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One mistake that scientologists made is the belief that the spirit embodies in a 100%, something illogical since Ron Hubbard clarified that it was not in this way. The spirit only embodies in a 10%, (Lower-Self, or Earthly-self) being the 90% (Higher-Self, Soul or Thetan, according to each philosophy) in the spiritual plane of origin. The difference between a 90% and its 10%, essentially, would be the same difference that exists between an actor and the role that he is playing in a movie.
When a spirit embodies it only does it in a 10%, this 10% is the one that animates the physical body. The other 90% that doesn't embody stays in the respective spiritual plane. What gives life to a physical organism (vegetal, animal, human) It is the spirit, when the spirit leaves the body after having completed the cycle of the incarnation, the organism dies.
Even George Gurdjieff ended up saying something nonsensical like: “the man doesn't have a soul, but rather he must create his soul during the course of his life.
How could he say something like that? It’s simple, when he transmitted this concept his mental decoder was so deteriorated that he could not receive the concepts that his own soul was transmitting!
For example, the Catholic Church says blindly, as a dogma that "the man has a single soul” and this concept is completely wrong.
To clarify a little more the idea one can summarize this concept in simple words: "The man doesn't have a soul, but rather the soul has a man."
All living beings of any species have souls and not only the man. A microbe has a soul, an insect has a soul, a vegetable has a soul and any animal has a soul.
But what is the soul? The soul, also denominated higher-self or thetan, is simply the 90% that doesn't embody and remains in the spiritual plane of origin.
When the spirit is not incarnated, it’s 100% pure spirit and the concept of soul does not apply in this case.
The 10% spirit that embodies is denominated Lower-Self or Earthly-self. However the term "lower" doesn't mean an undermining word because the 10% incarnated is always the same spirit.
For instance, When the professor Jorge Olguin channels the Master Jesus, he is contacting with a 100% spirit because the Master Jesus has not reincarnated, However, when he channels the thetan of any embodied being, the communication is with the 90% or thetan, for that reason the 10% incarnated does not have knowledge of the telepathic communication with his thetan.
Telepathy in the physical plane doesn't exist, Therefore, it’s impossible to channel a 10% incarnated spirit, and for that reason the mediumistic communication is always with spiritual entities (Thetans or spirits)
The soul (higher-self or thetan) stays in its own spiritual plane fulfilling its normal activities, and learning from its physical part or 10% who also has independent Free Will.
Death is nothing more than the integration of both parts (90% and 10%incarnated) and we call to this process disincarnation. The spiritual being after disincarnation ascends, remains or it lowers from spiritual plane according to his own behavior.
There is no secret or mystery here. Only in planets little evolved like Earth does not exist a fluent communication between the physical plane and the spirits who have disincarnated.
This communication is possible through mediumship or spiritual telepathy and it’s something achieved in other planets as a routine. Although the spirit is immortal, in order to evolve it has the very important option of acquiring experience in the manifested worlds or planets that is to say, in the physical plane also called plane 1.
Each spirit can come from the planes 2, 3, 4 or 5. In the planes 2 and 3 inhabit the “spirits of error” called in this way since they have little understanding of the fundamental truths of life, and in other cases due to their humongous ego.
In this aspect, it’s important to highlight that there are Masters of Light who have lowered of plane due to their ego and as a consequence they have become spirits of error inhabiting the planes of error. In some cases there are spirits of error who are wiser than many Masters of Light, but they are spirits of error due to the roles of ego they have.
Most of the people embodied on Earth belong to the planes 2 and 3. If a spirit that embodies learns the lessons he came to learn, which were programmed in the vibratory plane, the spirit will ascend of plane. Otherwise, the spirit will return to the same plane.
If the spirit committed hostile acts against their fellow men, it can lower (due to its own gravitation to the planes -2 Eighth Sphere or the plane -1 the solitude plane, nobody sends him there) when the spirit learns the lesson of serving to the others instead of being served he will get out from these lower planes.
To conclude, it’s also incorrect to say that a soul is only human because any spirit is free to embody in other planets and animate extraterrestrial beings too, as long as the mental decoder of that extraterrestrial being is capable to decode the same spiritual concepts.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: In the spiritual planes do you say "concept" instead of "thought."?
