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The story of the Gold of Rennes has raised a lot of controversy and numerous hypotheses. The modern reputation of Rennes-le-Château is related to rumors concerning the local priest Bérenger Saunière, who had allegedly acquired and spent large sums of money. Many people wanted to see a connection of this mystery with the priory of Sion.
Saunière died in 1917, leaving the secret of where he got his fabulous treasure in the shadows. Many people have speculated if the parish priest's money was actually the lost treasure of the Knights Templars , the Cathars in the area or the buried Visigothic gold. Some people have even proposed that Saunière was blackmailing the Church with some terrible secret.
The French author Gérard of Sède wrote alternative stories about this case titled: L'Or of Rennes, ou La Vie insolite de Bérenger Saunière, curé de Rennes-le-Château and later of he published in paperback under the title of Le Trésor Maudit de Rennes-le-Château.

Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Johnakan Ur-El.
Interlocutor: There is a topic that intrigues me a lot and it has been called "The gold of Rennes", allegedly a local priest, suddenly became rich with an enormous wealth and he could even rub shoulders with high society in France back then.
Apparently, the priest had found in his church a hidden treasure, the famous "Catharian Treasure." What is the truth? It was said that he had found documents signed by the Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene that he sold at a good price to the owners of the castles of that time, who in turn donated them to the Vatican in exchange for prebends...
Johnakan Ur-El: The topic only offers a very sad and so basic answer, I will talk about it only once and no more. This priest plotted with others of his same kin in order to murder and rob the immense fortune of a nobleman who lived lonely without a family. Then, the priest squandered the stolen fortune...
With regard to the documents that you said were found, nothing was true. They were only rumors which were spread to hide a criminal act. Everything was very pitiful...
Interlocutor: Okay, do not talk about this topic anymore, I already understand...

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