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The spirit of Gurdjieff is in the Spiritual Plane 5, which means that he is a Spirit of Light who came with the mission to give some teachings to mankind.
Unfortunately he made some mistakes during his life, the problem was that his disciples didn’t recognize the moments in which the mental decoder of Gurdjieff was working well from the moments he had his decoder damaged.
When his followers took all his teachings as if they were true, they made a mistake also because they mixed beautiful truths with nonsensical ideas, Fortunately, L. Ronald Hubbard came to straighten up the teachings by saying that the man doesn't have a soul, but rather the soul has a man.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master, I wanted to know what the mission of Gurdjieff was and if he failed his mission.
Ruanel: He failed in a 50%. In the first part of his life he truly gave some praiseworthy messages, maybe the best messages given in the XX Century, when in 1910 he said that the human being is sleeping and he lives sleeping, walks sleeping, has sex sleeping and drives his car sleeping.
Interlocutor: Yes, the idea of the "human machine" was brilliant.
Ruanel: When Gurdjieff compared the man with a machine he was alluding to the enormous conditioning he had, this idea was later on completed by Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Interlocutor: Why did you say that during the first part of his life?
Ruanel: Because in the second part of his life his mental decoder began to work badly as a consequence he hallucinated. Then he spoke of dimensional planes, of solar spectrum and many other things that didn't have anything to do.
Interlocutor: I remember that he spoke, according to what I read in the book of his disciple Ouspensky that the man didn't have a soul and he had to create it, because if he didn't do it, he could die without a soul. Besides, he said that the Moon was a planet in formation.
Ruanel: He had escaped completely from reality.
Interlocutor: And Ouspensky?
Ruanel: It happened the same thing to him. The books he wrote at the beginning were coherent, but in the others, he ended up hallucinating as well as his teacher.
Interlocutor: Concretely, the mission of Gurdjieff was accomplished perfectly only in the first part of his life. Am I right?
Ruanel: Correct, and that was excellent. Notice that he gives the message as if there were two categories; the category asleep and the category awaken. And later on he gives a third category, the super-conscious state, the one that Siddharta Gautama, two thousand five hundred years ago called “illumination”
Interlocutor: Which means that being “awaken” is the previous step to being "illuminated"…
Ruanel: Correct. One cannot pass directly from asleep to illuminated.
Interlocutor: Did Gurdjieff reach the state of illumination?
Ruanel: No, and neither Ouspensky, because both ended up hallucinating. Their mental decoders betrayed them. Remember that if the decoder of a human being is working badly, all the spiritual concepts will not be well translated.
The human mind of an embodied being is necessary to transmit the spiritual concepts, and if the brain works badly, the spiritual concepts will be erroneous.
Interlocutor: And what about the so-called “Fourth Way”?
Ruanel: Most of the things there are nonsense. You keep what this Master of Light said about the awaken man and leave the rest aside.
Interlocutor: And what about the “buffers”?
Ruanel: It is a ridiculous technique. I leave all my Light to you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master and thank you.
Dear professor: I have read Ouspensky’ book "Fragments of an unknown teaching", and in a certain part the author speaks about an experience that seemed to me very strange. He was walking along Troitsky street and suddenly he saw a “sleeping man” coming towards him. What did it happen to him? [1]


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Moving quickly to another topic, and excuse me If I go quickly with the questions, maybe without giving you time for anything. What is the so called “Unitary Perception”
Ruanel: There is no problem with the speed, because the concept is quicker than the language. You can change of topic at the speed you like I’ll answer you equally.
Interlocutor: I’d like to know if there is something real about the unitary perception. Behind of it there are names like Ruben Feldman Gonzalez, Jiddu Krishnamurti, the doctor David Bohm.
Ruanel: There is a kind of absurdity in the expression, because the unitary perception to which Ruben refers to is the comprehension of everything. Johnakan had a total understanding, something that other Masters of the plane 5º have not had.
Interlocutor: But Johnakan had it as a spirit. Is it possible to have it being incarnated?
