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People have always wondered whether or not animals have spirits, the truth is that animal spirits embody 10% of their spirits just like we do and they are assisted by Lipikas.
The only difference between us and them, is that they have little understanding. That is why the Masters of Light are against Animal Cruelty. It is part of our mission to raise awareness of what man is doing against animals. When will we understand that animals are also spirits in evolution and they also deserve our respect?
“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace” (Albert Scheitzer)

Medium: Jorge Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Johnakan Ur El.
Interlocutor: Another of the questions I have scheduled, is if the human spirit evolves from the unicellular animals, going through the mineral Kingdom, then the vegetable Kingdom, later on the animal Kingdom and finally as a man.
Johnakan Ur-El: The spirits embody in the whole matter of the universe, but - and this is important to clarify it-, “transmigration of the soul” doesn't exist. What exists is reincarnation of the soul, a completely different concept.
There is a tendency of Buddhism .And I spoke personally to my brother Siddhartha. which was misinterpreted.
Interlocutor: Even at the present time?
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct, the Tibetan Buddhism even at the present time keeps using it mistakenly.
The animal spirit evolves as animal. The vegetable spirit evolves as vegetable. The mineral spirit evolves as mineral. The human spirit evolves as human.
That is, it doesn't change, for example, from a goat to a man. This sounds beautiful because there is a fable that tells the story of how a goat becomes man, but reality is different.
The transmigration of the souls doesn’t exist, I repeat, but the reincarnation of the souls.
Interlocutor: The human spirit never embodied in a unicellular being, for example.
Johnakan Ur-El: No, the human spirit embodied directly in a man or a woman, and it will always evolve as a man or a woman, as well as the animal embodies in an animal and it will continue evolving as animal.
This doesn't mean an evolutionary stagnation, because the current chimpanzee is much more evolved than the chimpanzee of two million years ago.
Interlocutor: So to remove any doubt, a spirit that embodies at some time as a chimpanzee will never embody in a human organism?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, absolutely not.
Interlocutor: What would be, then, the “Illumination” of the ape?
Johnakan Ur-El: The Illumination of the ape will arrive in its moment when the ape begins understanding behaviors, but it will pass so much time for that to happen. Each species only has its exclusive evolution, which means that it also has an Illumination which is also exclusive. But first it has to make mistakes and learn from them.
The man, as a race was very basic, where the only thing he knew was to peel a banana and therefore he didn't make mistakes. At the same time as reason was installed in him and it began growing, he invented the language, and then his reactive mind began creating engrams indiscriminately, and with them guilt complex, doubts, what a paradox!, the doubts, the underdevelopment and the sufferings came with evolution.
Interlocutor: I assume that emotionally a human suffers more that an animal.
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct, a human being suffers more easily than certain animals. There are female gorillas that give birth to their offspring and they drag them with their umbilical cord until they die downtrodden against the rocks. The impassive gorilla sees her dead creature, she bites the umbilical cord and she leaves the baby there. The gorilla doesn’t suffer, she doesn't realize it.
Interlocutor: Are all the animals indifferent?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, not all of them. There are other species, like the dog that when his master dies (Badly called Master), I would call him “Buddy” or “partner”, he suffers and groans for that partner he no longer has.
Then, one wonders: How is it possible that a gorilla doesn't suffer for her offspring that is dead and it doesn’t even realize it and on the other hand that dog suffers for his partner he lost? What happens is that there are different evolutions and each evolution has its peculiarities.
Interlocutor: I understand. And the elephant?
Johnakan Ur-El: The elephant suffers because he has reactive mind and engrams and traumas.
Interlocutor: Is it something real or a myth when people say that the elephant is spiteful?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, it’s not a myth. The elephant is spiteful to such a point that if a human harmed him even a long time ago the elephant will look for him to take revenge and it even kill him. And this is only reactive mind.
Interlocutor: And what happens with the spirit of the elephant when it disembodies?
Johnakan Ur-El: Spiritually it moves back, because it is not prepared to forgive. But souls don't mix; the elephant always evolves in the same species.
To Conclude, because my vessel is very tired, I clarify that there are other worlds where the vegetable life prevails and the trees converse to each other, they write poetries; there are other worlds where there are races of hairy beings similar to terrestrials anthropoids, they are great philosophers or they have ships. There are other worlds where insects prevail, like the Langar, of the star Arturo, who in spite of being very intelligent they are big predators and the intelligence they have, they use it for evil invading and subjecting other worlds.
I leave all my Light to you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Johnakan, and thank you.

Medium: Jorge Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Johnakan Ur El.
