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Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Kether the ancient of Days.

Interlocutor: Who will communicate?
Kether: I notice the vibrational difference with my world. I am Kether, the Ancient of rotations, for you the Ancient of days.
Interlocutor: I greet you, Master; It’s a pleasure to have you with us.
Kether: You have to take responsibility as a bonus never as a burden, and this has been already said it in many times. I always repeat it because the ears that listen to it are different. When I was in a previous opportunity as a Planetary Logos of Ani, there were different schisms in my world.
Interlocutor: Religious schisms?
Kether: Correct. Religious schisms which are the worst because they dazzle reasoning. I offered myself to embody in order to stop that schism. They told me: “It is very difficult, because you won't have reincarnative memory, not even being Logos of your planet”
Despite that I embodied and I grew up in a humble family. Being Incarnated, I ignored my mission completely. I interiorized myself on what the religion of my world was, and I saw that both sides, somehow were in the same path.
Interlocutor: And why did they fight, then?
Kether: They simply fought due to fight of powers, after all, it didn't have any sense. The only thing they were looking for was to own a pulpit.
Interlocutor: Was that something similar to what happens here on Earth?
Kether: In this blessed planet there are almost 61 schisms. Maybe the mission is much more difficult here, because there are more than 3000 dialects and languages, and more than 3000 different ideas, always speaking about bases, that is to say, without counting the deviations of each dialect, because it would exceed 60.000 or 80.000.
I bring up forward this small anecdote because I want to make clear undoubtedly that when one is incarnated passions come, competitions come, and being incarnated it’s more difficult to integrate Ego state than being in any spiritual plane. It is much more difficult.
Interlocutor: With this explanation somehow you are answering to the debate we had here before we began the session?
Kether: One responds in general. As my brother Tar from Orion 4 says "As above so below”
Interlocutor: Sure, but we were wondering about what would be the reason that all of those Masters or alleged Masters of Light are not looking for Jorge Olguin or they are not beside him, as a messenger of the Planetary Hierarchy, and if that were not enough the only reincarnated spirit belonging to the Planetary Hierarchy. So far we have not been able to gather people practically.
Kether: It is necessary to be very cautious with the answer, because I don't want that what I say be taken as a judgment, because it is not in us to judge. The judgment we leave it to the Absolute [Eon] and the Absolute, in fact doesn’t judge either. The Absolute allows the river to flow.
I simply interpret, humbly that are fights of powers. Each one wants to be the protagonist, and in fact the only protagonist is not the spirit but Ego.
Before your Master Siddhartha reached Illumination .There are many anecdotes of a Master you ignore. He reached to a previous Illumination which is not the definitive Illumination.
Then the Master Siddhartha Served and he Served and he lived Serving, he lived to Serve and however he felt sad.
Ananda, the cousin of Siddharta .-The thetan of this vessel- . He told him:
- Cousin, there is something that doesn't fit to me and I say it with all respect, if you allow me... And Siddhartha told him:
- What, Ananda?"
- I am noticing, and I simply ask you that you don't get angry with me, because anyway the one that gets angry is the ego and not the spirit. You want to make yourself noticed.
- I need -said Siddhartha-. And the one that needs is the Ego that you leave me alone 24 hours.
Respectfully Ananda left him alone. When 24 hours passed he called him, he gave him a big hug and he told him:
- You have made the day in me. You have been the drop that spilled the glass in favor. You have made me see that the whole Service I made was to make myself noticed.
From that day on, Siddhartha stopped being noticed and he reached his true Illumination.
Interlocutor: Were those 24 hours from the tale he was under the tree meditating?
Kether: Correct. It was there when the Buddhic Energy took him and he became Siddartha, "Buddha", but it was a small push given by Johnakan, the thetan of this vessel in his incarnation as Ananda. [1]
Interlocutor: Now that you approached the topic of Illumination, What it’s understood concretely by "Illumination?" Is it maybe the incorporation of the Buddhic or Christic Energy to reach some type of understanding or glimpse of some higher plane?
Kether: Illumination is not the incorporation of any Energy. I interpret that the Energy incorporates when one reaches Illumination. But that will be answered by my brother Johnakan in the second part, because he is communicating telepathically with me and he informs me that it is a topic that he had to explain it and I kindly give it to him.
Interlocutor: Before you leave, Master, I’d like to know what spirits are present here at this time.
Kether: The Master Jesus, the Master Siddhartha, the Master Rom Hubbard (Ruanel) , the Master Johnakan, the Master Lao Tse, the Master Confucius, the Master Djwal Khul.
