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SESSION - 10/Nov/2006 (PART ONE)
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: EON?
Eon: How are you?
Interlocutor: Good, very enthusiastic for this session…
Eon: Let me clarify to all of you and everyone who listens to you, that when I say: "How are you?", or when I ask: "What is happening?” it’s obvious that I know it.
Any question that I make in a session is simply on the basis of getting the dialogue to become more understandable. It's like I adopt a "role", of being like you. And then, I make questions as if I ignore the answers.
Interlocutor: It’s clear… Will you be giving any messages or do we start directly with the questions?
Eon: Let’s go directly to the questions.
Interlocutor: Ok, we are going to divide the session into two parts, so that Jorge can rest a bit and extend the session. When you consider appropriate we suspend it and then we continue later.
Eon: OK.
Interlocutor: The first question comes from a gentleman named Nelson, who says: “We are convinced that the design of the Zurich Project, (Asia - Latin America - Africa) whose purpose is to "eradicate poverty and restore human dignity to millions of human beings", was inspired by high spiritual entities, we want to know whether we are on the right track".
Eon: Any project that aims to match up is correct. I will extend myself a little bit more on the subject. Most of the incarnated beings in this world, which you call Sun 3, are unaware that there is 2.8% of drinking water throughout the planet. Ignore that many species are disappearing. Ignore that global temperature has raised two degrees Celsius over the last century.
Many read news alerting the future to come; they worry momentarily and then return to their daily tasks. Most have no idea how poorly distributed is the economy in the world, the lack of drinking water and the lack of sewers in the world… It is certainly a subject that corresponds to incarnated beings, but this vessel had to give a reply to young Nelson.
Every day 1800 children may die simply because of poor hygiene, adding the side effect of infections and diseases…
It’s valid anything tending to eradicate not only poverty but the subculture, ancestral customs badly apprehended, such as cutting the clitoris to girls, because according to the macho culture, they don’t have to enjoy during sex.
It’s valid anything tending to eradicate the culture where mouth, tongue, nose, ears, eyelids, are deformed with objects. And as you know, that is due to engrams.
Young people in cities use what you call "body piercing". In cultures of tropical countries, they use from corks to cans, rusty objects, cavities in the bottom of the ears, puncturing or cutting a part of the body with objects carrying countless bacteria…
Interlocutor: Obviously everything you say is due to engrams…
Eon: It’s because of engrams and also because of customs of each place…
Interlocutor: How likely is this project to succeed? I ask about probabilities because I know, for obvious reasons, you must not advance us the future.
Eon: As I said at the beginning, at this time I personify the role of being like you, and even knowing everything of what’s going to happen, I will give you a picture as if I were also on the train of time. I do it so as to facilitate the session.
Interlocutor: Ok…
Eon: I have great hopes in the project, and I know that many people are becoming aware of it. There are large groups that even in the near future will invest money in achieving a match up, in those inequalities so perverse, so to call them. We must fight not only for those children dying from malnutrition, but also from poor hygiene. The issue of malnutrition has always been touched, but almost never that of hygiene. Thousands of children die for lack of hygiene, and some don’t even get to one month of life.
Interlocutor: In conclusion, what could you say to this person, who has kindly written to us about his project?
Eon: The Zurich project is a project of Light. The obstacles it will have are due to the fact that in some developing countries there are political cultures, so to call them, that are not in their best interest that some external people may try to change them not even for the better. Because those rulers, with certain totalitarian ideas, rather by ignorance than by evilness, will continue in that status and they will not accept any radical changes that easily.
Anyhow, and as encouragement to the group, I say, not as speculation – because any Service has to be given with joy, as it says the beloved son Johnakan – that you are doing it with true joy, you are doing it with an absolutely altruistic idea, without asking anything in return rather than the reward of having carried out a goal every day.
Remember that it is very difficult for people in this incarnation, who are responsible for all this, to come to a conclusion, but there will be many bricks underpinning the bases and many strong columns that will grow. This is the important thing.
