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At the present time there are people who still believe in miracles, nonetheless we know that miracles don’t exist because there are physical laws that cannot be trespassed. In the physical plane nobody has powers, there are gifts. Not even the Master Jesus had powers, and the alleged miracles he performed are unknown scientific facts that have been unveiled throughout many sessions.
Geneticists have not yet discovered the second genetic code that marks the extinction of the race (The key is not in the DNA, but in the RNA). This is strange because these scientists are very advanced and they should have already discovered it by now.
There is another thing that geneticists do not yet know, There are three healing genes in the human genome, The Master Jesus had this healing genes active and through this genes he channeled the Christic Energy and healed people in that way. Therefore there was no miracle, just this scientific process not yet discovered.

Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entitiy that came to dialogue: Master Jesus, current Solar Logos.
Interlocutor: Today we know that there are no miracles, but extraordinary facts. According to my spiritual guide Ron Hubbard you had three healing genes, when all of us usually have two.
Master Jesus: In history there are some people that also had them. For example this vessel, when he was incarnated as Ananda, cousin of Siddhartha, had the three genes.
Interlocutor: Does this vessel also have them now?
Master Jesus: Correct, but when he was incarnated as John Zebedee he did not.
Interlocutor: Does he use them?
Master Jesus: He used them unconsciously when he resuscitated his own father. He at the present time is the only person that has been able to resuscitate a person in this way.
Interlocutor: Aside from this vessel at the present time Isn’t there someone else who has these three genes?
Master Jesus: Yes, there is a 22 year old girl in Russia, called Tatiana Romanova.
Interlocutor: Does she heal?
Master Jesus: No, because she doesn't have the knowledge.
Interlocutor: What do these three genes concretely do? Can we understand that technique if you explain it to us?
Master Jesus: I have the clear concept of what they do, we will try that the vessel could translate it. My concept is limited to the spoken language.
All the human beings have certain energy, a certain aura. The aura can get sick, as well as the physical part can get sick. The aura can weaken and when weakening it can absorb negative vibrations, in the same way, if the aura is strong it can repel negative vibrations.
What the genes do is to modify, somehow, the auric system to heal some ailment. But don't take this as a mythological miracle. There have been cases in which with an extra gene a tumor has been dissolved.
It is necessary to clarify something which is extremely important. Here a lot has been said about the placebo effect I detect that. The placebo effect can also dissolve a tumor, because it can create an euphoria in the person due to the trust this person has to a certain medicine or the trust to a certain therapist, and automatically channeling unconsciously because one doesn't make it consciously the Energy of the Father, the person can end up emitting such an auric vibration channeling that Energy so subtly that he can end up modifying cancerous cells to such a point that the tumor disappears.
Interlocutor: And can that be made immediately?
Master Jesus: No, it is not instantaneous but gradual, but in brief time. That is to say that within a week of your time one can end up dissolving it.
Interlocutor: Concretely, let’s move on to some overwhelming case, for example, a leper that you have healed. I ask It because the readers want to know. They know that miracles do not exist; instead we call them extraordinary facts that have a scientific explanation.
Master Jesus: Directly the third gene is the healer gene that sends that Energy, it can end up modifying certain texture, it can end up eradicating certain virus, certain bacteria or certain fungi or certain dermatological problem and that person automatically can be healed.
Interlocutor: Instantaneously?
Master Jesus: No, it is not like that. The biblical writings have falsified the truth. It’s not that a person who has a certain problem is healed when one touches him. Days can pass, even weeks before that happens. It is very easy to write.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understand, Did you ever touch a sick person and this person was cured instantly?
Master Jesus: Yes, yes, that happened. There was a blind person who had cornea problems, and lens, and through energy of the third gene that unbalanced sight has been stabilized.
Medium: Jorge Olguín.
Interlocutors: Manuel
Entity that came to talk: Morgan-El. (excerpt)
There are many cases that have been healed from terminal illnesses because a healing gene exists in some few elected people, in fact that healing gene is inherent to the terrestrial humanity; simply it’s a gene that is inactive and very few people have it active. There are other cases where they have reverted health problems not having a healing gene, but because directly they have captured the healing essence of the Absolute. Many healer priests without having any type of healing gene active have reverted problems, which were not healed by a placebo effect, this was proved.
These problems were real, where there was a cancer with advanced metastasis and they have reverted that condition or the new illness known as AIDS where the production of retrovirus has been decimated per second. And that is not a miracle. That is directly an energy that somehow has allowed that body to be restored. There are people who do it by themselves simply entering in contact with a kind of meditation and this has been done in many hospitals. What happens is that most of the doctors are so close-minded and they don’t believe that this kind of healing exists. When they see a doctor who performs this kind of healing, they directly declare him incapable to work or they declare "the war" to him, they even expel that doctor from that hospital. They declare him “persona non grata”
Mediums: Misael Godoy, Jorge Olguín.
Interlocutors: Hugo, Suler.
Entity that came to talk: Johnakan-Ur-El.
Interlocutor: Good afternoon, Master Johnakan, on behalf of all the presents in this meeting, I’d like to ask you about the healing gene, we know, by some channelings that the famous healing gene exists and the Master Jesus was a carrier of this gene. And in the physical plane there are two carriers at the present time, the vessel that at this time kindly is channeling, and a Russian girl whose name is Tatiana Romanova. We’d like to know more about it. What is that healing gene? How does it work? And what implications does it have for us in this physical plane?
Johnakan Ur - El: Sure my dear brother, undoubtedly is good to speak on that topic, because sharing, as I said before, it is also to show all of you something that many can hide. The healing gene is a gene that directly has the capacity to modify slightly the vibration of the vessel so that when he channels energy, it is increased, and that same energy somehow can end up even changing certain cancerous cells in certain organisms. Few years ago, this vessel has used without knowing his healing gene to prolong for a while the biological life of his father and he could live some years more in the physical plane. The most important thing, my dear brethren is not to create false expectations.
The Master Jesus himself has achieved results without trespassing the laws of the physical plane. He could heal what was possible to heal, but there were illnesses where the body was so deteriorated, where the brain of the being embodied was deteriorated in excess, and it was already out of the reach of the carrier of that gene to revert that problem. Even to those who carry that gene there are limitations.
This gene is a variety in the genetic spiral that allows that the aura of the embodied being modify its own vibration and when he intentions certain energy it can be boosted, not to widen it, but to elevate its vibration. And it’s such a subtle vibration that it modifies cells, the danger of certain virus, of certain bacteria, so that that affected body makes a recession and it can improve. But I repeat there are cases where the problem is so advanced that it’s not possible to heal it.

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