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SESSION - 27/Jan/2004
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: EON?
Eon: Yes… There is an author named Thomas Kempis, who said that anyone who loves my physical image despises lower things… This error of concept was corrected by this vessel saying that anyone who loves my physical image cannot despise lower things, because I'm even in the string of grass.
Interlocutor: Obvious…
Eon: I very much admire the conceptual of the spirit of this vessel. He has a unique creativity… Just before starting the session, this vessel raised some doubts that I want to respond before moving directly to the questions, since I know you have many and you’re eager to make them.
Interlocutor: It’s entirely true…
Eon: It’s very difficult, when you are sunk in mediocrity and indifference to find something unusual. There are many conceptual minds at your high, but by an issue of causality, sometimes you don’t run into. It’s not that there are no other people like you, there are, both women and men…
Interlocutor: Is it causality or coincidence?
Eon: Causality. It’s causality because the time has not come yet to run into. Those are minds that match yours, that have concerns, desires, wishes… And they would be no obstacles for you. But you have not come across them yet. Remember that there are things that for certain are chances. I leave everything untied to this free will. Then, there are things that are chances, meaning that in 50% of the cases is not yet the time, and in the other 50% is because, perhaps, one of the two has taken a different path after crossing each other a couple of times.
At times, there are people "designated" to run into – really there are no people "designated", is just a way to express myself, – well, simply they have not done it so and that's it.
Well, I won’t delay you any more; I said what I wanted to say… This vessel will understand… You can begin with the questions.
Interlocutor: Well, specifically the first question is this: if a time traveler goes to the future and watches that he, in his future, kills someone. What does it happen to him when he returns to his time? That is, how does he live knowing that in the future he will kill someone?
Eon: In principle, that person generates a karma, because from my point of view he killed in a continuous present. I'm going to redirect the response with another question. What would happen if you go to another town, kill someone and then return to your town?
Interlocutor: I got myself a karma.
Eon: Of course. And automatically you descend from level, because causing someone to disincarnate is like your own suicide. In this case is exactly so. Travel to the future or travel to the past or travel at present to another place, if you kill someone you generate karma and descend from level. And according to the intensity or cruelty of the act, you can even descend to the 8th sphere.
Interlocutor: That issue of karma is clear to me, but I am not sure what happens to the time traveler who after being in the future returns to his time knowing that in the future he will kill somebody.
Eon: Clarify if you are referring to this incarnation or another incarnation. Although I already know what you mean, it is convenient to clarify it to avoid confusion when someone reads this text.
Interlocutor: I am referring to the same incarnation.
Eon: Okay. It’s clearly explained what I said recently. Let's see an example: Suddenly, I transform myself into a human being and we call him X. This human being X, who is 50 years old, travels ten years into the future and watches this human being X, which is 60 years old, killing someone in a certain place. Return to the present time, for example 2004 and he will automatically know that within 10 years, at 60 years old, he will kill somebody. He is not going to forget it. And he will also remember it 10 years later. And of course, he’s going to try to avoid the fact of not killing 10 years later.
Interlocutor: It is logical to try to avoid it…
Eon: I'll express it differently to get a clear picture. I am X and I am in 2014. That is, I am you, but you of the future. You're X2 of 2004 and travel in a time machine into the future, to 2014. You, 10 years younger than me, want to stop me from killing, but you ignore what happened… Maybe X in 2013 underwent a scam or his wife and daughter were raped, and you stopped me from killing him at that moment. Let us ignore the manner in which you did it because at the moment it’s not important. You just did it. Then, you return to the past, but since you don’t know what really happened to me, I’m still disturbed, so the next day I go back again and this time I kill him. Then, you have not really stopped me from killing but you have merely postponed the fact.
Interlocutor: The idea is clear… When returning to the past as time traveler, do I lose the memory of the future?
Eon: No, you don’t lose it. What I mean is that you, as time traveler, cannot stop me – who, in this example, is you of the future – because although you want to stop me by force, my passion – ego through – will still remain and next day I will try to murder again, because what I see, from my viewpoint, obviously, as something justified.
Interlocutor: And what can be done about it, under such circumstances?
