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Space and time are somehow intertwined; there are billions of moments and people doing many things at the same time playing their roles throughout history. It's as if they were playing their roles instantly only for a single time since the singularity of the Big Bang.
If those billions of moments were not there, time travel would not be possible. In any case only the Absolute can perceive time as an eternal present and each one of us are traveling through time day after day.
Channeling 16/OCT/2000.
Message from: Johnakan Ur-El
My name is Johnakan Ur-El and I am the Thetan of this vessel. I am contacted to explain great discoveries that Quantum physicists will discover soon. I have the assistance of the Thetan of a famous physicist called Paul Davies. [1] He has transmitted to me new ideas and new concepts that I will explain now.
When we speak about the known universe we know that it’s inside the space-time and, according to this picture, past and future are as real as the present. Then, one deduces that things don't happen in the space-time, they simply exist. However, when everybody speaks about time in the physical plane, they refer to it in two different ways:
1) As the apparent existence of a “now” or instant present.
2) As a flow or movement from the past towards the future.
With regard to the point (1) actually the present doesn't exist. Some people will say -Yes, it’s what separates past from future. But each moment of time is the present moment "when it happens." And what is it in fact that alleged present? One second, a tenth second, a thousandth second or a fraction even smaller of time? Then the "now" is nothing more than a way to brand the moments.
Now, I will refer to the point (2): Is it a flow that moves regularly through the fourth dimension? According to quantum physics, that explanation of movement in time would imply another time, external to the space-time, where this flow would be measured.
In the physical plane, people think that the clock picks up that time flow or that it measures the speed at what time flows; in fact the clock measures the intervals of time, not the speed of time. In the factual world of space-time that includes all the events of all times, there is no past, present or future. Not in the way as we want to interpret those moments. Because as well as right and left define directions and not places, in the same way, past and future define temporary directions and not moments.
The notion of space-time is complex at the present time. But the notion of a super-space is more complex, which would contain infinite dimensions and the known space, would be the three-dimensional projection of this super-space.
I will try to explain it: as well as embodied beings see a movie with two-dimensional images in the physical plane, the three-dimensional world is also a projection carried out from a super-world. I spoke previously about the concept of time and super-space. Now I will speak to you about parallel universes and the possible universes. Both are alternate worlds, but seen from different viewpoints, the parallel universes are similar in everything: they possess the same physical laws, they were created at the same time, all of them are inhabited and it is known that there are 22 parallel universes in total. These parallel universes have independent realities and, while in a planet Earth the allies won the second world war in the first half of the XX century, in another planet Earth the Nazis won the war.
At a personal level something similar occurs, because in a world you can be a doctor, married, with 2 children and in other world, you can be an executive, divorced, without children. And in another universe, you have not even embodied... or you have already died. On the other hand, the possible universes are different alternatives of reality.
The possible worlds are formed due to quantum indetermination that creates an uncertainty as for situations and decisions. Each alternative that is given opens up a new future and it forms (unavoidably) a possible new world. Other realities are formed.
I’ll give you an example that Paul Davies has given me: Let’s imagine a world in which an accident have happened to one of our ancestors ten thousand years ago. If in this world all his descendants are at the moment alive, they would not exist in that alternate reality. I try to make the explanations as clear as possible. There is a multidimensional super-space that your limitations do not perceive, in the same way that a two-dimensional creature that inhabits in a certain area could not perceive up or down. There are multiple (alternate) universes that are being formed moment by moment, when somebody makes a decision or have a behavior to continue. And there are parallel universes that, in turn, they develop various alternative worlds.
Lastly, and here is the most complicated thing, when God created the known universe, he created it with certain laws that are inherent to the same universe, such as gravity, magnetism or nuclear forces, but there are other laws that physicists ignore because obviously they have not yet developed them, and those laws that, theoretically were unalterable will be changed.
I give an example: it was said that only the Dimensional Logos (and I suppose that also Elohim) had the capacity to "pass" to a parallel universe. Well, now we know that in your future, quantum physics will be so advanced that the human being on the planet Earth will be capable to go to other universes.... And as God allows Free Will, the law of alternate independent universes will no longer be!
By means of quantum physics one will be able to create such a complex computer that, in turn, it will be able to decode a living organism and to translate the information to an electronic system. That decoded message will be able to pass through a minuscule wormhole that exists in the same quantum foam like the holes in your cheese. Then that electronic information will be coded in a parallel universe... and the living organism will "appear" in that universe. You will ask me: - What happens to his or her spiritual part? Doesn't that replica have a soul or Thetan? Actually no, because it was not an organism that was formed in a maternal womb until the moment it was born, but rather it was duplicated instantly. But in the diverse planes there are so-called “reserve spirits” that are assigned exclusively for each “duplicate.” The insertion of the spirit is simultaneous with the appearance of the organism duplicated in the parallel universe [2].