Interlocutor: What type of karma, if there is karma, receives a person who kills an animal? I don't refer to those who kill an animal to feed themselves, but to those who kill animals for sport like “Bull Fighting” “Dog fighting”, “cockfighting” and many more like “Fox hunting”, which is practiced in England.
Johnakan Ur El: It is a serious karma, because the hunter is unscrupulously provoking the violent disincarnation of the animal spirit that doesn't have the complete understanding in its decoder yet and the animal spirit reasons less than the human spirit.
Interlocutor: Is there always karma when somebody kills an animal for amusement or sport?
Johnakan Ur El: Correct, for necessity it is another story.
Interlocutor: I asked this question because a person I know, who was the mother of a young boy, was with her family hunting for amusement and an accident took place because the shotgun backfired and it killed her son. Somehow, I related the accident to karma since they were killing animals.
Johnakan Ur El: No, it was not a karmic issue, but simply an accident. Karma has nothing to do with “the law of retaliation” or “the law of an eye for an eye”
But I want to clarify that in some cases, if you see an insect and you kill it, maybe you won’t generate karma because probably you are not doing for disgust, for example, if you are on your bed and suddenly you see a spider, you kill it as defense.
In my case, I studied Buddhism and I follow its teachings, well, I let the spider go, but it is also valid if I think: “What if later on that spider bites me or it causes some damage?". If I eliminate it, maybe I’m not generating karma, because I am defending myself.
Interlocutor: Concretely, karma is generated when somebody kills an animal without necessity.
Johnakan Ur El: Correct.
Interlocutor: I think that killing an animal to eat it up is bad, although I do it. Why I’m still doing it, if I consider it a bad thing? I have not felt it as deeply to abstain myself. But my point is based on the premise that the man can choose, but the animal has to kill in order to survive.
Johnakan Ur El: My Master Jesus said: “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man”
Interlocutor: What did the Master mean concretely?
Johnakan Ur El: He meant about slanders and insults.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Johnakan Ur El: There are lions that procreate with their females and they have offspring. When the lioness has offspring, she doesn’t have for a long time the estrus cycle. The lion attacks her own offspring and he kills it, so that the lioness has the estrus cycle again. The lioness is sad for forty days and later on she is in heat again. Then the lion can use his genitalia again.
The lioness has other offspring again; she replaced a baby lion for another. What was the benefit of the lion? Only to satisfy a sexual need. There was no food chain, nothing. The lion didn’t kill to survive, he killed just to have a sexual intercourse.
Interlocutor: I didn’t know that.
Johnakan Ur El: And not only did the lion do this, but also other species did, I don't want to call them “inferior” because here we are not judging anybody: "It’s not for me to judge", like my Master used to say. Animals are Inferior only in intelligence.
Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear.
Johnakan Ur El: A female gorilla that gave birth a baby gorilla was jealous because of another female gorilla that was having affairs with a male gorilla in another cage, not only did she cut the umbilical cord with her teeth, but rather she was on the watch of the male gorilla in the other cage that she dragged her baby gorilla recently born. When she remembered her baby gorilla, the creature was so injured that it was dead already.
Then, I want demystify what many people say that inferior races of animals have more maternal instinct than human beings, this is absolutely false.
I want you to look at the world of ants and see how they eat them up. In the world of arachnids, like a spider that laid two eggs and later on she eats the male up. I want you to see how the Praying Mantis after mating with the male, she eats him up.
You must understand that it is not true when they say that the so-called "inferior" animals are better than man.
Interlocutor: Does the same thing happen in other worlds or this only happens on Earth?
Johnakan Ur El: The same thing happens in all the worlds. I contact myself telepathically with other spirits of Light of the plane 5, and they tell me exactly the same thing. The “inferior” races of other worlds kill for killing’s sake, they eat for eating’s sake. Other mammals, similar to the terrestrial lion, kill animals, they squash them, they eat like lions used to do here with the zebra, and maybe they don't finish eating it up.
Interlocutor: Is it bad if we eat animals? This is the key question that I want to ask.
Johnakan Ur El: The human being on the planet Earth is omnivorous that is to say, he eats everything. He was created in this way by Elohim and Elohim depended on the Absolute. So the Absolute is definitely the main “responsible” that human beings, as much on this planet Earth as in other planets of the universe are omnivorous and at this time they are depredating the "inferior" animals.
Interlocutor: I understood the Master Jesus ate meat.
Johnakan Ur El: Correct, he ate fish and also lamb. I have witnessed it personally, when I was incarnated as John Zebedee, because we ate together.
Interlocutor: The point is clear.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: I received an e-mail from a mother and she says that her four-year-old son is upset when he sees somebody eating meat, and he asks her why they do it because he disagrees with it affirming that eating dead animals is something bad, in spite of his short age. In addition, he emphasizes the pain the animal suffers when they kill it. Is this a gifted boy?