Eon: What needs to be done is that X2, who is you, time traveler, when you return to the past, think that within ten years, something will happen, for which you will be prompted to kill someone and you will have to use all your means to prevent it. You also have the alternative, if you could get together with that other person X, you of the future but 10 years older, and ask him what happened, why he has killed that person. And that X of the future would tell you that because his daughter was raped in that person's house, in that town, on Feb 2, 2013. Perfect. When that date arrives, you'll be ready to act, so you will avoid such rape from happening and therefore also the subsequent murder.
Interlocutor: So, knowing all that, as time traveler, I can avoid the rape of my daughter and to become a murderer.
Eon: That’s right.
Interlocutor: What about if instead of a murder or rape, X just killed somebody by accident?
Eon: It’s just easier, because you would directly avoid it. You would find out when it happened, so you would keep it in your memory. If you remember episodes of 40 years ago when you were younger, you can also remember what it will happen within 10 years.
Interlocutor: So, a time traveler can avoid those negative developments.
Eon: Yes.
Interlocutor: Is a new alternate universe formed?
Eon: Yes, an alternate universe is formed and it’s going to be the real one.
Interlocutor: And the other one?
Eon: The other one is going to last until it dries up.
Interlocutor: Then, are all these events part of history?
Eon: Yes. In fact everything is very simple.
Interlocutor: I understood that perfectly. Let's see now… Why does Kronbus, time traveler, go to the past to repair an alteration of history? Specifically, my doubts are: Why are the facts of the past altered? Are the facts of the past altered only by time travelers or they can be altered by themselves?
Eon: The events of the past can only be altered by a time traveler. If there is a story written and this story already happened, who from the future can tell what would happen if Columbus had not arrived to America, if Archimedes had not been submerged in the bathtub – which really did not happen – if the one who discovered the law of gravity would have not had the apple fallen on him, if the one who discovered black holes had not made the correct astronomical calculations, if the one who discovered the Fermat theorem had not planned to work on it, and so on.
We cannot say “what would happen if", because it just happened. So we have to take this story as the real one. The case is different when a time traveler wants to change something because he believes it would be better, because if he does it, automatically creates an alternate universe.
There can be a universe where John Kennedy – I mention him as an example because he’s someone widely known – was not killed because they did not order his death, he continued living, giving preponderance to the space race and he placing of colonies on the Moon in 1984; there were fewer wars because he would have been reelected and since he could not be reelected for a third time, while another person had been elected, he had returned in the following period, that is four years later, to be elected president of the United States for a third time.
Interlocutor: Are you telling us of the events of an alternate universe that really took place or is purely hypothetical?
Eon: I am telling you the real universe that must have been.
Interlocutor: But then, is this universe not the real one but an alternate one that will soon dry up?
Eon: No, I'm saying that one was the real universe that must have been, but a time traveler understood that it should not be so, and he altered it creating this alternate universe, which now became the real one.
Interlocutor: The idea is clear…
Eon: Let’s remember that Kennedy, despite having magnanimous ideas – he was concerned about developing countries providing to them much help – he was very committed to Mafia figures. There is a singer of the time that helped him wining in the South…
Interlocutor: Is Frank Sinatra?
Eon: Yes… In the South, virtually no one wanted Kennedy.
Interlocutor: Then, specifically, only time travelers can change the past, and in fact they don’t change it but create an alternate universe. Is that correct?
Eon: That’s right. We need to narrow down that the alternate universe that the time traveler creates later, becomes real.
Interlocutor: Then, this is an alternate universe created by a time traveler that led to the murder of Kennedy and that finally became real?
Eon: Correct. This universe that you're living now is the real one and it’s the one in which Kennedy was killed.
Interlocutor: How do we know if the universe in which one is living is the real one or an alternate one? Why could not this be an alternate universe that ends up drying up itself?
EON: This universe could become in the future an alternate one if a time traveler draws up another thing. But, while you live in, it’s the real universe.
Interlocutor: When does an alternate universe dry up?
Eon: When the other one does not prosper. If they actually decide – as in fact they did – that in planet Earth, Kennedy had to die - and he dies in the year 1963 of the 20th Century -, automatically that universe becomes the real universe and the others dry up.
Interlocutor: For what I see is a constant real universe, alternate universe, real universe, alternate universe…
Eon: Actually, there are no alternate universes, but only real universes.
Interlocutor: Why do you say that there are no alternate universes?
Eon: Because they cannot be taken into consideration by virtue of having very short life.
Interlocutor: Why do alternate universes dry up?
