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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel (Manuel’s Thetan)
Morganel: I have returned to be communicated again through this vessel in order to clarify the topic related to alternative universes and parallel universes. There are some things that were left unresolved because although other Masters of Light in a wise and suitable way have described how alternate universes are developed, there are many things that were left unfinished.
It is known by you that there are 22 parallel universes that are unmovable and one of them can have another spirit similar to me and it can also have another embodied being similar to my 10% in it, and that we can have things in common or not necessarily. Not even Sun 3 has to exist! The alternative universes are not unmovable, but rather they are numerous, I would say that almost infinite; because they are formed by decision makings. And although many times it was said that there are alternative universes that "dry off", because the author of that choosing has disincarnated, there are alternate universes that endure.
There are alternative worlds where the Cro-Magnon race has been decimated by an illness until it became extinct and the Neanderthal race is the one that has been the dominating race over the planet. As Neanderthal race, to the present day, they continue advancing technologically in another Sun 3, which is an alternate universe that has as much strength as this universe and it is a reality.
There have been scientists in that other universe, Neanderthal scientists, who have ended up creating like kind of hole forming a door through this universe by means of a similar apparatus to the cyclotron [1]. And I have had the fortune, the possibility to communicate with the Thetans of those Neanderthal scientists from that alternate universe giving them overwhelming information about this universe.
The Thetan of that Neanderthal scientist, who showed up to this world for a brief period of time, has communicated with other Thetans. Even with Thetans of scientists and even there is a writer who wrote a quite extensive sketch of what that Neanderthal world is; where the population is the thousandth part of what the population Homo Sapiens-Sapiens of Sun 3 is. There are advances [of this Sun 3] that they ignore, but they have other advances that this Sun 3 ignores. They have different customs that maybe it’s not the moment to translate them now or yes, in the case you request it from me.
Interlocutor: One example, please.
Morganel: Well! One example is when the monthly moment comes in which the woman can have intimacy with the male, in those 5 days, the couples take advantage for having full intimacy. They are 5 days in which they take a break from work, contrary to Sun 3 of this universe, where one works 5 days, or in some cases 5 and a half days, and in other cases 6 days and one rests the remaining day or the day and half remaining. In that universe, they work every day of the month, but 5 days which are used by the female to have intimacy with the male. The rest of the days of the month that male lives with a male partner and they take it as something normal, absolutely normal.
If one of the males is the one that has female partner, the other one stays those 5 days at home waiting for her male partner to return. It is more complicated when both males have female partners, because the days they can have intimacy don't coincide, perhaps between the two women, and both males sometimes end up being up to 10 days separated.
Interlocutor: Excuse me Morganel, but I have a question and I don’t want to leave it unanswered. Is there any possibility that between those males they have some kind of sexual intimacy?
Morganel: No, it’s not a possibility! It is directly 100% positive!
Interlocutor: Ah, there are two types of relationships.
Morganel: Yes. They don't even have passive roles or active roles separately. Both are passive and both are active. But they don't lose any type of masculinity at all, according to their concept of what masculinity is, because they enjoy with the women they have as a partner those 5 days and the rest of the time they live with the male partner. But it also happens the same thing on the other part! Why mustn’t be in this way? The female partner also has a female partner and they have intimacy except when they have to mate with the male.
The offspring, as they call them, remain with the woman until a certain age and starting from what would be the 12th terrestrial year, they go to educational centers and they are in an independent way from the family; but they can see their parents perfectly, they have complete freedom. There are no crimes at all, because they carry with them a kind of chip that records their activities during the 24 hours of the day. Those who don't carry that chip are sanctioned, and then, it is impossible to commit a crime of any nature.
Interlocutor: Is that chip inserted in some place of the body?
Morganel: Yes. Near to the left ear. The important thing is that they have a very developed the sense of smell. Their corpulence is very superior compared to the Homo Sapiens-Sapiens as much the males as the females, although they have more corporal hair than Homo Sapiens-Sapiens has.
