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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master I’d like to ask now about this interesting topic known as Anesthesia Awareness, I will read a summary I have for the record:
Apparently, there are cases where general anesthesia seems to not work completely on a patient and the patient feels the surgical intervention unable to move and speak, feeling all the pain during the surgery my question is: Is this Anesthetic Awareness real? And if it is What is the cause of it?
Perhaps anesthesiologists don’t have enough anesthetics or there is medical malpractice, etc. There is a movie called “Awake” based on Anesthesia Awareness, which was filmed in 2007. I saw that movie and that’s why I am asking about it.
Ruanel: Anesthesia Awareness is real in very few cases, it’s clinically proven and it has to do with a disorder in the nervous system of the patient.
Interlocutor: A physical disorder in the patient?
Ruanel: No, it’s a Physical and mental disorder, Although the Nervous System is physical, it also depends on the brain, what Johnakan calls “decoder”
Interlocutor: Is there an engram capable to inhibit anesthetics?
Ruanel: An engram can exist, but the engram does not inhibit the anesthetics, the engram works on the physical part through DNA, and the DNA affects the whole Nervous System and that is why the anesthetics don’t work
Interlocutor: So the patient is completely paralyzed and he feels all the pain during the surgery?
Ruanel: Sure.
Interlocutor: Can this condition be prevented in advance or it’s something accidental?
Ruanel: There must be a study on the nervous system in each patient and that is something that medics don’t do, they make cardiac tests related to the anesthetics etc, These studies are complex.
Interlocutor: Can these studies be made on the patients to see if they will have this kind of reaction?
Ruanel: Yes even at ergonometric levels
Interlocutor: But they don’t do it because these studies would take time and they would be expensive, Am I right?
Ruanel: Not necessarily.
Interlocutor: So the gist of the issue has to do with neurological research.
Ruanel: Yes.
Interlocutor: Is there some karma involved in these cases?
Ruanel: We are talking about engrams.
Interlocutor: Okay, Is there something else to add about this Master?
Ruanel: No

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