Ruanel: He has a pretty developed mental decoder.
Interlocutor: And what he says about not killing animals?
Ruanel: It is a commendable Love.
Interlocutor: This restates the doubt if it is better not to eat meat so that we don’t have to kill an animal. I ask it because I know that many people who eat meat would be incapable to look at the face of an animal and kill it after. Concretely, Is it better not to eat meat for not killing an animal?
Ruanel: People who don't eat meat because they consider that animals should not be killed to eat them up, they are in the correct thing. I repeat that it is a praiseworthy Love. But notice that the Master Jesus, being who he is, he has eaten meat.
Interlocutor: But wouldn’t it be because of an empathy issue, to acquiesce with his disciples so that they don’t be impaired maybe because they were not able to be without eating meat?
Ruanel: But he has eaten meat likewise! And the spiritual plane the Master Jesus is at is very high.
Interlocutor: I understand the point. Concretely, not eating meat for love to animals is commendable? I repeat the question because I don't want to have any doubt, since it is a very controversial issue in the physical plane.
Ruanel: Yes, I repeat it again, it’s a commendable Love. However, you cannot be locked in a narrow concept, because fish that are out of the water also die. Then you can say that you won't eat mammal meat but meat bird, which is also a dead animal, or that you won't eat fish.
Interlocutor: I wanted to separate killing to eat from killing for other reasons. For example, fishing or hunting only for amusement or killing elephants for the ivory in their tusks. Is it bad or is it good?
Ruanel: Any useless depredation is bad.
Interlocutor: What would be then the evolutionary side? Just eating vegetables? Because we won't say that vegetables also die.
Ruanel: Yes vegetables die!
Interlocutor: Well, but they suffer less than animals.
Ruanel: But it’s also death. What happens, regrettably, and I say taking this with a grain of salt, because we are in the physical plane. Obviously I say it because of you and not for me since I’m not incarnated. And God has made us of meat (through Elohim, naturally) with a digestive system capable to eat everything. The human being is not vegetarian as some people sustain, but omnivorous.
Interlocutor: I understand the point perfectly, but if they ask me about this particular issue, What will I respond? Would the base be: “Don't eat meat unless you are able to look at the face of the animal and kill it?”
Ruanel: I find the example perfect, but there is also another statement that says: “Out of sight, out of mind”
Interlocutor: Does that mean somehow to avoid the question?
Ruanel: For example my vessel, if he were in an island with squirrels, he would not kill them to eat them up and he would eat nuts and fruits. But if he is in a restaurant and they serve him a beef steak, he would eat it without problems, and he would not associate it or he would associate very distantly with the death and suffering of the animal.
Interlocutor: And wouldn’t it be bad, then?
Ruanel: Correct, it would not be bad at all. But your reasoning is okay, because not eating meat tends toward being more commendable, not eating meat in function of being empathic with animals.
Interlocutor: Will the human being's evolution tend towards non animal food?
Ruanel: Naturally yes. But what you have to understand is that although not eating meat is praiseworthy because of the reasons I mentioned, eating meat is not bad either. In the physical plane it is necessary to act with balance, and every extreme is bad. If somebody who loves animals doesn't want to eat meat, he is correct, but what is not correct is trying to impose on others that posture, because it is necessary to respect their Free Will.
Interlocutor: Master, you look like the Devil's advocate, defending human beings who eat meat!
Ruanel: But it is logical, since God made the human being with a stomach capable to eat meat! In what head fits that God on one hand made the man capable to eat meat, giving him also the enjoyment of eating it, and on the other hand stopping him determining that it is bad?
For some reason he made us who we are and not like plants with photosynthesis so that we feed like plants do. Don’t’ let anybody speak about karma because of eating meat, please!
Interlocutor: Master, I believe that the topic is clear enough.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: Now I want to approach a very polemic, it is related to the issue if we have to eat meat or not. We know that the human being was created omnivorous, so he can eat everything, but my question is: what right do we have to kill an animal to eat it up. Is there some karma in this sense?
Ruanel: What happens is that, although the human being is doing it as an elder race - I prefer to say “elder” and not superior – it’s the race that is in advantage to leave the planet under better conditions. And animals constitute a food that allows him to survive.
Interlocutor: Does the spirit of an animal say, before embodying, “I will be born as a hen so that the humans will eat me and they could survive in this way?
Ruanel: It is exactly like that. Notice that the Master Jesus, when he embodied, he insinuated that fish is one of the main food products human beings have.