The Neanderthal race has also advanced as species in that alternate universe to such point that although they have head of hair, so that you understand me, - leonine -, they hardly have facial hair and little do they resemble to the Neanderthals you know in the museums. The same thing happens on their behalf, in their museums of Natural History they have a Cro-magnon with fur and cudgel, and they don't imagine a Cro-magnon civilization like the current one. They have the double area of forests in that alternative Sun3 compared to this Sun 3. They don’t have polluted air like this Sun 3 has. If any Neanderthal approached his nose to this Sun 3, he would have nausea due to the polluted air. They have astronomical knowledge, about DNA, micro particles.
Interlocutor: Do they have knowledge about space trips?
Morganel: No!
Interlocutor: Haven’t they have ended up traveling through space?
Morganel: No. They have been dedicated more to another type of scientific tests.
Interlocutor: Haven’t they even arrived to the Moon in that alternative universe?
Morganel: No. But they don't carry any illness!
Interlocutor: They have solved pretty well other problems then.
Morganel: By means of their DNA.
Interlocutor: Ah! They are more advanced in genetics then.
Morganel: Several Thetans of scientists and some writers of this Sun 3, have been able to communicate with a couple of Thetans that approached this world shortly extracting information; and as I told you at the beginning of this session a writer has written a sketch of what that world is in a shape of science fiction in order to sell his book. And the least that one expects when reading the book is that it is real and not a fantasy only. Obviously the novel book is extensive because the writer wrote about a contact that didn’t exist in reality, where both worlds know each other, the Neanderthal and the Cro-magnon.
Interlocutor: And that is not real?
Morganel: No. That is not real.
Interlocutor: There was no contact?
Morganel: Not at physical level.
Interlocutor: Only among Thetans?
Morganel: Only among Thetans, not at physical level.
Interlocutor: But could they have some contact with us? You said at the beginning that they opened...
Morganel: They opened up like a small breach by using a similar apparatus to a cyclotron they opened up a kind of portal. They have ended up approaching out and they perceived that there was life, they perceived that the air was very polluted and with microorganisms that could be harmful to them; and they directly closed the portal and at this time I don't perceive any signal.
Interlocutor: Haven’t they continued with the investigations?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: Very well Morganel.
Morganel: You can ask me other questions if you want it.
Interlocutor: Yes. I would like to ask you about some things related to temporary clairvoyance and time travel. Let’s see, the esoteric schools, among of them the Theosophical Society, they have taught us on the existence of certain "memory units" in the Physical Universe, called Akashic Records, where all the events that happen in the physical plane in some moment would be recorded.
Some clairvoyants, for example, Charles W. Leadbeater from the Theosophical Society, have said that they possess the special ability to visualize the content of those Akashic Records, just as if it were a movie projected on a screen before their eyes! And so it would have been possible for them to describe in detail the historical events, for example, a battle, a cataclysm, etc., and even pre-historical events. In other words, they have said that they could see the past of the Earth literally or, maybe, the past of the Human Race. Can you tell us something about the Akashic Records?
Morganel: The Akashic Records exist and some Entities called Lipikas [2] have access to them. If any spiritual entity, disembodied entity or a Thetan 90% spirit, or a 10% incarnated says that he/she has access to all the Akashic records, take it as a total fallacy.
Interlocutor: Then, you are telling me that in the case of Charles W. Leadbeater, this clairvoyant the embodied person, this was the name of the 10%, I don’t know about his thetan, Neither he nor his Thetan could have had access to the Akashic Records?
Morganel: He didn’t even have access to the contact with his 90%! But yes, he had a great imagination. I myself as a Thetan, have the lucidity of all my memories, but I could have access to the memories of another Thetan or another 100% spirit, if that Entity opened up its conceptual curtain and it allowed me to perceive its conceptual mind. Otherwise, it would be impossible.
Then, to proclaim that one can have access to the complete Akashic Records, not only is a fallacy, but rather it makes very bad to what the true knowledge is; because even most of the Schools of Sun 3, when they speak about the Akashic Records, they are speaking of the Records of mankind; and they are so poor in their knowledge that they forget that the Akashic Records, - to which the Lipikas have access - they contain the Records of millions and millions of worlds!
Interlocutor: Wow! But then, no embodied being or thetan has had access to the Akashic Records? Do you confirm it?
Morganel: Yes, I confirm it.
Interlocutor: Nobody has access to the Akashic Records?