Interlocutor: Well... Can I continue with the questions?
Eon: Ok.
Interlocutor: How many people are currently channeling EON, the Elohim and the Christic Energy?
Eon: In Sun 3, on this planet that you call Earth, there are only three people that channel me. One is this vessel, the other is a writer and the third one is a young teenager, who was born in the region that you call Russia.
Interlocutor: In what country is the writer?
Eon: He’s a person who travels. Normally he can be in America or in Europe…
Interlocutor: Ok…
Eon: The only person who has channeled the Essence, which is in plane 9, so far is this vessel.
Interlocutor: And the Christic Energy?
Eon: At this time there are two people who have channeled the Elohim. I say at this time because there were up to ten people who channeled them, mainly one well-known to you, who even confused him by me, whose name is Adonai. At this moment, I reiterate, the young Russian and also this vessel, Jorge Olguin, channel them.
Interlocutor: And the Christic Energy?
Eon: At this moment, only two people channel it, this vessel and the young Russian.
Interlocutor: What is actually the Christic Energy?
Eon: I will give you a brief description of it. The Christic Energy is a thinking Energy, like the Buddhic Energy and other energies. It’s a conceptual Energy, and I clarify this because when we speak of energy we may get to think – I include myself, because I insist that I am performing a role, to make the language easier for this medium – that it is inert energy with no life and that’s not the case. The Christic Energy is a thinking Energy, a conceptual Energy, as it can be a spiritual entity or an angelic entity.
Interlocutor: And what would be the difference?
Eon: The difference is that Christic Energy, Buddhic Energy and other divine energies, do not give any room whatsoever to the role of the ego, because they don’t incarnate. Their vibration is so high that they do not give, by their characteristic, way to the ego. It's as if they had, so you understand me, antibodies for the ego, something that the Elohim, who are one step above, do not have. That is why this entity, so beloved by me and so controversial, named Jehovah or Yahweh was taken by a huge role of the ego when he was Logos.
Interlocutor: It’s clear…
Eon: The Christic Energy, which in Sun 3 has been named the Christ, is a thinking energy that can send a small pseudopod to some incarnated being to improve his mission, as it was done with Master Jesus when he was incarnated.
The Christic Energy radiates as your sun, as if it had rays of light, but instead of rays of light it has rays of healing. These healing rays are in a specific vibration, and what certain mediums do when channeling that energy, as this vessel does, is to focus it, like a laser beam and then send it to someone who has problems of negative vibrations, or has his aura marked with various negative influences.
Interlocutor: Up to what point can that healing energy reach from the medium to the sick person? Or, does it have no limits?
Eon: In the planet Earth it has no limits at all. The planet Earth has a diameter of 40,000 km., which is insignificant for the Christic Energy.
Interlocutor: I understand…
Eon: Whoever wanting to channel the Christic energy must have proper training to do so, otherwise he may be misled by negative entities into believing that he is channeling it.
Interlocutor: Could a bad medium channel the Christic energy and distort it? Could he channel it?
Eon: Yes, he could.
Interlocutor: And to distort it…
Eon: He could not distort it, because in reality the Christic Energy is not distorted, since the purity cannot be distorted. What he can do, for worse, is to put something of its own role of ego…
Interlocutor: Within that energy…
Eon: No, not inside, because that Energy is immutable, but accompanying it. It is as if you had a vaccine for certain disease and add another product. That vaccine, then, instead of creating a shell against that disease and make the body immune, alters it so much that leaves the body more unprotected than before.
Interlocutor: Would the medium that channel Christic Energy without being prepared create himself karma?
Eon: Of course. To the assumed healed person it would create a placebo effect and after some time he would be as before or worse. We must be very careful about the promises of healing. Note that this vessel, who I love as much as all of you, because you are all my children, is very careful when asked for healing. The first thing he does, because he is a very ethics spirit, is to send the person to the appropriate professional. Once the person goes to the appropriate professional, just then, he sends the Christic Energy in addition.