Interlocutor: I understand. Now that you speak about fish, Is there a spirit that embodies in several fish or is there only a spirit embodied in one fish?
Ruanel: the second thing, because all the spirits are individual.
Interlocutor: Where do animal spirits inhabit, for example the spirits of fish, hens, cows, tigers?
Ruanel: They are in the same spiritual planes we are. The only difference is their little discernment.
Interlocutor: But in what planes are they? In the 2, 3, 4 or 5? I suppose that they should be in the plane 2 and never in the plane 5.
Ruanel: They are in the planes 2, 3, 4 or 5 in accordance with their behavior.
Interlocutor: I am truly perplexed.
Ruanel: I will give you an example with the most advanced animals, for example monkeys and dogs.
Interlocutor: And the dolphins?
Ruanel: I don't refer to dolphins because these animals don’t interact too much with the human beings. The dogs have different characters. It’s not the same thing a poodle than a mastiff.
For example, There is a case of a mastiff that attacked a boy in an outburst of jealousy and it killed that boy. This behavior can make that mastiff descend to the plane -1 or -2 at the moment of its disincarnation.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand well why.
Ruanel: Jealousy implies the existence of ego, and the existence of ego implies discernment, because the animal cannot have ego without discernment, and having discernment means that the animal knows what is good and what is bad.
Interlocutor: Now I understood.
Ruanel: A poodle that plays with the children and it licks their faces; it can be easily in a plane of Light 4 or 5. This attitude means service.
Interlocutor: Frankly, I could not be more surprised.
Ruanel: When dolphins interact with humans through Dolphin therapy and they help them improving the behavior in children with Dawn syndrome, for example, dolphins are making a service. And that attitude of service elevates them to the plane 5!
Interlocutor: I understand. I want to ask you concretely so that there is no doubt; the animal spirits are in the same spiritual planes the human spirits are or in some special planes? I ask it because the Angelic plane 6 is in the same plane of the spirits of the plane 5, although in different “tonality”
Ruanel: They are in the same spiritual planes that all the spirits are, not in a different tonality. I want to clarify that it is incorrect to speak about a human spirit, because spirits can embody in another planet, for example where vegetable beings prevail. Let us call them “conscious spirits” or even better “evolved spirits”. For example the spirits of the chimpanzees have evolved very much in a million years, and they have more discernment.
Interlocutor: Now the key question: Is there evolution for a hen?
Ruanel: Evolution as for kindness not, but as for discernment.
Interlocutor: I mean if for example the spirit of a hen in the future will embody in the body of a fox.
Ruanel: No, what you call “transmigration” doesn't exist. Each species will continue in its species.
(note: it’s related to the physical part, since the spiritual part can embody in different organisms as long as the mental decoder is compatible with the spirit)
Interlocutor: Will a hen be able to evolve even to build space ships?
Ruanel: For the time being obviously not, but we don't know if the hen will make it in the millions of years to come before the Big Crunch. Notice, for example, how the monkeys have evolved and they have even "been trained" - in fact it is not correct this word because the monkeys have discernment – they use computer keyboards and they can control ships.
Interlocutor: We also have the example of predators like the Langar [1] that belong to the animal Kingdom and they are similar to our locusts who have built space ships and with them they traveled through the space looking for planets with food and pillaging them.
Ruanel: Exactly. Maybe the Langar have been wild insects millions of years ago. Well, in fact, they continue being wild, so their technical evolution doesn’t help them at all.
Interlocutor: I understand the irony perfectly.
[1] The Langar are extraterrestrials that look like locusts, Authorities at Area 51 captured one of their ships and they could back engineer its energy field, which is why they couldn’t invade our planet back then.
We Have heard about cases where horses stopped suddenly almost at the edge of a cliff saving the life of the rider who surprisingly didn’t notice the cliff and the risk, Obviously they said it was animal instinct, however we know that the 90% or thetan of the horse warned the horse (10%) about the danger.
Jorge Olguin.
Remember that only psychopaths enjoy seeing other beings suffering and “killing traditions” like “bullfighting”, “fox hunting”, “cockfighting” and many others. There are many more gruesome acts of cruelty to animals like animal testing and these violent acts should not continue anymore.
· Do not attend to these cruel acts against animals.
· Do not support politicians, artists or people associated to this cruelty, The torture and slaughter of animals will only stop when tourists and people in general stop going to these cruel events.
· Do not buy products of companies that sponsor the people who kill animals.
· Spread these cruel images and this message, because they will make that people who enjoy being at these events be aware of what they are doing.
· But the most important thing: Teach your children about the RESPECT that other living beings deserve.
· Remember, every e-mail you send might change the way other people see these things.

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