Morganel: No, nobody has access, unless a Lipika allows an Entity to consult it for a matter of study.
Interlocutor: Could something like that have happened to this clairvoyant C.W. Leadbeater?
Morganel: But it did not happen! Because I directly perceive his spirit and it didn’t happen.
Interlocutor: So, everything was a total fallacy?
Morganel: It was a fallacy. I affirm it totally.
Interlocutor: Well, you have already answered the next question. What can you tell us about that special ability of clairvoyance that would allow someone to consult the Akashic Records?
Morganel: That it’s a fable!
Interlocutor: Well. Morganel in your deep investigations of the spiritual world. Have you ever perceived the existence of "esoteric techniques" that would allow a conscious being to visualize, - just as if it were a window - the historical events for example, a battle, a cataclysm, etc.? In other words, Can a spirit or a Thetan visualize the past of a planet or a race of conscious beings as if it were a window?
Morganel: No! What an Entity can make is directly “dive”- using a terrestrial word-, in its memories and through those memories reach those historical events. But giving maybe a too basic example in order to be understood, if I was embodied in India during the year 1100 of the Christian Era, I would have little knowledge of what happened in Vivar del Cid back then.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Morganel: Unless I, as a Thetan, or as a 100% spirit being disincarnated had contact with another entity that was embodied in that place and I could dive in its memories with its permission, because I cannot trespass Free Will; and diving in the history of that other spirit and uniting several spirits coalescing in several points of Sun 3 and in different times, we can share memories of experiences and in that way we would have a full knowledge of what the history of the Earth was. But with the kindness of a spirit with each other and vice versa.
Interlocutor: Now I understand how some incarnated beings could have access for example to the past of the Earth.
Morganel: Through a thetan and when another Thetan had certain experience, or the spirit embodied in certain place, the thetan can remember a well-known episode conceptually or not.
Interlocutor: That would be a simpler way to know the facts.
Morganel: Yes, it would be realer and more coherent, more logical.
Interlocutor: And not consulting the Akashic Records. That would be quite more difficult for what you said (laughing).
Morganel: Anyways, there are Spiritual Entities, I am among them, who seek to know the history of other worlds; because as well as there are among you beings that have like a tachycardia when they enter into a library, or musicians that have like a tachycardia when they see musical instruments, I’m conceptually invaded somehow by a healthy avidity, when I can investigate the history in other worlds, in which I have never embodied, worlds that have a rich history. And the Lipikas grant access to that because they don't have reason to cut our Free Will.
Interlocutor: Have you been immersed, let us say, in those fields of knowledge?
Morganel: There are worlds that have a history that I could be hours and entire days during several sessions speaking about those worlds where there were tremendous battles; or worlds that never had battles and the combats were intellectual, we call them combats because the spoken lexicon is poor. Where objects were disputed, lands, circumstances by means of games that here on Earth, it would seem childish. But if you could end up contacting a spirit that embodied in those worlds it would tell you:
- You call us childish to us and we didn't cause a single death to conquer a certain place. We simply took it as a mere divertissement and that doesn't mean that we don't give value to the prize we won; but we didn't kill any life. Then, who is childish?
Interlocutor: Morganel, with regard to the knowledge of the past of a planet or the past of a race of conscious beings, we have scheduled here some questions. The esoteric schools, among them once again the Theosophical Society, they have taught us traditionally on the existence of some very old civilizations in Sun 3, for example: Mu, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Atlantis, etc. did those pre-historical civilizations exist? Did they really have the enormous technical development and/or spiritual advance that this esoteric school speaks about?
Morganel: We have embodied in Atlantis! We have embodied in Lemuria! And millions of years ago there was a civilization on Sun 2 when the atmosphere allowed life.
Interlocutor: On Venus?
Morganel: Yes, There was a Logos called Sanat Kumara that somehow guided Sun 2. Sanat Kumara afterwards embodied a lot in Lemuria before Atlantis. This means that there were many civilizations that disappeared. Some of them due to the genetic code of the race, - like the case of Lemuria -, others due to an accident, - like in the case of Atlantis-.
Interlocutor: Were the civilizations of Lemuria and Hyperborea real? Did they exist?