Interlocutor: It is clear…
Eon: But even knowing that the Christic Energy is the more important divine Energy, he does not give it as the only therapy, but always as a complementary therapy of the physical therapy.
Interlocutor: The point is clarified. I now turn to another topic that many wonders… At the first session, you said that it was the first time that you were channeled by a medium. The controversy was because there were others who channeled you before, such as Master Jesus.
Eon: In the case of the so loved Master Yeshua, he did not channel me in talking form of mediumship, as giving a message like this vessel. He channeled me differently. There is more than one way to channel me, and this is important to emphasize, because variety, if it’s variety that adds, is something positive.
When this vessel said that it was the first time he channeled me, he was referring that it was the first time a medium showed things as important. For example, I have taken his spirit to different galaxies, including the Big Bang of this universe…
Interlocutor: Could we say then that is the first time someone channeled EON with that category, with such magnitude?
Eon: Exactly… In that channeling I made him raise to a plane so high that he got to see the Essence, which is in plane 9, as a dark gray fog. And he even got to surpass the plane of the Aes, plane 10.
Interlocutor: Did Johnakan have what is called the Unitary Perception?
Eon: No, it’s beyond names. I have taken Johnakan outside of the space and time and even the planes…
Interlocutor: Does Johnakan remember everything perfectly?
Eon: No, he does not remember everything, because there were more important facts, I even took him to a previous universe, that is, behind this Big Bang, an octave lower…
Interlocutor: But why does he not remember everything?
Eon: Because although the spirit does not lose the memory, as there are facts that theoretically a spirit cannot do, he cannot remember everything. The spirit is created by me, in this universe, with those limitations.
Interlocutor: To what other places did you take him?
Eon: I took him to a parallel universe, to different alternate universes; I took him outside of all the planes, because the highest plane, according to your measurement, is plane 10, the plane of the Aes.
Interlocutor: Did you take him beyond plane 10?
Eon: I took him, I reiterate, outside of all the planes… I took him to the lowest one, which is plane -2, the Eighth sphere, so that he could perceive how it is. I took him, within the physical plane, to another galaxy, Andromeda… I took him even farther, where he could perceive the clusters of galaxies, which are the super-galaxies… I took him further, to about 15 million light years… He saw the clusters of galaxies as small points…
Interlocutor: Did Johnakan get to feel the oneness with the Absolute, as we will do all of us at the Big Crunch?
Eon: Up to that point, no. He almost got it, because it was the only way to "be able" to transport him to other universes. He could not have been able to do it by himself.
Interlocutor: I understand… Now I remember that I'd like to ask you about what it means that every Big Bang is an octave higher than the previous one. I am referring to what extent an octave rises.
Eon: Each universe is an octave higher, in the same way that the musical scale. Then, your question would be "until when".
Interlocutor: As a pianist I understand about octaves, and yes, the question is that one.
Eon: The answer is "until always". It is as if you ask me until when there will be Big Bangs.
Interlocutor: Is there a limit?
Eon: No, there is no limit.
Interlocutor: Is not there a number?
Eon: No, there is no number.
Interlocutor: Well, we could not understand it.
Eon: No, they are mathematical formulas. I could explain to you the true meaning of the Singularity of a black hole. Because there are many theories of the twentieth century that say - this is for people who know the topic - the event of things, as one is approaching a black hole - when I say "one" I am referring to a physical being - practically not even light can escape. Then, the object would be totally absorbed to its center.
There is a theory that says that time will slow down, that time will stall, then theoretically it's like that it would never get to the center. And I say that this is not true.
Time does not change in that extend. And yes, there are white holes. Let's say that after a black hole there is a white hole.
