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Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue:Tar (Thot-Hermes Trismegistus) From Orion 4.
Interlocutor: Who is present?
Tar: I Am Tar.
Interlocutor: Hello, I greet you. I listen to your message.
Tar: With each world that is educated, there are always ten more worlds to educate. For each world that rises there are ten worlds that decay. The task of the Good is almost an eternal task.
Interlocutor: Here is present a mother whose son has a problem.
Tar: There are problems that are 90% karmatic.
Interlocutor: Is the problem of her son karmatic?
Tar: It is a karmatic problem and being karmatic, the spirit decides in what body he will incarnate, what ailments he will have, what experiences he has to live, what sufferings he has to suffer in order to ascend spiritually. If later on the spiritual part forgets the purpose he came for and stops doing it, It already depends on the reincarnative memory of each one.
We know that there are beings of Light that come in certain mission and when they arrive to the physical plane they fail. If beings of Light that come in mission fail, how won't fail spirits that have come to evolve?
Interlocutor: This person has dyslexia.
Tar: I repeat that it is a karmatic problem.
Interlocutor: Does his condition have some engramic component?
Tar: It can be engramic, because sometimes the spirit chooses to embody either way in a certain body and that body in turn channels more engrams being incarnated.
99% of the incarnated beings chose to live certain experiences, certain family environment, certain home, or certain poverty or wealth, exactly in order to evolve. But when they embody, they forget, because one is born without reincarnative memory and later on they complain about the misfortune they have to live.
Interlocutor: Being engramic, Could we help him with his dyslexia somehow? I ask it because if his dyslexia is engramic, the fact of feeling silly, like his mother says, could also be engramic and may not have anything related to karma or genetic problems.
Tar: Feeling silly is neither engramic nor genetic; it is a problem of self-centered nature. If the incarnated part feels in a certain way, it is his ego the one that makes him feel in that way.
Interlocutor: What happens is that this boy at this moment is 13 years old and I don't believe he could understand something like that. Obviously, if his mother ends up understanding the problem, she can help him.
Tar: Totally.
Interlocutor: I think that everything is related to the human genome. Mankind still ignores how to solve genetic problems since a Genetic therapy doesn't exist yet.
My question is: What happens with those genetic dysfunctions that are chosen by the same Thetan. If Science discovers the way to solve them. Would not that violate the decision of the spirit, if the incarnated part decides to be healed?
Tar: That doesn't mean that the purpose of the spirit fails, because the incarnated part can overcome his genetic condition but not his engramic condition as long as the person has Ego.
Let’s say that the person has two ailments: an engramic ailment and another genetic problem. Mankind evolves scientifically the technological part and they can develop a method to somehow heal a certain genetic problem. And what fortune if it is!, because in other planets this has already been achieved. That doesn't mean that the person has overcome that obstacle that the own spirit wanted to have in order to evolve, because he will always have the self-centered problem.
Interlocutor: Is there a way to make a 13 year-old boy understand that the problem is related to his Ego?
Tar: No, it is very difficult that he reasons that. Then, what it is necessary to do is offer him a tremendous love, a tremendous support, and make him understand that he is not different, because we, when we are incarnated as much in my world, Orion 4 as you on Earth (Sun 3), we have the lousy habit of saying: "If I am different, I am inferior." I will never say “if I am different, I am superior” either, because that should not be said since it is bad, we would be in arrogance then.
The word "different" in the terrestrial jargon means "inferior." Then it’s always necessary to show him, to show those who are different that they are normal people and that he has the conditions to evolve. In a single word give him “support”
Interlocutor: Did this boy embody with a certain mission?
Tar: Simply to evolve.
Interlocutor: And What about his mother?
Tar: The mission to evolve through Service.
Interlocutor: Before to embody in the physical plan, had the mother determined to make contact in some moment with the Masters of Light or it’s merely a coincidence?
Tar: No, there are no coincidences. Those who are incarnated and have connection somehow with a planetary of extra planetary Master of Light, as in my case, it is because that was already pre-established, because that spirit had to be connected to Serve.