Eon: They dry up because they are no longer important and then disappear from the existence, they simply cease to exist.
Interlocutor: How do they cease to exist? Do they dissolve in the air?
Eon: Yes, it's something like that.
Interlocutor: How was dissolved the alternate universe where Jesus was not crucified but he died in Kashmir of natural death?
Eon: I will give you an example… You have a movie that you have seen; you rewind it and record over another movie. When recording over, the previous movie disappears. It’s something like that.
Interlocutor: Now I understand…
Eon: The same example can be done with CDs, where you can rewrite above the previous recording.
Interlocutor: It’s clear… Obviously everything is in the "memory" of the Absolute. I say memory in quotes because I don’t know what the correct terminology is.
Eon: In me, all possibilities are latent.
Interlocutor: I think this issue is perfectly clear… In a previous session, it was stated that evolved spirits incarnated in mission in primitive bodies to change evolving their decoder. The specific question is how a decoder is developed in this manner.
Eon: It’s very simple… One of the things that help to grow the decoder is the language. Most animals have poorly placed their larynx, vocal cords… There are experiments in the laboratory where they were trying to teach the greatest apes, gorillas, orangutans, etc.., and although they have some small expression of ideas – we are not talking about abstract thoughts but merely pronouncing an object – they failed to talk.
Unexpectedly, you put a glass in front of a gorilla and you say "glass", and then the ape tries to speak but it cannot. However, the ape pointed out the glass. The fact of indicating the glass, it already means that it is doing an abstract gesture, but when the ape wants to say "glass", an easy word to pronounce, it just cannot, because it is difficult for the ape to pronounce the “G” and the “L”.
Millions of years ago, when the pithecanthropuses were developing, they were somehow altering their genetic code…
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understand… An evolved spirit incarnate in a pithecanthropus, in a primitive organism, when he should incarnate in a homo sapiens-sapiens. Well. How does this evolved spirit modify the decoder of the pithecanthropus, so that the race could evolve?
Eon: Actually, the spirit does not change the decoder, because there is no spirit having the power to change anything earthly. Besides, this transformation takes millions of years…
Interlocutor: That’s clear… But then, what makes the decoder to improve?
Eon: The decoder improves because of the abstract thinking, which each one of the incarnated beings will incorporate to the DNA of the race. And so, as time goes on… this DNA is compelled to improve itself and eventually it starts changing the larynx, pharynx, vocal cords, until the incarnated being is forced by his own evolution to develop a language.
The higher self of that incarnated spirit puts abstract ideas in his causal body, but the abstract thinking cannot become important until language is developed.
Interlocutor: What induces the alteration the genetic code of the race?
EON: As I said, it’s been induced by the abstract thinking that everyone of that race is incorporating to the DNA. Let's say, it’s like the genetic code was being shaken like a cocktail: "Hey, here there is a thought!", "hey, here there is another thought!"… Then, through the eons, the genetic code starts changing…
Interlocutor: I think the idea is clear… Do animals have memories?
Eon: Most animals have no memories because they have no language…
Interlocutor: Is the language the only thing that produces memories?
Eon: Yes. The language is very important. The disincarnated spirits have a language that is called conceptual language. If it not were for that conceptual language they could not evolve. When being incarnated, the only way to transform that conceptual language into facts is to have a spoken language. If you had no spoken language you could not do what you're doing.
Interlocutor: Are you talking about the channeling?
Eon: Yes. The spoken language allowed you to learn in school when you were a child, it allowed you to study in your adolescence, and it allows you to work now in what you're doing for a living, all this, because you have a spoken language. The spoken language allows you to have memory and your decoder to have memory.
I am always talking about when being incarnated. For a dog or a cat everything is an eternal present, because by not having a spoken language they have no memory.
Interlocutor: Do they have no memories whatsoever?
Eon: Yes, but minimally. If a dog does not see his master for 72 hours, when he returns the dog jumps of joy, moves the tail and barks. This means that somehow it is recalling him. But they are not abstract memories, but memories of recognition.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Eon: The famous dolphin, which has a brain with circumvallations as important as human beings, has a rudimentary language with memory virtually minimal. That is to say, it is less intelligent than many biological researchers believe.
Interlocutor: Do you say that the dolphin's intelligence has been overestimated?