There is dark energy and there is dark mass. At this time, it is an elastic mass that is allowing the universe to continue expanding. And the expansion of the universe is still accelerating, until such a time in which it will stop and contraction will begin. But there are billions of years for that time to come.
Interlocutor: So we have to accept that Big Bangs are infinite and obviously, we cannot understand that infinity…
EON: But the important thing is that there are some of your physicists and astronomers of the twenty-first century on your planet who are already accepting that theory that there was another universe before this Big Bang. And it is a merit of this vessel for having presented it many years ago.
Interlocutor: Then, from our point of view, it is clear that we cannot understand how each universe continues raising one octave and there is no end to that elevation. If I ask, what is the last number or the highest number, what would be the response of EON?
Eon: Dear son, I am going to respond you in a captious way: if I tell you that the most important thing in terms of extension is the eternity, then I could tell you that mathematically there may be eternity2 or eternity3.
In this sense, some mathematicians speculated about a row of infinite beds and beside another row of infinite beds. What does this mean? It means that "infinity" is not a measurement, because if it were a measurement it would have a limit. It’s a verbal paradox that conceptually it would mean more.
"Infinite" and "eternity" are not compatible with "limits". For that reason a dirty trick can be made and say infinite2 or eternity2, infinite3 or eternity3. Or multiply infinite by infinite or infinite2 by infinite2…
Interlocutor: Specifically, then backward universes reduce octaves and forward universes increase octaves indefinitely…
Eon: If you want to play more to the paradox, you would say that in the past, it would come a moment in which the octaves are increasingly dense to the point where they would no longer be…
Interlocutor: That’s it, for example…
Eon: And you would also say that at one point in the future octaves would be so acute that they would also cease to be…
Interlocutor: Sure…
Eon: But putting myself in the role as if I don’t understand this – and I reiterate that I do it so to facilitate the session – What do we know where, the densest octave ends and where the subtlest vibration ends?
What for you it could be the densest, perhaps it’s not for me…
Interlocutor: Then, the philosopher Zeno was right with his paradox, when he said that in a race, if the hare gives one meter lead to the turtle, the hare would never reach the turtle?
Eon: Mathematically, it can never reach it, because the route that makes the hare to get to the turtle, in that period, the turtle advanced... Let's start again from scratch... The hare reaches where the turtle is, but as the turtle moved, again it cannot reach it. That means that with this demonstration, mathematically the hare could never surpass the turtle. But in fact, the hare surpasses the turtle…
Interlocutor: Then, is the universe mathematical?
Eon: The universe, for you obviously, is unpredictable. This vessel is right when he says "do not try to understand everything; we understand what is within our grasp to be fruitful".
Interlocutor: Well, I leave this on hold to give us time to mature it and I change the subject to the question of movement. EON, from the logical point of view, cannot move, because where can it go if EON is everything? This takes me to believe that EON is in a total stillness and that it does not even vibrates, reason why the Big Bangs would not happen either in the time-line. Then, how could we understand the movement that we perceive as being real? Is it an illusion? If I move my arm, does this movement have existed since eternity?
Eon: No, this is not the case… Dear son, I will respond with a paradox, explained as if I were like you… It is as if I could unfold myself. For one thing, if I am the universe and I express throughout the universe, it is as if I were in a vessel of a cubic meter and my physical body had a cubic meter of volume. I could not move because I would be contained in that container… Are you with me?
Interlocutor: Yes, I am…
Eon: Well, that would be your theory regarding the universe and myself.
Interlocutor: Exactly…
Eon: And it's true, it’s like that. But there is a second part. The second part is that within that EON, I have a conceptual freedom to move myself, because if that would not be so, how could I do to move Johnakan to alternate universes, parallel universes, previous universes and other galaxies?
If I were fixed and immutable I could not even be at this time communicating with you.
Interlocutor: But then how…
Eon: I continue answering… Never be so narrow minded to see me from only one viewpoint, and I say this with all my love. You have formulated the theory that for me the time does not exist because I am an Eternal Present.
