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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entities that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Here I have a question that a person asked through email, and it is related to the Guarani myths known as Pombero and Jasy Jatere
Ruanel: It has been said that there are spirits of error and demons that can make a kind of holographic focus to make appear ghastly apparitions to plunge people into reverential or religious fear; in this case they simply do it to produce mystery and to plunge them into ignorance. They are focalized apparitions which energy can provoke that very impressionable people feel like touched, and that gives more reality to the specter. But, I repeat, those apparitions are nothing more than holographic images, and the beings that appear are not real.
Interlocutor: I presume that it is necessary to add that people's imagination makes the rest.
Ruanel: Correct. So that you understand to what extent the spirits of error can focalize the energy and give a nonexistent being an appearance of reality, I remind you the movie called "The entity", which narrates the experience of a woman who was raped by an invisible being.
Interlocutor: I didn’t see the movie but I remember the argument...
Ruanel: A while ago it was revealed the case of a young girl who had also felt on her the weight of a human being that was copulating with her and when he turned on the light she didn't see anybody.
Interlocutor: I Also remember having read something about that... What happens in those cases?
Ruanel: There are spirits that have become so expert in making focus that they can end up channeling their entire conceptual energy making that that energy forms an energy field in a human form. Instead of making focus in a square centimeter to move an object, like the spirits usually do, they distribute all their energy and they increase it –I clarify that it’s not a common ability-. In that way they form a kind of energy field. This will be done by the human being in the future with Energy barriers. There are TV series that show the concept imitating the human form.
Interlocutor: Even with penis?
Ruanel: Even with penis...
Interlocutor: Without ejaculation, obviously...
Ruanel: Obviously, because the spirits don't have gender! The spirits don't have sexual desires. That is directly made to bother. The spirits of error make stress in what we could call Achilles’ heel. This woman certainly was multiorgasmic or with an excessive sexual excitement and then the spirit of error went to her in order to torment her in that way. This woman has even commented that she got excited with that spectral intercourse. I’m not making any comparison with the movie “The entity” that I only mentioned as an example.
Interlocutor: Doesn't a spirit have physical desires at all? Not even something closer?
Ruanel: No, because, I repeat, the spirits don't have sex.
Interlocutor: I have read in the mudiumship books dictated by Ramatis to a Brazilian medium, Ercilio Maes. Ramatis says that a person who has been a smoker in life, or a vicious alcoholic, when he or she disembodies the spirit feels the same desires that when the person was incarnated...
Ruanel: The correct explanation is this: If a person suddenly disembodies, and if he or she is a spirit of error that person disincarnates with Ego. When disembodying with Ego that person disincarnates with roles of Ego. Then, if that person was a smoker, when disincarnating he or she will continue having an emotional drive. But it won't be a physical drive, where the nicotine entering in the lungs will calm the person down. It will be a conceptual drive.
Then, it is a conceptual drive; it is not something physical in the blood that requests alcohol or something in the lungs that requests nicotine, because the spirit doesn't have body. If that disembodied 100% spirit has need of alcohol, or need to smoke, or sexual needs, it’s a matter of a conceptual issue, not physical, but don't think that because the spirit makes focus and puts an energy field and suddenly copulates with a physical being, the desire will disappear. The sexual desire will not disappear because it is a spirit and it doesn't feel anything.
Interlocutor: But somehow the drive...
Ruanel: The drive is ego...
Interlocutor: But it bothers the spirit...
Ruanel: Of course that bothers and the spirit suffers.
Interlocutor: It bothers and the spirit suffers because the spirit cannot satiate the sexual desire no matter how many times it tries... Is this the idea?
Ruanel: Of course it cannot satiate the desire, because you can take a spirit with smoking drive to a physical room, which is full of tobacco and the spirit won't feel anything because it is in another vibrational plane... Is it clear? If the spirit of a compulsive alcoholic that disembodied dives in a wine barrel, it won’t feel anything because the spirit is spirit.
It is as if you were in a desert with an immense thirst and you saw a mirage, for example, a lake with fresh water and you wanted to drink that water. What would it happen?
Interlocutor: Obviously, I would not be able to satiate my thirst...
Ruanel: Sure! From the spiritual planes the same thing happens to the spirits. The spirits cannot satiate their desires because for them alcohol, tobacco and sex are like illusions.
Interlocutor: I understood the idea perfectly.
Ruanel: With regard to Ramatis, it is very likely that the medium he used has not transmitted with all clarity the concept that this entity wanted to transmit, and then he spread the idea that the spirit has physical desires, which is absolutely wrong.