Ruanel: Yes, because Johnakan communicates a lot with his vessel, and then he sends doses of that understanding. The total understanding is above Illumination, because the Illumination has more to do with the detachment of Samsâra, according to Buddhism. And the total understanding or the unitary Perception has to do with understanding everything.
In fact, this incarnated person doesn't have a total understanding, because his unitary perception is limited. However, he point out in a very good direction, and the Master Jiddu Krishnamurti told him that he was right. But - and Johnakan is dictating it to me - he makes a mistake, because he still has attachment, since he complains about many physical things and the total understanding is above of that. He continues having attachment, and the total understanding is above all attachments.
Interlocutor: Could this person have a wider unitary perception if he were less attached to material things?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: The unitary Perception, in its maximum perfection, Would it be the perception of everything?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Like Johnakan had it?
Ruanel: Correct. That is the unitary Perception.
Interlocutor: As I see Ruben Feldman perceives enough.
Ruanel: Yes, but I repeat that he has many attachments. Besides there is a concept that I don't agree - and Johnakan doesn't agree - that he says he can perceive the unconscious collective mind of the whole planet Earth and that is not true because the minds are individual. They are not undivided. This is very important to emphasize it and transmit it through the net that Feldman transmits, because each mistake damages.
There are people that have attachments, fear, hate, bitterness, vanity, arrogance and a lot of other things, and therefore they cannot have undivided minds.
In addition, we are speaking of a single planet, the Earth. And what about the other planets?
Interlocutor: Did Jiddu Krishnamurti have that unitary Perception? Does this vessel have it too?
Ruanel: This vessel has, at moments that unitary Perception and Jiddu Krishnamurti also had it when he was incarnated.
Interlocutor: In the planet Earth, Is there somebody that has the unitary Perception?
Ruanel: Not at every moment, because there are attachments that limit the Unitary Perception. Suddenly there are ballasts that don't have anything to do with behaviors, neither with works that are inherent to the physical plane. For example, you are in a tremendous meditation where you disconnect yourself from everything and you enter in nothingness, which is the real unitary Perception, and suddenly you have a tremendous stomachache and automatically that pulls you down.
Interlocutor: Is Feldman doing a good work making with this matter of the unitary Perception known or he is damaging only?
Ruanel: What he does is valid somehow, because he is making known to his disciples through the Net, the existence of the unitary Perception. But the thing is that in his writings he doesn't put clear details of what this Perception is. It’s not good at all if a teacher speaks of generalities without going into details or into superficial details.
For example, when Johnakan speaks about Psychointegration, he doesn’t speak only about generalities, but he also goes into the details of what this technique is.
Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear.
Ruanel: When people receive generalities they look at the things above, and that doesn't work.
Interlocutor: Why don't I have the unitary Perception, being that every time I have less attachment? This is the first question. The second is related to the disciple of H. Gurdjieff - I mean to H. Ouspensky - that says in his book "Fragments of an unknown teaching” that one day he was walking down the street and suddenly he saw sleeping people walking, realizing that he was awaken, but later on he saw all the people awaken again, realizing that he had fallen asleep once again.
Ruanel: The experience of Ouspensky is the unitary Perception. What happens is that the unitary Perception is manifested in many ways, and that was one of them. It would be very poor if the unitary Perception were manifested in a single way. -This is being dictated by Johnakan-. There are many ways to channel that Perception. One of them is that suddenly everything is stopped. There is an old TV series of a very famous character called Jim West.
Interlocutor: Yes, if I remember correctly, the name of the actor was Tom Lopaka.
Ruanel: In one of the scenes he takes a pill that makes him so fast that he sees all the people around him moving very slowly so that they seemed like statues.
Interlocutor: I remember that part of the movie because I recorded it many times and many times it was the base of my speculations.
Ruanel: Well. There is a type of unitary Perception where one perceives everybody as immobilized, and the one that perceives it cannot understand why all the people look like zombies.
Interlocutor: I get the idea perfectly, and I’ll conclude the topic now because I already have enough material to speak about.
[1] Ouspensky never noticed that Gurdjieff many times digressed because he also had flaws in his mental decoder.

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