If the spirit later on decides not to come closer again, then he is guiltier because he has double responsibility.
I will give an earthly example. The irresponsible “ignorant” that makes an outrage doesn't have as much responsibility as the responsible that makes another outrage. Do you understand the paradox?
Interlocutor: Perfectly.
Tar: When the person has been put on the alert that he is already a chosen person to represent by means of Service to the Hierarchy, and later on due to personal problems he gives a higher priority to his problems and avoids the responsibility, the person has double responsibility and a karma is generated that can even make him descend of spiritual level. This is law.
There were already many people that have communicated with Grupo Elron who are in the vibrational plane 5, the maximum spiritual level, and due to certain material problems, like a passionate love for another person, or because of an economic problem, they have given more importance to the material part than to the part of Service.
Those people can tell me that with Service they won't eat, but in turn I can tell them that with food only they won't ascend spiritually, which is also necessary. What I mean is that there must be a balance.
Interlocutor: Obviously.
Tar: Everything is related and everything has its importance. I am not saying that the physical part is unworthy, because the physical part is important for the spiritual development, but every unbalance is negative and balance consists on giving the same importance to the material part as well as to the spiritual part.
Regrettably, he who is on the alert and has to represent to the Hierarchy through Service, and cooperating he will ascend spiritually because he will serve their fellow men, when he doesn’t complete his mission due to material longings, he is exposed to the risk of descending of plane.
Interlocutor: Do you do something in order they change their decision or to impel them somehow to their accomplishment?
Tar: Yes, we send them subtle messages, and if later on they dismiss the messages, then it’s already their responsibility.
Interlocutor: When one embodies, Does one always embody to evolve or can one embody with “tourist purposes”?
Tar: It is an enormous risk to embody in that way, I mean for merely tourist purposes, because a spirit can lower three or four planes suddenly.
As my brother Ron Hubbard always says, the physical plane is an enormous “gravitational well” and even if a Higher Spirit of Light embodies, he is not exempt of making the worst outrages. The physical plane is a very difficult plane.
Interlocutor: The question is related to the physical plane, if we compare the physical plane to the other spiritual planes, Is the physical plane always the worse?
Tar: It depends on the spiritual planes we are talking about, because in the plane -2, (the Eighth Sphere), you are not better than in the plane 1 that is to say the plane you are now. Neither the plane -1, (Solitude).
Interlocutor: I understand. I had forgotten the existence of those planes. Without considering these lower planes Could we say that, in general, it doesn't make sense embodying just to walk in the physical plane as a tourist?
Tar: Everybody says that the planet Earth is a place of suffering, and great spiritual Masters sustain that "here one comes to pay" or "this is a very low planet ".
Actually, it is very difficult to be happy in the physical plane because Ego impels one to "need", and the incarnated beings don't realize that one is not happy enjoying without doing anything", because Happiness takes place with Service. Doing nothing is tiresome. Service, on the other hand produces joy.
Interlocutor: It is clear.
Tar: My vessel, the professor Olguin, transmits me telepathically at this moment that he read a short novel a long time ago narrated in a metaphorical way, where a disembodied person was perplexed because he could not determine if he had to go to Heaven or Hell.
The moral lesson of this character in this novel was that he was so completely conditioned by the church that he was looking for a Heaven or a Hell. We know that Heaven and Hell don’t exist as religions depict them.
In the story, the character of the novel arrives to a place where there were games, drinks, sex, amusement, a lot of sensuality, a lot of sexuality...
Those who follow our teachings already know that in the spiritual plane sexuality doesn't exist, because the spirit doesn't have gender. Anyway, the novel was a metaphor.
Then, all that he wanted was granted to him. In this way, he went to those slot machines and coins came out and the person became rich. In addition, he had all the people of the opposite sex at his disposal, all the drinks he wanted, and in a given moment he had everything he wanted and he didn’t know what else to do. Then he started feeling tired of having so much and in his despair an Angelic Entity came closer to him and he asked him: “Are you happy with what you have requested?”, and the person responded: "No, I am suffering a lot, because I no longer know what else to do, everything is tiresome, everything is adverse. I don't want to think how Hell can be!", and then the Angel told him: "What are you saying?... This is Hell!"
