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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master Ruanel?
Ruanel: Here I am again with all the energy.
Interlocutor: The first thing I want to know is: who took me out of my warm bed so that I come to this session, with a cold weather of 5 degrees C?
Ruanel: It was your own thetan.
Interlocutor: But he should stop joking, Master!...(laughs) Well, now seriously, Can I begin with the questions directly?, because today we will demand thoroughly to Jorge.
Ruanel: Go ahead.
Interlocutor: Well, the first thing I want to ask, -although I imagine the answer- is regarding to the percentage you gave me the last time, 60% of probabilities that an Italian Pope would be elected and 40% of a Latin Pope, and in the end they elected a German Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI.
Ruanel: The answer is very simple. There was an Italian cardinal who was the favorite and another from Argentina.
Interlocutor: The cardinal Bergoglio?
Ruanel: Correct. In the third place there was the German cardinal who in the end was elected for many reasons. One of the reasons was that there was a previous Popedom so long that they wanted, allegedly - I emphasize allegedly-, a transitional Popacy so that people forget a little, so that people breathe a little, because John Paul II had fervent admirors as well as many detractors.
Interlocutor: Is this the real reason then?
Ruanel: Correct, they opted for a transitional Pope.
Interlocutor: According to our explanations, Bergoglio was not good for them.
Ruanel: And neither the other 64 year-old Italian cardinal.
Interlocutor: When I asked you in the last session what you glimpsed, the cardinal Ratzinger was not even considered?
Ruanel: No, not at all. The possibility was between the Italian and the Argentinian cardinals.
Interlocutor: Then it was - we would call it- a sudden decision in the Conclave?
Ruanel: Correct, although they say that it was “Divine will”, which is something very funny. They chose him because his age prevailed, since Ratzinger was 78 years old at the moment.
Interlocutor: So, concretely, when I asked you he was not even considered?
Ruanel: Correct. It was a decision taken in the very last moment and for tactical reasons which of course can lead to a failure.
Interlocutor: Why a failure?
Ruanel: Simply because a Pope can live until he is 92 years old and stay 14 years in the papacy.
Interlocutor: Now I understand.
Ruanel: They expect that Ratzinger doesn't live for a long time and then when they choose a new Pope, people will already forget about John Paul II who undoubtedly was a very strong representative for the Church. And notice how the current Pope is manipulated now, since he was a kind of lapdog of John Paul II, even in some things he was more severe and with a tremendous negative charisma, now he is totally soft.
Interlocutor: Yes, one can see that clearly.
Ruanel: He was pushed to avoid more tragedies in the Church. The same cardinals said, and now I will use a common expression you usually use, “let’s stop the hand a little”
Interlocutor: I see.
Ruanel: Notice that he already speaks about giving more freedom to divorced people, he doesn't press so much with rigid things, but he keeps pushing for example with those things that are out of his reach, like the techniques of procreation, the propitiation of the Knaus-Ogino method which is a method of birth control, the issue of prophylactis, homosexuality, etc.
As to the Knaus-Ogino method propitiated by the Church, at the present time its applications is impossible because teenagers, especially in the western countries, they have so much freedom in enjoyment places that the pregnancy of the girls is almost certain if they don't use a mean of protection.
Interlocutor: Did something important happen in the Conclave to be highlighted?
Ruanel: No, only what I already said that they chose a transitional Pope on purpose to make people forget about John Paul II, who even has many admirers to the point they want to declare him saint, he also had angry detractors because he was stubborn.
It is necessary to recognize that John Paul II prevented some wars, but he also was close-minded about certain issues.
Interlocutor: In which plane is the current Pope, Benedict XVI?
Ruanel: In the plane 3. He is a spirit of error.
Interlocutor: The same plane as John Paul II?
Ruanel: Correct. I insist that Ratzinger is even more stubborn than the previous Pope, but he is “lowering his head” to avoid more problems to the Church, and then he is being elastic.
Interlocutor: Hypocrite?
Ruanel: I wouldn’t say hypocrite, but rather he assumed a convenient behavior “advised” - to not say “ordered” - by those who are behind him pulling the strings.
If you have some previous picture before he was elected Pope, you will see him with a severe expression, with a expression of domination, and now he is just the opposite, because he appears grining from ear to ear.
Interlocutor: So he is making a “Pope's smile”.
Ruanel: No, it is not a Pope's smile, because the previous Pope didn't laugh.
Interlocutor: Yes, you are right, I had forgotten that. Can you foresee something from the spiritual plane of how the Popedom of Ratzinger will be?
Ruanel: Remember that the Spirits of Light, -and this is something that few of those who read your material understand-, we don't predict the future. Tomorrow it can be an abrupt change and another person might be Pope.
Interlocutor: Okay, but if you make a projection starting from this moment.
Ruanel: At this time their idea is to make, as I already said, a peaceful transitional popacy, because he knows he has an uncertain health.
Interlocutor: Well, Master, I’ll conclude the topic here.

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