Eon: Totally. It’s much less intelligent than what is was thought because the intelligence is based on memories. Everything is based on memories. So, most animals live in an eternal present, in an everlasting now, in a timeless today… A monkey eats a banana, it throws it away, it is satisfied, but it doesn't realize that it’s not hungry anymore because of eating a banana. They live in an eternal present. By contrast, when the incarnated being homo sapiens-sapiens finishes eating, he is already lucubrating another thing.
Interlocutor: Do animals have at least some rudimentary language? I refer, for example, if a dog is able to communicate somehow with another dog.
Eon: No, they only recognize them.
Interlocutor: Curious… I thought that somehow they communicated with each other…
Eon: Yes, they have some codes, but nothing else…
Interlocutor: And when the wolves attack in pack, don’t they agree in how to do it?
Eon: The wolves can attack in pack not because they agree in how to do it, but by mere instinct.
Interlocutor: I understand…
Eon: The bees sometimes, when they find a honeycomb, dance in the form of eight, and they do it so because such conduct falls within their genetic code, so that other bees recognize them. But it's a thought, if you can call it like that, a very basic one. It is not something scheduled: "I, bee, will find such a honeycomb and I will do that dance". Only human beings can do it: "Tomorrow I'm going to the movies to see that film and then I will go for dinner to someplace".
Interlocutor: This is clear… Could we turn to another subject that I consider extremely important clearing, and then, in the final minutes, I would let you respond directly to some questions raised by Ron Hubbard from a previous session?
Eon: Ok.
Interlocutor: Well… The question is about the prayers or requests. I am not referring to rites which many people pray, because I believe that is really nonsense. The specific question is whether we have to ask to get something from the Absolute, from the Masters of Light or the angels. I am referring to implicit requests.
Eon: I don’t take part in every case. There are cases where energies are directly mobilized. In the case of requests, the energies are mobilized in two ways: if it is a spoken request, it mobilizes voice energy. The larynx emits by means of the vocal cords a voice, that voice’s vibration is a positive vibration, when someone sends to the “ether" a positive vibration, it returns another positive vibration. Then, the request has that same vibration. The second positive vibration is mental. You are sending to the “ether" a mental request through your decoder. Automatically that mental request may mobilize some mental entities of Light causing that certain wishful thinking is fulfilled.
Interlocutor: Is it in every case?
Eon: No, it’s rather the exception. The minimum of the cases are fulfilled. The obstacles are the free will and the karma that the person has to fulfill. If all requests were carried out… look at the temples where the majority of parishioners, ignorant, live requesting for health, prosperity, love, and none of those requests are fulfilled. Is that clear?
Interlocutor: Yes, it is perfectly clear… But the question is… do we have to request, just in case?
Eon: Requesting could "add points" – I'm using one of your sentences – because you send vibrations to that "ether", and although you have a small percentage of possibility, that vibration returns to help you.
Interlocutor: So everything that I intent…
Eon: Everything that you intent in Light can return, depending on the circumstances.
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understand… Last time I was trying to fly a kite to my grandson and I made a request to the Absolute to get it, since I could not do it. Finally I was able to do it. This was said in one of the sessions.
Eon: They are small fulfillments of desires for cheering a creature. Those things are my direct interventions that I do when the Free Will is not interfered.
Interlocutor: Well, the point is that some time later I wanted to repeat the fact, and no matter how hard I requested, I could not get it…
Eon: But that's logical. We're talking about something that it was not important. There is a balance in fulfilling the requests.
Interlocutor: Specifically, then, if people need something, it is reasonable to request it, since in spite of being an expression of desires, some possibility of fulfillment, although tiny, may be feasible.
Eon: Correct.
Interlocutor: From the standpoint of the Absolute, does the Absolute have something like "free will" to grant the requests or not? If one does not ask anything to the Absolute, is nothing granted? I ask this because if I've got a toothache I don’t need to ask anything to the Absolute to help me in this because my request is implicit. Do I have to request it explicitly?
Eon: 99,999% of the cases, the person must help himself with the elements of the physical plane.
This means that if you have a toothache you must go to a dentist. Generally, and I'm talking about almost every case, I don’t take part.
Interlocutor: You don’t intervene, is that so categorically?