Morganel: Not Hyperborea, but there was a similar civilization to Hyperborea. Mu existed, It was very similar to Lemuria and it was not spread on the whole planet. It was located in the place that today is known as the higher part of the Asian continent, the Himalaya area, in Tibet.
Interlocutor: Was Mu over there?
Morganel: Yes. Remember also that millions of years ago the continents of Sun 3 didn't have the current structure.
Interlocutor: Yes, the geography was different.
Morganel: Also, the atmosphere was different millions of years ago, as well as the atmosphere in Sun 2 was different as well.
Interlocutor: Did conscious beings embody in biological units like Homo Sapiens-Sapiens in these pre-historical civilizations we are talking about? or were they another type of units? Were they Homo Sapiens-Sapiens or another race? I’d like to know.
Morganel: They were another type of units. Their skin was dark like the current black race and although they had a similar genetic code to the current Homo Sapiens-Sapiens they were not exactly Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. Anyways, There was no extermination due to external agents in Mu or Lemuria, not even due to an act of war. In both cases the extinction was due to the genetic code or the duration of the race.
Interlocutor: And did they really have the enormous technical development and/or spiritual advance that esoteric schools speak about?
Morganel: Atlantis did have it.
Interlocutor: Technical development?
Morganel: More technical than any other thing, but they also had spiritual development; and a lot of knowledge about astronomy, physics. They worked with solid light, they worked practically with solid gases until reaching the absolute zero and one of those experiments was the one that brought the great hecatomb in Atlantis; which was one of the few civilizations inhabited by beings with a similar DNA to the current humanity.
Interlocutor: Is it possible for you to locate precisely these pre-historical civilizations in a timeline? Could you tell us the periods of time of Atlantis, Lemuria, etc?. Locate them in a timeline?
Morganel: Atlantis is much more recent. Atlantis has few thousands of years. Atlanteans cohabited with Cro-magnon men, they cohabited with Neanderthals. Atlantis can be located at some 20.000 years ago, but back in time you locate it 50.000 years ago. Notice that until 30.000 years ago there were Neanderthals in Sun 3 that is to say they have ended up cohabiting with those races. Lemuria is much more ancient. Lemuria can be located at 500.000 years ago and more. Practically, it was a race that had the entire planet at their disposal; however they were very few beings. Beings that had very thick skin, very fond of cold weather, for that reason -the word is not shelter-, but rather they dwelled in higher places and rather cold locations.
Interlocutor: Well. We have reasons to suppose, for what you have told us that you had embodied most of the times in Sun 3 that you know on the existence and the experiences lived by Homo Sapiens-Sapiens in Sun 3. Are we correct?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: Are you interested on the topic, Existence of Homo Sapiens-Sapiens in Sun 3? Could we ask you about pre-historical events and/or historical experiences lived by this race on the Earth in other moment?
Morganel: Yes, it is wonderful.
Interlocutor: Are you interested on the topic?
Morganel: Yes, besides there was a tremendous awakening. The Homo Sapiens-Sapiens that most of the anthropologists ignore, - and here it is not about making challenges, it has to do that they wake their minds up and that they have more open-mindedness-, The homo Sapiens-sapiens is much older of what the records say. It happens that during a long time their decoder didn't wake up to what abstract thinking is. The Cro-magnon race cohabited thousands and thousands of years with Neanderthals and both races woke up to abstract thinking.
For those who say that it was the Cro-magnon the one that was limiting the food of the Neanderthals until exterminating them, they should keep in mind and: Oh! - Will some scientists think- How didn’t we think about it before? The Neanderthal race woke up first to the abstract thinking! And 28.000 to30.000 years ago, when they were extinct, then the Cro-magnon woke up to abstract thinking.
That is to say, notice the great patience that we have had as Spiritual Entities in embodying 20 or 25 years in beings that simply scratched the their heads from insects , they fed, they mated, they fought, they killed or they were eaten by wild beasts. We, with our entire concept and without being able to transmit to their mental decoders ideas, they hardly moved a little more advanced than the current animals.
Interlocutor: Luckily genetic evolution also exists apart from the other evolutions.
Morganel: Of course! That is the great hope of the spirit that in each world evolution exists. But in the same time, the abstract thinking brought backwardness to many worlds.
