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Mount Shasta is an energetic center, which is visited occasionally by extraterrestrial beings from different systems. These aliens come to extract minerals from this place. Any other story aside from this explanation, it’s only fantasy, including those nonsensical stories of Lee Carroll about it.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Maste Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master I’d like to ask you now about Mount Shasta. What is the mystery here?
Ruanel: It's simple, it’s an energy center and sometimes extraterrestrial space ships from several systems land there to extract minerals.
Interlocutor: Is there some extraterrestrial base there?
Ruanel: No, not at this moment, but there are villagers that have sighted ships in that area.
Interlocutor: In other times, Were there some bases there?
Ruanel: There were some bases, but not in the XX century or the present century.
Interlocutor: But what can be found concretely on this mount?
Ruanel: At this moment nothing.
Interlocutor: And that smoke that people say they see sometimes?
Ruanel: The smoke can appear when there are aliens working to extract minerals.
Interlocutor: I understand. And those energy barriers that people also speak about?
Ruanel: The extraterrestrials had a very veiled anti-radar hiding-place and other systems of protection.
Interlocutor: But when did it happen? Do you mean to the present time?
Ruanel: No, not to the present time, at least 105 years ago with certainty, up to the 1900, after that they left all their bases.
Interlocutor: How many times did they come?
Ruanel: At least fifty times.
Interlocutor: Without any stablishment?
Ruanel: Correct. And in some occasions they were sighted by terrestrial people.
Interlocutor: Here I read that in 1972, James Hadauk, Irving Lester and William Schoner, all three students of geology of the University of Berkeley (California) climbed to Mount Shasta and they checked that the crater didn't present any sign of activity. Then, Where did the smoke come from?
Ruanel: The smoke came out from temporary experiments that extraterrestrials made and they left after that.
Interlocutor: I also read that some journalists in search of something sensational they have wanted to come closer and they have always been rejected by an invisible barrier. What is the truth about this?
Ruanel: When the aliens came to make their experiments they put energy barriers to avoid the approach of onlookers. Anyway, they had people's skepticism on their advantage, because they knew that nobody would believe their stories.
Interlocutor: In 1884, a local resident called Frederick Oliver published a book titled "A Dweller on Two Planets", where he described the creatures of Mount Shasta. Apparently he was invited to visit that place because he described it with many details.
Ruanel: The fact is true.
Interlocutor: And how did they communicate with him?
Ruanel: They communicated through an advanced language translator.
Interlocutor: Is everything in that book real then?
Ruanel: No, because the author added many things of his own imagination to adorn the story.
Interlocutor: In what measure he invented the story?
Ruanel: Let’s say that from a booklet of twelve or fourteen pages he made the entire book.
Interlocutor: That is to say that more than 95% of the story is only an invention?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: But the basic fact itself is real?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: I believe that the experience was also traumatic for him and it altered his mental decoder
Ruanel: Obviously.
Interlocutor: Is there some relationship between this fact and the book written by the famous author Lobsang Rampa "Doctor From Lhasa", where he describes his visit to a secret cave under the Potala palace, in the Tibetan capital Lhasa?
Ruanel: No, not at all. Lobsang Rampa’s story is a total fiction.
Interlocutor: Here I have some pictures of the place that I extracted from Internet.
Ruanel: Most of those pictures are faked photos.
Interlocutor: Is there something else to add on this?
Ruanel: No, not for the moment.

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