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Giorgio Bongiovanni declared in 1989 that he had a miraculous contact with the Virgin Mary and Jesus, he even said the they gave him information about the secrets of Fatima; incredibly he also said that he had contact with extraterrestrials. He has wounds in his hands, feet, his chest and forehead Who would convince him that his condition is only a mental dysfunction that can be produced easily through hypnosis?
Dear professor: I am dermatologist and for that reason I can tell you that Medicine ignores the origin of stigmata that some people have, although they conjecture that it is a psychosomatic dysfunction, despite that this condition was present in Catholic saints like Saint Francis of Assisi, Anne Catherine Emmerich, Therese Neumann and the Father St Pio of Pietrelcina among many others. If you have some scientific explanation about the origin of this phenomenon, I’d like to know the answer.
Dr. Beatriz A.
Dear Doctor:
I already tell you that Medicine is right about the so-called phenomenon Stigmata, since it is a Psychosomatic dysfunction (Psyshogenic disorder) [1] that has nothing to do with sanctity. Although what Medicine ignores is that this condition is provoked by engrams which are a mechanism similar to powerful hypnotic orders, These engrams contain pain (the pain increases the hypnotic order and therefore the engrams are also exacerbated).
Ron Hubbard once said that Religion itself is a big engramic implant and logically stigmata is also an engramic implant which can be easily cured with Dianetics by eliminating the engramic charge.
Obviously those who have the symptoms of stigmata like Giorgio Bongiovanni and many others stigmatics will never admit that, because they have been deceived also by spirits of error. You will notice that they believe, they have been chosen, they also believe that they are “especial” people, this is a common trick used by entities of error to deceive these naïve people by boosting their Ego.
We said from the beginning that The Entities of Light never harm embodied beings and they will never use stigmata as a mean to give messages of Light. If a Master of Light did this, this circumstance would immediately generate karma to that Spiritual Entity.
The Spirits of Light respect our free will and they do not interfere in our decisions, they live to serve others, therefore, they do not provoke this psychogenic phenomenon, this is important to emphasize it, because thousands of people believe in the false messages of Giorgio Bongiovanni.
I repeat that this “unexplained” phenomenon is nothing more than a psychogenic disorder originated by engrams (hypnotic orders engraved in the reactive mind).
In addition, you will see that the wounds in Giorgio Bongiovanni do not represent the wounds of the Master Jesus, because we know that these wounds were made in the Master’s wrists. That is another clue signaling that it’s only a mental disorder provoked by engrams and in this case the reactive mind of Giorgio Bongiovanni.
Why? Simply because these engrams that provoke stigmata contain words –these words provoke engramic dramatizations– That’s the reason these wounds are related to the religion or philosophy that these stigmatics have. The rest is only common sense, there are no miracles, but only unknown scientific facts, for that reason stigmata is not contagious either.
This is not a theory, but an irrefutable scientific fact. 

[1] A psychogenic disorder is a mental illness that originates a physical problem; on the other hand a psychosomatic illness is a mental illness that aggravates a physical problem already existent. Medicine doesn't make this distinction and now both categories are denominated erroneously as psychosomatic illnesses.

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