Eon: It's a logical thing. Note that only on this planet there are nearly 8 billion incarnated human beings. Multiply this figure by billions of trillions of galaxies with their worlds that exist in the universe. If I had to give in each case, even the powers of the Absolute – and I say this with irony – would be limited.
Interlocutor: I understand the point… If I have a toothache and I say: "Eon, help me to find a good dentist", what would happen in this case?
Eon: Well, in such a case, one billionth part of me can send you a suggestion to your causal body so that you find what you're looking for. Yes, in this case my help is more feasible.
if we do not request it, never"
Eon: Correct… But you also have to bear in mind that I am not limited exclusively to help when asked.
Interlocutor: Well, I think the point is clarified… Could we move on to your response to questions raised by Ron Hubbard in a previous session?
Eon: Ok…
Interlocutor: Although you obviously already know it, I am going to read it so that it is recorded…
Ron Hubbard: In all the stellar systems there are all kinds of races. What I want to make clear is that this is also a question for the great conceptual masters as Masters Johnakan and Jesus. The spirits incarnate and may have a reactive mind and an analytical mind, there are beings on the planet Earth who evolve faster than others, there are beings in search of the Light and there are others who are indifferent.
But not every one has a common denominator. There are evolved beings like Master Krishnamurti that disincarnated in 1986, and there are beings like Hitler who had great cruelty, but
we know that the race has a diversity of beings as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Attila. However, my question is why a planet as Orion 4 can have 99% of beings of planes 4 and 5 of Light and why planets such as Orion 3 or Spica 3, all beings are of planes 2 and 3 of Error.
So, if there is free will within those worlds, why the Langars are all cruel. I understand, and this is my assumption, that each incarnated being has certain genes that make him to be in a certain way, remember that I did not incarnate as a philosopher, I incarnated as a researcher It has been said that man is a land warrior by nature. The Langars are predators by nature. But what would it happen if suddenly a being of Orion 4, who was a philosopher in another life, wants to incarnate in a Langar to learn and his spirit is so strong that he does not want to depredate?
His instinct is already to depredate; his instinct could be imposed over his other 90%. Then there would be no way that he evolves. In other words, my question is: What is the role of the Langar if the Langars will never evolve,
because their instincts do not make them to evolve? They’re like soldier ants or Marabuntas, which depredate everything in their path, the same as the terrestrial locusts. As for us, when we incarnate, if we don’t breathe we die, if they don’t depredate eating they die of starvation, because their digestive system requires to be constantly eating… Do you see where I
want to go?
Interlocutor: Clearly…
Ron Hubbard: So Langars have no chance to evolve, unless those races are sticks in the wheel so that other races evolve… This is one thing that I wondered. Just as there are demonic beings, I mean the famous "demons" that are playing a role with their erased memory, so that the spirit evolves, something that not many understand this, I must assume that races as the Langar and other predators are playing a similar earthly function.
Perhaps “they sacrifice” – I say this word because there is no other one in your terrestrial language that the decoder accepts – so that other races grow. That does not mean that they are awarded, but somehow they are fulfilling that role. This is what I wanted to say. Because why would I, Ron, want to incarnate in the future in mission as Langar, when if I incarnate as Langar that incarnation would be lost, and I would run the risk of stepping down from plane 5 if I destroy other people?
Therefore, I would have to be obtuse to incarnate as Langar and I know beings of Light who have incarnated as Langar
Interlocutor: I cannot believe it! But what is the reason for such folly?
Ron Hubbard: They incarnate because they want to see how they can elevate the Langars, but once they are prisoners of that body and since having no reincarnation memory, all they want is to eat, eat, eat, to depredate, depredate, depredate…
The child Langar, as well as the terrestrial baby wants to breastfeed, they eat, eat, eat, because they are predators. Later, they develop techniques to travel to other worlds and they depredate them. For them, that’s normal.
Consequently, they have no way to evolve. I suppose that the Absolute, to whom I respect and love, must consider those predatory races as sticks in the wheel and incentive so that other races grow, somehow.
Interlocutor: The question is whether, from the standpoint of the Absolute, everything must have a cause, must have a reason, a motive.
Ron Hubbard: I interpret that even viruses or bacteria of each world have the function of causing diseases so that the ill being learns something. I don’t want to go into much philosophy, but it has to be something like that, otherwise it cannot be explained.
