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The teachings are proposed not imposed. If we don't get an answer, it will be because it’s not their time, because it doesn't matter to them because they think that they are owners of the truth.

There are many people that give value to the material things and sometimes it’s not their fault of having that way of thinking. Because they themselves are valued by the things they possess. Our society gives more importance to possessions than Wisdom.

Due to a misinterpretation it is thought that an emotional person loves more than an unemotional person; due to a misinterpretation also it is thought that the unemotional person is emotionless and that doesn't love. The emotional love is a love of necessity and not the true Love. It is the love that says: “I love you", “I miss you”, "I need you”; however, the Spirit doesn’t need anything, because it is nurtured of the Father's Love.

The one that needs is our own ego. For that reason the emotional person suffers when he or she is abandoned, when a friend betrays him/her, when a beloved person leaves, when a son despises him/her, when a mother doesn't understand because ego is the one that wants to be loved, to be spoiled, to be well-known, to be praised, to be applauded, to be congratulated. The spirit doesn't need those things because its only objective is to serve.

Once upon a time there was a nurse that was taking care of an old disabled woman who after few days suddenly quit; when the granddaughter of that old woman wanted to know the reason of her resignation, the nurse admitted that she had quit because she was a member of a Church and because of her religious beliefs she wouldn’t take her of her grandmother anymore because the old lady was a directress of a spiritualistic center – at this point it doesn’t matter which church the nurse was going to-.

The granddaughter, answered to her with conviction and common sense: “Didn’t Jesus teach to serve and do good to everybody?

The message of this real story is that personal love or earthly love is synonymous of respect and we cannot give love if we don't respect others.

Human beings "use" religion to separate each other, not to be together. There is another Love, the impersonal Love the one that Jesus instilled in us. It is the Love of Service that doesn't make difference of race, sex, or religion; it’s a Love that brings itself spontaneously to everyone that needs. Therefore, the only way we have to practice Love is through Service, but we only have a way to do it: without discrimination.

A mean person will suffer for oneself, because he or she won't achieve his or her goals; the altruistic person, on the other hand, will suffer for a hundred unachieved goals, for a hundred entities that didn't achieve their goals and the altruistic spirit will give everything of itself so that some of those spirits achieve their goals.

He who serves, who is useful to the others and merciful, is a being of Light.

He who is humble, listens, but pseudo teachers don’t listen.

If one doesn't know what karma is carrying from past lives should understand that adopting a vocational Service automatically he or she will evolve spiritually and at the same time he or she will correct those karmas.

Wisdom is the only key to open the door towards Light. How can that Wisdom be reached? Leaving aside meanness, lust for power and prejudgment. But we should know that we will never have access to Wisdom, if we don’t seek in our inner selves.

Most of the beings will request, instead of giving. And many will ask: "How can we give?” "How can we give to the Father?”

Giving to the neighbor is to give to the Father, because the Father is in each one of us. Then, if I give myself to my fellow men, I am giving to the Father, and the Father will be joyful of that!

When we stop thinking about us and we start thinking that the one that truly suffers is the other, automatically we stop to suffer, we stop feeling pain, we stop offending ourselves, and then a true desire to serve will overwhelm us.

There are beings that still lack a lot to arrive to the true mastery grade, because they will always give in to a temptation, opening the way to indifference and not to Love, giving place to meanness and not to abnegation.

The main mission consists in that each one serves his or her fellow men in the measure that one can do it. It’s not necessary to be a therapist or a specialist. The only necessary thing is the will to do it.

Prejudgment means to prejudge and that means “to judge before knowing” What does it mean to judge before knowing? It means “to condemn before knowing if a person deserves condemnation”

One cannot have everything or achieve all the goals. Learning this is called wisdom. Neither can we make that our environment be always happy or that it is in permanent harmony. Sometimes the fortune of one is the misfortune of the other, but not because the one who had fortune is a negative person, but because we have to opt. We are sometimes forced to opt. Choosing is not negative.

The Absolute gave us Free Will so that we can choose! The problem appears, then, when it is necessary to choose. And sometimes we will have to choose for our own happiness in detriment of the happiness of the other, without suggesting that this be selfishness, what we have to evaluate, is to do the biggest good possible. But we should be well also.

We cannot build someone else’s happiness at the expense of our misery. And that is not selfishness but wisdom.

We will not be able to help somebody if we don't have the strength to help ourselves first. That is not ego, but discernment, and discernment is good. And the true happiness means to serve and try to transmute the biggest amount of suffering of the others.

Do not stop sharing. If your ego makes you take the lead role, you won't want to give in order not to be overshadowed. Open your heart!

It doesn’t matter who you were, what matters is who you are now, if you are called to service and you are altruistic. That you know how to spread the messages, because the true service means to transmit Love, to give, to be useful to the other, to serve the fellow men, to put yourself in the place of the other. "It doesn't matter who I was but who I am and who I will be."

He who has more ego, who hanker after power, who always try to play the lead role, is the one that suffers more. The only way that one has, in order not to suffer, is detachment but this can be misunderstood. Detachment means not to need; it doesn’t mean not to worry about the other, but having more time to give to the other, because this is the most important thing. Detachment doesn’t mean "indifference", but just the opposite it means to have more time to give love.

Unfortunately, human beings live conditioned by the society in which they live in. People are looking for escaping from different troubles, but are not looking for the Light.

One advances when one thinks about the other. The other is the one important, not oneself. The other is always important. If everybody thought in this way in the physical plane, there would not be robberies, there would not be swindles and there would not be insults, because the other one would be important. You cannot insult, you cannot steal, you cannot hurt, you cannot deceive if the other is important. It is necessary to be aware of this.

If everybody lived to serve the others, the words "wars", "rapes", "swindles", "deceits", would not exist because everybody would be thinking in how to be helpful or provide what the other needs.

If you think first about the other, in the fellow man, How could you make a mistake? There would not be insults, there would not be schemes, there would not be informality, there would not be mistakes and there would not be deceits...

It is very difficult to be happy in the physical plane because our ego impels us "to need", and the incarnated beings don't realize that one is unhappy enjoying and doing nothing because happiness takes place with Service. Doing nothing is tiresome, but Service, on the other hand, produces joy.

The Divine Mercy is a virtue of the Absolute that allows the evolution of the spirit. Do not confuse it with forgiveness because God doesn't need to forgive because God does not punish.

Love begins when a person feels that the needs of another person are as important as his own needs.

We should act in a brotherly way and we can achieve that by not being easily offended, by not getting angry because the only one that is hurt is our ego, the spirit is never hurt.

Ego can make retrograde somebody spiritually elevated. Be careful!

The main enemy of Wisdom is not ignorance, but indifference. And indifference is ego, your worst enemy

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