Interlocutor: True…
Eon: But I am also able to climb on the bandwagon of time, and I can see things happen, because I can do everything. I can come to the present, I can go to the past…
At this very moment with my concept, I communicate with you; at this very moment I am seeing with my concept, Master Jesus in Gethsemane; at this moment I am seeing with my concept, thousand years in the future; at this moment with my concept, I am in a planet of the Andromeda Galaxy; at this moment with my concept, I am in infinite places… I can move conceptually to all of them…
Interlocutor: But I think that there would be no need to move because you are already in all those places…
Eon: It’s a kind of conceptual movement…
Interlocutor: Without any movement?
Eon: No, with movement, because I have to do the movement and I retake the subject for the third time: when I take Johnakan and I transfer him to other universes, of course I have to "move". I move conceptually, but I move…
Interlocutor: So now comes the second question: if there is a movement it is because it began at some point. And here lies the paradox: When did this movement start? The question comes to the case because, how can there be a movement that has never started?
Eon: I have already given the example of the Moebius Strip, which has no beginning and no end… the hypothetical example has already been given many times, that you travel into the past with an alleged machine that could travel, not billions of years but until passing the Big Bangs and Big Crunches every second: Big Bang – Big Crunch – Big Bang – Big Crunch – Big Bang… it would come a time when you would be in the future.
Then you would say to me captiously and securely: "No, the past and the future could never be linked because the universe in the super-future would have an octave higher in vibration, so acute, that it could never be linked with the super-past, which would be the densest octave. And my question is, being in your place, what do we know if that super-density and that super-acute are not compatible to fit? Do you understand?
Interlocutor: I am elaborating it…
Eon: In the future – it may be hundreds of universes ahead – the universe will have a very high tonal scale. One thousand universes back – I say one thousand as I could say one million or ten million or more – the tonal scale was absolutely dense. And as I spoke of the Moebius Strip, most of you are going to interpret that the past universe is going to fit with the future universe and therefore it will be an eternal wheel, then the question that you would ask me is: how will it fit a so dense tonal scale with a so acute and subtle scale?
And my answer is: they fit perfectly, and that is.
Interlocutor: Going back to the beginning of the question, I don’t know whether to ask, on one hand, since EON moves, although conceptually, when did that movement start. On the other hand, if EON incarnates, to put it somehow, with only 10% – I mean the physical and the spiritual world as a whole – what does the 90% do? Does it not get bored having and knowing everything?
Eon: The answer the first question: I have dictated to the 10% of Johnakan, this vessel, Jorge Olguin, to write in this book: "In the beginning there was Nothing and Nothing was Everything". Nothing and Everything means that the first universe meets with the last universe. Then there was never a beginning. That beginning is a virtual beginning, and I say this, so it is understood by those who know computers or physical… Really, it is a nonexistent beginning. That link does not really mean an end and a beginning. Everything is a continuous turn.
Interlocutor: That it never began, it always existed…
Eon: Sure… And the movement does not have to stop being. And regarding the fact that if there is a 10%, which is the manifested part, and another 90%, I will explain it, as well as what happens with the remaining 90% and other universes that are above, super-universes. This is a theory that I present now, and that soon, when the mathematicians develop it, they will believe to have the scoop, but I'm giving the scoop to myself at this moment, that’s in your date November 10, 2006. I repeat, then, that there are other super-universes that contain this universe where I am absolutely expressed by 100%. They are called "bubble universes". I refrain from giving you more details because I might confuse you in your understanding.
Interlocutor: Although this has already been said, I would like to ratify it: it does not exist more than EON, that is, there is not another EON. Is that correct?
Eon: EON is love, Eon is humor… And I will finish this part of the session joking: Will I really be everything? I am going to the last bubble universe to see what lies beyond! I love you, son, and we will continue this session in the second half.
Interlocutor: See you then...

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