Ruanel: Correct. Even I don't differentiate the spirit from the concept. I consider that "spirit" and "concept" are the same thing. As well as in life I said that "A man doesn't have a soul, but rather the soul has a body" in the same way I say now that the spirit doesn't have a concept, but rather the concept has a spirit. But even this sentence doesn’t fit. I would say that "concept" and "spirit" are symbionts. Let’s say that the one that has life is the spirit, but the spirit can never be but a concept.
As well as in the physical plane you cannot live without lungs because you could not breathe and absorb oxygen, in the same way the spirit cannot exist without a concept. The concept is the spirit, as well as for you it is the body the one that gives you life in the physical plane and it’s the body that contains you.
Interlocutor: Does it have some relationship with the sentence that Jesus said: One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God?
Ruanel: The Master Jesus deepened a lot, and the sentence that one does not live by bread only was referred to that it doesn't matter what enters through the mouth - because Jesus ate meat - but what comes out of it.
Jesus referred that it doesn’t matter if one is vegetarian if later on he lives calumniating and reviling other people. The Master Jesus said it in a very practical and very coherent way. When he said that one does not live by bread alone – he keeps saying it in the spiritual planes: he is contacted with each embodied being's causal body - he also refers that a man lives through expression, ideas, love, works, of giving, receiving and empathizing with the others.
Each human being is a mirror of what his spiritual being is in the spiritual planes. In the planes of Light, each spirit, as you say in the physical plane, "it comes from the inside" to empathize with the other one, but it is already something natural, as well as for you breathing is mechanical because you don't breathe thinking "now I inhale, now I exhale, now I inhale." You breathe naturally, even when you sleep, which is when your functions are reduced.
In the same way, in the Mastery grade 4 and the Plane of Light 5, the beings automatically empathize. This is what I was trying to transmit from this plane to the physical plane. That all beings empathize, but this feeling comes from the inside.
Regrettably, human beings are so psychologically destroyed by religions. For example, referring to a man and a woman, if they only touch each other, the single fact of being involved, makes them feel dubious, with mistrust, exactly due to those so perverse teachings.
Returning to the topic, we can establish a simple rule: the human being is spirit, the spirit is concept, and therefore the human being is concept.
That the human being is concept; it means that the human being can only be human if he has ideas. Regrettably, the reactive mind is such an oppressive ballast that a human being stops thinking and, as my brother George Gurdjieff said once, “he lives sleeping”
Interlocutor: Well, this point is clear. Moving on to another topic. When you were alive, you sustained amazingly that the reactive mind doesn't block the creative abilities of a man. One of the classic examples is Ludwig Van Beethoven, a taciturn man who in spite of deafness and other problems he had, he composed wonderful music. And the same thing can be said of Robert Schumann who ended up his days confined in an asylum.
Ruanel: People ignore the truth about Robert Schumann. Schumann is a spirit of the spiritual plane 5, he was a being so elevated spiritually who had a concept in the physical plane so elevated, so high that he even communicated permanently with Elohim, with Adonai and other minor gods, with the Divine Energies that transmitted him virtually extraordinary concepts.
The energy Robert Schumann received from these entities was truly big, and even though he was a true genius incarnated, he had personality bilocation.
Interlocutor: Do you know the reason?
Ruanel: Yes, because he also had a marked reactive mind and many complexes.
Interlocutor: With the "personality bilocation" are you telling me that Robert Schumann had two personalities?
Ruanel: Correct. On one hand, he was a totally normal person and on the other hand, and in a surprising way, he changed to a totally aggressive person and he even had sexual deviations that included aggression against himself.
Interlocutor: In short, Can we affirm that the reactive mind doesn't annul the creative abilities?
Ruanel: Yes, we can affirm that in spite of the reactive mind, the creative abilities remain intact.
Interlocutor: But the question is if Beethoven, for example, if he had been clear or free of engrams that conditioned him, he would have composed another type of music, less deep or conflicted.
Ruanel: Yes, it is possible because being normal his works would have been less deep. I will leave. I greet you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Who is present?
Ruanel: In all the planes there are problems that make lower of plane, but the biggest problem continues being the physical plane, with ego and dramas of control. There are a lot of people who leaves much to be desired due to their behavior.
Interlocutor: Am I, somehow, dragging down my Thethan?
Ruanel: Not now, but you were dragging it some years ago. Recently, I considered with Johnakan wondering about how it is possible that there are 15% spirits seeking the Light in the physical plane and only 1% of them reached the planes of Light.
