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Channeling Jorge olguin

Entity that came to talk: Johnakan Ur-El

Jorge Olguin: We will channel my thetan Johnakan Ur-El.

Johnakan Ur-El: Dear brothers, I am here communicating with you to officially alert about the deterioration of this dear planet Earth, well-known as Sun 3. To alert about the extinction of vegetable species, of animal species.. The situation is critical (sighs).

They are discussing in the United Nations, about the environment and biodiversity, and they will schedule a conference for the last week of this month, in a place called Curitiba.

I don’t exaggerate when I say that Earth is going to the sixth bigger extinction of history. It is a terrifying fact, but you are heading to an untenable consumption in short term.

The current demand of global resources, ironically demanded by the species that thinks that speaks that communicates, exceeds in 20% the Earth’s capacity to renew those resources.

1.300 scientists of 95 countries will gather to talk about this topic.

Vegetable species have disappeared, animal species have disappeared. That loss is in the highest peak! since 65 million years, from the extinction of dinosaurs. In this case we won't say that this extinction is caused by something genetic. In this case we are seeing it in the destruction of forests, of oceans, caused by your activity!

In the last 80 years the world has lost half of the total virgin forests that disappeared throughout hundred centuries. Even worse, 30 years were enough, only the last 30 years to that half be extinct of that other terrible half, of forests and woods.

When the human race wiped out that dense wood framing of trees and plants, the human being also destroyed the animal species, impoverishing the biological diversity of this world.

Some scientists say that there are 24 ecosystems evaluated, 15 showing a plain deterioration.

It’s not the first time that I alert about this topic. The degradation includes a lesser availability of drinking water, less sea fishing. There was 3.5% of drinkable water, now there is 2.9%. There is a smaller capacity of the atmosphere to get rid of the pollutants, a lack of control of the plagues that end up affecting the agricultural systems.

Once I gave a very logical example. It is as if you were locked up in a garage, and your vehicle would be working, and you closed all the windows. In a short time you would be suffocated by carbon dioxide. Well, let us look at the Earth as if it were an immense garage.

The accelerated disappearance of animal species cannot surprise you. In a world of 3.000 populations of wild animals studied by scientists, the average decrease observed was 40%! 40% of the species in only 30 years.

In the continental waters the decrease was even more remarkable. There is 50% of reduction of sea species.

There is an risk of extinction that affect to 12% of the species of amphibians, to 52% of mammals. To birds it doesn't go well. There is a sensitive falling in the variety that populates ecosystems. There is a decrease of the habitat due to the expansion of agricultural borders.

The current rhythm of extinction of vegetable and animals species is a thousand times superior compared to prehistory!

Spirits, thetans, angelic entities, none of us are fortune-tellers. But I can tell you that in only 40 years the speed will be 10.000 times greater.

Today the planet conserves less than 10% of its original forests intact. Less than 10%! (sighs).

Since the year 2000 until today, in six years, 360.000 square kilometers of jungles and forests were eliminated in the world. 82 of 242 countries that have forests and jungles have lost all their original vegetation cover.

It’s necessary to carry out efforts to reduce the rhythm of disappearance of species, forests and jungles no later than the year 2010. It’s not impossible, it’s up to you!

This session which was kindly channeled by my 10% as a vessel, and his wife Karina, will be sent in audio to the newspaper Clarin of Buenos Aires Argentina.

See you Soon.

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