Interlocutor: I remember at this moment a beautiful phrase of the Master: "The man is useful in the proportion he serves." I believe that there are also present many thetans of many people.
Kether: That’s right. First, the thetans of all those who are present are here. Besides, the Thetan of Eileen Caddie whose physical body is in Findhorn, Great Britain, and also the spirit of his husband Peter Caddie [2]. They communicate with the devas of nature. There are many other Thetans.
In addition, there are many Spirits of Light and obviously spirits of error I am happy that they be here, in the sense that one of them absorbs some teaching, welcome, and if not, it is because their time has not yet come.
I want to make clear, in this sense that each moment is unique, and that Illumination is never definitive because there were many cases of Spirits of Light who were invaded by Ego due to certain competition, and they have lowered of level.
For those who don't know it, the physical plane is the level nº 1, the planes 2º and 3º are planes the Error, the plane 4º it is a Mastery plane, the plane 5º it is the higher plane, it is the plane of Spirits of Light.
In the plane 4º also live Spirits of Light, but the plane 5º it is a plane with a little bit subtler vibration.
The plane 6º, called 6 numerically, but it has the same vibration of the plane 5º, it is the plane where the Angelic Entities live.
In the plane 7º are the divine Energies, Buddhic, Christic and others that keep the Akashic Records (Lipikas) .
The plane 8º is the plane where the Elohim or “minor gods” are. There are other planes above and those will be known in their moment.
There is, for example, an Entity called “The Essence” that has the same characteristic of the minor gods, but it is independent from the planes.
For those that at some time asked about it, regarding to the plane in which the Absolute (Eon) is, the answer is that He is in all the planes and outside of all the planes.
The Absolute is even in the two planes that are below the physical plane 1, the plane - 1, called “plane of Solitude” which is a place of total isolation where the very cruel spirits are, and the plane - 2 called “The Eighth sphere” where the spirits of extreme cruelty g, there they feel in themselves the pain that they have caused to others in their learning.
Interlocutor: So that there is no doubt. Are the planes -1 and -2, along with all the spirits of extreme cruelty, also part of the Absolute (Eon)?
Kether: Everything is part of the Absolute, the demons, the spirits of error, the spirits of extreme cruelty, all the planes, because the Absolute not only is the manifestation of this physical universe, but also the manifestation of the 22 parallel universes and the alternate universes.
The Absolute, as I already said is also inside and outside of the universe, but nothing is outside of him, everything is contained in him.
Interlocutor: All of this is perfectly clear. A last question: The Akashic Records are files in which one can also see the future?
Kether: No, because the Akashic files are records of the memories lived, but likewise, being material, it also serves to the spiritual.
When we, in the physical plane, in my world Ani, as well as your planet Earth speak of “genetic files” or “genetic memory”, we know that this genetic memory exists and it’s real, since it’s subordinated to Akasha, because an incarnated person can perfectly remember things through genetic records what a grandfather or a great-grandfather lived by means of genetic memory.
The Akashic Record is the one that makes that that being, when he embodies, have certain body with that genetic memory, that is to say that the genetic memory is subordinated to the Akashic memory.
Interlocutor: I would like to ask another question before you go, and I do apologize to ask such trivial question. Is there another fact that you can give about the Yeti or Bigfoot now that we know that It comes from Ani your planet?
Kether: Most of the specimens that were brought to this planet thousands of years ago, were not able to adapt and most of them are at risk of extinction.
Interlocutor: This means that there are very few here?
Kether: Practically they are counted. They are Hardly few dozens.
Interlocutor: The strange thing is that no remnants of them have been found, no skeletons, no traces, nothing.
Kether: It can be due to that their remnants were devoured by other animals of the food chain or they have been taken alive from the planet by some extraterrestrial race.
Interlocutor: Does it mean that they have been abducted?
Kether: Correct.
Interlocutor: Do you protect them somehow?
Kether: In our planet they are protected, but not here.
Interlocutor: It means that they are on their own?
Kether: At the beginning it was this way, but if by any chance we find some specimen we take it to Ani.
Interlocutor: Good, I don't have more questions.
Kether: The Light be with you.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Master, and see you later.
[1] Johnakan Ur-El is the Thetan of Jorge Olguin who is the reincarnation of Ananda the cousin of Siddhartha Gautama and John Zebedee
[2] Eileen Caddy along with her husband Peter Caddy was one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation, she died in 2006.

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