What this metaphor means, and this was said already by professor Olguin in a meeting. I know it because with his authorization I read his mind - one always requests permission to read the other person's mind-. The true paradise is not lying down on the grass, with a straw in the mouth, looking at the sky or watching the birds fly without doing anything.
Teaching this is fomenting the bad habit of laziness. The true paradise is being in the planes of Light 4 and 5 living to Serve and suffering for the others.
He who doesn't understand it, it’s because he was taught by a false religion, he will say: "What? Is paradise a place of suffering?"
Sure! But this suffering is an option and not an obligation. It is enjoying, sharing the suffering of the others. The only difference there is between our plane 5 and the plane -2 (Eighth Sphere), where the spirit feels in himself compulsorily the suffering of all the other spirits that are there, is that we suffer for the others as an option, but we do it with joy, because each spirit that we rescue is a grain of sand, as you say. That we gain for our cause. That is the difference.
The famous "Earthly Paradise" is a Selfish paradise. My incarnated part, at the moment is embodied in Orion 4, as well as the incarnated part of Johnakan Ur-El the professor Olguin is incarnated is Sun 3 and they have read a work of a terrestrial author that says that there is a planet where all the inhabitants are beings of Light who have embodied not to evolve but to enjoy, because in that world the work doesn't exist, they are all brethren, everybody is happy, everybody is fine and they never have problems.
Actually, something like that cannot exist ever, because if there were a planet like that, it would be a tremendously selfish planet.
I myself, I am in the vibrational level 5, I would not request to embody in a world where everybody is happy, but rather I would ask to do it in a world where everybody is unhappy so that I would be able to help them. Because if I stayed in my plane, where everybody is happy, I would be a tremendous selfish person.
Therefore, those beings that are in a place where everybody is happy, they are selfish beings. And selfishness, in the long run produces suffering.
Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear. Is the desire of Service inherent in the spirit?
Tar: Regrettably not. On the contrary, in the spirits the reactive mind is inherent and this one impels them fervently to serve themselves without paying attention to the others at all. Each one is interested in his own suffering, each one is interested in his own pain, each one is interested in his own well-being, and then they claim: "It’s the other the one that hurts me", "the other offends me”, “I have to give explanations to the other” and things like that.
Paradoxically, we always think about the others based on ourselves, because when we stop thinking about us, we start thinking that the one that truly suffers is the other and automatically we stop suffering, we stop feeling pain, we stop offending each other and then a true desire to serve invade us.
I have the inherent desire to Serve because in the plane 5º we don't have ego. Having no Ego means that I don't "need" and if I don’t need, I feel naturally the impulse to give, to offer myself to others. Besides, if I don’t have Ego nothing hurts me, nothing offends me. It is absurd thinking that we are here only to be happy and that we can be happy when there are so many beings that suffer and they need our help.
We are to be happy yes, when the whole universe has already ascended of plane and the suffering has ended. In that moment we will be able to stop working and rest.
The Absolute (Eon), in that sperm of Light, where we will submerge when the Big Crunch comes, he will give us a little bit of time so that we enjoy with him and then he will say- if you excuse me the terrestrial expression.: "Okay, boys, let’s back to work, the universe has ended, now we will create it again and we will start from zero, to start evolving again."
Why does the Absolute do that? Because each Creation is an octave higher than the other, until a moment will come in which it won't be an octave higher and then we will all enjoy in an eternal present.
What I am saying is new, because terrestrial physicists think that there is a Big Bang and then will be a Big Crunch and everything will be over. No, there were many previous universes before of this universe that began 15.000 million years ago and the Big Crunch that will come won't be the last either. Then another universe of a superior octave will come, where we, as spirits, we will be the minor gods (Elohim) and we will create new spirits so that they evolve.
The same evolution will irradiate, or it is irradiating at this time, such a Light that will make grow the universe an octave.
