual level. And it must not be so. Somehow she is looking for her convenience, she aims to achieve a physical and mental wellbeing, but she puts in front her deficiencies to what had already been achieved (which she is dragging), and she is unable to discern her personal advancement that she already had. Sometimes, her ego that she unconsciously drags, handles all her actions. She assumes the role of a victim of circumstances and does not realize the progress she has achieved, both in material and in family aspects. Her reactive mind only lets her "see" her apparent failures, and so, she is locked up in herself.
Interlocutor: Can you intercede in your incarnated part making her notice that she is making progress?
Kumi Ann: We, in our level of vibration, although we are the Higher “Self” of the incarnated part, this one not always listens to our voice. So, sometimes E. K. detracts from her surroundings and tends to marginalize, ignoring the whole issue. The thetan, even having a broader picture than the incarnated person, cannot impose his approach, since he must respect the laws of free will.
Interlocutor: Do you communicate with your physical part?
Kumi Ann: Yes, on a continuing basis. [22] But do not imagine a voice that vibrates in the minds of everyone, saying timely messages. Communication with E. K. takes place in the form of ideas in her mental and causal field. In the first case, the person gets a "light on" and captures the idea. In the second case, the person "becomes aware" and realizes the true significance of life.
Interlocutor: In her case, does she accept your communication?
Kumi Ann: Unfortunately, not all the time. Sometimes she is very concentrated on problems of the physical plane, and somehow she discards my orientation.
Interlocutor: Let's say she ignores it.
Kumi Ann: Let's say yes... but that happens to most of the incarnated spirits. They are so "programmed" to capture only things in the physical world that is not easy to communicate with their spiritual side.
Interlocutor: As we say: Very few listen to the voice of conscience.
Kumi Ann: That's right, although many are in the search, most do not know "what" to look for. The spiritual message is something that is engraved in the unconscious, but it’s difficult to "look inside".
Interlocutor: I would like to inform you that your physical part suffers greatly, which causes not to be at her full mental capacity...
Kumi Ann: One must be able to discern from where the physical sufferings are coming. In many cases, the affected emotional area creates psychosomatic problems and in others, the physical problem is real. In both cases, it would be extremely important that the person is assisted by the most suitable therapist. Almost everyone gives full priority to their physical life, leaving aside the "spiritual nonsense", because these are not going to cover an economic problem, for example. But if those people could contact their Higher Self, perhaps they could take better choices and, although not resolving all their conflicts, would narrow much of them. Anyway, the problems should not be taken as obstacles intended to destabilize. They do not have to let the ego take control of their lives, making everyone feel a victim of circumstances. Not all are barriers to obstruct. Also there are rocks in the path so that man “learns to see" and not stumble on a permanent basis. All learning takes place in terms of spiritual advance because, in spite of everything, that advance must continue. That way, when every man becomes aware of its significance, many things in his life begin to change automatically. But not everything is so simple. It's as if people had a bandage and could not visualize that importance. For example, my physical part has a great skepticism for everything that is spiritual communication, often doubt that there are such communications with the spiritual group. She misestimates messages or feels that they are set to impose a predetermined idea. That produces psychic bumps, more skepticism and a deep unconscious resentment with her surroundings. That is not all. As sometimes she feels bad, clings desperately to her depression, looking for whom to blame for that unbearable suffering. But she neither wants to get rid of it because is comfortable (although does not believe it) in the role of victim, and forgets everything that is spiritual. Obviously, it’s as if there was more than one personality in my incarnated part and is in crisis between her identities. [23] [My physical part not only lives blaming people in her surroundings, because she considers that the others are responsible for her misfortune, but she pushes to get involved in a discussion to feedback her role of victim. And so, she gets into a tunnel that has no end. Obviously, all of that is apparent because, at some point, is going to come the "awakening". I go and I leave you in the company of another spiritual brother.
[21] Thetan is the soul or spirit when is incarnated. In the physical plane, only 10% of our spirit animates our bodies and our minds. The other 90%, or Thetan, is in the spiritual plane. When disincarnating we exist 100% as spirit.
[22] Each Thetan communicates on an ongoing basis with his incarnated part, "suggesting" unconsciously a certain idea to the person. It depends on him to capture that idea. The guidance is received both in the mental field, through an "idea" as in the causal field, where a man can "feel the awakening of consciousness."
[23] In Psycho-integration this situation is called "war of selves." Each one of them wants to take control of the conduct of the person. The ego is fed by the different roles that each lower self interprets but, as well, every time is increasingly dependent on them.

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