Interlocutor: In this world it brought backwardness?
Morganel: Yes, of course!
Interlocutor: How come?
Morganel: The fear of thunders, the fear of rumblings and lightnings. Suddenly they shrugged groaning mentally like intentioning so that the storm stops and while the storm ceased they left the caves and they looked at the clear sky and they thought that somebody from beyond had listened to their expression, - because it wasn’t called prayer yet -, their intention, and starting from there, they began to believe in supernatural beings. They had a basic idea of what God was, but they already spoke about offerings, about prizes, about punishments, etc. And everything they didn't understand had to do with supernatural gods. While the civilization was advancing the belief became more subtle, but not less ignorant. I don’t know if that phrase is clear.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: More subtle, but not less ignorant. Even to the present day, to what you call XXI century according to your calendar, it’s exactly the same thing: prizes, punishments, persecutions, religious wars, etc. That is backwardness!
Interlocutor: Yes, I coincide with you in that aspect. Do you know, Morganel, about the polemical matter related to extraterrestrial presence? I mean, about extraterrestrial biological units here on Sun 3. Do you know about this topic?
Morganel: Yes, of course! In addition, the Thetans we communicated with are part of a spirit and as several Masters already said it, Ruanel, Johnakan-Ur-El, the spirits are not terrestrial or extraterrestrial.
Interlocutor: No.
Morganel: Extraterrestrials, humans, vegetables: they are spirits and we can contact with them perfectly. They can be belligerent spirits, altruistic spirits, but spirits after all. In the whole history of what Sun 3 is there were visitors from other worlds and some of them have been depicted. There are drawings of the ancient times where ships are depicted, beings with space suits, - as you would call them-
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: And that is not an invention because in the past, although there was another type of imagination, the imagination was not graphic, because it was ignorant imagination. If I don't know two centuries ago before the Christian Era what a helmet or a space suit is, I would never be able to draw it.
Interlocutor: Yes, it is true.
Morganel: If there are drawings in that time, it is because there were visual witnesses directly.
Interlocutor: Yes, about that there is a counterargument when one makes an archaeological discovery of that sort. Sometimes one proposes a theory and they mention a counterargument saying that it is false that it’s simply a forgery that somebody at the present time made it or somebody recently made it, etc. That is to say, They do not give it credit, which is something really unfortunate, isn’t?
Morganel: He who has eyes to see, let him see, and he who has ears to hear, let him hear. That is what I can say. We as spiritual beings can say, He who has mind to conceptualize, let him conceptualize (laughing).
Interlocutor: Exactly (laughing).
Morganel: There are many testimonies. I don’t deny that there are forgeries because there are. Nowadays with the topic of the photographs, of pictures from cameras, it can be 90% of hoaxed pictures; but never 100%. To deny that is to deny oneself, it is to deny the Creation; it is to deny the greatness of the Absolute.
Interlocutor: Can we ask you about topics related to extraterrestrials in Sun 3 in another moment?
Morganel: Yes. Even in the last century the most common cases are those from the country of North America. Ships that crashed, alien ships captured, extraterrestrials that were vivisected, etc. at this time there are aliens working associated with beings of Sun 3 and taking the rest of the humanity of Sun 3 as if they were stupid, not revealing anything, like those esoteric schools that tell to their students, disciples, parishioners, or whatever: “- No! When you reach the seventh level you will have access to my truth!” - And in that way they have people imprisoned years and years, studying their doctrines soaked with ignorance.
Interlocutor: Yes, and completely fragmented.
Morganel: And there is no truth, because the great Truth is to approach to one’s interior and to strengthen one’s spirit; to understand that the human being is an embodied being based on being useful to the other one, based on service, to put forth one’s hand, but these schools are not interested in teaching that.
Interlocutor: Morganel, I understood according to your words that an alien group would be working associated with humans. Is that correct?
Morganel: That is correct, in what people know as Area 51 in the country of North America. They are working with new projects, with new systems, with reverse engineering for more than half of a century according to your calendar.
Interlocutor: Then people commonly wonder how it is possible that so many things appear? How come there are so many technical and scientific achievements and we don't know who are those that carry out those technical or scientific achievements? Why every time we have more problems with education? Every time we have uninterested teenagers in being formed professionally. There is no interest. We cannot make anybody to be interested in a scientific career, however new technical inventions appear suddenly yes?