In each creation, then, there is an octave more. That is the function of the Absolute. When the maximum octave is reached, there is joy, we will be already minor gods and we will enjoy happiness with the Creator.
The earthly orgasm that feels a couple when mating, will be an eternal orgasm, it will be of a subtle density , so elevated and at the same time so but so pleasant that we will live in an infinite fraternity. It is a pun.
Interlocutor: Tar, your explanation is perfectly clear, but now I want to ask you this question: in a documentary, an alleged oriental Teacher said that he had sexual relationships without having orgasms, this was taken by him like something very positive because for him having an orgasm would be like is "being deflated”.
My question is if this peculiarity is some engramic dysfunction.
Tar: The answer is that the tantric function of the orgasm is used rather for sexual techniques. Everything they say is false, when the human male reaches orgasm, he doesn’t lower of spiritual plane. What they say is not true, but just the opposite.
Interlocutor: But however it is somehow true that one is "deflated" after an orgasm.
Tar: Yes, but only in the physical aspect.
Interlocutor: I see.
Tar: If there is a simultaneous orgasm between a man and a woman, although the woman is multiorgasmic, orgasm makes that those spirits rise of vibration. So, the orgasm is good also for the spiritual part.
What that terrestrial oriental explained is that they retain the orgasm to be able to continue exercising the function of the sexuality with the woman. He does it based on a technique nothing else. Because the woman is multiorgasmic and the male is not, and there are men that at a certain age find difficult to recover after an orgasm, what they do is retaining the orgasm to be able to continue with the coitus.
Interlocutor: Perfect, your explanation is very clear, But this man spoke that he never had orgasms. Is this okay? I ask it because one thing is retaining the orgasm as a technique to enjoy more time with a woman and another is retaining the orgasm always as if it were something positive.
Tar: In that case, if this person do that, it is bad and it is harmful, and it can affect him psychic and physically.
Once the male gave pleasure to his mate, he gave delight to the woman, the male can perfectly culminate the sexual relationship ejaculating, and that is perfectly fine.
Interlocutor: Could the theory of this person that never ejaculates be something engramic, and therefore irrational and above all something "against nature”?
Tar: Yes, it could be something engramic and the teaching of the technique has been interpreted erroneously for this reason.
Interlocutor: The topic was clarified. Another question is: Would The Akashic Records be something like a kind of "film library” where documentaries of events that already happened are registered? I ask it because Kether, the Ancient of days, current Solar Logos of Ani, spoke that it is a record of events lived and one cannot see future facts in it. I mean to our future.
The concrete question is: is there a relationship between the Akashic Records and time travel.
Tar: No, there is none. The Akashic Files are the individual memories of each spirit. The spirit, outside of the body remembers all the past lives. In turn, those memories –if you allow me the expression-. They are guarded by the Divine Energies, and also by Lipikas, it’s a kind of Light that is part of the Absolute.
It is as if it were a hard disk of a computer,- I am giving a terrestrial example-. And you take out that information, but the information of each spirit is kept individually by each spirit.
The Akashic Records have the information of each planetary system of the millions and millions of spirits that live in each one of these systems.
Interlocutor: Can we access to the Akashic Records and checked them out easily at any time? [1]
Tar: In fact, they are hardly ever checked out; exceptionally they can be checked out by the Logos for some special reasons, but if there is no special reason, they don’t do it. I am very destabilized.
Interlocutor: Well, I’ll ask you the last question. Does aspirin lower cholesterol?
Tar: Aspirin can help so that embolism doesn't take place, because it improves the blood stream. But if there is an overdose, it can harm the gastrointestinal system.
This is it in terrestrial biology, because in other worlds aspirin can be a mortal poison. It depends on the physical constitution of each organism.
I am very destabilized. I leave you with all my blessings.
Interlocutor: See you later, Tar, and thank you for everything.
[1] There are many people in the physical plane who claim that they can read or they have access to the Akashic Records, obviously they lie in order to deceive people.
The truth is that the incarnated spirit or 10% doesn’t have access to the Akashic Records; this is the reason that any embodied spirit doesn’t remember his past lives.

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