It cannot be explained as entire worlds are all from planes 2 and 3 and they are all warriors, because on Earth there are significant philosophers who are like the beings from Orion 4, as Rah, that is, Descartes, Plato, Socrates, etc..
So, why in other worlds – let's talk in child terms – are all bad? In a world there are just good Greys, in another world, there are just bad Greys… Why all bad Greys? What happens if a Grey within the world of the "bad ones" wants to grow?
Let us leave aside the Langar because their genetic mechanism forces them to eat. But let's talk about others more appeasement than the Langar, as the bad Greys. What happens if a bad Grey questions everything, and says "I don’t want to depredate other races for experiments, I want to give love".
Suppose there was a world with 9 billion inhabitants, in a world of bad Greys, not all of them are going to do experiment with other beings, also there has to be architects who build houses, there must be agronomists, there must be spacecraft specialists, there be must technical in anti-gravity, because the spacecraft is handled with anti-gravity, laser technicians, molecular disintegration technicians and there must be other branches. Perhaps within those bad Greys there are good Greys that are questioning. Like us or when I was incarnated and I questioned governors, they should also question governors, but they cannot do anything because they have no decision power. Are you following me?
Interlocutor: Yes…
Ron Hubbard: …and within the good Greys, perhaps in Spica 2 or Aldebaran 4, there are also perverse people. I don’t think there is uniformity. I don’t know if in Orion 4 there will be all
Interlocutor: It’s understood that only someone who has affinity with Langars, as the spirits of Error, wants to incarnate as Langar.
Ron Hubbard: But also, it can be a spirit of the 4th level of Master who wants to experiment to see if he can change the race. Although he doesn’t have reincarnation memory, that spirit is going to have something inherently positive, but later the instinct is going to overcome him and then he may even lower from level.
These are the questions that I raised… and leave you because the vessel is tired… all my Light for you.
Interlocutor: So long Master, and thanks.
Eon: Within the life of every being there are many things that seem unfair and so incarnated and disincarnated beings, in their eagerness to help, leave aside the fact that such entity, which they are helping, may be going through something that is karmic, that is, by lessons he has to learn.
So, it is not that everything is so unfair nor that is always learned through pain. Sometimes there are karmas, I reiterate, that the person has to reverse and the lesson to learn has been dictated by the Free Will of that spirit that even I have to respect. In this sense nothing is unfair.
The other implicit question is why it is necessary that the spirit when evolving raise an octave the universe, that is, why the universe has not been created with the highest octave.
I will answer this with another question: and why not? Why do not create something imperfect and let the spirit enjoys incarnating, so that the spirit live the incarnation? Would not be selfish on my part to be self-sufficient and self-contained and be only myself and not let thousands and thousands of beings swarming in the universe, which is my manifestation?
Many would ask why life was created, and why was I not going to create life? Many also wonder why the universe was created, and why was I not going to create the universe?, or why there are many Big Bangs, and why would it not be?, or why was created the imperfect being, and why was not created perfect?, or why has to evolve, and why should not evolve?, or why the being when evolving rises one octave the universe and this was not created directly with the highest octave, And why not?
Interlocutor: I think what you say is the most powerful and irrefutable response I have ever heard in my life… and the specific question of Ron regarding why creating the Langer if they will never evolve...
Eon: Because through them other races learn.
Interlocutor: Is it similar to the "demons"?
Eon: Yes. The Langars serve as an example on how not to be.
Interlocutor: A so simple answer?
Eon: And why would it have to be a complicated answer?
Interlocutor: Well, I recognize that I was looking for a complicated “why”… And is it not unrealistic that a being from spiritual level 4 or 5 to incarnate in a race like the Langars, when in fact it runs the risk to depredate, kill and descend from level?
Eon: For sure that it will descend from level if depredate! But that’s the desire of that being, to have that experience. It will later rise again.
Interlocutor: Then, this is the answer for Ron.
Eon: Yes, absolutely. There is no need to question everything… actually there is no reason on why not to question everything, because otherwise it would be as if I don’t allow questioning. I give free will and according to that you can question everything, but also I reserve the right to ask: and why not such thing?
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understood the idea: there is absolute freedom granted by the Absolute to question, but there is no need to question everything because there are things that simply are, just because they are… Is it something like that?
Eon: Correct… And with this I close the session because the vessel is very exhausted after all this… a hug to everyone.
Interlocutor: So long EON, and thanks.

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