Morganel: I will give you something to think, which is very important! There are other worlds that are more advanced technologically, they have more development compared to Sun 3, but they have advanced gradually. If you notice the terrestrial humanity's history in the XVIII and XIX centuries, the only advance they had on the centuries VIII, IX and X, were the firearms.
Interlocutor: Yes, and steam engines used in ships and railway locomotives in the first and the second industrial revolution.
Morganel: And the steam engines and nothing else.
Interlocutor: But almost all the inventions appeared in the XX century.
Morganel: But notice that in the XX century or practically in the threshold of the XX century, the technology was achieved "magically." The telegraph was invented in the XIX century, then the telephone. In the XX century the television, the nuclear techniques, - it was said by other Master that it was not yet the moment for Sun 3 to discover nuclear techniques and however as the Master Johnakan says, because he likes to call it in that way, in the century XIX. 38 was the key.
Obviously that there was help, but that does not rest merit to the creative capacity of Homo Sapiens-Sapiens from Sun 3; because our own Creator has transmitted it to this vessel in more than one opportunity that those that are native of Sun 3 have the peculiarity of thinking in a more advanced abstract way than other Homo Sapiens-Sapiens from other worlds.
Even being Homo Sapiens-Sapiens in a world or the other, in Sun 3 something made them improve. Then, today, a philosopher of 2.000 years ago or 2.500 years ago from Sun 3 of that region called Greece can debate with 70% chance of victory compared to any current philosopher from Antares 4. But it doesn't impair Antares, because Antares has another thing in favor and that is their great spirituality! But many philosophers from Sun 3 are advanced in what philosophy means. The paradoxical issue, - I could say the silly issue -, is that the same race that Eon has called more than once children of kindergarten have philosophers that can astonish even the highest spirit; and they have beings that manufacture bacteriological weapons, bombs, they commit suicide, they put an end to other races of animals, plants, drinkable water, etc. But it is a topic that was already said many times.
Interlocutor: Well, Morganel. Would you confirm the following thing? I will say it as a parable, not straightforwardly. In the XX century, almost at the end of the first half of the XX century, began to fall a "little help from the sky" and literally on behalf of non-terrestrial beings. Do you confirm it to me?
Morganel: I will be wider in the answer and perhaps I’ll modify the first part, which in fact was not a question. That famous "little help" comes behind from a long time ago. It is now, - during few decades - that there is contact and one can perceive that help, but the help has been there from a long time ago.
Interlocutor: But I speak about a help from biological incarnated units that is to say, from beings that are incarnated. I don’t’ speak about a transmission to the causal body or the body of ideas from Thetans.
Morganel: There were contacts in previous centuries. There were contacts of beings from Sun 3 with other extraterrestrial beings throughout thousands of years. In your book that some religious people consider it Holy, the Bible, there are many extraterrestrial interventions that many can be called angels, where they have been hand in hand, face to face; but it is true that now there is a more civilized contact in some regions of the North where they offer help directly and they have been experimenting with new technologies. That is real. I affirm it, I confirm it and I ratify it.
Interlocutor: Well, Morganel. We will already conclude because our dear vessel, Jorge, must be exhausted.
Morganel: Oh, but he says that he is charged with the Absolute’s Energy, so let’s continue, let’s continue! (Laughing)
Interlocutor: (Laughing).
Morganel: No, it is fine. We’ll let him rest.
Interlocutor: We’ll Let him rest because he is really... (Laughing)
Morganel: You want to ask me some question with regard to your male and female incarnations.
Interlocutor: How do you know that? (Laughing). I have some curiosity about it; I believe that they are short answers. We know that you had informed us in previous sessions that you had embodied 99 times as a male being exactly, and only 25 times as female being. This means that 80% of your roles you embodied as a man and 20% of your roles you embodied as a woman. Is this proportion, let us say 4: 1, atypical for a spirit?
