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The case of Vassula Ryden is an example of how a medium can lose control of her mind. Anyone who reads her channelings obtained through automatic writing will realize that a forceful spirit has guided her hand. In addition her messages were sometimes deleted and omitted by herself she asserted this about that:

“God made me understand that the private messages and the very symbolic that people might not understand, should not be printed. I have 2 notebooks, one I call the private notebook (...). Then I have what I call the 'official' notebook, the one that should be printed. God removes from the private notebook all what should be diffused and re-writes the message in the official notebook."

Why would God recant? And Why would he keep certain messages in private? Every message of Light has to be revealed openly and if it’s not the time for us to understand certain revelation, then, this message is not given at all.

Her messages of the first ten months are in fact completely missing. It is an amazing when one considers that the first revelations always represent the introduction and the first fruits of an extraordinary supernatural phenomenon. Mrs. Ryden explains: «Generally I burned them because I really had so many of them» written on loose sheets and not yet in notebooks. If these messages were really messages of Light, Why would she burn her writings?

She also stated that at the beginning she had made everything public, but God did not want that. How could this be?

In one of her meetings in Switzerland 1991with a group of Canadian pilgrims Vassula Ryden said:

«I was making a list of expenses for a new cocktail party the same evening. At that moment I had this sheet of paper and I was writing what I had to buy for the afternoon.

While I placed my hand with the pencil on the paper, all of a sudden I felt throughout my whole body some electricity that was coming into me through my fingers and especially on my right hand.

Everything I held seemed like it was glued. The pencil no longer detached itself from my fingers.

Even if I wanted to get rid of it, I could not lift it up anymore; I could not open my hand anymore. And the sheet of paper became like a magnet again.

As if my hand was glued, I could not lift it anymore, as if my hand weighed 100 kilos, I could no longer lift it. All of a sudden an invisible force pushed my hand. I was not afraid, I do not know why. I relaxed my hand to see what would happen, and some words came, it was no longer my writing, and they said: “I am your angel [...]. My name is Dan (Daniel)”. He was soon replaced by Jesus Christ, by the Father, by the Virgin Mary or by other saints.

Only spirits of error and demons force people to do things they don’t want to do, Even more, the spirits of error and demons do not respect the Free Will of other beings. On the other hand the Spirits of Light are ethical and they will never give a message by force. All of us are free to choose because we have the Free Will given by the Absolute and this cannot be modified.

Examining her original writings, we can see that the extracted parts correspond to some unfulfilled prophecy; it’s evident that a spirit of dubious origin “wrote” that prediction.

We know for sure that prophecies and fortunetelling do not exist in the physical plane, not even High Level Spiritual Entities can predict the future. This is What Vassula Ryden ignores. The future is only known by the Absolute and also time travelers, there is no other way.

In the message of November 8, 1987, the entity that Vassula Ryden channelled said explicitly: « Do not refuse Me this! I want! I want to do it ». Later on, this entity exhorted her not to fear.

Only a self-centered entity with overinflated ego can pronounce these words. We know that Spirits of Light live to serve, they propose teachings, but they do not impose anything because above all things, they respect the Free Will of the others, and everybody is free to believe whatever one wants.

If we compare her messages with the messages given to Moses by Yahweh (an Eloah who fell prey to ego), we can notice that they are very similar.

Unfortunately the messages given by Vassula Riden mix evident truths with religious beliefs, fundamentalism and falsehoods, which is precisely what the entities of error do in order to deceive people.

We know that it’s important to respect other people’s beliefs, but it is also important to expose the truth behind the deception, and the truth must be told, Vassula Ryden is a spirit of error and she is NOT channeling Spirits of Light.

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