What happens with the other 14%? They are dispersed, they are falling into lassitude due to material longings or commitments that they consider more important than the mission, without realizing that they can do both at the same time.
They are not coherent in their way of thinking that they assume that a commitment will consume all their life that they assume that a job or a family won't allow them to continue in the spiritual path because it will take all the time.
Interlocutor: I would also add that the inherent skepticism that all the embodied beings have about the reality of the spiritual planes.
Ruanel: Let’s leave skepticism aside. Let’s speak exclusively of the physical plane. If the spiritual world didn't exist for the physical plane, what would prevent to that 15% to continue with the work of service? Let’s think that we, in the plane 5 as well as in the plane 4, we serve without expecting any reward. We enjoy serving; we try to do the best we can for those who suffer. Then, why in the physical plane, even if they do not believe in the afterlife or spiritual rewards, they don’t do the same thing?
I mean, I discard, in a higher percentage, the excuse of skepticism because, suddenly, 15 of each 100 people seek the spiritual Path, 14 of them abandon the quest. They don’t leave it due to skepticism, because they can make perfectly good actions in the physical plane just for the joy of doing it.
As well as we don't expect any reward, in the physical plane it should be also people who don’t expect any reward. Unfortunately, religions made a paradise up for their parishioners, a paradise with rewards because they have behaved well during their whole incarnation, just like the person who tames animals in a circus when he rewards their trained animals with a goody after they have made a trick.
Besides, it’s childish when they think they’ll live 70 years of life behaving well and they will receive a reward of thousands and thousands of years doing nothing, being that the spirit is already immortal! It would be absolutely absurd.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Can I ask you a last question before Jorge rests?
Ruanel: Go ahead.
Interlocutor: A follower of Grupo Elron, Jose Javier R. sent me this email that says:
We already have information about the spirit, the spiritual planes and even more. I believe that we don't know yet about the weight of the spirit. As far as I know we don’t know if it’s quantifiable or not and I have not read anything about this issue. Once I read or I watched on television- I don't remember with certainty- a report about the soul in which they made a simple test to know if the soul had a weight: They weighed a person before he passed away, then weighed him after he took his last breath. The difference between the two measurements was 30 grams approximately. Then, the question is: How can a spirit be weighed physically? This left me a little bit perplexed (I suppose that due to my ignorance because in that time I didn't know anything related to Grupo Elron). If I remember correctly, Ronald Hubbard said in his writings of Scientology that a theta being has mass.
Ruanel: The spirit cannot be weighed simply because the spirit does not belong to the physical plane, but to the supraphysical plane.
Interlocutor: And what is the reason of that difference of weight then? Would it be gases or any other thing maybe?
Ruanel: Of course. Any eventual difference of weight before and after disincarnation is only due to factors of the physical plane.
Interlocutor: Would it be all about this matter?
Ruanel: Correct, I repeat, the spirit cannot be weighed because it doesn't belong to the physical plane. See you later.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.


Email received
Dear Professor: There are many people who have returned from death who told stories known as NDEs (near death experiences) that normally are very pleasant and even happy. In addition, they also reported that during this time they have seen a light and their relatives with their physical appearance who were helping them to reach the spiritual planes. Are these experiences real or merely hallucinations? Ismael M.

Dear Ismael: Today we had a session with Jorge Olguin and in spite of having many questions scheduled; I asked your question to my guide Ruanel. The answer that my Guide gave me was that it is not an issue of hallucinations, on the contrary, since the spirits are like lines or traces of Light and a person who recently disembodied finds it very hard to distinguish his relatives in these lines, in order to facilitate the perception to him in that moment, they present themselves according to the last role they played when they were embodied (father, mother, brother, son, etc.) This is what in Spiritism is called "perispírit".
In Spiritism, the spirits that are incorporated in the medium do it "dressing" the body and the characteristics of their last incarnation in order to be recognized by the medium.
My Guide emphasized the word "solidarity" to me because this is the attitude that the spirits adopt to facilitate the perception to the person that has recently disincarnated, even though that person is resuscitated after that and returns to life in the physical plane.
Another thing that my Guide clarified me is that hallucinations take place in the cerebral cortex, which is physical, and since spirits have no cortex they cannot hallucinate.


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