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A certain Prof. Yaroslavsky from Tel Aviv university in Israel believes that human beings may have the ability to “see” colors and shapes with their skin. Although he is wrong, there is a coherent explanation to this strange phenomenon also known as skin vision.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master what about dermovision? The concrete question is: Can we end up seeing with other organs aside from our eyes?
Ruanel: No, but it is very simple: the Homo sapiens see with the eyes.
Interlocutor: And the rest. Because there are people who say that they can see things with the eyes but also through the skin. Is that false?
Ruanel: It is false! At least not with the verb “to see”. That some people can perceive in the same way we at spiritual level can perceive the concept without eyes to another spirit is another thing - like we have said hundreds of times, like the antennas of the insects - But the term is incorrect it’s not Dermovision it could be called Dermoperception.
Interlocutor: Because here it says that Cesare Lombroso a famous criminologist says that he had a case of a patient who had the ability to see through the ears. In a experiment little documented, apparently a young girl could read printed sentences on a paper placed over her ears.
Ruanel: No, no, no. Directly I say: that is false!
Interlocutor: And the case of paraoptic vision of Rosa who was blind and she could see with her finger tips. They say she passed her fingers over a printed page and she read as if it was Braille and she also could perceive the colors. The boy Xiang Wong saw things through the contact of the skin of his buttocks. Are all these cases Dermoperception?
Ruanel: Some are their imagination, others are perceptions that they receive from their thetans.
Interlocutor: Maybe the spirits of error are involved?
Ruanel: Generally their thetans. The spirits of error generally try to confuse. If there are more good guesses than mistakes, it's because their thetans are transmitting to them the information.

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