No physical life can exist without spiritual part. That law is unchangeable. The difference that would exist between cloning and duplication is that the first is achieved through genetic engineering that is, the clone is born. On the other hand, the duplicate always has the same age as the one that was duplicated. He or she also has the same memories, the same genetic information... it’s the same person, but duplicated. But not everything is like this, because the spirit of the duplicated is not necessarily similar to the original spirit. Even, in the various parallel universes, the same people's spirits are not necessarily similar.
I mean, you can be charismatic and altruistic in this world, indifferent in other and cruel in a third world. Here I don't speak about a married doctor, or a divorced executive, I speak of strengths and weaknesses in a single being with a different spirit. Summarizing the concept, if it is decoded a generous being without ego and it’s coded in another universe. Do you think that the duplicated will be similar to the original being? No, it is not like that in all the cases, because it is "taken" by a different spirit from the one that has the original spirit, from that point both people will behave in a different way. Why does this happen? Because the discernment is in the spirit, not in incarnated being!
The brain is only a mechanism that decodes the idea and it codes it so that the being expresses. The billions of neurons are those that decipher the spiritual complex idea and they transform it in spoken language. Do you understand that?
Then, the duplicated will keep the memories until that moment because, independently of the spirit, they were also kept in a part of the brain. But, starting from that bifurcation, they will be independent entities with independent thinking. Now, this is a secret. If the reserve spirits were created... it is because Elohim [3] "knew" that there would be a possibility to duplicate beings that would travel to other universes.
They also knew then that that alleged unalterable law where only Dimensional Logoses pass to parallel universes would be changed. And why? Because in the space-time things don't happen, they simply exist. And what will happen might be happening or it has already happened!
Before to conclude I’ll give you a method to be happy: don't question time and flow like a river... but always based on Service. Avoid that the reactive mind generates ego, because this is synonym of misfortune. It is different from the reactive mind that alerts us of a risk, because that would be an automatic mind, an alert mind. The risk is in the mind that plays the lead role. Form a destiny of Light and you will be united to the Light. If you set yourselves out to do it, it will happen in this way... or did it happen already?
May the Violet Ray illuminate all of you?

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Kether (the Ancient of days).
Interlocutor: moving on to another question, Does the Absolute know the hour in which everyone is going to disincarnate?
Kether: The Absolute (Eon) is the only one who knows the future, because for him everything is an eternal present, so your question is answered in this way.
Interlocutor: But Don’t time travelers know the future also?
Kether: Yes, obviously time travelers too in the physical plane in all the worlds. Did you know that time travel is possible thanks to Quantum physics and temporary physics?
Interlocutor: Temporary physics? I didn’t know that such think would exist.
Kether: It exists, but not in your world because it has not been discovered yet, but, it does exist in other worlds, where they have already experimented with it, even with space ships that travel through time.
Quantum physics explains in such way time travel that nobody has wondered the reason that if you traveled through time 500 years into the past of your world, the Earth, back 500 years ago it would not be in the same orbital place. Not even your star called Sun was in the same orbit. Remember that your planet has three movements: rotation, revolution and wobbling.
The rotation is 23 hours and 56 minutes; the revolution is 365 days or so. And there is wobbling that also accompanies Earth around the sun in the galactic arm. Therefore it is impossible that the Earth is in the same place. The obvious question is: How is it possible that a time machine doesn't appear in an empty space?
The answer is that quantum physics doesn't make time travel only through time, but through space-time. Thereby, the time machine always goes forward or backwards in time accompanying the terrestrial orbit. Do you understand this?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly.
Kether: It is as if you were traveling in a train and suddenly you drop a piece of paper to the ground, you would see that the piece of paper is falling vertically, but another person out of the train would see the paper falling and accompanying the movement of the train.
Interlocutor: The example is clear.
Kether: Well. As well as the paper accompanies the train due to a law of gravity and inertia, a time machine goes back in time also accompanying the Earth’s orbit. Otherwise, even if a time traveler went back in time a single day, the Earth would no longer be in that place anymore.
Interlocutor: I never thought that this could happen. Can a time traveler go back in time one, two or three seconds with a time machine? I refer to its precision.
Kether: Correct, time machines have that precision.