I repeat the idea: the spirits have conceptual desires, not physical needs.
Interlocutor: Would the proverb that says that what you make free on Earth will be made free in Heaven? I refer, for example to that a person, through Psychointegration[1], is liberated from the bad habit, let us say alcohol for instance...
Ruanel: If you make free a person in the physical plane, obviously he or she will no longer take the drives of the bad habits to the other side. But if they take those drives to the planes 2 or 3, they are not liberated until they don't embody again.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand... Isn’t possible to be free from the bad drives in the spiritual planes?
Ruanel: How do you treat a spirit? The only way is if the spirit voluntarily incorporates to this vessel and is treated with Psychoauditing [2]. But the spirit can be plunged into resentment and if it doesn't want to be treated although the spirit may be incorporated, it can decide to abandon the communication and nobody can avoid it...

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: Here I have an email that a person sent me I’ll read it for the record:
In my adolescence, when I was thirteen years old during the nights when I was sleeping, I used to feel a strange force on my body (like a great weight on me) and my bed used to turn around at the same time, this happened over and over again, and I never fully understood the reason because I was not sick and I didn’t suffer physical ailments either.
Those events bothered me and the “heaviness” on me, I used to try to open my eyes and something always stopped me to do so. The sensation of heaviness was repeated for several days and they reappeared after I was sixteen years old. I always wanted to know what these things were and what happened to me, I would like to know if you could help me to understand this. Beatriz E. G.
This is the email. Many people have asked me about this type of “heaviness.”
Ruanel: There are spirits of error that didn’t realize that they have disincarnated already and they try to have emotions like smoking or having sexual intercourse.
Interlocutor: Now I understand.
Ruanel: This is very important to clarify because there are many pleasures at physical level, like the feeling of smoking and sexual desire that are taken mentally when they disembody. I am not speaking about the mental decoder, I am speaking about the mental concept in the beings already disincarnated and they have that same feeling. I repeat feeling.
It is like the person who has lost a leg and he or she continues feeling in the mental decoder the toes. How will that person feel the toes if he or she doesn't have them?
Interlocutor: And what is the answer?
Ruanel: There is a nervous sensation that transmits mistakenly that impression.
Interlocutor: And in the case of this person?
Ruanel: Well, as long as EGO doesn't realize that the spirit has disembodied, this spirit, even if it is integrated as a 100%, is dominated by the 10%, then the spirit feels as if it were still incarnated in the physical plane.
As a consequence of this, the spirit tries to have sexual intercourse with an incarnated woman. But in the end, unconsciously, the spirit knows that it will not be able to achieve it and then it tries to create a “body” making focus.
Interlocutor: I remember now the movie called “The entity” based on a real fact.
Ruanel: It is a similar case.
Interlocutor: Does a spirit that embodies as a man and suddenly disembodies always try to look for an incarnated woman or also for a man? I ask it because we know that the spirit doesn't have gender.
Ruanel: For example, If I embody and I am invade by Ego, the ego will take control of that role, the role of wanting to smoke, the role of wanting to eat, the role of wanting to have sex, and I will try to have sex according to my last incarnation, because the same role will try to continue as a male, if I embodied as a male, then I will try to look for women sexually.
Interlocutor: Unless he or she has a problem of homosexuality.
Ruanel: Exactly.
Interlocutor: And what happens with women?
Ruanel: In women that roles are less defined, and for that reason it is very strange that they want to have sex after their disincarnation. Very few men have felt “Entities” and that type of things. Generally, women have always been the victims.
Interlocutor: I see.
Ruanel: When that spirit is healed, that is to say with his Ego integrated, the role already disappears and the 90% takes control of the other 10% stray, and the spirit becomes neutral and if the spirit is in the planes 2 or 3, the spirit will have lust for power, desire to be noticeable, but it will no longer have appetites at a physical level, and then later on, if the spirit wants it, it can embody as a man or a woman without any problem. But as long as that role has control over the spirit, the spirit will always want to continue embodying as a man because it will continue attached to that role.
Interlocutor: I believe that this matter is perfectly clarified
[1] Psychointegration is the technique developed by Jorge Olguin which integrates the roles of Ego and the selves that provoke that a person has changes in his or her behavior potentiated by the reactive mind and Ego.
[2] Psychoauditing is the technique developed by Jorge Olguin and it’s simply the direct auditing of a 100% spirit or a 90% thetan of higher self, this auditing is made through a medium.

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