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Is Scientology advancing or it’s at a standstill?
WARNING! GRUPO ELRON has no connection with Scientology organizations, but only with telepathic teachings from Ron Hubbard about the mind and the universe as well as the technology developed by him to achieve clearance of mind.
At the present time Scientologists know about these telepathic messages you are reading, because I have informed to Guillermo Lesevre, David Miscavige, John Fudge and Debbie Cook since the beginning, and I have invited them many times so that they be contacted telepathically with Ron Hubbard, however, they never responded me.
I have also invited numerous times to many scientologists, but none of them responded me either.
I have also requested that they send me questions that only Ron Hubbard could answer, but nobody replied. Scientologists simply don’t want to accept that we are receiving telepathic messages from Ron Hubbard.
Notice the following thing: Where would they be if this were truth? There is an enormous EGO from them. Then they prefer not to discover it.
Nowadays, Scientologists have transformed Scientology into a sect. And now they are not allowing the entrance of new Light or knowledge, if this situation continues, sooner or later Dianetics and Scientology will be obsolete.
Ron Hubbard himself wrote in his book “A history of Man” that Thetans communicate telepathically. However they have not even try to contact him through mediumship.
Scientology today has a façade of a church, nonetheless the “Real Scientology” has nothing to do with Religion and it shouldn’t be considered as a Church
No wonder why many people confuse some teachings of Scientology and attack Scientology because Scientologists are doing things wrong. Not even Tom Cruise is helping Scientology now, since he has been compared with a Nazi leader. Something must be done to clear this up!
GRUPO ELRON is only revealing the information received from the Masters of Light, Therefore, you are free to choose whether to believe it or not. Nobody is forced to follow a path since all of us have free will.
Contrary to a sect GRUPO ELRON is an Anti-sect. We do not ask or receive money and all our information is given freely. We are not looking for followers either; this is part of our free will also.
In addition, those who believe that these messages are good are free to share them with whomever they want.
Those who don’t agree with these teachings are also free to ignore them as well. Regarding to telepathic messages, even children in our sessions have asked to the Masters of Light and they have answered the questions.
The choice is yours.

Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Ruanel (Ron Hubbard) Founder of Dianetics and Scientology
Who will come up now?
Ron Hubbard: I am again with you here. I Am Ron.
Interlocutor: How are you Master? I suppose that you must be quite disappointed with those scientologists who are in charge of the organizations of Dianetics and Scientology that you founded. I say this because in spite that I have informed them repeatedly about our telepathic communications we have with you, they have refused systematically to be aware of that.
Ron Hubbard: In the spiritual plane with the help of Johnakan, I have learned many more things that are not written in the documents I left when I was incarnated, and it is a pity that we cannot transmit them because not only have they stayed stuck in time, but rather they have closed the doors. They don’t want to know anything about new paradigms and then they obstruct the mission.
When Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, created rules, somehow he had to do something that maybe was not good; he had to indoctrinate, being that in Light, all dogma, all doctrine is bad, but Siddhartha had so few followers that he had to create certain rules so that his teachings were not dispersed and they were not diluted.
In spite of the comparison with Buddhism, I had to do the same thing with Dianetics creating rules, rules of behavior so that they were not dispersed.
Today, at the distance, I confirm that certain rules are not right.
Buddhism corrected that issue 500 years later. How many generations had to pass before that happens?
Interlocutor: I agree and I understand it perfectly, but if I could get rid of those rigid rules, I wonder if there is somebody capable to avoid them also.
Ron Hubbard: Most of the human beings, like our brother Jiddu Krishnamurti said, -and I mention him because he is a true leader- they are conditioned.
Then, if they have been taught in that way, maybe by myself when I was incarnated, How will they be released of those rules?
What I want to make clear is that a Master sometimes teaches in that way because otherwise they would get out of that routine, and in that moment that routine was necessary because that routine was functional -and it is still functional-
Interlocutor: I agree perfectly with you, Master, but I insist: you, inside of those rules, you taught that Thetans communicate telepathically. Then, why don't they try to communicate with you, if you taught that and you even left it written?[1]
Ron Hubbard: Unfortunately they are very skeptical. But there is one thing more, the current great leaders of the Church of Scientology, “alleged representatives of the Master Jesus,” who is known by everybody and I say “alleged” because for me the only true representative incarnated is the Master Johnakan. These leaders are arrogant and most of them would not find convenient if the Master Jesus embodied again because they would lose their prominence.
In the same way, if the directives that today control Scientology came to the sessions and if they verify the truthfulness of these communications you have with me, they would lose their prominence as representatives of the organization.
Interlocutor: This is clear, Master.
Ron Hubbard: They don’t care about the teaching, they are more interested in playing their roles, and the EGO they have is the biggest obstacle so that they come and communicate with me in spite of what I left written. Then, they prefer to ignore it.

[1]Thetans communicate by telepathy. They can move material objects by throwing an energy flow at them. They can travel at very high speeds. They are not bound by atmospheres or temperatures.” (A history of Man; written by L.R. Hubbard)
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