Medium: Jorge Rau. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: I’ll continue to other issue related to Kronbus, the time traveler to whom I communicated telepathically in an opportunity. The concrete question is: Did I communicate with the 10% or with the 90% or thetan. On one hand, we know that telepathy does not exist in the physical plane among incarnated beings and on the other hand if the telepathic communication was with the 90%, the question I have is: Was the 90% in the future or it was in this present?
Ruanel: The communication was with the Higher -Self or thetan, that is with the 90%.
Interlocutor: Perfect. But my question is: if it’s a thetan of the 2500 or a Thetan of this present. Are there two thetans, one of the 2500 and another of this present?
Ruanel: I want to make this clear, in some cases the physical plane surpasses the spiritual plane in a way of speaking. The physical plane uses physics, something that doesn't exist in the spiritual plane. This means that in the physical plane some things can be made that would be impossible in the spiritual plane, like using physics to make experiments. In the spiritual plane vaccines or virus don't exist...
Interlocutor: It is clear.
Ruanel: Well. In the physical plane, according to a temporary line, through quantum physics, using the particles called "Tachyons", discovered by the physicist Régis Dutheil, one can travel to the past and return to the future.
Then, when the physical part travels to the past, it always goes accompanied by its Thetan, because there is no such thing like a silver cord like that English author that used the name of Lobsang Rampa mentioned, a silver cord is only an allegory to express that there is a communication between the incarnated part and the Higher-self.
Interlocutor: Would it be better to use the example that you gave once that I always use, about the straw through the lock, where 10% is in and the other 90% is out?
Ruanel: Yes, because it gives a better idea of reality. If we speak about a cord we would be giving the false idea that they are two independent parts united for a kind of cable and it is not like that.
Interlocutor: I think that if the Thetan of Kronbus came with his 10% to this present, you should have perceived him in this way Am I right?
Ruanel: Yes, of course.
Interlocutor: Could you extract from him information about the future?
Ruanel: What would prevent us from knowing the future? Because we can we perceive the concept of the other at spiritual level, but remember that the Absolute gives Free Will and we cannot invade the mind of that spirit if he has his mind closed. I clarify that, and I am anticipating to your question, the Thetan of Kronbus accompanies to his 10% because it has to accompany him, in the same way that if you take out the straw from the lock in which it was and you transfer it to another lock, the 90% accompanies to his or her 10%. They cannot be in different times. It is a matter of common sense.
Interlocutor: The idea is perfectly clear. What happens with a thetan of this present when it is face to face, to say it somehow, with his thetan 500 years old in the future? Is there some kind of paradox?
Ruanel: No, there is no paradox. If there is no paradox in the physical plane there is no paradox in the spiritual plane either. Then, even if a spirit that is in a Mastery plane or a plane of Light tries to communicate with his thetan from the future, this one will "open" his mind until what he wants, so that his Thetan of the present doesn't know some things about the future because it would not be convenient that he know them.
It is as if somebody revealed to you the date of your death and you say: "Well, I’ll die in twenty-eight years more, then I cross the street without looking", but in that moment a bus runs over you and kills you and you disembody complaining: "Why, if they told me that I would live twenty-eight years more?". Well, They were twenty-eight years if you took care of yourself!
Interlocutor: I understand the irony. Now, my question is: Am I Kronbus in that future?
Ruanel: Yes, I confirm it to you. But he had already told you subtly.
Interlocutor: Well, I was not very sure. I suppose that my Thetan have faced the Thetan of Kronbus, that is to say, with myself of the future.
Ruanel: Yes, of course, but I tell you that the Thetan of Kronbus has not commented many things to your Higher-self to avoid any type of inconvenience.
Interlocutor: Then, in the future I will be making that type of experience.
Ruanel: Correct, but based on Service.
Interlocutor: And Does the 10% of Kronbus know that I was communicating with his Thetan?
Ruanel: Obviously.
Interlocutor: Could I summon the Thetan of Kronbus to talk with him?
Ruanel: Yes, of course, but as longs as it’s in this present.
Interlocutor: Can I summon the Thetan of Kronbus of the year 2500?
Ruanel: No, because telepathic communication with the future doesn't exist. It is as if one wanted to communicate telepathically with a parallel universe. It is impossible.
[1] Paul Davies is an English physicist and Visiting Professor (Department of Physics, Imperial College London)
[2] Let’s remember that only 10% of the spirit embodies and the 90% or thetan stays in the respective spiritual plane.
[3] Elohim are Entities of the 8 Spiritual plane that create Angelic and Spiritual entities.

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