Morganel: It depends. I don’t say yes or no. There are cases where spirits have embodied around 70% and 80% as female, and around 20% and 30% as male. They are options. There are spirits who feel more comfortable with female roles and there are spirits who feel more comfortable with male roles. There are spirits who feel absolutely comfortable with male roles, but due to karmas they have to resolve, - for lessons they have to learn - they embody as women in order to learn certain lesson. But there is no percentage. Also, it’s untrue the 50% that some esoteric schools say, or that one embodies a certain number of times as a male and a certain number of times as a woman; because Where would Free Will be if there were an obligation of embodying in a certain way?
Interlocutor: Yes, well, those statements belong to some esoteric schools.
Morganel: And they are not coherent! The issue is that any being who reads the sessions should understand that with common sense, with coherence, applying coherence to any school that a person goes to or belongs to; it’s very difficult that he/she digests a lie or a mistaken concept. It is that simple!
Interlocutor: I agree.
Morganel: Anyways all that one teaches is elastic. Everything is elastic! There are things that are modifiable and there are things that are applicable. It is that simple. Applicable in this sense. Suddenly they ask me how long ago life exists on Sun 3 and I can say 4.000 million years ago; but they ask me again and I can say: life? "Yes, yes. life." Life can be more or less 1.200 million years. Does that contradict what I said before? No! Because we are speaking of another type of life.
There were big animals that had less than 300 million years of antiquity, the famous dinosaurs 240 million years. And more recently than 60 million years that little do scientists know about them and they are still blaming to celestial objects and not to the genetic code.
Interlocutor: Yes, they speak of an asteroid or a great meteorite that collided with the Earth and other things.
Morganel: Then why they don’t explain what happened to the mammoths, mastodons, etc., what happened 20.000 to 30.000 years ago. What did it happen to them?
Interlocutor: Yes, what happened to the rest? Why was not everything exterminated?
Morganel: There was no meteorite. That is to say, there is always a coherent explanation, but also the researcher has to be coherent. However the investigators are imbued in their own ego and they are not going to have coherence, They are going to be blind…
Interlocutor: Yes, I agree with that, as an investigator I can say that.
Morganel: Thank you for letting me participate.
Interlocutor: Thank you Morganel.
Morganel: Thank you.
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin
Interlocutor: Alejandro A.
Entidades que se presentaron a dialogar: Damianel, Thetan from Orion 4. (Rygel 4)
Interlocutor: Is there a limit to knowledge?
DAMIANEL: I believe that knowledge has no limit. One can disincarnate and still keep learning in the spiritual planes. Then everything goes to the Akashic Records.
Interlocutor: Who have access to the Akashic Records?
DAMIANEL: The Lipikas [2], Entities of Light who keep the karmic records stored in the Akashic Records. These records are guarded by The Christ [3], Dimensional Logos.
Interlocutor: What is precisely the Akashic Records?
DAMIANEL: It’s like a Record where all the memories, all the experiences of each spirit in each one of the incarnations are filed. The embodied spirit does not have access to these Records and therefore he/she cannot remember his/her past lives. But it doesn’t matter who one was in a previous life, It matters who one is now, that one be called to service; that one be altruistic; that one knows how to spread the messages of Light, because the true service is transmitting Love, is being useful to the other, to serve one’s neighbor by putting oneself in the other’s place.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: … Another issue is about the arts, which are not always recovered, for example by a global war, even if they are on file in the Akashic Records. If the arts are archived, why can they not be recovered?
Eon: The arts are not always recovered. The inhabitants of the planets do not usually check the Akashic Records to find out about them.
Interlocutor: Are these records available to every one?
Eon: That's right. The records are available to everyone up to the Big Crunch. But not everyone has the initiative to try to find them. For example, this vessel is able to search the Akashic Records, even records from other worlds and learn about how their civilizations were.
Interlocutor: Without your help?
Eon: That's right, without my help. This vessel can perfectly do it because he has a huge "antenna", to put it somehow. But, if the inhabitants of the worlds don’t look for it, obviously they are not going to find it. It's like a lost treasure.
More info on the Akashic records:
[1] Cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator that accelerates charged subatomic particles such as electrons, protons (Atomic Physics)
[2] Lipikas are Divine Energies of the plane 7
[3] The Christ is a Divine Energy of the plane 7 that has the role of Dimensional Logos (Solar and planetary Hierarchies)

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